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@scrdy_cat the catshappy birthday @NxTunes !!!!- 400 FOLLOWER ART GIVEAWAY - I hit 400 followers about 2 months ago but didn't want to do this bc classes were st…
Retweeted by nabil @felimosmusic @electrolutions welcome to our first class, please login to roblox and join our piggy sessionjust re-activated my insta account 2 weeks ago made this chord progression a while ago but have no idea how to finish so im just gonna give out the midi…
Retweeted by nabilHOLY MOLY THIS IS EPIC @phritzmusic @viukscoffee mood
Retweeted by nabil @IshinHazue celling fan gang can't relatealterego sampai
Retweeted by nabilmy fans fav since childhood
@soopkidu @rockymusic339 a b2b w/ @shirobeats_ for Halloween Make sure you attend! I'll be playing an unreleased ID ;)
Retweeted by nabilfollow me on audius! i will follow back for sure!u can follow my private if u want @imabigoof
Retweeted by nabil @IshinHazue epicoLoooool
Retweeted by nabil @ItsMeHazim 807625991 @ItsMeHazim HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
😔 @xdecade moodHey everyone! I just launched my @AudiusProject playlist featuring music from FUTURE, TRAP, ELECTRONIC & WAVE artis…
Retweeted by nabil audius exclusive thing right here have fun
Retweeted by nabil @listentoqil thanks king @soopkidu epico @soopkidu im fine uwu @mx_ultra im fine ty uwu @kosadp_ofc yo hru @edmaa__ hru @soopkidu hru uwu @listentoqil hype @viukscoffee good morning @XeudoCode hru kimchi uwu @mx_ultra hru uwu @Hoomanemusic hey hru @r1cefarm low @YeLiMartEg GOOD MORNING YELInew beat
Retweeted by nabilHi guys!!! Finally the anticipated track from me & @firststrikerz is out now on Spotify & Youtube Music!! Thank y…
Retweeted by nabil @kirara_magic Happy birthday!
@felimosmusic have a good break uwu @electrolutions Happy birthday!Gonna be on an indefinite hiatus; may release short piano pieces but that's probably about it 2020's been a rough…
Retweeted by nabil @rockymusic339 thank youNext level shit ngl
Retweeted by nabil @deardieari whapain. 🤣
Retweeted by nabil @pyaniX invite la titew @itsnozomimusic_ @listentoqil jangan lupa tekan loceng notifikasi @pyaniX tak ajak :(cucuk ren pakai FL
Retweeted by nabil @itsnozomimusic_ disubscribe @Visrahh one day @Jun1chiro thanksthis lil EP/single is finally up on bandcamp for whoever that wants it there
Retweeted by nabil @listentoqil fosho @PFTDMUSIC pls recommend it for those who want to get a beat without spend any money @dhamiri_mf yesYooooooo this one slaps!!! 👉👈 hardstyle edit can ahh👉👈
Retweeted by nabilyoung thug will cop thissss
Retweeted by nabilHAAAAAAARD!!!!!!
Retweeted by nabil⚔️ Tipper fam! In today's world, you cannot get away with SIMPLE and BASIC project files. 😂 Complexity is key to cr…
Retweeted by nabil🎚 Audio Pro Tips Presents: 🔊💪🏻 AUDIO PRO TIPS SAMPLE PACK VOL. 1 🎛🔥 🔥🔥🔥 Thank you for 2,000 Followers 💪🏻🎛👍…
Retweeted by nabil🌐 Networking is crucial to making it in this industry! Here's a tip on how to network like the pros. 💼 Follow this…
Retweeted by nabil @violet_delta "hey can i have a beat?" "yeah, send me few bucks" "but I'm broke" "okay take this beat don't even credit me thanks"also available on audius @Anies_Kouhai yes @notcanti poggers @itsnozomimusic_ yes @r1cefarm ikrnew beat can follow my private if u want @imabigoofnxc minipak: mixtape 10分程度の短めミックス作りました
Retweeted by nabilfailed dnb attempt inspired by gyrofield should I continue working on this?
Retweeted by nabil @NatsukiiMusic done U GUYS STOP LYING AND GIVING PEOPLE FALSE HOPE
Retweeted by nabilgood morning
You are more than enough and lovable.
Retweeted by nabilstop engaging with people who don’t listen to u or care what ur saying when ur talking.
Retweeted by nabil @xdecade ampun bang jagoyang tau, taulah aku sape, yang taktahu tu, kenalilah aku sebagai seorang penggemar produksi musik
Retweeted by nabilgn everyone hope y'all have a good day! @xdecade ala aku ada tweet melayu tapi jarang hahabuat semua benda pun kena judge, manusiaaaa manusiaaaa selagi tiada benefit pada anda, mesti pangkah dan perli, ju…
Retweeted by nabil @xdecade AYY INILAH YANG KITA MAHUTysm @oblivlad ♥️♥️♥️ You dropped your 👑, king. @TheIrsyadMahadi melayu or other language?MY BIRTHDAY GIFT TO YOU!!!!!!!!! 24 HOURS ONLY!!!
Retweeted by nabil @dokimachine always has been @TheIrsyadMahadi man of culture @tensaiSGP BRUH @still_crisp uwu @NatsukiiMusic @shirobeats_ @Atimez_ @AudiusProject buy PS5
nice @Duzzledmusic me too @_daerianlynx :( @blueghostbill just claim it