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@JennEllensBB She rated him him last also.. Didn't want Paddy to win but glad Georgina didn't after that attitude with the money. #TheCircleTim is the real winner! viewers choice was Tim, Paddy only won through tactical game playing, that’s nothing to cel…
Retweeted by Bumble @StormyGiraffe @C4TheCircle LMAO - and in the end Tim won The Viewer's Prize and she won nothing. Karma! #TheCircle @veryberrycosmo @msleannefraser I'm honestly SO glad Georgina didn't win after that attitude about the money??? SO… Tim and Paddy! #TheCircleRooting for Tim! @C4TheCircle TheCircle #TeamTim #Vote4Tim #TimToWin My Vote. #TheCircle
Retweeted by BumbleTim for viewers choice!!!!!!! #VoteTim #TeamTim #TimToWin#TeamTim #TimToWin #VoteForTim!!! @Zobear @C4TheCircle Tim and Bey for the win! #TheCircle #TimToWin #Vote4TimRetweet if you’re rooting for Tim to win! #TheCircle #TheCircleTim #TheCircleFinal
Retweeted by Bumble @superTV247 It’s what he deserves! #TheCircleVOTE FOR TIM! #THECIRCLE
Retweeted by BumbleTim has made this series for me! #TheCircle #timtowin #vote4tim for Tim for the viewers vote! He has been such an integral part of the series, provided such a great entert… @veryberrycosmo @msleannefraser I do think that could happen. Can you imagine? #TheCircle @msleannefraser #TeamTim #timtowin @Ericanopolis Agreed! Tim needs to win the fan vote! #TheCircle #timtowin #teamtim @Thomashollern He actually fought for Ella to stay...I don’t know what show you’re watching to blame this all on Tim #TheCircle @CharP2106 @C4TheCircle I agree, Paddy should have gone, and might actually win now 😭 But Georgina clearly stated y… @CharP2106 @C4TheCircle What did Tim do? He fought for Ella but Tim pushed it... He saved Woody! If it was Sammie i… @risa_sonrisas @ShivamD26 Tim has been nothing but kind to other players. He hasn’t plotted against others or celeb… @ShivamD26 The difference is Tim is not malicious in his game at all! #TheCircle @Scottie2269 Sure! Well have a great day Mr. Exciting!! @lickinghoweII Agreed! #Vote4Tim #TheCircle @Scottie2269 LOL. Not sure what show you are watching, Tim is far from bland! #TheCircle
Georgina really plays in the key in who will win #TheCircle tomorrow. Fingers cross she switches allegiances! @saturns_moons_ Sammie and Paddy won’t vote for Woody over Tim, neither would Georgina I think (based on everything… @joel_blundell Are they changing it back to star ratings tomorrow? #TheCircle @PaulWoodthorpe @simms66 How did you calculate that? It seemed obvious from the ratings that it would be Tim and Georgina? #TheCircle @arsenicapricot I actually think Sammie could have convinced Tim to keep Jan if he hadn't gone so hard on Ella....… @arsenicapricot Both are playing the game undoubtedly but it's the way in which Sammie is maliciously plotting for… @arsenicapricot The show ends tomorrow, how much more time could they have given Jan? He’s only started to be tacti… @yeontansleftear You are completely right! #TheCircle @anniecldwell Why would he say that? He’s clearly much closer to Woody than to Georgina, and Brooke had been at the… @Beckss_91 Dis you watch last year? The players relied on their personalities more than their tactics. #TheCircleRating prediction @C4TheCircle #TheCircle! 1. Georgina 2. Tim 3. Sammie 4. Woody 5. Paddy/Ella @meeshelles The show finished on Friday... Realistically how much time could they have given Jan. Brooke had been a… @manndaraee The difference is Brooke had been at the bottom before - and had asked him Tim and Ella time to let her… @jay_jay_84 What exactly has he done that constitutes with getting away with murder 🧐 #TheCircle @IamSheikha_ @MrGivenchy_ The COT are actually trying to bring him into the final with them. Looking like he’ll be… @Kate_Arnold Georgina is playing tactically too! #TheCircleThe final 5 we all need to see: Tim Woody Bey Ella Sammie #TheCircleThe Tim/Sammie dynamic is fascinating to watch #TheCircle! @C4TheCircle Georgina and Tim! #TheCircle @MrGivenchy_ No one is mad at James playing the game, it’s the malice in which he is playing it! #TheCircle
