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Ian Millhiser @imillhiser Washington, DC

Senior Correspondent, Vox. I blame James Madison. Author of Injustices: The Supreme Court's History of Comforting the Comfortable and Afflicting the Afflicted

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I don’t envy the moral dilemma Republican politicians face: either stop a genocide or see their approval ratings fall
Retweeted by Ian Millhiser @olgakhazan Until it’s moved. @sbagen @TAMULawSchool What’s on his list?
@ebruenig Does that mean that Jeff Bezos has sex with him in the end? @ebruenig Is that the one where some dude destroys some woman’s business and then he’s rewarded by getting to have sex with her? @libbyanelson Trust your readers. They are smart enough to understand whatever you want to explain if you do so cle… @RandyEBarnett Yes. Citizens United was wrong because of its naive definition of corruption, not because it held th…’s assume, for the sake of argument, that the “entertainment industry” is engaged in exactly the same crusade th… @AdamSerwer Congrats, man!Hey guys, I was on The Weeds yesterday.’s not wrong. yes, the well-known Reverse Rao Maneuver. 1st grade teacher didn't know Venus is hotter than Mercury. We argued over this in front of the entire class and… @gelbach Fun Fact: Her views on admin law are even more ridiculous than her Mazars dissent. She literally wrote an… to die 35 years ago, laying low for decades, and then disguising himself as a young right-wing performan… @SDietzMD there been more Trump Homeland Security Secretaries Or Spinal Tap drummers? @Sifill_LDF This feels like a law school hypo from 2L Ethics.
The wild thing about Neomi Rao is she will be writing actual judicial opinions for the rest of her life. @yeselson @steve_vladeck @joshchafetz @mls1776 @DanielJHemel I don’t think Roberts needs me to point out that Neomi… @yeselson @steve_vladeck @joshchafetz @mls1776 @DanielJHemel I don't know that I have more to say about it than I'v… @varsha_venkat_ The gaul of some people.I'm here from three weeks in the future to tell all the liberals who are super excited about the judicial branch ri… @AnandWrites Uhhhhhhhhhh... @yeselson @steve_vladeck @joshchafetz @mls1776 @DanielJHemel I think it's entirely possible that he does vote to gr… @steve_vladeck @joshchafetz @mls1776 @DanielJHemel Wasn't US v. Nixon turned around in a matter of weeks? I have n… @jtlevy I think the petition for an emergency stay could go either way, but I'm worried that Roberts will feel comf… @sethdmichaels @jbouie Being entertained by the unholy love child of Rush Limbaugh and Steve Urkel to own the libs. @jtlevy I've got bad news for you about the Supreme Court. @steve_vladeck @joshchafetz @mls1776 @DanielJHemel Are we sure that there will be a stay here? I know it's naive to… best way to understand Judge Neomi Rao's dissent is that she wants Trump to nominate Neomi Rao to the next Supr… what you have to understand about Neomi Rao's dissent is that Democrats are unconstitutional.
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserI look forward to Gorsuch's opinion arguing that Trump can't be subpoenaed because he's too busy enforcing the Voti… @jedshug Rao knows how the game is played. A dissent claiming the president is completely immune from subpoena won’… the Supreme Court does not interfere with this decision, that means the House Oversight Committee will soon gain…
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserThe battle over whether Trump is immune from congressional oversight just entered its endgame. now how confirmation that Judge Neomi Rao's critics were right to warn that she's an unquestioning ideologue.'ve got your analysis of today's federal appeals court decision saying that Trump is not above the law right here. claims that Congress can’t investigate his finances. He just lost big in court.
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserI wrote about how Mississippi still uses an electoral college-like system that's just as racist in effect as the ac… @JillFilipovic @neeratanden @AdamSerwer I think it's plausible they would. In Christian Legal Society v. Martinez,… @AdamSerwer @JillFilipovic @neeratanden Right. Hosanna-Tabor said that there is a ministerial exception to civil ri… @JillFilipovic @neeratanden @AdamSerwer A good lawyer could argue both sides of this. But I'm close to certain that… @JillFilipovic @neeratanden @AdamSerwer FWIW, I'm not sure that there's a case directly on point. Bob Jones permits… just read an entire news article about a U.S. Court of Appeals case that is being argued soon, and the article di… 129-year-old Jim Crow law is still in effect, and it's set to rig a governor's race next month. show that Democrats have a real shot of winning the governor’s mansion in Mississippi. There’s just one prob…
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserThe subtext here is "don't you want to see me do this to Trump?" @EricColumbus @jentaub This tweet makes me irrationally happy. @stevenmazie @ssamcham When ADF sends its people, they aren’t sending their best. @stevenmazie @ssamcham I remember him being better in Masterpiece Cakeshop. Although maybe that’s because the ADF l… @ssamcham @stevenmazie Though maybe he just knew how weak his arguments were. When the only caselaw you can site fo… @ssamcham @stevenmazie Isn’t Francisco one of ADF’s former affiliated lawyers? I’m sure he doesn’t get off on this… @stevenmazie @ssamcham I was struck by how both Francisco and Alito seemed off their game on Tuesday. And it’s not…
@angryblackbiguy @daveweigel @AJentleson Their polls have been excellent for a while! It makes no sense. @daveweigel @AJentleson Wasn't there a brief period when Fox scrapped its reputable pollster and started using Rasm… @Susan_Hennessey I'm starting to wonder if editorial standards in conservative media might be a bit too low. @joshchafetz I believe that’s the one that contains the Equal Dignity of the States Clause. @joshchafetz Yeah, but have you read Article XII? @HeerJeet retrospect, we had warning that our politics were about to get really stupid long before Trump came along. @FederalistPitch "Who is worse off: the Kurds, or conservatives on college campuses?"
