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broke: otp confessing woke: otp accidentally confessing bespoke: otp accidentally confessing while screaming at e…
Retweeted by linda linda @SoulofTwhit fjgkgjh it's perfect @MatthewGuz fjgkfh that's fair, I just don't think riding-a-white-horse samot really likes to display his darkness association @ansem_ebooks 🤔 @MatthewGuz djgkfh I doubt he would have a word eater keyblade but starlight or wolf king are good... @ansem_ebooks why foxstar?for an theoretical interstitial game I came up with lightforger for samothes' keyblade but what would samot's be... wolf's tooth? @imperialhare samothes: hows the beautiful trophy husband doing today samot: i dont know, how are you samothes: i..…
Retweeted by linda linda @elfemei shdkfkdkfhf there's a lot to unpack here, @crownsnbirds yeah :'D @Suedeuxnim I love silver spoon......... I'm so sad just thinking about it fjgjfjfhSiH30 spoilers. This was definitely my favorite spring episode so far!! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .…
Retweeted by linda linda @vilecrocodile DJFKFKFHFKH YEAH.... YEAH. IT'S SO GOOD @yrgirlkv I've watched 15 episodes so far and it's been really good... excited to watch more but also, scared, @vilecrocodile djgkfh it's just an argument where both of them compliment the other on how attractive they are... s… @yrgirlkv yeah...... I basically don't know anything that happens fjfkgkfhpeak marriage comedy right thereI'm honestly still taken with how funny it would be for samot to call samothes his trophy husband @oziads bradley is wrath? hohenheim is father? nothing is real? @oziads we just finished ep 15 but 14 was really the one that fucked me up, @Suedeuxnim djfkdkgndkfbdkfull metal alchemist................... @johtoregion just finished episode 14 :')I just lost my shit so hard at fmab that my throat hurts now,,, what the fuck,"let's make a spoilers chat while Linda's here" @kyatenaru I don't remember anymore fjgjfh but it seems to be a recurring themewatching fma with 5 people who have already watched it is an experience where your questions are met with total silence, @Suedeuxnim IT'S SO GOOD!!!!! the contrasting color schemes... so good...An old abandoned painting in the depths of the Last University....
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@SeamonsterArt hell yes!!cao cao (historical figure) cao cao (dynasty warriors) cao cao (my mom's cat) @vilecrocodile thank you!! @spacekid_aki I'm glad you like it!! helladelaide.... good...... @smallpolar_bear SOBS THEY'RE SO CUTE AND TENDER... I LOVE YOUR SHORT HAIR SAMOT!!!!my part of an art trade with @imperialhare ! i believe... they are in love.....please just let them tenderly hold e…
Retweeted by linda lindaalso based on a glass we saw at the paper source earlier, trade for ⁦@spacekid_aki⁩ !! it’s... hella and adelaide... I know I was going to draw hella and severea but sin… @Suedeuxnim DANNYYYYYI just love them is the thing
Retweeted by linda lindahandsome....
