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@fanwomanc Thanks so much, Colleen!Tomorrow, I'm teaching a self-tape Master Class with @MrRichardLawson. Won't you join us? of the questions I'm most frequently asked is what advice I have for aspiring actors. My answer is always the s…
Going live now with @TishJames on IG! Join us!
In honor of #NationalBlackVoterDay, I’ll be chatting tomorrow w/the Attorney General of NY, Letitia James, to discu…
@boomerkaren20 ?? @NickMacGuffin Now that would be something! @JackHill0101 Thanks so much, Jack.You only had to wait 4 days; he’s now available! #TheyLive #FrankArmitage
I never imagined a Frank Armitage action figure. Now that it’s here, I love it! See the resemblance? #ComingSoon
@MariaSingsActs @urbanmediamaven @gastongazette @thecharpost @CM_CLT @cltiscreative @CityofGastonia @LouisGossettJr
About to go live with @rolandsmartin on #RolandMartinUnfiltered.
.@Disney Channel lovers - I’ll be guest starring as ‘King Andrias’ in a new episode of #Amphibia tomorrow, August 2…
Yes, @ava! Yes!👏🏾👏🏾
@JustShemaBaby Thank you.
West coast! Don't go anywhere! We're watching the #Greenleaf Homecoming Celebration NOW!
Retweeted by KeithDavidGoodbye, #Greenleaf! I have truly had the time of my life! @GreenleafOWN
Retweeted by KeithDavidLords know they don't! #Greenleaf @ImKeithDavid I enjoyed Greenleaf tremendously. It was one of the best shows on OWN the acting was superb! #Greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavid @ChocolateChip48 I miss him, too. #GreenleafLady Mae preaching this sermon 🙌👏 #Greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavidIt shows! You delivered it as only you could! Brava! #Greenleaf! @GreenleafOWN is done 😔What an amazing show this was. @MsLynnWhitfield ‘s sermon REALLY hit home.…
Retweeted by KeithDavid @Toy_Grandison Very inappropriate. @thedesireeross We've enjoyed you. Get some rest! #GreenleafFamilyWonders never cease! #Greenleaf @birdbaby19 @MerleDandridge @thedesireeross @MsLynnWhitfield @GreenleafOWN @DeborahJWinans @LammanRucker Keep watch… @ImKeithDavid @GreenleafOWN This was one of the best shows OWN has ever had! It will be missed 😭
Retweeted by KeithDavid @shemenish Thanks so much! #GreenleafHe better do right by Gigi or else I will haunt him!😂 #Greenleaf's right, grandson! Speak life! Live LIFE abundantly while you have it to do so. #Greenleaf is certainly the most adult conversation the two of them have had with each other in years! Time heals.…'ve enjoyed the evolution of Grace and AJ's relationship! Slow moving is still progress, Saints. Remember that. #Greenleaf @clp1103 @GreenleafOWN Thanks so much, Candie! #Greenleaf @iloveparis @MsLynnWhitfield @GreenleafOWN I know what you mean.Thank you for allowing me to do so! #Greenleaf wasn't one for much fanfare. His family was the most important thing to him. Their presence meant more than… @tkoberhoulser I love you all, too, Tobin. #GreenleafYes, we are. #Greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavid @Orsayor @LammanRucker @MsLynnWhitfield @Oprah @GreenleafOWN @DeborahJWinans @MerleDandridge I imagine so. My praye… voice of an angel. Sing, sweet Charity! @DeborahJWinans #GreenleafIs anyone else just happy to see @ImKeithDavid keeping it real and enjoying life? Seeing his tweets are a breath of fresh air.
