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Happy Birthday, Carrie Coon! From #TheLeftovers to #TheSinner, we celebrate her multifaceted acting career. Which…'s the first movie that comes to mind when you think of the color red? 🟥The new #GodzillaVsKong trailer is here. 🔥 Who will fall? it comes to movie compliments, this is 'As Good As It Gets.' What's your favorite? #NationalComplimentDay🤗 you're in the mood to rock out and laugh, here are five fan favorites to choose from. What's your favorite rock… the world starts at home. #SupermanAndLois premieres February 23rd on @TheCW.
Name the best movie where justice is served.#WandaVision stars @TeyonahParris and Kathryn Hahn reveal how the #MCU’s first series acts as a love letter to clas… King, the legendary interviewer and host of "Larry King Live," has died at the age of 87. Rest in peace. 💙… honor of his birthday, we take a look back at the life and legacy of Rutger Hauer, the award-winning actor best…
"You've got about as much style as a bowl of turnips." - Vera, The Cotton Club (1984) a sci-fi drama to a tragic love story, discover the most buzzed-about films premiering on your favorite stream… that movie! Answer 👉 star @priyankachopra reveals her must-watch TV recommendations, her favorite Indian dish, and the mu… Birthday, Jim Jarmusch! From 'Stranger than Paradise' to 'Only Lovers Left Alive,' what's your favorite Jarmu… Hooper's #TheDanishGirl was released five years ago today. What's your favorite scene?
Olivia Newton-John chats about her iconic musical number "You're The One That I Want" from #Grease and her memorabl… will fall? 🔥 The #GodzillaVsKong trailer drops this Sunday. this IMDbrief, we break down everything we know about 'Black Panther II' and how Doctor Doom could wreak havoc o… has been renewed for a Season 2 and will follow the pursuit of marriage for #Anthony 🎩 celebration of Evan Peters's birthday, we take a look at the evolution of his career, from "American Horror Stor…
Name that movie! Answer 👉 Birthday, @DAVID_LYNCH! From "Twin Peaks" to 'Wild at Heart,' we celebrate his individuality and his belief i…"Have I made myself clear, boys?" 👊 #Snatch was released 20 years ago today!
Happy Birthday, Damien Chazelle! From his fierce love for music to his vibrant dedication to the craft, we examine… movies, podcasts, and celebrities talking about their most iconic scenes? Check out the first episode of…*ck anyone who's not a sea blob. The special Jules episode of "Euphoria" will premiere early on #HBOMax on Friday,…'s your favorite popcorn movie scene? #NationalPopcornDay 🍿 can play the game, or you can change it. From @MrEddieHuang, executive producer of #FRESHOFFTHEBOAT, comes… @imgur 💻✨ watch #Lupin this weekend? 💎
Behind the scenes vs. the scene in #Selma (2014) you want to continue exploring the fascinating world of #WandaVision we have you covered with a trippy sci-fi se… birthday, Jason Segel! 🎉 From #ForgettingSarahMarshall to #HIMYM, which of his roles is your favorite?…
In celebration of @JimCarrey's birthday, we take a closer look at the evolution of this versatile actor. Which role… @ReginaKing and the cast of #OneNightInMiami reveal the first time they saw themselves reflected on screen… birthday, James Earl Jones! 🎉 Which of his roles is your favorite? 99th Birthday to the fabulous Betty White! Which of her 121 acting credits is your favorite?… are two types of people in this world: Predators and Prey. Rosamund Pike and Peter Dinklage face off in the n…
#LoveItOrHateIt: #MulhollandDrive (2001) 📞🌃🔑 returns as #Wanda Maximoff in #WandaVision! From appearing in her sisters' home videos to becoming… you name what these 4 titles have in common? 👉 Birthday, John Carpenter! From #EscapefromNewYork to #Halloween, here's a look at some of our favorite moment… your might. 👊👊 Here's your first look at the upcoming #MortalKombat film 👉 Who's your…
What's the first movie that comes to your mind when you read the word "water"? 🌊#WandaVision stars #ElizabethOlsen and @Paul_Bettany interview each other about Vision’s return, their favorite wig… your imagination. An author influences fate with his writing in the new fantasy action thriller… celebration of @ReginaKing’s birthday (and the release of her directorial debut, #OneNightInMiami), we take a lo…
