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ALGS 10 MIN DELAY - NO CHAT- RANKED NOW lights get brighter, the stakes rise. Champions are forged in these flames. #TSMWIN
Retweeted by TSM ImperialHal @sweetdreamsh1 Can you hook me up with a wig @Falloutt @oh_Nocturnal @BulletL_ @StayNaughtyy @MrGreekGod_ @hodsic @KeniFPS @sweetdreamsh1 @Gildersons_ @TeqAPEX @rknhd eh idk how to feel they are good and bad but i wouldn't be against trying it @rknhd @TeqAPEX nah im down to fuck the zone teams 💯 @oh_Nocturnal @Falloutt @BulletL_ @StayNaughtyy @MrGreekGod_ @hodsic @KeniFPS i can take a lot 😏 @Falloutt @BulletL_ @StayNaughtyy @MrGreekGod_ @hodsic Me @hodsic and @KeniFPS would be 🇧🇦 @MonsoonGG yep i do too @sweetdreamsh1 😂 @Genburten You’re lucky I wasn’t playing
America’s Cardroom // 21+ #ad
Oversight with TSM @AcieTwitch @FoxEyeBR @RubyPlaysTV @vanessuhbtw @Viancyyelena @itsHeyDani @LichVtuber @VirtualWolfGirl @BearSabz @TeqAPEX Just play controller if it’s so OP#TSM still on top
Retweeted by TSM ImperialHalRough day today and honestly a bit out of shape but first overall in NA. We will keep working hard for the fans!
Retweeted by TSM ImperialHal
ALGS 7 PM CT - 10 MIN DELAY - NO CHAT - Ranked now @kralrindo Yes @TSM_Albralelie yea i didnt even have data on this one
Ranked then ESA with TSM @TSM @PlayApex 👀 @TeqAPEX @JakeSucky @discord do not* @TeqAPEX @JakeSucky @discord he can but im pretty sure he has multiple places he stays at plus the police are still… @TeqAPEX yea i agree @TeqAPEX im just saying a wedding and honey moon isn't something you do everyday but not everyone obviously can spend that much money @TeqAPEX experience my friend @daltoosh @TSM @TSM_Reps @Verhulst His name is JohnsonINSIDE THE MIND OF AN APEX PRO 🧠 @ImperialHal, @TSM_Reps and @Verhulst break down the secrets to their ALGS succes…
Retweeted by TSM ImperialHal @TaxiDLegend when she says shes home alone
2022 a 10k tournament with @ACR_POKER (FREE TO JOIN) ! @AcieTwitch will be joining me. Starts today at 6 pm EST.… @gdolphn i tried to explain that but they don't understand but time will tell @oh_Nocturnal @TaxiDLegend 😂Fine, let’s make it fair for everyone else. Thursday’s ALGS zones WILL BE 1. South Overlook choke 2. West Lava sip…
Retweeted by TSM ImperialHal @Jerrylewiscj @LouSassleMD @Snip3down @ImMadnessTV @TeqAPEX @sweetdreamsh1 @FBI @LouSassleMD @Snip3down @ImMadnessTV 🤣 @AcieTwitch MINE ALL OF MY DATAAAAAAAA @TSM_Albralelie @ImMadnessTV pretty sure chrono said something regarding it like he had possession of it , either w… @AcieTwitch 🤷‍♂️ @NigerianSea @Dropped @RSPN_JayBiebs @oh_Nocturnal @ImMadnessTV i believe you, now sdfp @sweetdreamsh1 @oh_Nocturnal @ImMadnessTV i got the cut for it, im ready @oh_Nocturnal @ImMadnessTV i never denied anything bozo @oh_Nocturnal @ImMadnessTV mhmmmm @ImMadnessTV they will have to ban Alliance, Furia, FaZe and maybe even Liquid. Good luck!Simply just Denied knowledge 🤣People really worrying about datamined end zones when they can't even get to end game themselves 🤣
Retweeted by TSM ImperialHal @Nokokopuffs im down but @AcieTwitch is required to play with us
@HisWattson @PlayApex nah thats just morning ques @raven_apex @astronorimical Yes my superhero @TTrebb @Nokokopuffs @TTrebb @Nokokopuffs #sdfp @Nokokopuffs Who else wants in this 🧐 @gdolphn 😂😂 @astronorimical @raven_apex TheRaven is good imo ^ @Nokokopuffs Basically vanilla is the default version of the game . Modded is where you can add custom things to th… @Nokokopuffs Vanilla or modded 🧐 @gdolphn 😂😂😂 @Nokokopuffs Minecraft is hella fun with friends @WeThePeople1_TV twitch wont do it prob because of ads @sweetdreamsh1 i play both , im automatically bigger than everyone else @sweetdreamsh1 You suck on horizon but good shit @WeThePeople1_TV ads @oh_Nocturnal @hodsic @sSikezz @funFPS gets god spot in overlook from sky west @Thordansmash damn @oh_Nocturnal @hodsic @sSikezz @funFPS GGs but that last game was actual bs.......
@Falloutt the losers like to see the losers 🤣 @Falloutt GAs are dumb and should never be a thing, companies shouldnt even allow such thing to happenEU AND NA ALGS WATCH PARTY @Verhulst Happy Birthday! Lets win this year so we celebrate in Vegas next year :) @HisWattson @PlayApex you can play with two of these nuts in your mouth tho + ratio @HisWattson @PlayApex You got room for two tomorrow? @AnakinBeams NA starts pretty sure at 4 pm CT. Some EU teams to looks out for is @k4shera @hxrdecki @Gnaske_Lone tomorrowDoing a EU and NA ALGS Watch party starting at 11 am CT tomorrow! Be there :)
Poker #ad @Kevin_Hitt @Twitter @verified i think you also have to do it on desktop @Kevin_Hitt @Twitter @verified if you spam save when changing it it can go through , if it doesn't work for a bunch… @TheGuard @rknhd @Keoon_ @RamBeauski @PlayApexEsports No @aidanthedestroy that distance tho is impractical no? especially for a controller player @aidanthedestroy i see classic as controller acceleration basically like mouse accel which creates inconsistency imo @G2BixLe @aidanthedestroy ? @aidanthedestroy whats the logic
Bald Man returns @Falloutt me reading "drop master" confused tf out of me @TeqAPEX kovaaks could never @AcieTwitch @TeqAPEX Use your arm thats how @RossLowkey prob cheating , i run into a few in pubs here and there @Naghzz i know @CrypticActually ♥️
@HisandHersLive Doesn't matter Up @SadBoiKobi @TSM kobe beef in japan
Shootin the shit for 30 mins then scrims? @TSM_JP また日本に行きたいです! @mswindupbird_ @RamBeauski @sweetdreamsh1 @Verhulst Happy birthday! @ClipSovereign if you aren't entertaining then Yes @TSM can't wait to go again 🙏