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@AdeleMathias PLEASEand now i’m sitting on a park crying when i should be in workthen i wonder how many people collected his leicester photo, or his autograph or have his photo on their wall: favourite thing about this is that i can google my grandad and he is still there in history. six months ago tod… @sbrown833 me neither! in fact i don’t think she’s a friend of any member of the ex-pat community in spain. i’m not… am incredibly fortunate to have never lived in poverty or never been anywhere close. people were surprised i wasn…, in the mood to just use my passport to go somewhere else for a bit. who’s coming?“why have all the lefty, southerners who have fucked off to spain think they have an opinion” because we weren’t… hell, your friends in spain???? you’ve been absolutely destroyed by the spanish media today along with the… autumn, theresa may declared that the austerity era was over. it wasn’t over. it’s still not over. and i fear… think we all need some good news today, thankfully, heres 50 pieces of good news x @aWholeLatteJess they do, and it’s worrying how many other things they overlook or turn a blind eye to @beccabutcherx_ i wouldn’t worry, people will always try to tear others down in some way. as long as you know you h… is a sad day. the tories are in for 5 more years of disaster, my dog has gone away until monday evening and i… @TheNavigatio i’m sorry you feel like this. i feel the same overseas, if the uk don’t give spanish in the uk rights… @aWholeLatteJess exactly that, that’s what it always has and always will be about @beccabutcherx_ yep 😂 i have never had a different instagram account ive had this one since i opened insta and the… @beccabutcherx_ i did the same thing. i dropped about 3k in a day but it was worth it. hahaha @TheNavigatio personally for that very reason it’s why i moved to spain because i wouldn’t want to raise a family i… you are one of the “ah well tories are in people need to give it a rest” then i guarantee that you didn’t even l… @TheNavigatio my hometown voted labour and for that i guess i have to be thankful but unfortunately there are far t… @ITINTERACT2 i hope for many’s stake that you truly can vouch that we have fully avoided a repeat of the downfall t… @TheNavigatio because unfortunately the majority of the mindset of the UK are built upon racism. i am so sorry 😔so congratulations, more and more people will continue to die. grenfell won’t be the only building that suffered a… somebody who has seen first hand of all three sides, Europe, America and the UK - you have made a terrible mista… you truly don’t believe that what you’ve voted for is racism and the selling of the NHS then you’re even less in… you can feel smug and secure that you’ve voted for boris johnson, the man who can’t even give an interview outsi… want peace on the streets? well, you’ve just voted against that. you’ve voted to become public enemy number one… police force? the fire service? they can’t cope. they can’t attend to you as quick as you want them to, so keep… nhs is suffering, struggling and strained. it can’t cope. it can’t cope with people overusing it. but ultimatel… in education in spain compared to working in education in the uk is insane. children are starving in the uk… know what, living in the eu i’m in a vulnerable position now but at the end of the day, we have the money to af… this man is congratulating you for your fantastic success this only proves that whoever has voted for boris jo… you kidding me? 🥺 we now have this man to landslide us out of the eu, we have this man who wants to sell the nh…
@asaelliott i will never forget the day my nan tried to proudly declare my mum as a boomer my mum isn’t even a boomer 😭😭😭jeremy corbyn and their social media team are absolute blitzing it with quality content and then you’ve got boris j… HATE the heart palpitations you get during a panic attack they are seriously so painful. 🥺 @asaelliott i loathe you for putting 25+. couldn’t you have said 26+?Before you go to the polling booth, remember that Boris Johnson oversaw the largest electoral fraud case in modern…
Retweeted by Lauren 🐘 | Spain Blogger @melreylaw i was thinking this, on to more pressing issues. what are you all wearing tomorrow for the bojo is over party???#votelabour or yoda gets it @finplaydirty thank ui swear cavaliers are so self conceited i love them LMAOO proper reckon rio would be a tory if it wasn’t for the fa… love winding up a tory by contradicting everything they’ve said until they eventually agree with me. my talent…’m not trying to say politics defines people but i just found out my ex who was a dickhead has voted tory today me… just a reminder today is your last chance to piss off some tories today so comment on their abhorrent posts, l…'s time fam 🗳☑️
Retweeted by Lauren 🐘 | Spain BloggerThe Tories and their billionaire-owned media will tell you otherwise, but today... You can vote to save our NHS.…
Retweeted by Lauren 🐘 | Spain Blogger @robbarcruises still a much easier wait time than in the uk 🥺 the last time i used my walk in centre in the uk i wa… is what happens when a healthcare isn’t underfunded. we have doctors, we have nurses, we have free healthcare.… few weeks later, i went to an emergency walk in centre in BENIDORM (the exact equivalent in one of the biggest br… june i was in the hospital with my dad after an accident at work. he spent a good 8 hours there. he was an urgen… country has literally been plummeted into a crisis over the tory years, kids are STARVING, teachers are using t…’m sick of people saying “wow labour wants to spend so much where’s the money coming from???” it’s coming from the… man is running to be your Prime Minister. You can stop him.
