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Kia K. @imkialikethecar San Francisco, CA

Covering tech & VC for @Axios — mostly just bugging @danprimack on Slack all day. Ex-@FortuneMagazine, @Cal alumna, @Twitter addict, Silicon Valley girl.

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1) wait, UK courts just publish decisions online... no PACER-like system or complicated local court website? 2) wo…
@Kantrowitz Massachusetts is trying to pull a coup, obviously.
latest addition to West Coast SPAC team: ex-Zillow CEO Spencer Rascoff has one too (board includes Tinder CEO/ ex-C… @andrew__reed @dougleone andrew, have they made you director of the sequoia capital museum yet?
@bznotes @semil it's like @alexrkonrad is Forbes' growth hacking team @levie Box Stories is coming, isn’t it? @jared_ellias oh right, yeah! wasn't sure if you were saying that wasn't the case for all groups or something. @jared_ellias sure but isn't that the case across all groups?When Dan told me yesterday he heard Kevin is looking at VC, I said “he has to do a SPAC after that”.... 😳 @JGreenDC you know the kids are sending voice notes, right? @nikitabier say more...i'm considering starting to write SPAC fan fiction.... should i? @hunterwalk i'm pretty sure the SEC is gonna take it both seriously and literally
so of course Peter Thiel has a SPAC now... (filing if you wanna peruse: @qhardy @Kantrowitz but this is especially true in newsletter writing (as I've learned from Primack/when I sub for him) @iankar_ It's a good website.
@pitdesi @iankar_ amazing. @jeffjohnroberts @RobinhoodApp omfg. so stealth! @jeffjohnroberts @RobinhoodApp ahh a month ago. you gave me a heart attack hahawhy has Palantir filed 6 versions of its S-1 in less than a month? @iankar_ nonsense indeed @pt @gregisenberg freemium model, amirite??? @gregisenberg ("communities" is the new "platforms," is it?? 😳) @gregisenberg haha i know, but i feel like these failures are applicable to a lot of so-called communities precisel… @gregisenberg can we stop calling all users/customers "communities"? @trajsingh @JetBlueVentures have you shifted in the sectors/types of companies you're now investing in, compared to pre-pandemic?
@lhockenson it's 2020, so yes. @iankar_ "calling it a stablecoin does not a stablecoin make" @chrissyfarr until we get vaccines distributed, i'd expect things like weddings to include masking for all and pref… @chrissyfarr "2021" is a pretty broad range... my answer is different for Q1 and Q4any VCs betting on travel startups amid this pandemic?where do i find myself a SPAC lawyer? i have a question..... @danprimack it's oracle, isn't it? @jcadeddu thanks! (and sorry for the delay, twitter didn't show me a notification)reminder -- happening tomorrow! Israeli Minister of Defense Benny Gantz will travel tonight to Washington for talks with SecDef Esper and…
Retweeted by Kia K. @can lol was just trying to update you... my bad @can press release came out: it's officialwatching a show from 2010 means all the characters have feature phones.... @legaltechIRL That would actually be bettertwitter is based in SF -- how is anyone there allowing this???
lol RBC just published a note on Oracle/TikTok called 'Making Oracle Great Again'
Retweeted by Kia K. @DylanBakerCFM @zebulgar yep. i've been ditched by friends on a friday night so they can watch netflix with their S… @zebulgar except none of these arbitrarily chosen activities have anything to do with commitment or lack thereof @rrhoover everything about that show is so painfully real @grlalx @iankar_ @iamjakestream you are unquestionably your mother's daughter, Alex. @chetanp "hold up, we own tiktok??? is that what the guys in that one part of the office have been doing for 2 years??"time to watch a 10-yr-old Danish political TV drama...
