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OR MALTEASER TRUFFLES 🤤all i want/need right now is some malteaser bunnies and that’s FACTS @Mrmiketaylor1 @oliiverbxte i am talking to my brother here, you weren’t tagged why are you getting involved? yes,… @oliiverbxte give it a rest. not in the mood. @InebriateState very much so! @cazker1 thank you! the weather is madness all over @SweetPassions07 i definitely want to!welcome to spain and its flooding... once again. spain has never had such frequent flooding and tropical storms a… @MarlonVlogger thank u! good luck with your launch! @MarlonVlogger that will be so lovely!
@little_budget the best ones do 😍 @kmichelleangeli ✨🤍 @thecrownwings had to double then triple check! super exciting. my post got loads of shares on facebook which led t… @little_budget SO CUTE @kmichelleangeli that’s okay!! there’s plenty more wednesdays and sundays 🤍🤍 @little_budget every single one i know is so evil yet i love them allthere is no such thing as a PERFECT dog breed: Golden Retrievers are GENTLE Corgis are HILARIOUS Collies are INT…’s about this time of the month that the highs from “starting afresh” for the new year start to wear off. so, if… seriously don’t get how some people can be so insensitive to other people. who raised you??? @LornaScullyUK it’s so scary how some people can be so disconnected. we are in the midst of a dangerous storm (not…’m so thankful that i’m compassionate for others but in other ways it can be so debilitating. even so, i cant imag… @ojosextranjeros isn’t it just! such a gorgeous name @TheNavigatio thank you!!! hopefully start as i mean to go on 🤞🏽 @fayebelinexo thank you!!! lots of clicks from facebook!!!hoping to work with a hotel this year and a tourism board. speaking it into existence 🙏🏽officially had more views on my blog this week than the whole of december. and december was a pretty good month. absolute MADNESS 🤯🤯🤯🤯🤯 @cruelfilm uhhhhh how did i know exactly what this said even tho i never seen it written down like this beforeonce again alex’s school is closed for the weather and once again, mine is open 😭😭😭😭😭 @ojosextranjeros in love with the name. the same name as we want for a middle name ❤️❤️What is a gota fría? @melreylaw me too!!!! see what they take photos of and what brings them joy 😭😭🤍i wanna have a child and take them travelling and see the world through their eyes and show them all the beautiful… @ErikGrogan just a few places then 😜 @amarisrancy the bit about bali that puts me off is the way the locals are treated there. i’ve heard mixed reviews… @PatriciaLWatts haha i might go in april @franziskaa_83 that would be awesome!if you’re donating to make sure that big ben chimes to mark brexit then get your head tested. there are kids starvi…“The earth must be put first; nature and humanity must re-align. Our home is on fire and in Australia the alarm is… idea where to travel to this year, so where’s the ONE place that you must visit in 2020?
how come it’s so easy to put away a few glasses of wine but so difficult to drink a few glasses of water????this is the perfect sunset driving song 🤍a side profile of my face???? i’m so brave 🤍🤍🤍my travel content comes with bonus dogs these days like wrapping up in a blanket like a burrito and listening to taylor swift live in concert @courttheblog for real!!! @heyelizajay the cuties in my lifechasing the sun 🤍 @ITINTERACT2 i had first hand embarrassment as they shouted “HEY I FOLLOW U ON INSTAGRAM” down the streeti’ve just been recognised in real life from instagram. this is it guys. this is my claim to fame @heyelizajay and even more so with the dogs i feel pissed off / sad / annoyed i can just go to the beach and honestly this is the life i manifested @Melanie___Lisa i LOVE this story 🤣 @ursogorgeous13 ok that is so cute 🥺The Best Mosquito Repellants and Relief
@helloitsemina he’s so CUTEif you ever think “wow that tweet by lauren was really deep and insightful” then i can guarantee you it’s because m… i know in an ideal world the government shouldn’t be shit and funding should be there and in an ideal world we… know the world can be shit sometimes but nothing makes me feel warmer inside than seeing a thread go viral with a… @_reBeccaK oh my god🤣 @FierceFabRev right!!! felt privileged then and still do now💚💚💚 @FierceFabRev i met orville once and stroked his head and now i’ll cherish that moment foreverwhat’s the most ridiculous fact about yourself that kinda sums up your personality??? because mine is that i cry (r… tho that the main photo ended up being the psg ground even though i set it as the Bernabéu. anyway, read the… Lauren says 👇🇪🇸⚽️
Retweeted by Lauren 🐘 | Spain Bloggerdo yourself a favour today and watch #WhatAManGottaDoVideo @arubiales somebody else will be living in my dream house, let’s put it that way hahahah*i was no paid to post this* just thought it would be helpful to a lot of my audience (especially on facebook wher… @PassportAndPix @QuarkExpedition the photos. the writing. I LOVE U @Lin_Lie_ i was about to say that 🤣 if it isn’t a hill it’s a cracked floor 🤣 how long are you in girona for now?😭 @Lin_Lie_ Or trees that are randomly in the middle of the pavement 🤣 @Lin_Lie_ it makes life so much easier 🤣 typing is just a PAINi am so spanish these days that i prefer to chat by voice notesStonegate to offer LaLigaTV! Where to Watch La Liga Football in the U.K. @englandandiowa @petiteaitza that’s well expensive?! i found flights cheaper to chicago from different airports to… @arubiales the monthly payment for the loan would be 1,200€ over 40 years but the upfront payment they wanted was extortionate hahahamy dream house is for sale and this is either very good or very bad on a related note, anybody else just randomly…
@sanditoksvig noooooo 🥺🥺🥺 @hey_ciara this is amazing 🥰
@_Double_Treble_ woahhh that’s disgusting 🤯 @VisitSarasota @icelollyholiday @VisitBradenton you betcha! @Culture_bean @icelollyholiday @VisitSarasota @VisitBradenton wynwood walls was on my list for miami last year but… @mfoodandtravel @icelollyholiday @VisitSarasota @VisitBradenton @FloridaKeys @IslamoradaWeb this looks AMAZING @icelollyholiday @VisitBradenton @VisitSarasota arghh my scheduled ones didn’t go through, but i’ve sent them anywa… @icelollyholiday @VisitSarasota @VisitBradenton hopefully back to clearwater and naples! (and of course orlando 🤩) #holidaychatA6) love florida and definitely ready to return. First photo was Clearwater back in 2014 and the other is from our… @AJoy791 loves kayaking so he can go kayaking whilst I relax on the beach 🏖 would love to visit the marie selby… we drove through sarasota when we drove from clearwater to venice and it looked absolutely beautiful. Definitel… definitely take @AJoy791 😘 #holidaychat @icelollyholiday @VisitSarasota @VisitBradenton yes definitely!!! we went road tripping around florida last July and currently in the process of planning for C… love the west coast 🥰 we’ve been to venice, naples and to clearwater 🌊 #holidaychat @icelollyholiday @VisitSarasota @VisitBradenton @char_x0 i don’t know how to respond to this @RTWBarefoot @char_x0 hahahahaha that would be the most me thing to ever happen @RTWBarefoot @char_x0 thank u for airing me out to 8k people lmaoooo @char_x0 waxing downstairs at home is the most pain i have ever felt in my life @PassportAndPix i always find these are the best posts (and then the ones that end up ranking best as google knows… @Introducing_SO this is an AMAZING feature. well done 👏🏽 @barrymccormack ya lo sé 😰😰😰 @xchristybx thank u! xxmaking lists of things we love reminds us of who we are