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creative director of QUAZAR magazine - freelance photographer

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This cover is fucking beautiful it any of your business though? Gender is much more linear and complex that your small heteronormative and rheto… @jackmoonev Fake wokeness, imagine how tired we arehi. wrote a scary thing about sexual assault changing my relationship to gay hook-up culture, and how stereotypes c…
Retweeted by charThis is the most amazing important piece I’ve read in a long time. at how she eight that
Retweeted by charThis has made me really fucking emotional. thread from a survivor of filmed child sexual abuse is heartbreaking and horrifying. Her cyber-abusers even sp…
Retweeted by charI hate this mentality. Whenever I write the LGBTQA+ acronym the ‘+’ includes allies. If you accept us, fight for us…
@MariahCarey Do side effects oh my god please😭😭😭Our backstage concert series continues! Requested by a lamb... #meltaway ❤️
Retweeted by charI need everyone to please share this as much as they can. My mother’s birthday is tomorrow and we just got news TOD…
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Retweeted by charLe Coronavirus a réduit les émissions de CO2 de la Chine de 100 millions de tonnes métriques…
Retweeted by charThe world is a truly terrifying place. let’s hear it from the audience: why the FUCK do you like cis men
Retweeted by charThe way I believed this.. our excessive use of emojis simply a return to hieroglyphics
Retweeted by charDO NOT GET 5G #Real5GNever getting a 5g mobile!!! Have you seen what 5g sos to areas!! Destroying nature #Real5G
Retweeted by charGod is testing me.
Retweeted by charThe amount of men (most a lot older than me) that have followed me and then ‘befriended’ me to then get angry and a… onlyfans people are really becoming financially stable, while I’m struggling every other week...
Retweeted by char“It can cause radiation sickness, burns, cancer, and even genetic damage. ... It is important to be clear that 5G w…“Effects include increased cancer risk, cellular stress, increase in harmful free radicals, genetic damages, struct… NOT GET 5G. READ THE RESEARCH. PLEASE.KEKE THEE PALMER!! It’s been cool to watch Keke grow up. Always been talented but we’re seeing her personality and…
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It’s never too late to come out as transgender. Here’s some amazing trans people sharing stories of healthcare and…
Retweeted by charTake a moment to honor the memory of Neulisa Luciano Ruiz, known as Alexa, a transgender woman fatally shot in Puer…
Retweeted by charDuffy, the Welsh singer best known for her international hit ‘Mercy,’ has taken Instagram to explain why she left t…
Retweeted by charThe way in which the british media continues to speak about trans people is violent, prejudiced and dehumanising.
Retweeted by charWhen your daughter wants to do a #highnotechallenge
Retweeted by char @chaikamrai Gross.Atomic kitten this a joke? What a let down. @trethms @jjaanx @mchrs_96 Guess I’m the only f*g on this app that wants it @radamridwan Agreed✨ @radamridwan I’m not saying there shouldn’t be consequences, I 100% agree with what your saying and am aware of the… @radamridwan I totally agree with this 100%!! It’s unacceptable and his ignorance is beyond belief. I just don’t th… @jjaanx @mchrs_96 Y’all are homophobic this would be iconicThis video really isn’t okay but the amount of online bullying and harassment and ‘cancelling’ James gets is crazy.… Palmer is really THAT girl and I have no choice but to continue stanning
Retweeted by charThis video is really fucking triggering and upsetting. ENDING !!!!!! “Then leave!” “I pay 30,000 a year to go here, YOU can leave!”
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.@Rihanna’s ‘ANTI’ has now spent four years charting on the Billboard 200. It becomes the first album by a black fe…
Retweeted by charThis has triggered a very deep memory women are too beautiful
Retweeted by charRihanna basically said, if you wanna have black friends, wanna enjoy black people & culture, you gotta join us in f…
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I bet you don't know this one! #justiceforslippingaway
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To work for them. videos on this BBC The Social Channel have one or two replies. This video has nearly 23,000 which are mostly h…
Retweeted by charSounds about white next issue of QUAZAR magazine...when I tell you y’all ain’t ready. We taking it to the next LEVEL.
Bollywood is releasing its first major romantic comedy with a lead gay character. Shubh Mangal Zyada Saavdhan ("Be…
Retweeted by charWorking on my birthday has actually been incredible. Had possibly the best shoot with the best team. Feeling gratefulThis is mad. if you read this im free on Thursday night and would like to hang out. Please respond to this and then hang…
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And that’s on period. people quote tweeting this saying this is ridiculous is the height of privilege, as a queer man I went into…’ve tried to keep my mouth shut but I can’t anymore. A couple of days ago everyone was posting ‘ONLINE ABUSE KILLS…
Retweeted by charMariah Carey & Usher. 2005. 2018.
Retweeted by chari have so much to do today and the anxiousness i’m feeling is disgusting
Retweeted by charI saw Julie Walters trending and my heart dropped, 2020 ain’t about to take anymore lives, I’m happy she’s cancer f… @andreadgiovanni I’m booking flights nowTHIS IS LIT.😤How bad must the 'joke' have been to need a NDA to oppress the victim? US mustn't replace #Trump with a divisive…
Retweeted by charTube delays will actually be the death of me
Retweeted by charOH MY GOD??????
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@jjaanx We been knewMy mums in her 50’s and we can’t tell @finley_moore I’m sorry gay JesusImagine being this fuckin BEAUTIFUL. TOP TIER. is racist whether or not it feels racist. The truth is our prime minister’s a real racist.
Retweeted by charIf you have taste - 1) Little Mix 2) The Sugababes 3) PCD 4) Destiny’s Child 5) TLC people are so talented my hair company just did a thing....and I must say I snapped
Retweeted by charHaving a supportive network of other queer creatives is SO important and I value every queer person who continues t…
Daves performance at the BRITS was history.Brandy and Jazmine sullivans daughters singing "Who you are" by Jessie J
Retweeted by charfelt like such a princess shooting this cover story for @GlamourMagUK 👑 out now!
Retweeted by charPiers Morgan blames trans people for Brit Awards nominations while missing the glaringly obvious. 👀
Retweeted by charI HATE THIS TOXIC MAN. updated this for 2020 what do we think
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11 year old me on my way to lake verity to collect my piplup
Retweeted by charWell this is a pinch me moment! Whilst I was growing up @GlamourMagUK was my go-to beauty bible, so it feels especi…
Retweeted by charHere’s an idea @Twitter, get everyone to register their passport details with you in order to keep their account. M…
Retweeted by char @justjackmate Totally !! @justjackmate I absolutely agree on every point you just made. My point is just focus on the initial reasons these… organisations that have a more vested interest in money than the well being of the planet and all that inha… affected. You must look past the actions and focus on the message. We have 5 years until absolute destruction. C… PLEASE try to avoid reading the negative press about environmentalist groups such as Extinction Rebellion. T… Rebellion must have been infiltrated by someone from the petroleum industry who is doing everything poss…
Retweeted by charTHIS. HATE that they do this. This is wrong. Their message is so important but their actions are so fucking redundant a… my track w/ @LaidbackLuke Can’t Hold My Tongue has had 60k @Spotify streams - yesss 🌈🍒💞👅 @imcharlong 📸❤️…
Retweeted by charSometimes I wake up in a cold sweat at night because I remember the Missy Elliot fish and Christina Aguilera jellyf…
Retweeted by charPiers, when you tweeted this it floored me. Yes you said it to my face - that hurt too - but then you broadcast it…
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