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@MikeDoak4 Trump has put Twitter on the map. They will never try to censor him. They are loving him all the way to the bank.
@HillBeverlyhill Too bad they didn't have the rally at the Dallas Trade Mart.Not many protestors are at Dallas. Maga cult rally. Of course the police are not letting them close. They have tabl…
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @HillBeverlyhill Amazing. With whats going on they still support him. They need to be deported if they don't like democracy.I’m BACK! Got a week long time out for harassing Mango Mussolini. I’ll be friending all who I missed.
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @MikeDoak4 Hasn't Twitter learned they can't rehabilitate we democrats!BREAKING NEWS: Mike Pence said there is a cease fire in Syria. Just reported... there is NO cease fire in the agre…
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @BridgetSterli19 That's what it looks and sounds like when a man is running scared.News said this was a once in a lifetime to see trump Here in Dallas. Pass - I definitely can live without seeing hi…
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @HillBeverlyhill He's got nothing to be afraid of. Lee Harvey would have been a Trump supporter. @HillBeverlyhill It was set up that way. Trump gave them time to secure the Kurds territory before asking for cease… @ColinDelia68 Abandon Ship! @izzysick101 Barr deserves to go to jail for the remainder of his fat life!25th amendment 25th amendment 25th amendment 25th amendment 25th amendment 25th amendment 25th amendment 25th amend…
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @NatashaBertrand Why are they refusing to cooperate with the impeachment investigation when they admit to quid pro… @RosemarieBrown3 @AriMelber @tshep42 I wanted to be a Dr. when I grew up but I didn't have any PATIENCE! Sorry. @BridgetSterli19 Are all women Trump supporters blonde? @AliAdair22 Doesn't make any sense, does it? A kind man dies while this evil bastard with a blood pressure reading of 250/120 lives on.I changed my background photo to this. So did Nancy Pelosi. As a show of support for Impeachment, I am asking that…
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @AriMelber @tshep42 Why aren't they voting on impeachment now? @NightlyPolitics @DonaldJTrumpJr Jr is a dickhead who will eventually do time. I think they should sentence him to… @parkse I think 20 GOP senators have already turned over this Syria fiasco. Pelosi needs to impeach quickly before they change their minds.A video of Turks cutting the heads off of Kurds really should be played at the United Nations. I just witnessed a retweet , it's pretty bad.
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @StephenGlahn @RandPaul #RussianRandSucks #RussianRandSucks #RussianRandSucks #RussianRandSucks #RussianRandSucks @CJ_isnowblue Just goes to show you that some people will do and say anything for money. No honor. No balls. @FlanaganNJTV @POTUS So what does this mean? Do they have the authority to override Trumps pullout? Does it go to t… @lisastark351 I would have no choice. Trump has to go. @elle_desylva 🖑 @GhostOfLuv3 @TommysLib Don't know. I think she was talking about a tweet that has since been deleted. @pappybest @gaslightingus2 Pretty much, yes @Sue_AS_PA @itsreallyalexb They have all taken Russian money and Trump holds this over their heads. @ceraldi_carleen In a van down by the river?
@colvinj Pelosi questioned the authenticity of the letter when she saw it was written with crayons. @MarTheResister They are trying to find out who the whistleblower is so that they can run to Trump and score some brownie points!Wow, nearly forgot to mention today that #MOSCOWMITCHSUCKS #MOSCOWMITCHSUCKS #MOSCOWMITCHSUCKS #MOSCOWMITCHSUCKS @FullFrontalSamB Tulsi needs to be impeached from the democratic party. She stands no chance of winning the nominat… Lawmaker Just Filed Papers Asking For William Barr’s License To Be Removed via @dc_tribune
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @montanaisthebes No comment. Bernie is not my choice but if he's nominated, I'll vote for him. So be it.This is fucking bullshit! The man is a HERO. Extended his contract so he could do a SECOND tour in Iraq! Do you hav…
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @ECMcLaughlin It does. She's a GOP plant like Joe Manchin. @sdr_medco Sounds like she having 2nd thoughts when she should be throwing people in jail for refusal to cooperate.… @GhostOfLuv3 Just his brain. @AccountistLisa @CCfanessa Dems are going to have to throw some people in jail.#MOSCOWMITCHSUCKS #MOSCOWMITCHSUCKS #MOSCOWMITCHSUCKS #MOSCOWMITCHSUCKS #MOSCOWMITCHSUCKS #MOSCOWMITCHSUCKS @smokesdad28 @Lydiad1957 #MOSCOWMITCHSUCKS #MOSCOWMITCHSUCKS #MOSCOWMITCHSUCKS #MOSCOWMITCHSUCKS #MOSCOWMITCHSUCKS @trumpharmsusall @BlakelyAdrian It is a virus? I thought it was caused from parasites.
