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Shhh... Somebody’s Khwabgah, His House of Dreams
Retweeted by Ian McMillanAbove and below the surface.
Retweeted by Ian McMillan👍 listening: the always informative and intelligent World Tonight on ⁦⁦@BBCRadio4⁩ worker - Ashington Colliery 1981 I remember as a child, going to the pit canteen with friends for a serving…
Retweeted by Ian McMillanIdeal Christmas present portraits of your children and pets contact ⁦⁦@PaulHusband_⁩ ❤️⁦@maralhann⁩ ⁦…
Retweeted by Ian McMillanBrilliant! in Myself, too, Many Things Have Perished which I Imagined Would Last for Ever
Retweeted by Ian McMillanI’m sure I will!, I sacked Fingers. Tiny Little Stumps is a much better driver. telled ‘em! I’ve ordered it anyway and I’ll let you know. @badbettypress Can’t wait to read the latest from this brilliant press! @badbettypress FEBRUARY 2021: Passerine, the new collection by Kirsten Luckins, ‘takes us through a liminal year of grief, r…
Retweeted by Ian McMillanTonight's walk home.
Retweeted by Ian McMillanWinter
Retweeted by Ian McMillanWhat a beautiful morning! @BarnsleyCouncil
Retweeted by Ian McMillan
Retweeted by Ian McMillan👍 is the most ‘ordinary’ thing, yet it always appears as if for the first time
Retweeted by Ian McMillanHope so. @IMcMillan There once was a team from Limerick...
Retweeted by Ian McMillanBlimey! I’m like a long-playing record. like this poem of ordinary and extraordinary moments by Genevieve Stevens in the latest ⁦@PN_Review⁩ of went to a fancy dress party As all of us, And all of us Recognised at least part of the costume.In the post: the latest edition of the absolutely vital ⁦@MPTmagazine⁩; here are words from around the world and ac… stroll. A plump half-moon lights the snaking, silvery footpath up the hill. The ghosts of leaves make a fading…
Retweeted by Ian McMillanYes lasses yes😀! do the female vocal ensemble wear when they’ve finished their recital? SunglassesI’m keeping my hat on to make sure I don’t leave it in the bus, as Tom Jones should have sung. @IMcMillan 218 218 It's starting to rain Please don't be late
Retweeted by Ian McMillanThe 219 has a CCTV screen at the front like the one in Speed. I hope we don’t drive over a half-finished bridge.Will do👍 219 Get me home In real good time of course a month the feeling that I'm not the only one on the train with @IMcMillan ( ) ( ) ( )…
Retweeted by Ian McMillanThe man walking under a ladder was injured in superstitious circumstances.Just us departing one afternoon the supertram drew up there, Unwontedly.
Retweeted by Ian McMillan👏🏾🎉 Wonderful initiative by colleagues @CGF_UK & @KingsCollegeLon offering 1x £100,000 award & 2x £25,000. The Awar…
Retweeted by Ian McMillanYes short on the way home?
Retweeted by Ian McMillanYes claiming that the ink contains brain-controlling elixir from the planet Quink.Meadowhall: a bit like Adlestrop this evening.My eyebrows are accents over my eyes.Could be. He took the iconic Beatles Abbey Road photograph. You need to know this!
Retweeted by Ian McMillanFilm was a let down didn’t end well goodness it wasn’t me! genre: Thrillers set in Filey starring Private Detectives called Eric who have a kangaroo as a sidekick.Thank you! Keeps my brain in trim! dying rays of yesterday’s wintry sun fighting through the heavy cloud blanket, glancing off the shimmering wate…
Retweeted by Ian McMillanWe're pleased to announce that our Open Mic on Thursday will feature a special tribute to Doncaster written by…
Retweeted by Ian McMillanOn the train I am the masked man In the window And he is me. Together We build our journey With light And movemen… pals over @WritersCentre have launched #OpenDoors: a new programme of submissions and commissions supported by…
Retweeted by Ian McMillanSeems like such a long time ago. Or ten minutes ago!! @crosstheskyco @barnsleycivic
Retweeted by Ian McMillansee you there!
Retweeted by Ian McMillanGoitside Bradford @GrimArtGroup @BradfordCivic
Retweeted by Ian McMillanAh, I don’t go that way any more; I go via Huddersfield. Maybe he’s still on the go... brewery neon sign @GrimArtGroup @The_Tetley @IMcMillan @lps1852
Retweeted by Ian McMillanA standard class half moon runs to catch the train but never quite manages it.ON MY DAILY WALK The sun reappears #OnMyDailyWalk @IMcMillan
Retweeted by Ian McMillanTrain trip soundtrack: splendid new music from ⁦@HCMFUK⁩ on ⁦@BBCRadio3⁩ the Sonnet Machine!, can I repeat my thanks to those 62 singers who recorded Looking For A Stable by @IMcMillan and Luke Carver Gos…
Retweeted by Ian McMillanFantastic ⁦@R3TheVerb⁩ recording with Margaret Atwood! And a parrot in the background! Now time to scuttle for the… indeed water from a slow tram, Salford. water, Salford Quays water, Salford👍 like the bubble and squeak of mass humanity and I miss it that’s true, unusually. A good day for @MargaretAtwood to record. hope so, soon be time to stride into the intellectual melting pot of @R3TheVerb; see you on the other side when my br… course but I still find it visually disturbing @TommyShakes @IMcMillan
Retweeted by Ian McMillan @IMcMillan This was The Lanes in Brighton at 4pm on Saturday, a month before Christmas. Disquieting.
Retweeted by Ian McMillan @FlowersShamini @IMcMillan
Retweeted by Ian McMillan @RachaelParkman @IMcMillan My husband wants a Viking burial at sea, like Kirk Douglas. I've offered to nail him to…
Retweeted by Ian McMillan @AlynNicholls @IMcMillan Teddington
Retweeted by Ian McMillanMorning walk soundtrack @GoGo_Penguin a great accompaniment to a frosty sunrise @IMcMillan
Retweeted by Ian McMillan @IMcMillan It is a strange time. This is Covent Garden on Friday lunchtime at the start of this lockdown.
Retweeted by Ian McMillanON MY DAILY WALK The sun shines #OnMyDailyWalk @IMcMillan
Retweeted by Ian McMillanSometimes feels like it! Two fantastic programmes.