Retweeted by linda lindaA D E L A I D E @ empressofpearls girls need to quit playing... a queen like me can’t wait around forever 💁‍♀️💅…
Retweeted by linda lindasih 30 spoilers . . . . . . . . . i couldnt stop thinking this when this happened jujuhgghfg
Retweeted by linda linda @artsswordonline I think he might still have beef with samot for the events of the marielda follow game but also. they should kiss, @caeliste AAAA I keep forgetting and then remembering again that the hadestown cast album is dropping and getting excited all over againideally samothes, second choice hadrian but I'll take anyone,trails hand through water..... someone 2 kiss samotmy girlfriend is also my stand the hella varal story #friendsatthetable
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disclaimer that I've now seen like ten minutes of a random episode of schitt's creek but is that older rich couple samsam,fmab is a show about how scientists should have ethics @kismetnemesis AJFJSKKFCHDKsome attempts at some friends...who are at.....the table i'm about 18 eps into Autumn in Hieron and I wanted to tr…
Retweeted by linda lindaa quick coda to SiH30, because I’m slowly losing my mind. spoilers! #friendsatthetable
Retweeted by linda lindafma: human transmutation is the ultimate taboo ed and al: literally tell everyone they meet in every episode that they tried it as children @luckydicekirby I have not!HEY EPISODE 4 IS FUCKED UP????????I accidentally downloaded the dub of fmab for this bus ride so we just have to live with v*c's voice now @dancynrew fjgkfh yeah it makes sense since I think nyu also has like 20k students but I'm still like.... damn.......I've been walking past nyu graduates in their graduation gowns for like a full week now, how many graduations can one school have, @Suedeuxnim rirelobql whfg chyyvat bhg gurve orfg zbfg qnatrebhf zbirf sbe guvf svtug vg'f svany obff gvzr onlorr @realsleepyfinn SHPX VZ YNHTUVAT ohg vg ernyyl jnf yvxr gung uhu!!V'z gehyl ybfvat zl zvaq bire obgu gur yrggre gb nylbfun naq gur GUBHFNAQ TBYQ PEBJA sbe fnzbg whfg yvxr,, orvat cn… @realsleepyfinn UR SHPXVAT VF..... neeryy jul ner lbh yvxr guvf.tbq uvreba ernyyl vf jenccvat hc uhu... znwbe ivyynvaf ner qrsrngrq... abj nyy gung'f yrsg vf gb npghnyyl fnir gur jbeyq sbe erny guvf gvzr, @luckydicekirby now it's canon, (djfkgjfh not a spoiler)HAPPY BIRTHDAY @luckydicekirby !!! I'm a few hours late but here's arrell and alyosha dressed as xehanort and eraqu…
Retweeted by linda lindahieron huh ! @oziads samot sitting down in the shower post divorce and it doesn't even reconfigure a waterproof chair for him to sit on, @oziads sjfkdkfjf well, why not, @oziads I don't think so... these are just my bathtub related headcanons @bird_in_horse ajdkdkfjkffh samothes voice petplay isn't a sin @spacetrucksix djfkfh samot never tells him because he enjoys hadrian's dedication @rowanhighwater yes...... it's part of his paladin duties,two options: hadrian cleans the bathtub or the bathtub has been specially engineered by samothes to clean itself an… @vlasdygoth him....... himbo, @aredhel__ commissioned me for Hella + flowers! they're death lilies :) #friendsatthetable
Retweeted by linda lindaCouples starting to arrive at the Xinyi city hall in Taipei to get married on Friday morning, the first same-sex ma…
Retweeted by linda linda @BeeElderly SO BUFF SO BEAUTIFUL
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Retweeted by linda lindasamot is the person in the bath tray photos who enjoys an entire charcuterie plate while in the bathjohnny cash thigh high boots
Retweeted by linda linda @artillerydog AHH THIS IS GORGEOUS...I finally finished counter/weight and i'm beyond emotionally compromised and making fanart at 5 am............…
Retweeted by linda linda @tackyvillain It's a REALLY good looking game, I love how all the little animations add so much energy... like ema… check out the animation on this villain breakdown, it looks incredible (about 0:55 to 2:18) @luckydicekirby fjdsgh it will be appreciated by me at least 🙏GREAT villain breakdown on the second case also apollo and nahyuta know each other??? apollo's backstory gets more convoluted every game,Him,
Retweeted by linda lindaour train got delayed due to a stopped train two stations up... is this also the work of the emergency break guy,🐦
Retweeted by linda lindaGraduation Qipao🎓🎓🎓 i would like to see all the hong kong student wearing Qipao in their graduation ceremony ☺️it m…
Retweeted by linda lindaok so i know BlueJ was already a teenager by the time Red Jack came to the university but what if....
Retweeted by linda linda @yrgirlkv god the world is just full of different kinds of cults huh @iodhadh fkkgfj yeah... despite its many issues I understand that NYC unfortunately has one of the best public tran… I was just standing next to some beautiful people who had just seen hadestown and I WAS jealous @iodhadh too infrequently fjgjfh it usually runs every 10 minutes during the day at leastI think it's bad that the A runs every 20 minutes at night because sometimes I want to stay out late!!!!this clapcast has austin-reading-machine-elves energy
Retweeted by linda linda @dorabotics cute!!