@rath_22 No, her father in law had to goggle the Kurds. @terribletara2 @imhoff_jimmy I am #VoteBlueToEndThisNightmare Then again, I'm an independent
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @Rob_Melrose @terribletara2 It's ok. Nobody's perfect but thanks for your vote. @terribletara2 @montanaisthebes AgreedAs I sit in my home in Canada and reading Twitter tweets,watching all of the infighting among fellow democrats over…
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @yoruguaenusa @HillBeverlyhill @GOP And never trust Moscow Mitch when he tells you not to go public with Russian in… @GOP You spent8 years degrading,harassing, insulting and obstructing President Obama Now you want us to "come…
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @JonLemire Notice they didn't ask him to throw out the first pitch. Guess they figure he's thrown enough curveballs. @FREAKINWOKE @JonLemire Me too. Since 1965. @JonLemire Die hard Astro fan of many years. His arrest at the game would, absolutely, make the game the best of my life!!
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @SocialPowerOne1 Who is this god they keep talking about? Never heard of this one. @gtconway3d @NewYorkFBI Maybe he'll get hot by a foul ball or even a flying bat! @owillis @RepMcCaul Oh gee. I remember the Brett Kavanaugh confirmation hearing where they mowed down any objection… @PreetBharara Also a very bad attorney.Dear Liz Cheney, Your dad Dick is a monsterous amoral drunken racist dumb-as-a-box-of-rocks war criminal who makes…
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @Toonces_Resists @lindapotyrala13 He really does look like a Nazi. @Leslieoo7 Nixon didn't hold rallies the way Trump does. Nixon campaigned at election time but once in office that… @boxsterman77 @SpacePirateUSA @Jim_Jordan @RepAdamSchiff @mattgaetz Because you just too fucking stupid. @owillis @Jim_Jordan Nobody gives a shit what Gymmy thinks. I think Gym thinks of the house of rep. as All Star Wre…
@IThinkImLost2 @CCfanessa I'll send you a care package. Do you smoke? @mommamia1217 Don't tell Gym but I think he dropped his breakfast on his tie. @MrsRabbitResist Does she have heart problems like her dad? She doesn't appear to be getting enough oxygen to the brain. @sparky347v Yes. Pretty soon it won't go as low as my birth year. @RRapier @yourauntemma @ejdrouillard @stefanadler @gtconway3d After talking with a lot of people in my area that vo… @yourauntemma @ejdrouillard @stefanadler @gtconway3d So you knew the Russian were involved because of Trumps personality defect? @jidk1187 @Bornabrit1 @SecPompeo @StateDept
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @SassyGirlBoss Trump has the mentality to pull off this stunt, but physically just a fat piece of shit without stre… @LanceKern @okamalita Yes, for one thing, majority leader should not have the power to control what issues can be v… @Frank66Stanton @SingerChick6 Just straight up bribery in broad daylight. Trump is flying in the face of democrats… caused this. He has this innocent young woman’s blood on his miserable hands. That he will feel no guilt and…
Retweeted by Jimmy ImhoffZuckerberg has endorsed Trump???
Retweeted by Jimmy ImhoffLet's do our own poll since Fox News clearly can't get it right. Answer and retweet.
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @hazydav Taxpayers paid good money for that Kotex. @AwarenessLogic @Emmablu1974 @thehill Trump will do nothing to hurt Turkey economically because it might hurt his i… @owillis @BGramev68055257 I'm afraid you're right and I am ashamed to be an american because of it it.all of this simply because a ton of you just couldnt handle having a black president. jesus.
Retweeted by Jimmy ImhoffWondering if it is wrong that I'm bugged by someone who JUST joined Twitter this month and already has more followe…
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @amblynaz @MrsRabbitResist I get the same feeling. @wvjoe911 Will somebody kick Jon Voight in the nuts and wake him up? No wonder he and Angelina are estranged. He's a prick!It's a sad day when you realize that you trust the statements of every other government in the world more than you…
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @AG2Pearl @LillianVikingDK @FoxNews If Trump hires them now, they have to be enablers. @LillianVikingDK @BGramev68055257 Chris better be careful. Another visit for Murdoch by Barr could mean Chris Wallace is history.
@DesignationSix @CCfanessa Silver bullet or was that a werewolf? @DavidJollyFL And Trump wouldn't lie, right? @cathyisagem @iamofdaniel Is that you, Melania?On the way to the White House! #ImpeachNow #SOSAmerica2019
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @ResisterForever Did anyone tell this fucking idiot that one of the crimes Trump committed is requesting help for t… @1FreshTake Trump will just send Barr in to break it up. @lezleedee2 @jannsloan Welcome to my world. I have been ashamed since 11/8/2016.Why is democracy such a difficult government to attain and maintain? It makes me think that their are more evil peo… @wigwam @missykender @GOP Welcome, Wigwam! I will never trust a Republican again. Conservatives can start a new pa…
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @Mel_Ankoly @wigwam @missykender @GOP If they don't succeed at overthrowing our democracy, it's only because the GO… @wigwam @Marilyn31682963 @GOP Thanks for seeing the light.