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@BWAMatt frrr and why is TJ Warren still not a 99 ovr @itsWaddles_ that’s not a chip? that’s a intel i9 processor, chips are like pringles dummy @itsWaddles_ intel? @BWAMatt biggest thing needed to be fixed is pass off shot, 90% of the time that shit flies out of bounds @MrYeet_ no @MrYeet_ no @BWAMatt i saw this and was like -_- this shit look the same they didn’t even try to look new @BWAMatt but look bars under player different and they do the dunkjust saw a dude cut his dick off this app sucks @NotAirid maybe you should learn a hit box on valorant @NotAirid jumped off nothing @NotAirid why don’t you put this kinda talent into Val :| @sophiesolit sup boo @sophiesolit get naked fr lol @KnownAsLit @MyFavsTrash i’ve learned breachالدم في يديك. ستعاني إلى الأبد. هذه هي أيامك الأخيرة.@Ronnie2K
Retweeted by braden @_A113N something about Ronnie being able to own a dog don’t sit right with me @Ultra15151 @HankDaTank @Avalanche100T AIR JORDAN WOOOO WAIST OF TIME GOTTEM @sophiesolit hope volunteering goes well queen :3you’re so pretty @sophiesolit @realJBA JBA ends all depression W @sophiesolit gm 🥺 @sophiesolit gm cutie :3Pacers and 3 Dentist at 4:30. Dentist really being a bitch on this onegood morning @Grahamalott
Retweeted by braden @illSuga No @sophiesolit u snapped @sophiesolit la @sophiesolit it looks so good queen you snapped, i helped tho lol @okleslie gn leslie @NotAirid yo tell someone to gift me @sophiesolit LMFAOOOOO i’m tryna see you soon dude make them pay @sophiesolit cashapp @okleslie LMAO have a goodnight dude be safe @okleslie sup leslie @longneckedbeck its the same as before, still trash ngl @sophiesolit sup @sophiesolit me to yo assWhy is Danny Green still getting minutes @OnTheFlyTwitch Riot be like new character too op and our players too stupid to learn how to counter no play her reeeeeee aaaa lalalala @ezDrob my brother got youLALALALALALALALALALA @sophiesolit i’m tryna have u celebrated next year 😈everyday i talk to her @Boy1drr women smh @Boy1drr literally don’t see the problem @oFabz @JoeyTheSuperJew Peach @okleslie what is this
@may_wedda get good kid, light work for me 😏 @may_wedda if used right everyone can be effective @may_wedda omg it killed non moving bots owo @sophiesolit @ijdawg998 you’re radiant to me 🥺 @OnTheFlyTwitch No. @sophiesolit @ijdawg998 wow...i’m hurt @Schovee honestly i’m just glad i ranked back in gold, up to gold 2 already 🙌 @sophiesolit @ijdawg998 who lol @Schovee radiant 3 @Huntrelol @OnTheFlyTwitch all factscrazy how the 76ers are better without Ben Simmonsis Valorant fucking up for anyone else @Daymeeein @KnownAsLit @OnTheFlyTwitch he doesn’t have us winning either @RCrabbioli @OnTheFlyTwitch delete this right now or else @RCrabbioli @100TJackiee @ijdawg998 u had my team first rounded we're done with You @maids @OnTheFlyTwitch Blankzy is better @KnownAsLit @OnTheFlyTwitch im sorry dude we're just not as good @sophiesolit @oFabz @OnTheFlyTwitch he snapped fr @JoeyTheSuperJew @OnTheFlyTwitch #TeamBlankzy @illSuga @OnTheFlyTwitch W @OnTheFlyTwitch @sophiesolit uwu @RCrabbioli yeah... -_-only 1 @shivisdumb made this drawing of u @CrypticNo i just showered last month it’s fine @CrypticNo i’m hungry tho @shivisdumb don’t y’all just be eatin onions word to shrek @CrypticNo honestly my morning kinda ruined bc i had to read that @CrypticNo ok @shivisdumb saaame, ab to get up and make food or somin perhapslistening to Juice to start the day @shivisdumb wyd @shivisdumb sup @xkendizzle “me like he did” is a stupid name for a song @sophiesolit gm wittle kwitten @sophiesolit cutei sleep, gn @Avalanche100T @xHitan @sophiesolit sup @sophiesolit in my mouth @Schovee @shivisdumb FRRR SHES SO TWO FACEDNone of the NBA media cowards will vote TJ Warren for MVP and frankly that makes me sick
Retweeted by bradenBubble TJ Warren is just a different breed
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@sophiesolit sup @sophiesolit hey @sophiesolit in the future we're sharing the same last name as well!bitches will be cute and funny and smart and named sophiebitches be like “crackhead energy 🤪” nah mf you just waking up your family at midnightyeah sex is cool but have you ever seen her smile and get excited on facetime @sophiesolit nothin sup boo