Trump says that TikTok will form a $5 billion fund for U.S. education -- and says that's the payment he was seeking…
Retweeted by Kia K. @alexrkonrad lol i think Cali is who you should be taking WFH cues from... we've been doing it for a longggg time
BREAKING: Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has died
Retweeted by Kia K.It’s raining in Seattle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Retweeted by Kia K.*and DraftKings' Jason Robins is on the boardalso, Social Capital just filed for SPACs IV, V, and VI....and FirstMark Capital is the latest VC to join the SPAC boom (fwiw, it invested in DraftKings, so....) consumer-focused SPAC -- led by Matthew Rubel (ex-Varsity Brands, Collective Brands, Cole Haan), and board incl… @harrymccracken @JoshConstine wow. goals! @owenthomas @JoshConstine that would indeed be a unique's come full circle: a PR person has pitched me an interview with @JoshConstine 😂😂😂 @iankar_ @satyap @RSerna2010 Wow I feel duped Ian. To make up for it, now please write this essay (so I don’t have to).
@chetanp so kinda like that whole instacart/whole foods/amazon outcome? @bizcarson should we start a list for all the fake names for this? Second Seed Seed II Post-Seed Pre-A (I hav… tiktok news cycle is all the wild news cycles all rolled into one. can we even handle that?I'm in charge of the Pro Rata newsletter next Tuesday.... what should I write about?? Also: send me all your best… @mgsiegler About a Boy is so, so, so underrated. @lennysan Bc of today: apparently Snowflake hired one from the start, when it was just a handful of engineers still… @Katie_Roof @inafried i was patiently waiting for you!! @thatguyBG @JoshConstine hmmm you know who has a mobile app and also produces smartphone-sized journalism? 🤔
For the record, the Y-Combinator for music exists in a few forms. There are several music accelerators, incubators…
Retweeted by Kia K. @nbashaw @JayCoDon "i'm the president, or whatever" 😂aaaannnnddd Richard Branson gets a SPAC too! (but he's not part of management/board, just listed as founder) @nbashaw @JayCoDon omg it's one hour! let's see how far i make it...20 years ago today we lost our dad. He was a brave, intrepid journalist whose work ran him into the crosshairs of a…
Retweeted by Kia K.he better announce a SPAC right after that'Our Future Is...' advertising campaign by Otis Elevator Co. (John Berkey, 1970s)
Retweeted by Kia K. @HipCityReg Reggie -- I was teasing! @HipCityReg lol i see their marketing is working on you :P @HipCityReg right. I think the camera was one of the biggest obstacles (making it DOA, imo) of Glass. Snap got away… much of Snap's Spectacles success (let's go with that for a second) is owed to the fact that ephemerality is core to the Snapchat brand?What the IPO landscape looks like for late stage tech companies:
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@levie @mcarney the cloud isn't a place... it's a state of mind.... @jimprosser @rachelking "Please spend your time and money to celebrate our relationship which has probably already… @mlstotts @imwithdouble haha i think i'm still capable of scrolling through the document myself! @rachelking the self-centeredness of weddings in general is appalling. i am not surprised some are doing this.I now have a routine every time I get a new SPAC s-1... what is happening to me?i see the SEC has been really busy on the ICO front....Tonight! @chetanp talk about a grudge....
@chetanp Probably why this was even allowed... @iankar_ @nachkari who said that writers don't get equity?Twitter family - I am on the lookout for a few remarkable editorial contractors to join the @NotionHQ marketing squ…
Retweeted by Kia K. @terronk but NO ONE has sent me a java joke yet! @provisionalidea @can yeah, i mean why is it so hard to say "fin de semaine" -- what are the French doing with "le weekend"?!? @provisionalidea @can pretty sure calling the French language "fake" is the opposite! hahaAlright, so, this time, it might actually be aliens.
Retweeted by Kia K. @can @provisionalidea yes. all of them but the three that have given me citizenship! like Turkey -- that's one @can @provisionalidea as a Québécoise, I am offended...who's got good jokes about tiktok and java?
College kids are partying because their colleges bringing them back makes them assume it's safe, not because Kids T…
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the SEC has filed charges against rapper T.I. and others over a fraudulent ICO...