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@TeaPainUSA @MaryBethTrz710 Remind you of anyone?
Hey! I just noticed I’m only 55 followers away from the coveted 5000!! Does anybody want to help a resister sist…
Retweeted by Jimmy ImhoffWow, that Twitter jail is hell. No food or water. Just had to sit back and watch all the resisters at work without…
@JoyAnnReid If thats true then he just didn't know the law.or he was blinded by his loyalty to Trump as are the remainder of the GOP.McConnell blames impeachment for the 400 bills he blocked
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @EaterSouls No, Moscow Mitch, the impeachment is not about the 400 bills you blocked. Your replacement in 2020 is a… GOP is not trying to exonerate Trump with their outrageous claims of innocence for Trump. They are planting a s…, @Jim_Jordan, why didn't you and your @GOP colleagues investigate Ukraine corruption during your total control…
Retweeted by Jimmy ImhoffKurt Volker said he has known Joe Biden as an honorable man for more than two decades, rebuffing debunked corruptio…
Retweeted by Jimmy ImhoffGaetz is nothing but a bully and a mobster. Florida state bar investigating Matt Gaetz for threat to Michael Cohen
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @psychdr100 I'm surprised that the GOP didn't put Gaetz on their committee. @bunnygray111 I saw him drinking from a small bottle. Looked like a 5 hr energy drink.
@SassyGirlBoss Engaged with game shows? @CoreyCapella All I can say is look what real men have done with our democracy. @trom771 In other words let him win another crooked election. One Moscow Mitch refuses to protect. @SassyGirlBoss I dont think many people care about these hearings. I was at a car dealership waiting for repairs, 2… @NunesAlt @DevinNunes Thanks for the warning. No way in hell will I tweet #DevinNunesIsAnIdiot, now.Gym Jordan questioning Lt. Col Vindman. @murrayb560sl I'm not much for a man slapping a woman but in Judge Jeannies case I would look the other way. @JujuJudge Pretty much boring right now. I keep waiting for Nunes's head to explode but it hasn't yet. @TheRightHandOf @1FreshTake I do hope you're able to vote blue no matter who. I would struggle with several candida… @PressSec Last time a WH physician put out a false statement about Trumps health he was removed for alcoholism. @TheRightHandOf @1FreshTake You mean to tell us that you won't vote blue no matter who now? Over 1 issue? You're wi… @saltygulf @NBCNews I guess Pompeo forgot to have the new employees vow their allegiance to the Furor. @NikkiHaley Ok, George was wrong. "Garbage" is far more accurate. @BushySandman By his mother.Conservative Televangelist Jim Bakker Says Democrats Will Kill Trump If Impeachment Fails. This coming from a lying…
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @SaysHummingbird @Hcreekmore2 Thug @jimsciutto @Elsalazar29 Kim Jong Un wants his own quid pro quo.Trump tweets he will 'strongly consider' testifying in impeachment inquiry Him testifying?…
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @56blackcat @Trumpgot2go He won't testify. He said the same thing about the Mueller investigation. He just wants t…"White supremacist accidentally sets own head on fire while trying to burn down synagogue" - I'm not a religious pe…
Retweeted by Jimmy ImhoffDo you think that these Trump supporters that attend his rallies will be asking for more than 15/hr as impeachment draws closer? @stonecold2050 He mad that same promise just before mid-terms last year. What a fucking liar.As I said. 10 days😉
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @BaddCompani I guess that Kavanaugh must be on one of his 10 day drinking binges again.
@hierophantess @sterlingC69 Joe is starting to disappoint me.After listening to part of Bill Barr's speech about the democrats not respecting the rule of law there is no doubt… has consumed the damn Kool Aid! The man is WHACK!
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @MicheleDiane8 Do they sell degrees at West Point? Pompeo sure acts like he bought one. @Pattihatestrump Well, we know who benefited most from that loving relationship. Kim Jong Un and his nuclear progra… @RepMarkMeadows Well, you didn't like quid pro quo so call it what it really is. Bribery. Elijah Cummings is lookin… @darrellclick He did that before. Tells everyone he wants to testify but attorneys say no. Since when does Dickface take advice? @BeachPretzel2 @BlakelyAdrian GOP told Bill Clinton that it was against the law to ignore a congressional subpoena. @swells5683 @hermitme1 Funny you would ask that. I was givin the soundtrack of " O Brother Where Art Thou?" a few d… @siano4progress He and Trump would just love that. @siano4progress 🖐Was headed back to my car and a woman late 50’s parked in front of me rolled down her window and said. I like ur bu…
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @DoYouEvenLIf Sure. I would just rub my hand with dog shit first. @EdSteinmann @BlakelyAdrian I think that Trumpism is the new GOP. This will not end with the end of the Trump presi… @imhoff_jimmy Aspring to be KA Conway.
