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art & music 💟💎🌈🍄🌴 co-host of Pacific Plaza Radio @PacificPlazaRec 📼⭐️ Virtual Memory resident DJ

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it’s 4 am 😩 @VANITAS_567 wat lolcatholic aesthetics are so sexy they don’t deserve any of it
Retweeted by DATAGIRLwanna_learn_so_much_about_you.png @LeftAtLondon @_SamQuick_ omg how did I miss this lmfaosomeone needs to take this trader joes white cheddar popcorn away from mewhere the hell is my grammy
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @EmpressVapor because it's FANTASTIC. @EmpressVapor pssshhhhIn the LA area tomorrow night? Check out Limousine celebrating his new album release! In Fullerton, CA at the…
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@_SamQuick_ just horrific :( @yourdiscoveryhw @nanoshrine 😍💟 @polyglotwave @PacificPlazaRec LMAO that’s California for ya 😂 @KemonoGalleria this too @KemonoGalleria this is a good place to start when studying chromaticism CRY colors <3 @R0x4ry @Donor_Lens LMAO @Donor_Lens y'all are nuts 💟😂 @Chiefahleaf @PacificPlazaRec 💟💟💟💟💟💟
@SheepyTurtle loving this look 😍 @aerielist it’s rly bad you’re not alone @VAPERROR thinkin music thoughts @StrawberryStat1 @PacificPlazaRec thanks for listening! 🥰💟 glad you enjoyed heheheHUGE thanks to @PacificPlazaRec for giving me such a sweet little shout-out during your first podcast! Really appre…
Retweeted by DATAGIRLFashwave and Trumpwave has nothing to do with vaporwave and Simpsonwave is mostly lo-fi hip hop. I don't trust Wiki…
Retweeted by DATAGIRL📁Welcome 📁
Retweeted by DATAGIRLFollow our homie @earthboyadvance
Retweeted by DATAGIRLFuture Time Fun EP out everywhere! @korgofficial #korggadget #switch #nintendoswitch #kaosspad #futurebeats #beats
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @SkyYAMAHA @official_rainbo @tropicalvirtual @erogebeats @TUPPERWAVEMUSIC @firstclasslabel @DanMasonVapor @__Sev___ @official_rainbo @tropicalvirtual @erogebeats @TUPPERWAVEMUSIC @firstclasslabel @DanMasonVapor @__Sev___ @aherointl @Om3g4__ @PacificPlazaRec 😍💟 @IMDATAGIRL @PacificPlazaRec Doesn’t get any better than this yall
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @MidClassComfy Love you, support you, cherish you!! 💟💟💟
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @Donor_Lens @Pad_Chennington this picture killed me @MIDNlTEVULTURES delete thisKirby is short for kirbert
Retweeted by DATAGIRLThe weekend doesn’t end on Sunday!! Come out to VIRTUAL MEMORY 4 at the @ContinentalRoom on Monday night!! Our spec…
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @PacificPlazaRec lmaooo @purplepalm92 @blashy101 @DMTFL_ y'all, I had zero friends who loved this game as much as I did when I was young. this makes me so happy lol @purplepalm92 @blashy101 @DMTFL_ PLZ YES ABSOLUTELY @blashy101 @DMTFL_ @purplepalm92 @blashy101 @purplepalm92 @DMTFL_ @MerylSKavanagh @EvilDarkMusic @LASTREETHAWK @alphachromeyayo @aspiderbaby @bytemappermusic @bsangmusic @blashy101 @DMTFL_ @purplepalm92 I loved the first release!! Can’t wait to hear this one 😄 It makes my heart happy… NEW NEW @blashy101 SEQUEL TO (a previous DMT-FL entry) DMT-825 Blashy - Animal Forest II…
