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I’d certainly like to know. What say you, @GEICO?
Congratulations to my @GreenleafOWN family on our @naacpimageaward nomination for Outstanding Drama Series! A speci…
@TMurph207 My brother Happy New Year!! How are you? And hoes your daughter?? Be blessed. Hope all is well with you @TheOrlandoJones I mean, really.😂😂😂😂😂😂One day I’ll share a video of them singing; they all have beautiful voices. you! My wife was on a mission to track it down after I wore a similar one in an episode of @GreenleafOWN last…😂🤣🤣 @DAMAGE180 At least a bat! @kyejudraws It certainly didn't help his cause.Not a chance, but thank you for asking politely! @edwardistheman I’m the fortunate one! @TMurph207 Nothing at all!I’m not big into parties, but when I can take one of my beautiful daughters with me, I’m game! #fbf #NYE
Right! My wife has never once complained. #GrownManLook @OrsonJr Embrace the grey, brother. @yazzybaby77 Quite. @Sharen46145852 Thank you and Happy Holidays to you, as well.
It means we’re blessed to have lived long enough to get some. I hope you’re as fortunate. kind words; thank you.🙏🏾
Thank you @ImKeithDavid for the wise words going into the new year. May the sight we have for 2020 be clear. What…
Retweeted by KeithDavidY'all know I don't go out on a work night unless it's someone special. Keith David @ImKeithDavid falls into that ca…
Retweeted by KeithDavidIt was a mini #Gargoyles reunion last night @FeinsteinsLA! Having @Greg_Weisman in the house at my show warmed my h…
#LA - I’ll be home for the holidays! Come see me on 12/16 @FeinsteinsLA! Tickets are on sale now:…
@WolfieB92 You'd have to ask @WaltDisneyCo that question.
Very few black women have written & directed horror films. That makes me even more excited to see Tonya Pinkins' fi… I can't tell you how wonderful it was to hear your voice on my screen again as Goliath. That show is…
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I thank you all for loving @GreenleafOWN and sharing your Tuesdays with us week after week. I enjoyed every second… was one action packed season, wasn't it? #GreenleafLord, next season is about to be L-I-T!!! #Greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavid💔💔 #Greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavidWe just did though! haha #Greenleaf much as y’all don’t like Sophia and Charitys choices. Think from their perspective: Sophia is hurt and lonely a…
Retweeted by KeithDavidWell that was short lived. #Greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavidEvery dog has its day, Phil! Today is yours. #GreenleafI missed her answer; I was covering my eyes. Haha #Greenleaf appears to be finessing Sophia; I pray he proves me wrong. #Greenleaf @ImKeithDavid @LammanRucker @TheKimHawthorne @GreenleafOWN
Retweeted by KeithDavidAaaaaaaanyone else's jaw still on the floor after that scene? Wonderful acting by @LammanRucker and… Kerissa about to tell Jacob? Oh dear...#GreenleafCharity, listen to your father! #GreenleafKerissa should have her head buried in that book daily! #GreenleafWhat did Charity think he'd say - "Yes, I'm absolutely using you!" #GreenleafCHLAMYDIAAAA?!OOOOOOHHHHWHEEEE HONEY. #greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavidUh oh! #Greenleaf her children! They should know better by now. #Greenleaf just got the truth , the whole truth y’all. #Greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavidI’ve never been on Lady Mae’s side as much as I am right now with this Charity rant! #Greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavidLady Mae said not one thing wrong to Charity! Not one. #GreenleafLady Mae about to read her for filth #greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavidYou won't be missed, Judee! #GreenleafDammit Grace! We ain’t gon neva get the church back now @GreenleafOWN @MerleDandridge @ImKeithDavid #greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavidYou picked one not so ideal time to tell Gigi about this decision, young man! #GreenleafCome on SAINTS!!! Roll call✋🏿
