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@axVEVO True I like them a lot @PurpleFox_UK I'M NOT CHEATING πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @toripareno LET'S GO TORIIIII πŸ₯³ so deserved! @electricitywave I wish!! Cod auto censors everything :( @nathanrob__ hell yah πŸ˜ŽπŸ’™ @baileyyryanne I love mathcod kinda toxic ngl :( out is actually the best way to clear your mind I swear @stefunnyb_ But that means i have to take off my crocs :( @nathanrob__ @SteelSeriesUK @MOKE_Apparel You're actually a model I swear @jorhdys @al0t97 @ChupoRL @EveFraser15 :) @al0t97 @jorhdys @ChupoRL @EveFraser15 I had a number 2 earlier it was unreal @RebeccaBeckery Yes! I have definitely drank a lot in the last few hours haha totally mm I love water @RebeccaBeckery I sleep soons idk why I'm up tbh hahaha @AUSSIE_DEMONx Omg Demon man thank you so much for this man. I appreciate you more than you can imagine! Legend ❀️ @RebeccaBeckery You're already so so talented Becca πŸ’› @Deeedoid @discord I'm just trying to see my boy deedo but it not do the work pls fix so I can be happy man @ashbuni Happy Birthday mama Ash! πŸ₯³β€οΈ
@SamjaySJ @FaZeJev loved his quickbolt @PuzLBenji @nathanrob__ @jorhdys YOU KNOWWWW @ImStallionTV my arms would be bouncin up and down if that was the case @Snarky___ GOTEM @zepaulgamer @Wizzologyy hehe true @Ursa_Red BROOOOO THIS IS ACTUALLY PERFECT HAHA @NemoMagna @NorthernForces @teallyy Saitama you're legit getting kissed Thank you so much brother <3 @RizzanTV bro check disc rnjust got another nuclear pogchampion πŸ₯³ Playing some more COD today, let's see if I get accused of using Aimbot again πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚ Type <3 in chat if you sa… @ImStallionTV @al0t97 absolutely slinged it @Wizzologyy mine was getting this screenshot for you πŸ˜ŽπŸ’― @EmadGG Let's gooooo type 1 to beat !drops spam @ItsSomjuu 🐐🐐 @Vrosess_ Facts @carlitocarls Am I wrong though? 😎 @ImVigy @Wizzologyy Aha yeah @TristanGHill Haha u don't have to but OK Β£ImMahti πŸ₯°πŸ₯° @Wizzologyy Why u lying lol both pics are art 😎 @carlitocarls Kung Fu Panda > Game of Thrones @jorhdys Im just that unreal at guessing song lyrics what can I sayi’ve never been read like a book faster in my life LMFAOOOO @ImMahti
Retweeted by Mahti 🌴 @jorhdys LMFAOOOOOOO Im actually so smartReady to lose followers but YES I have a girlfriend!! This is such a bad quality pic lol 😭
Retweeted by Mahti 🌴 @nathanrob__ @jorhdys @jorhdys k pop bad @ashbuni @jorhdys TRUE
@mistakez21 thatd be the perfect sight @streetgrind_ whys it longer than the other 2 @CosmicDestr0y5r ABSOLUTELY HUGE @jorhdys yours! @zlizxy99 the front ones too! @al0t97 Still played unreal boys! You got the next one <3 @OfficialAuntie @SorreyTV @SorreyTV in my dms yes please ! @pbjake @axVEVO AYO ????? @nathanrob__ I've never had a beard :(((What did I just see? Wrong answers only @Xeratricky why is ur rabbit standing like that lol @Wizzologyy @FallGuysGame NO I HAVENT BECAUSE I CANT GET PAST THE FIRST ROUND @axVEVO I WAS I WAS Actually enjoyed it too @ImSheps :(( @PuzLBenji who needs a gf when you're a RL freestyling goat @Marta_H_96 niestety πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @k0lax @CouRageJD ????? Alliance > @carlitocarls I DO THAT TOO I also sometimes delete my twitter reply if the person doesn't acknowledge me 😭😭 why am I like this hahaha @Fresheys LMAOOOOO @Fresheys Just watch my streams bro my life's a movie @itsWaddles_ This how I'm sleeping tonight @itsWaddles_ Hear me out, we pretend to date for a while, and then have really bad beef for clout, and then when we… @Classify They can take Tik Tok and twitter but the day they come for clash of clans we finna actually go to war πŸ’― @Athena Imagine it was like flappy bird where you could keep the app on your phone but never redownload it so peopl… @CouRageJD WHY HORDE THOUGH JACK @weegeeb00 Thank you WeeGeeeeee πŸ’š @bossbunnii 😳😳 @Vrosess_ TRUUUUUUUUU 😎 @vizzns @Symfuhny LMAO I love when Sym gets called out for aimbot when he's literally just better πŸ”₯ @TheHomieMyKE kinda craazyyyyy @3_0CT_10 W @carlitocarls omg it actually is @MirnadKuljancic FACTSSSS @heightlegacy @bossbunnii married for both Valentine's and National Girlfriend day this year that's very epic @MaxGGs WE LOVE WHALESingle for both Valentine's and National Girlfriend day this year that's not very epic at all
@Jasssiex Scotland twitter is the best js @zlizxy99 Yeah this was my reaction to me getting play of the game with it as I didnt actually realize I did anything cool mid game hahaha @Chinotv8 Only if you give me your rocket league one! @Rej1_ put your dpi on 800, run a really high sens, and beam!! @ovoandy_ THATS THE PLAY OF THE GAME AAAAAAAH @Wizzologyy 😎😎😎like I am hacking*This clip got me called out for hacks LMAOOOOOO It actually looks like I am πŸ˜‚ @Rej1_ @jorhdys LMAOOOOOOO @jorhdys aw wit man @ovoandy_ @neekolulz @neekolul oh no worries!! The house is nothing, and the mass recycling really gets difficult b…
@Wizzologyy I gotchu soon!! @jorhdys fancy a shag? @jorhdys @swordknights actually true LMAO @Deeedoid MWAH