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I wish "all my internet friends are in town" day was every dayflamecon good... friends good... even if they are slowly wearing down my resistance to playing fire emblem,the way sarah described sylvain's situation to me sounds exactly like zelos from tales of symphonia. someone please validate my comparisonFlamecon is full of all amazing people and blurry selfies (and too many people to tag) 💖💖💖
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@hellavarawr he's pining!! thinking about that tall boy... his curly hair...samot seeing samothes for the first time and instantly developing a horny gay crush but taking 10,000 more years to… a sun god
Retweeted by linda lindaFriends at the FlameCon #friendsatthetable #flamecon2019
Retweeted by linda lindawe are On Line to get inside flamecon @jamohs THIS LOOKS AMAZING.... AFELAIDE'S OUTFITHella voice: I work out mostly so I can carry my two gfs #friendsatthetable
Retweeted by linda linda @ootron cries I love them so much 😭😭😭😭😭 thank you paz... they're so beautifulrecovery #friendsatthetable
Retweeted by linda linda @celloandbehold happy birthday!!!flamecon more like friendcon
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@dancynrew shfjdkfhdkfhd the cat statue...📜‼️
Retweeted by linda linda @dancynrew a hallucination but a hallucination that we had togetheryou ever have one of those days? (happy anniversary to the finale of my favorite season of #friendsatthetable)
Retweeted by linda linda @evergreenburrow aww I'll miss you this year!qb lbh guvax fnzby naq frirern rire nethrq nobhg jurgure gurer jnf nalguvat ryfr va gur urng naq gur qnex pbafvqrev… jnaqrevat rnegu fgnegvat frirern. uvreba'f srezv cnenqbkV'z shpxvat ybfvat zl fuvg ng nqnver'f nhgbovbtencuvpny fpubby fbat gung fur znxrf nyy gur fghqragf fvatrirelbar vf fb znq ng pbefvpn, juvpu vf snve, ohg,"znlor jr fubhyq nfx erq wnpx" "BS PBHEFR" qsuswxssu V ybir erq wnpx. uvzobsih40 / pbefvpn fgrnyvat fnzbg'f jvar sebz uvf orqebbz vf fb shaal swtwsxsu vg'f svar ur qbrfa'g arrq vg nalzber.everyone traveling in for flamecon please tweet extensively about how much you like my wife (new york city)vent doodle before sleep goodnite friends, love u
Retweeted by linda linda @duderuiner dog samot energies!!The Usual Spot #friendsatthetable
Retweeted by linda linda @thecowboyhero FJDSJGHD I haven't seen this tumblr post before but this general sentiment is the #1 reason I am rea… @oziads LMAO to be fair the watch series seems to be about 40% a fantasy affirmative action plot, 30% two horrible…'ve started on feet of clay now and I'm glad the vimes/vetinari situation in this one is basically a hurt comfort fanficthrondir in a1 & i definitely went beyond myself here
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@rowanhighwater yeah! @rowanhighwater genuine offer!! I would just have to figure out how to mail it fjgjfh @rowanhighwater fjgkfh I got an extra one at gencon do you want it, @rritchiearts you look super cute!! @dancynrew my instinct is that this isn't super hard which means someone must have already written a program and I… @dancynrew like... you put in a bunch of images and it arranges them in the correct order for you?
@tidaldissonance omg yes I gotta read that...!! @iodhadh @tidaldissonance I think fatt and logh really put me over the top here LMAO @tidaldissonance :0 also strength and patience of the hill is the coolest character name fjgjfh who are they... wrote about the conservatism at the core of arguing that video games aren't political and how the industry arrive…
Retweeted by linda linda"Sorry if this is embarrassing for you to read, but it is far more embarrassing to live. Just debilitated by a mass…
Retweeted by linda linda @luckydicekirby how to stay up to date with the news about your favorite obscure video game......damnit I missed another persona 2 zine fjgjfhhappy 20th anniversary to persona 2 !! here is my tatsujun comic for @persona2fanzine 💖💖💖(right > left)
Retweeted by linda linda#SIH38 spoilers? Or (silly) speculation based on? . . . . . . . . . . Somewhere in Aubade, an embarrassing conversa…
Retweeted by linda linda @hellavarawr "Whats- whats nice??"