Retweeted by Lauren 🐘 | Spain Blogger
This is against electoral law. You can say postal votes have come in. You cannot say what they contain.
Retweeted by Lauren 🐘 | Spain BloggerOn 12 Dec one of the least likely groups to vote is young women. If young women were as likely to vote as the tota…
Retweeted by Lauren 🐘 | Spain Blogger @em_katexo future in jeopardy over a very slight majority vote that should have never have happened in the first place @em_katexo exactly! people try to justify it to me as though i’m somebody who would want brexit living in europe an… saddest thing about the election is whenever you ask a tory why they’re voting for the tories they can’t give y… @girl_importance that’s an excellent viewpoint!why would any sane working class person want to vote for the conservatives??? i seriously don’t understand??? do u… @agneslaurens @NomadsPassport @PayPal i wish! the site i need to buy from doesn’t accept paypal 😩why do tenants have the worst home decor ideas???? @NomadsPassport bank transfer it so either a family member or a friend 🙈 @NomadsPassport i only have a balance transfer credit card so that option is out! i have the cash but i don’t think… you’re mad that people get two weeks off at christmas then you’ll love to hear that teachers in spain (me and al… have the perfect gift idea for alex but i don’t know if i can get it logistically because we have the same bank a… would you want to use a disposable coffee cup when the reusable ones from @Starbucks are as cute as these (plus… @GirlRunningLate fingers crossed we’re wrong xi will be so glad when this election is over but on the same note i have a feeling i’ll wake up friday with the new… celebs who are on pay per engagement i imagine they’d rather not risk getting hindered engagement and take the… wonder how many essex stars or 100k influencers would remember to write ad if it actually made a difference to them 🤷🏽‍♀️on the other hand, if it was there in writing and the influencer doesn’t add paid partnership or at least write ad… the ad goes live without declaration and the brand hadn’t stated to post as an ad (in the contract) or at least… has became so annoying because half of the people are over-declaring out of fear and the other half are p…
drones piss me off. there, i said it @Spain_inUK patatas bravas and wine ALWAYS #spanishislands some of you share these dead ass inspirational quotes that sound like they directly off of google from your the… wrote an article for a client and scheduled all of their december content and sorted this weeks content for anoth… @Spain_inUK A3. Cala Figuera if that can be classed as off the beaten track lol #spanishislands @Spain_inUK renting a 4x4 open top and going around the island and walking around mount teide #spanishislands @Spain_inUK mallorca but go to the quieter side like peguera. beautiful crystal waters, quiet bays and relaxing boa… @melreylaw exactly!!! 🤣 @ursogorgeous13 i love only working afternoons 😬 hope you get some sun soon xHA seasonal depression can’t touch me in spaineveryone is saying they miss summer yet here i am THRIVING in winter sun and fairy lightswhat is kanye west doing to the kardashians?????? those shoes need to go 😭😭😭😭😭 @rossclark2017 hahah! i’ve only ever been recognised twice so i think i’ve got a way to go 😂😂😁 x @josyishere thank you!
wondered why my views had rocketed 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 @cazker1 she’s blocked now. no apology for her constant ramblings at me but at least she’s gone 👌🏽🤣 @cazker1 she has gone through and deleted them and unfollowed me 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽 no apology or whatever but now i’ve blocked her 😜 @trafotoz i’m going to after she’s seen my tweets and see if she has anything to say. to be fair, i ignored it befo… @chrissyteigen one travel location you’d go to at every possible opportunity??? @trafotoz @jo_jo1016 i have no idea! i’m always told to just ignore her but actually why should i? why do we let pe… @trafotoz @jo_jo1016 very much so, two tweets from her last night lol must have been a quiet sunday