@ChiomaGracee So being genuinely nice isn’t possible? #TheCircle @patriksxx Have you even been watching the show? Tim's been close with Woody since Day 1. and is still friends with… @AnomalyJaded It was a mutual decision between Ella & Tim to give the newbie a chance, it was the fairest decision… @LyndaShonubi @C4TheCircle @Channel4 I never said she had no personality or questioned a loyalty. I felt sad for Br… @SmitaSmitten212 @alexhobern I cannot believe he's even accused Woody of brown nosing, when he's legitimately been… @danielmichaelll Give me ‘boring’ Tim over COT any day! #TheCircle @LyndaShonubi @C4TheCircle @Channel4 It was easy because Brooke had been saved many times before and wasn’t project… @C4TheCircle @Channel4 Jan! #TheCircle @AnomalyJaded Woody has been close with Tim since Day 1 and they have both stayed loyal! Tim had saved Brooke many… @SmitaSmitten212 @alexhobern Agreed! There’s a difference between playing a game and playing nasty! #TheCircleCSI are the winning team! #TheCircle
@circlespy Don’t tell me you’re a part of that bandwagon too 😏 #TheCircleDoes anyone know how many finalists there will be Friday? Really hoping Tim and Woody make it! #TheCircle @C4TheCircle
@Damdotty Woody is not blocking Tim 😭#TheCircle @benisnotten Brooke had been saved many times before. In their eyes, It was a ‘fair’ decision to keep the newbie. G… @LucyFortuneLyne I get your point but I do feel like Georgina is becoming a spoilt brat towards Tim. It’s all going… @benisnotten It was a mutual decision with Ella, and yet he’s getting all the flack... She has a cheek when she rat… blocking Brooke was wrong but can Georgina get over it and stop being bitchy but nice to his face. It is not at…
Retweeted by Bumble @LucyFortuneLyne Georgina is causing her downfall tbh. You can play the game without being mean (as proven by Sammie). #TheCircleGeorgina has become so unlikeable 😤 #TheCircle @_TVconnoisseur_ Surely it will be Woody or Sammie that gets it? If it’s Sammie, any of the favourites could be in trouble! #TheCircleDoes anyone feel like Sammie/James might steal the win? I feel if he reaches the final, the others will all rate hi… @iom_mark @C4TheCircle @Channel4 Nahhh we ain’t getting rid of Tim just yet! #TheCircle
@Nelvxrley_ Because of his parents? They don’t sponsor the show? He’s getting the airtime because he’s a great character #TheCircle @vintagewingnut I think the game has messed with his head. Bless him, still love him! #TheCircle
@superTV247 You mean the wrong thing? #TheCircle @Blurred_Lynes Georgina rated Tim 5th so she can hardly talk about alliances #TheCircle @needypolastri It will be Woody or Sammie #TheCircle @WSpark98NZ Hope it’s anyone but Georgina! #TheCircle @thekrystalklear @MattH_197 Agreed! Georgina is acting really childish #TheCircleI wish they would have shown Brooke Tim’s genuine, apologetic reaction to having to block her! Also Ella had a part…
Retweeted by Bumble @BriannaHinsleyx Hardly. He hasn’t been spiteful about her at all! #TheCircleWoody as Secret Influencer! #TheCircle @harryshoh nah it will be Woody! #TheCircleGeorgina is getting way too grating. 😬 #TheCircleWoody for Super Influencer! @C4TheCircle #TheCircle @8___Tristan___8 Georgina rated Tim 5th last week so it seems #ScholarSquad ended a while ago... #TheCircle @Boyevery1Peter Tim AND Ella were both influencers so it was a joint decision. I wish Brooke stayed but they made a… @molllzb Not his fault that he’s the most popular. That’s the name of the game #TheCircleGeorgina & Brooke are talking about staying besties w/ Ella and how Tim is a snake, when it was Ella being fake and…
Retweeted by Bumble @Markloveskylie @C4TheCircle Is someone definitely leaving? @ShamrockSimmer He actually saved Georgina last night, so when did he drop her? Brooke has been saved before so it… really needs to pipe down. She is so angry yet didn’t even rate her bestie as #1 and gave Tim a low rating… need to lay off Tim! First of all the decision was a GROUP one with Ella. Brooke had been saved many times b… @Daily_Star Hardly, all you included was a few tweets of a one sided view.
@stormzy What’s with the H.I.T.H acronym at the end of the “Wiley Flow” video 👀
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“I ain’t psycho but my life is”- @Santandave1 👑 #HyundaiMercuryPrize #MercuryPrize
Retweeted by BumbleThe winner of the 2019 Hyundai Mercury Prize is @Santandave1's 'Psychodrama' #HyundaiMercuryPrize #MercuryPrize
Retweeted by BumbleCongratulations @Santandave1!!!!
Retweeted by BumbleCongratulations to @Santandave1 on your #MercuryPrize. Psychodrama is such a bold, honest and moving piece of work,…
Retweeted by Bumble @NTSlive @dicefm @TheCurtainLDN Cannot find this on @dicefm?
Looking to speak to fans of @Santandave1’s Psychodrama for an article I’m working on 👀 #journorequest
No one deserves to win this series except ovie
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