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@Privatesuitemag lmao oops 😂💟 thanks for the shout y'all. picked up some re-issues today :)Logo i made for visualist @SleepPattern_AV It was scientifically developed to make you hire SleepPattern for your…
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @aloeobscura LMAOt e l l m e y o u r s e c r e t @CierraMyst666 @aherointl why not try submitting to @/DESKPOPmusic
this track gets me eeevery time. more shit like this plz @tropicalvirtual @FtrSaroth you're really making me want to try this out lol 🤔
blank vhs cover graphic design appreciation post
Retweeted by DATAGIRL実家のiMac G3起動したらしい
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @VANITAS_567 @MyPetFlamingoUK @bizcasual oh HELL YES
@FLOOR_BABA these are so damn goodfurniture I invented
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @3DBLAST4EVER aww I’m late to the party
@SkyYAMAHA @PacificPlazaRec @UnderwaterComp1 nice!!! :D @discoholicmusic @lexaccino @coraspect @fibrealex @Donor_Lens @StrawberryStat1 @Vektroid @ddsnuwrld @lexaccino @coraspect @fibrealex @Donor_Lens @StrawberryStat1 @Vektroid @ddsnuwrld @Pad_Chennington @korewamoe
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @lexaccino @coraspect @fibrealex @Donor_Lens @StrawberryStat1 @Vektroid @ddsnuwrld @Pad_Chennington @korewamoe amazing folks i look up to :) 💜 i love y’all !!! @coraspect @fibrealex @Donor_Lens @StrawberryStat1 @Vektroid
Retweeted by DATAGIRLcheck this out! @Ret_Archaeology has a new video covering an abandoned luxury resort and he used tracks from Destin…
Retweeted by DATAGIRLCheck our Insta for another Mister Mellow's Fan code Friday! @MisterMelluwu this week with @UltraHighTitan &…
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @daydream_deluxe I really thought this was real at first glance and my mind was like BLANK BANSHEEEEEE at 7pm (pst) Fans of Lynchian work are not gonna wanna miss the show intro! Music sets,interviews,Music vid…
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internship application is almost done and I'm feeling really confident. realized that I'm more than qualified, plus… this out! @Ret_Archaeology has a new video covering an abandoned luxury resort and he used tracks from Destin… new episode of Retail Archaeology is out now!
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @torch2424 @NobodyHere_Film @Vektroid @TUPPERWAVEMUSIC @3DBLAST4EVER @yuniwaofficial @skylar__spence @MACROSS8299 @eilogin you got this man. noticing that there is an issue and that you're unhappy is the first step and it can be… @Riledotcom this being the one exception - it's made up of unreleased tunes :) @Riledotcom thank you so much that really means a lot 🥺💟 those sets are a ton of fun to make! I used to be a house… @AugnosMusic ikr! I’m glad it isn’t that many! 😂okay damn, y’all took care of that in less than 12 hours 🥺 I LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH thank you!!! 💟💟💟 @TheCelShade AHHH THANK YOU <3 @he11gir1420 @Shazzaiya @ScottLawlor12 @fae_moonbeam @steviasphere @phalioo @_karenlovesyou_ @niojiocd98 @_SamQuick_ holy shit lmao thank youPlease go check out these awesome artist #FF @Shazzaiya @ScottLawlor12 @fae_moonbeam @steviasphere @phalioo
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @SaintFiji89 you rock!! thank you! :)dang this got a quick response. almost halfway there, thanks everyone who has subbed so far 🥰💟 @DaBootyWizard yep :Dwho wants to help me get to 100 subscribers so that I can create a custom channel URL? 😬's video is rendering now. It covers something I don't normally cover. However the place has strong dead ma…
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@he11gir1420 🥺💟 ur right, thank you. @chillwavekttens @eyeclickeye THIS IS AMAZING 😂 @noyzfm okay you got me there. 😂is there anything more cursed than writing a cover letter? good god my anxiety is level 11 rn @biancabeefanty @KiniSolana :( sending you love."The Activation of K'inich Bahlam Chapaat" My latest 3D work. Venturing into a more realistic style with this one.…