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @DMTFL_ @blashy101 @purplepalm92 OH SHIIIIIIIT HELL YES @blakekathryn ah yes, that would make sense 😂 @blakekathryn hmmm maybe projection mapping? @VAPERROR that’s it. that’s the tweet @eilogin oooo I snagged one too @TUPPERWAVEMUSIC thank you Tupp 😭😭 @Donor_Lens was so happy to see y'all on there. plus @VANITAS_567 and @maggiedottxt. three of my favorite releases from this yearlistening through the remix comp again and omg, I seriously love y'all so much for helping me put this together. it slaps so hard. @cl0mme hahaha I guess it's just wild to me, idk. 6 months ago, DATAGIRL wasn't a thing. I'm just so grateful n hap… @Pad_Chennington lmao @c0mpus3rv3 I'm freakin out man lmaookay, my mind is fucking blown. HEAVEN CRY is on the Vaporwave 2019 Superguide, y'all. I literally don't know what… proud to see Hellveterra on the Super Guide. Experimental fits me well enough. Shoutouts to my category n…
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @zer0trashwave @Vektroid @aherointl @llgnihtonll @__Sev___ @fire_toolz OMG too cool! 😭💟This Monday! Don’t miss it! 💟
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @HCMJmagic you’re making me wanna play this game reaaal bad lmao @eilogin @peteypablohoney @disasteradio @whitegavriel BRUH 😂 @PorterVong hahahaha I wish 🤪Omg i can't wait to perform (sing and dance and vogue) for vaporwave people this year!! 😙❤💙💛
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Talkin' the talk, smockin' the smock! This podcast is great @PacificPlazaRec and @IMDATAGIRL ! Thanks for the kind…
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @gaizure LMAO 😭💟Good morning, Team! It's almost Friday, you may have though you wouldn't make it, but the day is saved BY THE POWER…
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @worldofequip holy shit, the biggest F. I would be so mad at whoever rounded up those CRTs lolman why is being mean apparently the cool thing to do on this site
Retweeted by DATAGIRLone of my favorite artists hit me up to collab last night, is this real life??? 🥺 @Skeletonlipsti1 @bestofRvaporwav @Pad_Chennington @MirrorKissesVA @VAPORSPACE_StL @PacificPlazaRec @Body__Cruise what are your thoughts 🤔
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @nanoshrine I listen every day :3 @musical_lotus @Shazzaiya @SkyYAMAHA @Donor_Lens @PacificPlazaRec @disasteradio LMAOMe speedrunning the self-serve checkout because I'm too high to be out in public
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @blashy101 @worldofequip me too aaaaaa @_SamQuick_ how VAPErwave of youSonic the Hedgehog likes vaporwave
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This Monday! Don’t miss it! 💟 @SkyYAMAHA lol <3New music this Friday from Limousine on Business Casual!
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @LeftAtLondon I... @michaels0ft @worldofequip Y E S @bestofRvaporwav lmfao 😩 @polyglotwave @agkdesign that killed me 😂Thank you @IMDATAGIRL and @PacificPlazaRec! This album is just so nice beginning to end. I pulled it outta the enve…
Retweeted by DATAGIRLYooooo Thank you so much for having us @IMDATAGIRL If you haven’t already please go and check out this remix alb…
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @KidNeonTSR thank you! 🥰 great job with the track, loved the videos of you guys recording. excited to make more mus… @CierraMyst666 I just looked up the girl she's talking about, holy shit. I'm upset I haven't heard this before minutes in, and I'm 🤯 This podcast is so fucking good. Alyx and Datagirl are so captivating, and this is the co…
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @AugnosMusic aaaaa this is so sweet! :3 so happy you enjoyed! 💟 @IMDATAGIRL @PacificPlazaRec @IMDATAGIRL The monthly Virtual Memory party is awesome and a staple in the OC vaporwa…
Retweeted by DATAGIRLLoved the podcast! Can’t wait to hear more, it was an honor to learn more about you and @IMDATAGIRL having only dis…
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @digitalfeels omg!!! 💟 you're the best!