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @hazydav How does Trump find these fucking assholes? Does he advertise on Craigslist? " CORRUPT PRESS SECRETARY'S N… Clearly - she is back on the bottle. Someone grab her car keys please. . Press secretary says it is ‘dangerous fo…
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @ddale8 @windmillcharger Didn't take long for Trump to change the subject from gun violence to impeachment. So who… @waltshaub @TheeWolfthing Who's questioning it? Hell, we know anything this corrupt administration says is a fuckin… @EliseStefanik Why is it these rotten GOP get away with name calling and lying but the first time they get called s…
@EliseStefanik @realDonaldTrump
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @EliseStefanik @realDonaldTrump Nothing more than a petulant child. What a pathetic embarrassment you are to your…
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @davidmweissman @EliseStefanik @realDonaldTrump @gtconway3d Isn't that socialism? @ByAllyT His loss.This, and her assertion that Trump is fit for office, are shameless and atrocious.
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @HillBeverlyhill @politico That explains why the needle keeps spinning out of control. @OldWhiteGal1 @BetsyGervasi I'm sorry. But maybe they are out of adderall!
@Teesa_Michele @aquarius1049 I am! @OldWhiteGal1 @BetsyGervasi He's ok. Just ran out of adderall. @EliseStefanik @gtconway3d How is "Garbage?" Any better? @EliseStefanik @gtconway3d Can't say that now! @USAirForce92 @tomiahonen Ok, duh! @andylassner @goolammv Oh my, did you steal a line from "A Few Good Men?" Can't you be a little more original? @KathyThomson @d_mccarthy37 @jaketapper Yes but they don't want to put Pence on the same impeachment ticket as Trum… @SassyGirlBoss @GeneHil12439202 He ran out of adderall? @dpbrugler If its anything like Bo Jacksons, it's all over. Poor guy. @Martamendoza718 Guess he figured that Trumps lies are so wild and crazy that he would try it.My daughter released proof of Russan attacks on our voting systems in 2016. PROOF Our govt locked her up, persecut…
Retweeted by Jimmy ImhoffThe only Trump campaign I support is the “Trump for Prison 2020” campaign 👇👇
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @RobynJLeader @MollyJongFast Maybe Trump was right! Thats why Ted doesn't hold it against him.My republican colleagues humiliated themselves yesterday. Their display was a disgrace. And all to shield…
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @MplsMe @BlakelyAdrian Wait until his impeachment hearing begins. Sniveling fucking crybaby.Would your opinion of the republicans change if they abandon trump?
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @thomaskaine5 No. Not these republicans. I will never forgive those who have enabled Trump. Including Paul Ryan. I… PLS RT&FOLLOW Do you agree with @AOC(&ME) that Steven Miller is a WHITE NATIONALIST?
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @ShelbyKStewart @aquarius1049 These GOP members are basically obstructing justice. They have no case so that are ca…, treasonous prick Roger Stone was convicted today of lying to Congress. Stone played a huge role in manipula…
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @Jessferg2253 @Acosta I'm afraid that Putin doesn't have to listen in on phone calls anymore. The GOP is keeping hi… come nobody talks about or even mentions that Trump and Giuliani both admitted to pressing Zolinski for an investigation into Biden? @realDonaldTrump Next up. Rudy!
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @Leslieoo7 That's what he assumed because when Trump left the room, Zolinski said " What an ass!"People died while Trump played games with Ukraine’s military aid - by David Ignatius via The Washington Post
Retweeted by Jimmy Imhoff @ANRichey @mothrflunkr He likes beer.
@SureReality @1FreshTake Yes, Zolinsky appears hellbent on pleasing Trump when Trumps ultimate goal will be for Put… @TomRoyActor Steak and eggs? @robreiner The constitution has been nothing but a hurdle for the republicans.Trump = Russian asst Mitch = Russian asst NRA = Russian asst K McCarthy = Russian asst R Johnson = Russian asst R S…
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