Retweeted by KeithDavidI'm with you, First Lady. #iDo #Greenleaf Coast #Greenleaf family, for the last time ever...the doors of the church are open! @GreenleafOWN just spoke in the @GreenleafOWN Homegoing Celebration about my constant singing. Well, this moment… @DawnSheen The Shadow Man would have been far harsher than that.Say that, @LammanRucker! Death is never something to be taken lightly, be it fact or fiction. #GreenleafWhat do you think about that, @MsLynnWhitfield? I'm game! #Greenleaf @StilettoNerd 😂😂 @nandilyn @GreenleafOWN I love you all, as well, Nandilyn. #Greenleaf @LammanRucker @GreenleafOWN @TheKimHawthorne @DeborahJWinans @WeWantTyeWhite @MerleDandridge @MsLynnWhitfield
Retweeted by KeithDavidGoodbye, #Greenleaf! I have truly had the time of my life! @GreenleafOWN yourself with people who speak life over you. My sister forever @DeborahJWinans #Greenleaf #grace #charity
Retweeted by KeithDavidI'm humbled by your kind words. Thank you. #Greenleaf getting saved! What a moment! Yesssss. I know Bishop is looking down smiling with joy. @ImKeithDavid #Greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavid @MsLynnWhitfield @MerleDandridge Pure Beauty. What a moment😭😭 #Greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavidWhat a powerful scene! My God, this cast is so full of stellar talent! What a blessing it's been to watch you all i…, AJ! You can't go wrong giving your life to Christ. #GreenleafMake. Me. New. Hallelujah! Preach, First Lady. @MsLynnWhitfield #GreenleafForgiveness where there can be none, redemption when it’s far too us Lord🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿 #Greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavid#GreenleafOwn Speak lady Mae or James come through lady Mae! @MsLynnWhitfield @ImKeithDavid
Retweeted by KeithDavid @thedesireeross Haha! I love you back! #Greenleaf @BroJeff20fingrs Thank you for that, Jeff. All is forgiven. Amen. #Greenleaf @ImKeithDavid TELL EM BISHOP. #greenleaf yooooo we live as these people, they are our reality and it is for the s…
Retweeted by KeithDavid @RickFox Back atcha my brotherLove you, brother! It's been a pleasure to watch all you've brought to @GreenleafOWN! #Greenleaf @tb1withu Amen!Thanks so much for those wonderful words, Tynetta! #Greenleaf people you know IRL wake up to an obituary with your face on it and think it's real, then @ me, bruh.… you all for opening your hearts and homes to Bishop Greenleaf for five seasons. It's been one of the greatest…'s still 25 minutes left in the episode, Keep watching. May not be all sadness. #Greenleaf never cease! #GreenleafMiss Karine already! She's been a loyal servant to the Bishop and the Lord. @Chevonne_Hughes #Greenleaf @MsLynnWhitfield @ImKeithDavid @MerleDandridge @RickFox Darius better know that Lady Mae isn’t above laying hands o…
Retweeted by KeithDavidAmen! #Greenleaf @jaybird142 Thank you, Jacqueline! #GreenleafBishop and Lady Mae will forever be a team!😂 #Greenleaf! I said what I said! #Greenleaf @yfuselier @GreenleafOWN TV doesn't work like that. #Greenleaf @SWprayerCircle Shame on them!Grieving comes in many forms. It’s nice to see how different characters are coping to this devastating loss.…
Retweeted by KeithDavidDarius better treat my dearest Grace well or else I'll haunt him!😂 @MerleDandridge #GreenleafThank you for allowing me into your homes to do so! It's been an honor. #Greenleaf @ImKeithDavid whatever you said to AJ has shifted him and I love it #GREENLEAF
Retweeted by KeithDavid @JoeSpencer76 God bless you, Joey.This might be the most mature exchange ever between Jacob and Kerissa. I'm proud. @LammanRucker @TheKimHawthorne #Greenleaf @SWprayerCircle Very disturbing.To my Bish @ImKeithDavid #greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavidI appreciate that, and thank YOU for watching #Greenleaf all five seasons.! #Greenleaf want to remind you all of Proverbs 18:21 The tongue has the power of life and death. I know people think it's fu… @ImKeithDavid And that’s only because #Bishop empowered her to do so. #Greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavidThis was one of the hardest scenes of the entire series for me. I lost breath when the casket descended. But as bel…
Retweeted by KeithDavidLet me tell you something about Lady Mae. No amount of grief or sorrow will keep her from preaching on Sunday! #GreenleafI have no doubt you will, son! I have no doubt. #Greenleaf @trinitowner @MerleDandridge @LammanRucker @DeborahJWinans I love you all, Joy. #GreenleafThe table doesn't look the same without Bishop. #GreenleafSweet Charity, singing the Bishop home to glory! #GreenleafI was just wondering how long it takes to get an ambulance; it's been a week! #Greenleaf love you, Bishop. @ImKeithDavid @LammanRucker @DeborahJWinans #Greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavid