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Political Science. Labor. Middle East and North Africa. Currently breathing in lots of smoke.

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@drsteveu @triofrancos @DanielDenvir But a lot of times they don’t really actually show the updates. It’s lots of s… @jdryan08 @triofrancos @DanielDenvir This exactly the type of doom clicking I want to avoid.In 2008 I watched electionresults in my friend’s studio on C-SPAN (with @triofrancos and @DanielDenvir and a bunch…, Manny. Le sigh. @wyntermitchell Yes, where there's smoke there's fire and there's been too many reports of Facebook doing this @wyntermitchell On the one hand, Facebook is trash. On the other, she's outraised her opponent and had more than 8… American who cares about voting rights needs to be watching this last minute move to throw out over 100,000 b…
Retweeted by Ian M. HartshornWTF. 🤬 Children (& adults) were pepper sprayed in NC today while participating in the “I Am Change” march to the po…
Retweeted by Ian M. Hartshorn @SumitaPahwa Ah. Possibly. Seems it’s been cancelled intermittently for much of the 2010s lol. @SumitaPahwa I’m sure it was just some bureaucrat fed up with it. I want permanent summer time. Switching for early sunset is so silly.In...I want to say April or May 2011... one of the interim governments in Egypt was like “we’re not doing the chang… @gtallen89 Count yourself among the lucky.Poli Sci Twitter today is having a fight between bad takes and bad vibes. Bad vibes are winning @SumitaPahwa @davidmfaris Can see the results of uni/media consortium here. Under strict guidelines, under loose gu… @SumitaPahwa @davidmfaris Didn’t do anything of course but it was possible to know. @SumitaPahwa @davidmfaris Ah we were talking past each other. In my understanding there’s real no such thing as a “… @SumitaPahwa @davidmfaris There’s going to be a court decision on Monday. @edburmila The squirt bottle one is a goddamn lifesaver. @stan_okl Huh. Thought “against the wall” was going in a different direction there. @politburito Once or twice a year I log into LinkedIn and see people who were once normal talking like this and I h… @corinnetags @erin_bartram They think the name “Lin” sounds Asian.University administration is getting weird. Had to tell them that it wasn’t appropriate to add “Hunter Biden’s Lapt… for Saturday Doom Scroll Patrol: @unrpolisci is hiring three TT positions this year! Environmental Public… @blackleftaf @JZPhilosophy @Philip_Huff I saw something of there’s saying 40% of Dems voting R. @Philip_Huff And getting paid for it. Lol. @Philip_Huff House effect. Wild weights. Extreme estimates of crossover votes. @JZPhilosophy What did the neighborhood kids do to you folks to deserve that? I can see if they are jerks. @notanastronomer I leave my ranch for hikes in the forest and that’s it. 🤷🏻‍♂️ @Philip_Huff @HartmannSC It just feels like having re-registered in another state *maybe* stuff would get updated. @notanastronomer Yay! 700/? Because they won’t tell us how many people are there but seemingly only about 2000 here. So. Not great!I’m getting long detailed voicemails on how to vote in a state I have not lived in since August 2015. There’s got t… knows. @EAKoebele It is common enough in our department to not be *super* unlikely which is very cool! @StapesPhD @joshuadarr I’ve known Josh long enough that the first time I took him to a bar I had to triple check th…
@ProfTags We were hoping for 4 (and of course things could go sideways as they have so many places, but we move for… @ProfTags great! @jonst0kes Telling people who stocked up with food and guns that after election day they'll still have food and gun…’ve been privileged to twice be a reviewer for these (not this time) and its a great set of grants and everybody w… @ThatSaraGoodman They were not qualified for brownie week I’ll tell you that much.'Elsewhere' means yelled across the house to my spouse and/or messaged to @joshuadarr.I came off protected tweets so I could effectively advertise our awesome THREE TENURE TRACK POSITIONS we are search… is right. There’s going to be states that look blue and turn red and vice versa.’ll also note that all of us on the committee from my department are #firstgen. That’s a path and experience that… yes there’s a typo in the first one but I’m not changing it. I’m a politics professor not a “good typing” professor. 🤷🏻‍♂️ @andrewheiss Oh yeah those are loud (also you’re brave I was scared to do one I had to wire myself as needed!) @andrewheiss Yeah, did you get a diesel one? Those ones are thunderous! We have a whole house hooked up to our prop… @andrewheiss I bought a generator a few months ago and thought to myself 'oh, i'll never not have this in my life n… is also incredibly fortunate to also be searching in REP and PA. I'm not on these committees but remain happy t…