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AJ @ImmaDynamo Adelaide, Australia

Hey I’m AJART! - 21 - Equestrian - Self taught artist- ♥️@boingboingm8 4/7/17♥️ - Please do not trace, copy or repost my art without my permission.

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@DurianChop filled it in for @boingboingm8 fish has a nicer room than me...
Retweeted by AJI'm always open! I just don't know where to advertise! #graphicdesign #Commission #graphic #design #logo
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Retweeted by AJI got big Bluey and Bingo for my birthday and they're the cutest @echokitty24 Spirit!
@BigRoundLion Thank you for the chance 💙💙💙💙 @CallMeKevin1811 It is a vegetable, KevinWhy would you call me out like this
Retweeted by AJ[delete later] I think I'm playing this game wrong
Retweeted by AJCan't make it any more clear
Retweeted by AJI love my kitchen plants a lil bean taking a nap❤️ 🎥 IG codaussie
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Retweeted by AJDynamo! @SaltLickBae i can definitely relate @SaltLickBae can you meal prep for me xD they look tasty @THEmrMEOLA Shes beautiful <3 congratulations!
@CallMeKevin1811 Kevin, no☁️🌈⭐️ 4,444 FOLLOWER GIVEAWAY! ⭐️🌈☁️ 🔸 1 winner will receive a free chibi! 🔸 Must follow @Dracononite and RT this…
Retweeted by AJFinally did a lil tribute to some of my favourite horses in story mode on #RedDeadRedeption2. Some of these stunnin…
Retweeted by AJplease laugh
Retweeted by AJWanted to show off the eyes I was going for before I chop of the brows :P Client wants them to resemble the breed m…
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My back tattoo is so beautiful
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Retweeted by AJif ur mouth looks like this is animal crossing ur either gay, a weeb, don’t have a job, or all 3
Retweeted by AJMessed around with @kilamoko's animal crossing for a while and now I want it more than ever @ValkyrieHound Never fear I'm comingYou are a pest sometimes Kota @echokitty24 @breebunn @ColorWare @ValkyrieHound I'm good I'm getting one! Go on val this entry us yours
Rain 💙Hey! I’m AJ! I’m a Freelance Illustrator and part time kangaroo! 🌸Owner of AJART 🌸Assistant at Comet Fursuits 🌸…'s a random one for horse people, when you ride which side do you usually have the extra rein? I usually have m… so theoretically how would I go about teaching this
Retweeted by AJLupin field in New Zealand
Retweeted by AJ @_Sevirin_ I couldn't help it xD @_Sevirin_ another perspective for people who may not have considered this...! #COVID19
Retweeted by AJ @boingboingm8 God if only it'd hurry tf upMore of Atlas because why not @vampscamp Fuck furries I wanna hear all about dogsYoooooo I’m open for commissions, here’s my info!
Retweeted by AJNvm I'm seeing him Saturday 😂😂Quarantine got me missing this big goof
Retweeted by AJ @kilamoko @echokitty24 @AmazingPhil got pears and everyone gave him shit about it 😂😂
Retweeted by AJBump #Cockatiel
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All of me would buy him off my instructor in a heartbeat but she literally just got him herself 😂I'll ave to get a photo of his dapple before he starts getting his winter coat he looks SO DAMN GOOD IN THE SUNI meant to say can but I guess I'm dragging @ValkyrieHound into this nowVal y'all imagine how good Nero would look with white tack in a dressage arena like DAMN that boy is a showoff this Kawaii-inspired Bird Portrait for a budgie-loving family. Trees are hard to draw...
Retweeted by AJWait that FOB song is wonderful keeping us alone together during these harsh times. Say what you will about millennials spe… MAYBE ILL HAVE A PARTY ON MY ISLAND FOR MY BIRTHDAY, then I'll go to our Minecraft server for my friends who don… from ACNH and Pokemon sword/shield and what are some other good switch games? I'm getting one for my birthda… morning quarentiners, I am no longer essential so I join you now @echokitty24 Give me a month or so I'm getting one for my birthday 😂😂Gonna use this platform for serious reasons rn. This should be obvious but if a producer friend if yours asks you n…
Retweeted by AJThis dude’s dad really looks like the food critic from Ratatouille 😂
Retweeted by AJWhy are corvids like this
Retweeted by AJMilo thinks dogs don’t deserve rights
Retweeted by AJI FOUND IT if anyone wants a laugh here’s the time in 2017 I traumatized my horse by letting him try a little of th…
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Thinking about what it must be like to go outside again.
Retweeted by AJneed everyone to see this sign at my neighborhood strip club
Retweeted by AJunwinding after a long day
Retweeted by AJHORSES ARE HAPPIEST JUST BEING HORSES. They didnt ask for us to be a part of their lives but they are still willing…
Retweeted by AJThis whole ordeal is just so upsetting @boingboingm8 @LockJawArts Oh apparently I was ewHUGE SHOP UPDATE! I've finally added most of my convention stock to etsy! Please check it out as I've been affecte…
Retweeted by AJDay 4 -did a perfect military bun -had a great day at work -picked my MOS -put together a work out plan -woke up to…
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@anotherequestr1 He's not mine but I ride him for lessons 🖤❤️ @SesameMilk 💙💙💙💙💙I love horsie @SesameMilk Hey! Not sure if you ever got to see this💙 icon for @SaltLickBae!
Pidgeon please you've told us the same thing literally A HUNDRED TIMES NOW. YOU CAN MAKE OTHER NOISESWhat the fuck was this show @vullirunes I just realised it even has the white pot! @vullirunes I have one of those plants! has been a while since I did a static piece. The circle is wonky but needed to focus on the watercolours.
Retweeted by AJWe got these bones All here in one place We weather every storm We bend but never break - a beer commercial
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have you guys seen the videos on tik tok of OTTBs reacting to the race starter music because 🥺
Retweeted by AJTW. thread has some disturbing images another plant today summed up well:
Retweeted by AJ1hr study
Retweeted by AJ @HorsesAreBetter Good god what @SHaruwuki This honestly shouldn't even be an argument, zoophilia is fucking horrible and disgustingArtist: @itsaButtsteak Here's a fun project! I wanted to try out a few new things :D
Retweeted by AJ @SaltLickBae Also! Send though your ref 💙 @SaltLickBae That I can work with! @SaltLickBae I'm sure! You don't have to tip! @SaltLickBae Just let me know what you'd like them posing/doing! @SaltLickBae *looks around, whispers* free for horsey