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Ian Millhiser @imillhiser Washington, DC

Senior Correspondent, Vox. I blame James Madison. Author of Injustices: The Supreme Court's History of Comforting the Comfortable and Afflicting the Afflicted

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I, for one, can't wait to see what happens if the Supreme Court gives Trump permission to purge his enemies from go… single most shameful fact about me is that I played Contra so many times as a kid that I once won it without using The Code. @__Triggs__ I'm ashamed to admit that I played it enough times as a kid that I once won it without using The Code.I'm sick to death of the kids these days with their socialism. In my day, we didn't believe in socialism. We under… court opinion is an important innovation in the field of judicial lawlessness, because it shows that it is pos… new federal appeals court opinion could potentially let Trump conscript every single cop in the country into his… frightening implications of a federal court’s latest immigration opinion.
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserI wrote about the theory of the "unitary executive" that people like Bill Barr are so in love with, and why it shou… Supreme Court will hear a case next week that could make it much easier to Trump to purge his political enemies… Supreme Court will decide if Trump can fire the head of the CFPB. The implications are enormous.
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserOne fun fact to consider as we edge towards a pandemic is the Trump administration asked the courts to take health… Constitutional Convention was illegal.
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@ByronTau Was it the single most important news story facing voters in 2016? There are middle grounds between "thi… @ByronTau Are you really going to defend the 2016 over-coverage of Her Emails? A subject that literally received mo… thinking that the problem with the New York Times' 2016 coverage was that it was unfair to Trump. seem to be a whole lot of Republican judges who don't believe that they have to follow the Supreme Court's de… Bloomberg campaign is identity politics for #NeverTrumpers feeling of false comfort that you know will inevitably will be shattered by horror, but that you take solace i… the bad men are about to do bad things. @grouchybagels Congrats!The Supreme Court hears a case next week that's an existential threat to Roe v. Wade. There is one honest and two… folks, it’s me again. Just wanted to let you know that the Supreme Court is hearing a case next week that coul… Supreme Court case that could end Roe v. Wade, explained.
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserMy motto: CBS should never get another debate
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserA fun thing about the journalism profession is that none of the moderators of tonight’s debate will face profession… says he will appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court. Here are five potential candidates: just promised at the #DemDebate to appoint a black woman to the Supreme Court. Here are some women he could…
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserThis debate was the moment when Donald Trump became president.Term limits are bad and Tom Steyer should feel bad for his terrible, awful, no good, very bad idea. essential @imillhiser: "Term limits are great ... if you like corruption and incompetence."
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserThe worst idea proposed at the #DemocraticDebate.
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserThat was a genuinely good hit on Bernie from Buttigieg on the filibuster.How is it possible for the debate moderators to be this awful?Holy shit! He noun, verbed, and nine-elevened! EVERYONE FINISH YOUR BEERSWait, Bloomberg's racial justice plan is "do something about it?"Imagine having the opportunity to ask someone who could be president any question you want, and asking them about polls.Saying the quiet part out loud
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"I resist the conclusion that 'nothing' is the answer required in this case. I would reverse the Fifth Circuit’s ju…
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserThis is surprising and could potentially be a very big deal. thing that I really liked about the last Dem debate was it was the first debate that felt like it was a group o… 30 more minutes of debating the same thing is all they need.