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserI used to think Alito was the most effective conservative questioner on the Court, but he’s been slipping lately an… pod! 🔊 ➡️ The Supreme Court showdown over #LGBTQ rights (w/@imillhiser & @TheDursoIsIn) ➡️ Inside Trump’s mov…
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserThe White House has announced its clear intention to violate the law. But the only sure mechanism to enforce that…
Retweeted by Ian Millhiser @varsha_venkat_ @scottjshapiro Always. @scottjshapiro I suspect that if the United States had a parliament, the 80s would have been really painful. Much o… @scottjshapiro I tend to think the reason why the GOP is so radicalized is because there are so many veto points in… @scottjshapiro Surely you've predicted by now that my solution is "abolish the presidency." Prime Minister Nancy Pelosi will be dope. @ZackFord @AllianceDefends I was most of the way through this video before I realized it was a parody. @scottjshapiro Honestly, I would support a unicameral parliament with 6 year terms. 2 years is way too little time… @scottjshapiro Right, Senate malapportionment is the gravest problem. Everything else is really just tinkering around the margins. @scottjshapiro I could reluctantly support a House of Lords-style upper house provided that it had no democratic le… @scottjshapiro We could call it the "House of Representatives" or, even better, "Parliament." @scottjshapiro Counterpoint: Abolishing the Senate would be an unmitigated good.We're all on a runaway train to a genuine constitutional crisis: @imillhiser @voxdotcom #impeachment
Retweeted by Ian Millhiser @libbyanelson I very much wished that was the case when I read the Walter Nixon case my first year in law school.I also learned that there are two important cases on impeachment and subpoenas — Nixon v. US and US v. Nixon — and…
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserRumor is that Susan Collins, Mitt Romney, and Ben Sasse are meeting as we speak to decide whether to raise a single…“I won’t nominate any more Federalist Society judges for the remainder of my term.” They’ll convict and remove one…
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserAt some point, I need to pull all my arguments about why the Constitution is fundamentally flawed into a piece call… Constitution has no mechanism to deal with a lawless president so long as he is backed by his own party’s lawma… wrote up an explainer on what the law actually says about Trump’s massive resistance to the impeachment inquiry..…’s resistance to the impeachment inquiry is a genuine constitutional crisis.
Retweeted by Ian Millhiser @MoiraDonegan I honestly don’t intend this to be trolly, but Hermione Granger is the real hero of the Harry Potter novels. @LeahLitman I’m sad to report that they were never enforcing the VRA to begin with...
Happy Infrastructure Week to us all! @varsha_venkat_ Our piece today is trying to answer that question. @varsha_venkat_ You’re not going to like the piece I have coming...It’s hard to have the rule of law when the party that controls the Supreme Court operates in an alternative factual… @the_dan I don't know of any Democrats who claimed that who weren't lawyers who practice before the Supreme Court o… @the_dan I think a big part of the answer, at least with respect to GOP lawyers, is that the Federalist Society cre… is wild stuff. The Free Beacon, a publication with zero editorial standards, makes some shit up and now it’s a…
Retweeted by Ian Millhiser @ProfSamKamin Probably five. But there also may be five votes to grant stays pending appeal and to support other de… @AlanNeff Thanks. @kstreethipster Thanks. I’m probably giving everyone false hope, but it was much less of a train wreck than I anticipated. @transscribe Yeah. Both he and Pam did a fantastic job. They took the kind of “I’m not afraid to shame you” tone th…’m just saying that it’s bad that we are ruled by the villainous headmaster in a movie set in a 1930s boarding sch…’s obsession with dress codes is really bizarre. You’re going to allow discrimination because you’re afraid… like a better use of Trey Gowdy’s talents is to appoint him as special counsel so he can go after the Democra…