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Daria @imhkr Seattle, WA

FFXIV: Daria Imhkr@Ultros | FFXI: Imhkr@Bahamut Queer Poly Trans Girl. She. Gay. Extremely gay. Nazis fuck off. I mostly talk about video games now.

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@oceanicbreak That's incredibly funny and I will probably switch to that but I assume there will be jankery involve… @oceanicbreak I assume you tried accessing it again through the MS store page? It Just Worked for me but I have had… @oceanicbreak This helped a ton. What issues are the MS store causing you? Is it blocking due to region or is it just jank? @oceanicbreak Mostly right now I'm trying to find the source of the hitching I get in the lobby but I assume that's… english version seems janky and confusing as hell, which reminds me a lot of my very limited time with jp pso2… they didn't even bother trying to match the english dub with the mouth movements? Got some very 80s dub action… playing japanese pc games made in 2012 on modern pc's (check out the subtitle font size lol) @greg_p_kennedy it's free to play but that's how they get yousome sort of gambling virus has made its way onto my computer, it has finally been announced! Samurai Shodown V Perfect, a game that has gone unreleased for 15 years, is incl…
Retweeted by DariaI have been informed this is japan's hottest vita mmo. I am sorry for any confusion I may have caused.Master Chief blocked me
Retweeted by Dariawatching the movie osamu tezuka's son directed in the 80s, 'legend of the stardust brothers'. he wanted to make som…
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really cool time for my joint pain to flare upno wonder these things were cursed, just tiny little metatrons speaking the voice of god
Retweeted by Darialess surprised furby is an nb and more surprised they basically officially said here "Furbies are biblical angels"
Retweeted by DariaGood luck on the job hunt, Karen.
Retweeted by DariaSpider-Man (1978) episodes 1-3 released by Berndadelta Subs.
Retweeted by Daria @ShugoWah in the school no less as wellI am excited to play japan's hottest ps3 mmo tomorrowMy ratio of tweets liked vs accounts blocked per day is extremely close to 1:1 these daysif someone was able to roast me that accurately I think I'd cry
Retweeted by DariaBlizzard: "Now you can hide one shoulder!" Players: "Can we please hide pants?" Blizzard: "Oh, no no. We can't ha…
Retweeted by DariaPeter Criss Goes on Safari
Retweeted by Daria @profanegeometry you get out of seattle exactly what you put into it. @toku_gami I unironically love this. This sort of salvaging is completely my jam.LRT I'm Screaming’s Masked Rider – Complete Series
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The Hiro Meshi theme song feels like a song the LeetStreet Boys would have wroteMade it to the Grand Archives in Dark Souls 3. Absolutely love this game still. I've spent the last 48 hours continuously working on this guide to getting a Sun Solaris (S…
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Wowoowowoow holy shit I fucking Murdered him
Retweeted by Daria @posspunk Kemono Mahjong for iOS some fun hands tonight holy shit I fucking Murdered him
very sad. gonna play dark souls 3Aside from the covid this would have been an absolute hell year for me already. This sucks.
I am here for Very Specific Gamer Humor
Retweeted by Daria @Alasindera I'm gonna let you know now that instead of bugs you'll just find gigantic spiders when you move out herehere is the archive from last night's stream. no cops may click on this link.