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserIt seems like even if you, personally, have a very robust health insurance plan there might be upside to living in…
Retweeted by Ian Millhiser"wasn't clear"? I think we can know as confidently as anyone can claim to know anything that Donald Trump did not…
Retweeted by Ian Millhiser @RaisingOneBrow Do you have a link?Has anyone written a good explainer on why cable news has increasingly stopped booking guests who are subject-matte… @EricColumbus @TheToddSchulte There's also this, but I can't tell if it is from a WH surrogate or just a derpy pund… @TheToddSchulte A few places. In that Kudlow clip that everyone's dunking on there was a weird reference to the "travel ban."Wait, is the Trump White House really arguing that we are safer from Coronavirus because of Trump's Muslim ban?Imagine if someone cloned Michael "Heckofa Job" Brown, then placed an indeterminate number of these clones in key p… @ProfRobAnderson Anyone can make shit up. But only a chosen few can make shit up and play it off as “the law.”Justice Alito is an actual Spider-Man villain. @selina3sticks The CBP now enjoys greater immunity than local police. In theory, regular cops are still subject to § 1983 suits.This is your periodic reminder that, amidst all the evil that exists in American government right now, much of that… Supreme Court just made it much easier for law enforcement to violate the Constitution with impunity Supreme Court just held that a border guard who shot and killed a child will face no legal consequences
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserFree law review article title to any enterprising law professors digging into how SCOTUS uses doctrine to achieve p…'m very upset that the free market hasn't yet provided me with a place where I can get curry-stuffed challah. I'm… @EyesOnTheRight Yup. It's being edited right now.It's wild that whenever the Supreme Court uses the words "separation of powers" in a majority opinion, it winds up… we have Hernandez. It's a great day for rogue law enforcement officers who shoot children.First SCOTUS opinion of the day is a 5-4 death penalty case decided along party lines by Kavanaugh. That's never good. @AdamCharnes Fair enough. But, in any event, I don't think there's been a reversal in position here. I think most l…’s that time again."CSS claims it has a First Amendment right to continue to do business with the city even if it refuses to comply wi…
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserA year ago, I thought that the Supreme Court might move slowly and dole out wins for the Christian Right gradually.… @lsepper @JimOleske Oh, that's interesting. I'll check it out.I see this argument a lot -- that liberals used to believe the same thing that conservatives now believe about "rel…, I know there’s a lot going on. But the Supreme Court looks like it’s about to say that the Christian Right h… fight over whether religion is a license to discriminate is back before the Supreme Court. And this time, LGBT…
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserJust a thought, but maybe having a billion primary debates which largely consist of whoever is losing trying to tea… control the Supreme Court now, so it seems like a bad strategic move for the Republican president to co… have no idea who will win the 2020 election, but if you like making predictions I’d pay much closer attention to… @AmbHarper I’ve got a piece coming out tomorrow morning digging into this, but the Hobby Lobby version of the compe… biggest test of the political press is likely to come when Bill Barr launches an investigation into whoever the…
“It is hard to say what is more troubling. That the government would seek this extraordinary relief seemingly as a…
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserNEW: In audio at a closed door event at in June 2016, Mike Bloomberg said his presidential campaign platform would…
Retweeted by Ian MillhiserA general rule of thumb to keep in mind during this, or any, election is that campaigns prefer to leak oppo researc… @nicholas_bagley Gotcha. Yeah, this is similar to my view. Dems need to get onboard with a bill limiting lower cour… @nicholas_bagley I heard this was coming. What's your view on the appropriate approach to nationwide injunctions? @nicholas_bagley I think one thing that we learned is that it is very unlikely they will expedite the case if they'… business tip: I dipped challah bread in Indian curry last night and it was delicious. So if you want to open a… @nicholas_bagley The Court also normally likes to discuss a case at two conferences before granting cert. This is a… Colfax Massacre. politics is bizarre. first sentence of the second paragraph of this piece is the saddest thing I've ever heard about another human b…“Justice Sotomayor warns the Supreme Court is doing special favors for the Trump administration.” Seems like... a…
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I'd be genuinely interested in an economic analysis of how much additional GDP growth Iowa enjoys because its presi… @LuxAlptraum It would, at the very least, be a day of mourning for Wolf Blitzer.What if, and hear me out here, we just held a primary election and everyone's vote counted exactly the same amount… @eacrunden @aBigMess Don't harsh my mellow, Ev. @3fecta It’s going to be a big hit.If the other candidates endorse this plan it will be a (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) joint proposal. had a dream last night that Justice Sotomayor warned me that Justice Thomas is retiring and I was upset about how… @maya_sen @michaelgmiller If Republicans can, they will block confirmation of a new VP. And that could potentially… @maya_sen @michaelgmiller Sure. He could die. I’m just not convinced that the question of which Democrat sits in th… @michaelgmiller I think the success or failure of a Sanders presidency is much more likely to be determined by when… @michaelgmiller Fair, but even so. If Kennedy hadn’t picked LBJ, we may not have gotten the 60s civil rights legisl… @jtlevy @mattyglesias If your concern is that a Democratic president will be able to take meaningful executive acti… @michaelgmiller Gonna go out on a limb and say that Andrew Johnson was the most consequential VP selection in American history.