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @tropicalvirtual @rariblecom holy shit man. this looks unbelievable. amazing work! @lux_elite WOOOOOO @SaintFiji89 hahaha thanks - I appreciate that you thought I was this skilled 😂💟 @SaintFiji89 oh I didn’t make this lmao!! it’s from a game called Cloud Gardens :)#CloudGardens 🌿🥰 @yuniwaofficial IT’S REALLY GOOD MAN playing Cloud Gardens and listening to this absolute gem by Yuni Wa @HCMJmagic S tier workstation
@mikelikesgrapes aww I'm so glad you like it :) there should be a cassette re-issue in the coming months, so you'll have another chance! <3I know it was just earlier this month, but im jazzed I missed out on the @IMDATAGIRL Destination Spa cassettes ;-; What a stellar album 😍😍
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @trancefem omg 😍 @Zeraphira 💒💟🥓🍿💕 lmfao @initial_rhi sound design/music comp :) @smeccea @meeshk0 all those Quixel textures 🥵🔥 this is so amazing
I just wanna thank @PacificPlazaRec for always being around for me and dealing with my bullshit. Hands down the bes…
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @QueerGermanGirl this took me out 😂 @blashy101 I CAN'T YETSOMETHING VERY GOOD JUST HAPPENED it’s time for me to 1. apply for my master’s degree 2. apply for internships, particularly one that is starti… @dahliafae_xo @PacificPlazaRec yaaaaay ✨ @QueerGermanGirl thanks :3
@AugnosMusic @eilogin yes I did :D thanks so much <3 @tropicalvirtual thank you so much!! :D @DESKPOPmusic so stoked to play 😍 @BrokenWrldd thanks :Dhere's my final project from my game audio class. everything you hear was composed/designed by me and implemented i… was a blessing be able to work with / meet a handful of members who gave us Private Suite... some of the most cr…
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @Privatesuitemag thank you everyone for doing such amazing work for the past couple of years. I will truly miss Private Suite :(
@xerxespng wow 😍😍☁️✨
Retweeted by DATAGIRLforcing myself to stay off of here so I can finish my finals ok bye @DeniRicardo @CierraMyst666 omg I'm @SaintFiji89 @CierraMyst666 thank you so much, very kind <3 @SeriousBismuth @CierraMyst666 it helps more than you know ;-; <3 @eilogin @CierraMyst666 ;-; <3 proud as hell of you too friend, I hope we remain friends for a v long time!!
If you missed it during @dahliafae_xo's set at @VAPORSPACE_StL, here is some great news: We will be reissuing the c…
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@originalsinnerr omg that's one of my favorite flowers. it's alyssum :D @lexaccino @SkyYAMAHA OMG I saw your review on the bandcamp page, thank you so much!! <3 you're spot on with that description.… @ccchristtt yeah whatever, teach, school's for LOSERS anyway. *skateboards out of class* @CroixBaker @CierraMyst666 😭 I love it!!! I always look forward to seeing you in the VM chat - you've become a regular for sure @CierraMyst666 @TraipseAwake @TraipseAwake is talented, kind, and just a generally good-vibes kind of guy. we stan.well damn, I was feeling a bit anxious and generally bad this morning but y'all just fixed that right up 🥺 thanks f… @DeckardTheGecko thank you so much!! ;-; I recognize you from RYM heh heh, thank you for taking the time to do a track-by-track rating <3 @SeriousBismuth @CierraMyst666 akjsldhfksaljdhfaskjdfh THANK YOU SO MUCH you've been unbelievably supportive over t… @blashy101 @CierraMyst666 😩 appreciate u very much my friend @Zeraphira @CierraMyst666 !!!!!!!! you are the best thank you sweetheart ;-; I'm so glad you were able to snag a box set @Cerulea_dlux @CierraMyst666 I LOVE UUUUUU OMG @Donor_Lens @CierraMyst666 DLxDG 4evaI have an inkling that Destination Spa is going to pull through as DATAGIRl’s breakthrough album and it deserves to…
Retweeted by DATAGIRL @MirrorKissesVA let's gooooOOOOOOO