Retweeted by DariaSomeone once told me that every indie game developer needs to ask themselves "Do I want to make a game or do I just…"PVP Upgradable Hero Shooter" ah yes as if I wasn't sick of TF2 by 2012."Action Game Driven By Your Choices!" As if I'm not locked into one of three paths of "Good, bad and Goofy"love when you go to look at a game and the very first words on the screen are "Roguelike Deck Building...WITH A TWI…
right now @alex_navarro is drumming away to my @RockBand setlist idea of "The Ghosts of Rock Band Past", go watch:
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Retweeted by DariaFinally went and tried mounting my speakers on my wall and what ended up happening instead is I decided I'm done having an AV setup @argobagdr I have discovered, fairly late in my life, that the only real motivation I have for games are narrative… @argobagdr I proudly have the gay destiny emblem hanging off my purse. My last thoughts on Destiny were "Boy that s… html tags you learned 20 years ago still work for the most part. You could build a basic ass web page and leave… 2048. My studio unit rent increased bc my landlord gave me 4 stars on my daily review. I scream into my meta ir…
Retweeted by Dariaoh right I still can't get my head around Sekiro's after posting
Retweeted by DariaMy plans 2020
Retweeted by DariaSekiro is kinda unplayable on my current computer set up due to forced vsync and locked fps. Does anyone know if th…
Retweeted by Darialove wins
Retweeted by Dariabro i've *been* sayin that oss onn deeb el pooq beat nos n los nom ganbio mma lqo
Retweeted by Dariashin megami tensei more like <thinks uncleverly> shit megaman tenbux
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@pawfetish I could also just have lead poisoning @pawfetish Yup! I think I got poisoned by knowing stoners that insisted on having the least amount of water in a bo…"Doot doot well this bong looks nice and all but hits harder than my other single chamber bong guess I'll just not use it as much doot doot"jesus fucking christ I'm the least smart stoner in the world I had no idea I was supposed to fill the second top c…
Retweeted by Daria(the guy's analogy and discourse suck but the topic is one that an incredible amount of people are dealing with rig… we please just allow for some fucking nuance to exist before we start the meme engine?The discourse today is hitting home incredibly hard today after receiving some bad news from the family yesterday.…“One Piece will end in 5 years” has the same energy as Frieza saying Namek will be destroyed in 5 minutes.
Retweeted by DariaMacintosh System 7
Retweeted by DariaA new Jeff Rosenstock album is the light I need in this darknessHey everyone, new record NO DREAM out now! Free/donation download on Quote Unquote. Pre-order from Polyvinyl or us.…
Retweeted by Dariamy plans: 2020:
Retweeted by Dariabeen making coffee at home instead of getting starbucks for two months which according to economists should’ve made…
Retweeted by DariaI am personally not a fan of giving animal crossing villagers humansonas but I am also a curmudgeon sogot a good ref for your furry art #e621_tag_bedroom_eyes
Retweeted by Daria @gravislizard it wasn't that bad actuallymy brain is currently a fm synthesizer rapidly cycling through all available algorithms over and over while a tritone oscillates forever
Retweeted by Dariai used to hate in video games when you’d talk to everyone in a town and they’d all be like “did you hear about the…
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Retweeted by Dariavideo games are finally over @flaplette I bought a new board and pfsense bed leveler for my printer and I'm terrified of installing them because… @Battlehork I mean yeah but I'm subtweeting a very specific stupid tweetJackson Park is a municipal golf course. It Ours. Go hit a bucket of balls on Our golf course. The money goes to the parks department.Seattle, like any major popular city, actually has enough housing to house everyone as long as we got rid of airbnb… @LuigiThirty it will if you believe in yourself
There's no greater and heart warming redemption arc than the Tails from "Sonic" is NOT gay! facebook page
Retweeted by Dariamatching icons
Retweeted by Daria @wolicyponk it's hard to get much worse than that lolE.E. Smith's estate finding out about the Lensman anime (date: circa 1980s)
Retweeted by DariaToday I learned that both the beatstep pro and the keystep pro filter sysex messages (: There goes an hour of troubleshooting.dug this ol' box out I got to help manage some things in my old Rock Band drum kit to fix an issue I currently have… week was the 10 year anniversary of the launch of a little movie site some of you might remember called Screen…
Retweeted by DariaFlat desks are torture for people like me trying to do 100 things at once. Elevateb fish tank game on the Saturn is hilariously hardcore
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@posspunk @gravislizard At that price range your only choice are ezcap clones that will either be perfectly adequat… maybe I can get over my self loathing long enough to build this today tutorials can be great for many topics but none of them tell you how to deal with hating anything you creat…