Katherine Waterston and Vanessa Kirby find themselves irrevocably drawn to each other in the new trailer for…’s been five years, and we’re still in love with ’Carol,’ starring #CateBlanchett and #RooneyMara. What’s your f…🍒 @TomHolland1996 and @Russo_Brothers team up once again to bring us #Cherry (2021), a film about an Army medic suf…'t forget to enter our #IMDbxAcuraSweepstakes presented by @Acura for a chance to win a @sundancefest 2021 Day P… on @disneyplus 💫 on @hulu 📺 on @hbomax on @PrimeVideo 💙 on @netflix 🐍 are our #WhatToWatch picks for all the new movies and shows available to stream this month. 🎥🍿👇 What are you most excited to watch?Happy Birthday, @batemanjason! From "Silver Spoons" to #Ozark, we celebrate his acting and directing career in movi… Birthday, Steven Soderbergh! From 'Sex, Lies, and Videotape' to 'Contagion,' which Soderbergh film is your fa…
.@tomhanks and his young co-star Helena Zengel discuss the sweet and special bond they shared on the set of… all started with a letter... 💌 Lara Jean (@lanacondor) and Peter (@noahcent) are back for the final chapter of… Birthday, Julia Louis-Dreyfus! From "Seinfeld" to "Veep" to 'Onward,' which of @OfficialJLD's roles is your… @oliviawilde @rizwanahmed @dariusmarder @amazon Can confirm 🙌
Today marks 20 years since @MissJuliaStiles and @sean_p_thomas hit the dance floor in #SaveTheLastDance 🩰🎵… @russtofferson Hello. We'd like to have a closer look into this for you. Will you confirm on which title you're experiencing this issue? ^CL @serpentislord Hello. We'd like to have a closer look into this for you. Will you confirm on which title you're experiencing this issue? ^CLChase something real. Watch the trippy new trailer for #BlissMovie starring Owen Wilson and @SalmaHayek, premiering… star @ralphmacchio talks about that final fight scene in #TheKarateKid, and the lasting impact that playi…'s your exclusive look at the new motion poster for Chloé Zhao's @nomadlandfilm starring Frances McDormand. S… house are you? 🧙"Here comes Santy Claus!" Gangster Squad (2013) was released 8 years ago today. voice would not be silenced. @AndraDayMusic is #BillieHoliday in 'The United States vs. Billie Holiday,' direct…
Enter for a chance to win a @SundanceFest 2021 Day Pass and Swag Box in our sweepstakes presented by @Acura 🎥✨ 1)…'s baaaaaack. #Deadpool3 will be joining the #MCU as its first R-rated film. Which MCU characters would you love… that movie! Answer 👉's your favorite serious role in a movie that was played by a comedic actor?One mistake can change your life. @HilarySwank and @MichaelEaly star in #Fatale 😈, now available on demand.
And just like that... the #SexAndTheCity gals are back! 🙌 Carrie, Charlotte, and Miranda will be returning in a 10…"Head and hands need a mediator.. The mediator between head and hands must be the heart." 🏙 On this day in 1927,… stars @ralphmacchio, @WilliamZabka, @MaryMMouser, and @PeytonList share their "Miyagi-esque" words of wis… Birthday, @AJemaineClement! From #Flightothe Conchords to #WhatWeDointheShadows, which of his 62 acting credi…
On this day in 2015, #Selma was officially released. @ava you could create an alternate ending for any movie, what would it be?If you find yourself wanting to escape your current timeline, we've got a few recommendations of some underrated… Birthday to Professor #SeverusSnape! 🐍 What's your favorite #Snape scene after all this time? 💙 Birthday, J. K. Simmons! From 'Whiplash' to "Counterpart," this Oscar-winning actor has amazing 203 acting cr… this day, Leprechaun (1993) was released 🍀🎩 How would you rate the movie? 👍 👎
Michael Apted, the acclaimed director of 'Coal Miner's Daughter,' 'The World is Not Enough,' and the '7 Up' documen… and John David Washington star in #MalcolmAndMarie, the new romantic drama from Sam Levinson. On… is where ‘Ohana is. 🌺💛🏝 Journey to Hawaii to find family, treasure, and adventure in this exclusive new traile…"Nothing is impossible." Happy birthday to the late and truly great legend, David Bowie. 🖤 What's your favorite rol…"Keep breathing.” It’s been 5 years since Alejandro González Iñárritu’s #TheRevenant starring @LeoDiCaprio and Tom…
Love it or Hate it: Hostel (2005) 🏨 Birthday, #EddieRedmayne! From 'The Theory of Everything' to #TheAeronauts, we celebrate his acting career.… you could matchmake any two characters from different shows, who would you match up?
The one and only @LeaKThompson goes #BackToTheFuture to talk about the moment Marty wakes up to his teenage mom. Li… as they decide to separate, Linda (Anne Hathaway) and Paxton (#ChiwetelEjiofor) find life has other plans when… 'Annie Hall' to 'The Godfather' to 'Book Club,' we celebrate the incredible career of #DianeKeaton on her birt… you name this movie that premiered 20 years ago today? Answer 👉