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1/2 CYBERSIN | Producer & Vocalist | Violent Division | Long Live Sulky

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It's my birthday & mom said if u dont watch my new video you cant come to my party at the community center and she…
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@glxsgxw Behind the creams @glxsgxw Huh @BIGBABYSCUMBAG Cracker Barrel hash browns with cheese and onion hit differentNot a fan and haven’t listened to a single song of theirs but looking at their stats and accomplishments it’s wild… @cpt_sad This is a lie only like 3 producers have ever responded to me when I used their beats 😔 @cpt_sad Never happened to me I only make heaters 😎
@4evr lets gooooooooo @JamesMiller_YT luv u <3 @JamesMiller_YT Happy bday :) @4evr I get vst they get Bitcoin, we both up @4evr I just b letting them get their bag fuck it @4evr On god why I think my cpu is capping out constantly for the past year @Xanolabars 🤝 @Xanolabars Married gang up @Daedra @Crudes Vouch
@PAYPALWITCH Might have to become a destiny sweat again to save u from randoms @AdamGoesHam NeedThink imma hop into ghosts of tsushima finally @kingdededed Ooo I was born in fairbanks @kingdededed What area @kingdededed I didn’t know u were from Alaska too @Nomadx6 Minecraft
@Lewis_26_ >:(Block to @cpt_sad for allowing "free" downloads of Sailor Jerry on Bandcamp <3 love the album Jerry!
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Some music is good some music is bad, mine is simply in betweenY’all ever forget the butter and milk in your Mac n cheese or am I just that ADD @Rare_Dealer @samjstudios Literally how is it sexist. They didn’t say “I don’t fuck with men so only suggest women… @Rare_Dealer @samjstudios Ain’t sexist trying to give people people who are a minority in that field your money rat… @moonnstones Wat is a tastemaker @wemissyoumarcus @cpt_sad <3when the time's right (ft. Negative Zero) [prod. brody x saint tomorrow] by yesterday def…
Retweeted by Negative Zero @jacob_bledsoe @cpt_sad @brodymckeegan @saint_tomorrow Yes :) @bbyrhi Can’t breathe :(Track #8 prod @brodymckeegan @saint_tomorrow ft me :)
@yungskrrt Happy bday mr Skrrt :) @omnivsl You and Adobe premiere?Dudes have a song pop off on tiktok and drop 6 versions of it @pdixxx Whoever does their social media ass
@Snailboi666 @friend7code Doom and ghostrunner only ones worth peeping @Snailboi666 @friend7code Almost all these r garbage @trickr00m I feel u I hate when people call me niko in general if I know them through music or gaming lol @trickr00m Does that mean u hate when ppl say ur full name or when ppl say literally “tmo”
MY COLLAB WITH @mizedub IS OUT RIGHT NOW ON @WakaanOfficial !!!!!!! massive shoutout to the lovely people over at…
Retweeted by Negative Zero @space__wizard @mizedub @WakaanOfficial @Electric_Hawk This is crazy @daedra AAHHHHHHH @3k_james boutta just hit the sulfur hexafluoride @3k_james already deleted the thingy I was trying :((( @ProdFranse on god bro. as soon as I pitch it up at all through autotune with like the transpose shit sounds entire… @3k_james you overestimate how low I can sing LMAOI have come to the conclusion my voice is too high to do pitched up vocals @PAYPALWITCH Got this on release and haven’t touched it once lmao @bbyrhi HUH @1artemys God damn LMFAO dudes just don’t careAre there ppl who actually do this bc 90% of the time free beat melodies are garbLooking up free beats on YouTube and ripping the melodies 😈 @breathingback Governors really think asking their community to do stuff on Twitter is properly doing their job lmfao @trickr00m I wear band tee and skinny Jean everyday where am INEW MUSIC OUT NOW "ADOLESCENCE" (PROD. @danielsgone1)
Retweeted by Negative Zero @PAYPALWITCH GoatThe exfil got me fucked up tho 😔 @GRAIYN Betski just send ur activision nameyo @GRAIYN I found out how to get 40 kills
@flexshomaru They got white ones too that would look fye thought about hydro dipping my frame black and white and p… @flexshomaru HyperX pudding caps :) @GRAIYN ty !This what it used to look like put my keycaps on my keyboard :) away your books, rally in the streets
Retweeted by Negative Zero @DDavidson502 @byllogan On god you were the only warm one there @byllogan @DDavidson502 bought one when we went in January LMAO @jakkystealurgrl Memes aside there were so many content houses before team 10 lmfao. I could name like 5 off the do… slept on this album for too long @internetsacha @martinn_jr2 U starting to produce too? @internetsacha @martinn_jr2 such a good prodSo after a whole day imma say I like it a lot the only thing is that I’m a hoe for RBG and it’s definitely a lot di…
‘Jakky and pals T’ available now on @DarkMedicine_
Retweeted by Negative Zero @foxhallpca @THETRAUMSTER Exactly what I was thinking LMAOLook how much smaller 🥺 @daedra Waiting for a daedra logo tee @THETRAUMSTER Mf did you dive off the stairs elbow firstHad to retire the black widow that says they like my voice. Stop fucking lying.
Retweeted by Negative Zero @kamioshie Someone in the bass community produced this 100% lolI h8 making melodies @fixedfortommy @iloveyousaiah Nikoplaysinhd/ntkandalb only prominent thing I was really known for was running some… @fixedfortommy @iloveyousaiah frfr it was something that felt super small and niche at the time but was a lot bigger than it seemed haha @fixedfortommy @iloveyousaiah So fire cause that’s where I came from too LMAO mcpvp kohi badlion etc then started w… @fixedfortommy @iloveyousaiah My man said Kohi staff IRL! LMAO @PAYPALWITCH back in 2012 i had seizures that caused me to forget a lot of my childhood. recently i found an old Pokemon game…
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@internetsacha @benthefisherman Hope it works king 🤘😤 @internetsacha If you don’t post on this account for like a week sometimes your shadow ban will be retracted. I bel… @jojo05943148 @SAWCEofficial @alice_gas Jack admitted to it bozo @kingdededed Warning it starts off very slow lol @CoryStylez @groveycam Yeah 2000 series cards are not worth it at all since 3000 was announced
SAILOR JERRY music video is done ✅ who wants it ?? 🥰 @cpt_sad
Retweeted by Negative ZeroHow the fuck did the dog get a hold of a machete
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