Retweeted by linda linda @dorabotics fdjsjghd VRISKA-BLOCKED ON THE DIAGONAL..... @dorabotics fjdjsghd claire said that she was gonna have me watch rogue one and the force awakens so it's not too late, @ootron fjdjsghdg I respect you so much. sometimes it's 2012 and you begrudgingly love a dumb boy who loves attention, @ootron okay I did scream internally when I saw yosuke. shit boy who I loved, @mercutioes I haven't watched star wars.... but I do know that he's our only ho, @mercutioes almost..... @hedgefruit I tried, @dorabotics damn... two potential bingos that I missed in here @mercutioes nice!! @thecowboyhero ohh... hmm... have you considered loving jean valjean, @surrealisttrees close, @ootron fjdjsgh so close... have you considered watching princess tutu, it's really good, @MatthewGuz omg... you even got lemrina... that show did her so dirty but I still love her, @Desgardes fjdsjghd honestly my standards are slightly different for every bingo I fill out, it depends on how bad you wanna bingo, @spacetrucksix NICE @kismetnemesis djfkfh the wine glasses... it's okay our mutual love for samot is incredibly powerful, @iodhadh I did my best, @kyatenaru :D :D love the sticker choices also, @BeeElderly fjdjsghd well I immediately thought you meant people said you would like marcille from dungeon meshi be… @kismetnemesis djfkfjf I was worried I wouldn't get bingo for a sec just because of placement but I made it, @ceruleanbee72 CATRA IS SO GOOD... she has strong vriska energy LMAO so y'know, if you like one, @Suedeuxnim nodding... to get you yet another bingo I feel like you'd probably like isabela dragon age, hot pirate… @birch_pine clasps your hands... i'm so glad you like petra... @BeeElderly ohh do you mean vetinari... I haven't thought of him as a beau character but I could see it, @luckydicekirby fjdjsghdg sarah I am so happy and appreciative that you played like 80% of persona 2 and also love my beautiful son @Suedeuxnim FJJDSGHDG WOW... @luckydicekirby LMAO I was very like "Loki but from mythology or this one obscure anime I watched -- oh never mind" BUT YAY BINGO @dorabotics put that bastard in the oven @iodhadh yesss do it :3 @iodhadh awww... I'm gonna say yes, it does count,I did it, is it so hard to think of favorite characters... I read some books this year, surely,The Unbroken Lord in Exile and Repose
Retweeted by linda lindaThe sick stag
Retweeted by linda linda @littleladymab it's honestly been really nice out?? cool enough to wear pants and a t-shirt but also hot enough for…
I think hieron would be better if it had more wolves than swords,I would love to know some facts. about wolvesI was trying to refer to the facts about swords doc just now and what I said was "facts about wolves". got wolves on the brainI want to do the favorite character bingo again. I've seen more things since the last time, and also it's fun to fill other peoples' out @ketraia 😭😭😭😭 ohh they look so good and sad... I love them so much[#SIH38] #friendsatthetable . . . . . . . . . . . oh I miss when we first met, he didn't know me yet
Retweeted by linda linda @luckydicekirby that's very relatable of him, @littleladymab this is so powerful of you... @chawleeknight djfkdkfhf I love this so much. samot: honey you should be more supportive of your friend, she's a su… feel like I haven't seen anyone talk about linhardt who is the only actual bisexual dude in fembly?? is that true, @chawleeknight god I love them... they go to a furry convention together and samot won't stop gushing about how goo… @oziads the mortifying ordeal of having cool parents 😔 @jamohs they're sooo cute I love samol... he's so proud of his son 😭😭“You look great lil man” #friendsatthetable
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