Retweeted by KeithDavidFor the last time this year - saints, the doors of the church are now open! @GreenleafOWN #Greenleaf #SeasonFinalemy pastor @ImKeithDavid is about to come on. #Greenleaf #greenleafown
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Well done! @brookethecroook 🤫🤫#HappyHalloween 💀💀
The Father has called home yet another soldier! RIP my brother! What a good man!! He made the world a funner place… down I think Zora is jealous of Sophia. #Greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavid @Elizabe83236239 Mid-season finale, Elizabeth. There's a lot more #Greenleaf remaining. @VanessaHarden10 You're welcome and thank YOU, Vanessa. @bluesboy23 Good night, Pete! Thank you for watching #Greenleaf.Sophia is letting loose for once. Living life. Making mistakes and learning. Don’t hate her for it . Zora ditched h…
Retweeted by KeithDavid#Greenleaf family, as always, I enjoyed you! Thank you for spending an hour with all of us. Until next week... @ImKeithDavid I cant believe Bishop said "errybody" 😂😂
Retweeted by KeithDavid @theGrio Mid-season. There's more #Greenleaf on the way.Saints, have you all regained your breath after Grace's announcement? #GreenleafGrace! You just made me upset #Greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavidI guess no one was listening to Lady Mae tonight! #GreenleafOh dear! #GreenleafHis finesse game deserves an Oscar 😩😭 #Greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavidCall me crazy, but if Kerissa doesn't want him calling anymore, why even answer the phone? #GreenleafDear Charity...#Greenleaf @MerleDandridge @ImKeithDavid @DeborahJWinans
Retweeted by KeithDavid @MsLynnWhitfield I am loving this new nurturing Lady Mae with Grace. Very touching scene between Bishop, Grace and…
Retweeted by KeithDavidPrayer journal - please! Dumars is such a swindling player, using Charity like this. #GreenleafWell, I don't think my dearest Zora will attend another party without an invite ever again. @SimoneLovie #GreenleafHe doesn't even love himself! Sitting up there pretending to be another man instead of stepping forward and saying… take the power away from a way Mae is right. If you tell your own negative in your own narrative and…
Retweeted by KeithDavid @ImKeithDavid @theGrio Judee is the snake in Genesis. She has always drove me the wrong way. #Greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavid"If they actually charged her for that, I will eat my hat." @MsLynnWhitfield "Which one?" @ImKeithDavid
Retweeted by KeithDavidGrace is level headed; she'll do what she believes to be right. @MerleDandridge #GreenleafBishop is over all of this! #GreenleafCharity gonna put Judee’s face on that grill #greenleaf
Retweeted by KeithDavidI feel awkward watching this dinner; I can't imagine how Charity truly feels right now. @DeborahJWinans #Greenleaf @ImKeithDavid CAREFUL Judy the hole u digging for someone else MAKE sure u DON'T fall in it!!!
Retweeted by KeithDavidThank you, but I am made better by the incredibly talented cast with whom I'm blessed to work. #Greenleaf devil's work. #Greenleaf she should ask who WE are; I've wondered the same thing about her entire family - blood and church. #Greenleaf @ImKeithDavid poor poor Bishop... Damned if you do Damned if you don’t🤦🏽‍♀️ #Greenleaf #GreenleafOwn
Retweeted by KeithDavidMae asked for my help. That's how I saw fit to give it to her. If she doesn't like it, she's welcome to talk to Con… course! #Greenleaf all are. Some just reveal theirs more than others. #Greenleaf can teach a child any and everything necessary to become an empowered adult. That doesn't guarantee they will l… warms my heart to see Sophia and Grace together as a unified mother-daughter duo again. @MerleDandridge @thedesireeross #GreenleafStay tuned...#Greenleaf, do not give the check to Kerissa. Handle this yourself. #GreenleafI wonder how Jacob is going to react when he learns this young man has moved on with his niece. #Greenleaf @LammanRucker @CapeCatcher I don't have a favorite, but it's one of my top 3.