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@Patrick_DaStar valorantwho cares about twitter drama none of you even fuckin lift
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@NIPCS Obviously @conzeptalready @CSunfortunate Cloud9 to the moon 🚀 @Roflko I pray that you receive the attention and justice you so deserve. If AUNZ is being handled this way I fear… will probably be one of the last times I use twitter. I have come to terms that I will never play comp CS GO…
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@flameZcsgo @OGesports @TeamEndpoint well fucking deserved GL bro!That was awesome! Thanks to everyone who tuned in. We're really loving this new @discord feature and it definitely…
Retweeted by Anthony ImpressioN Lim @oksofty Wtf?.@HLTVorg website on 5th June, 2002.
Retweeted by Anthony ImpressioN Limwanted to just listen but I'm suddenly talking HAHAHA join in I guess @CSGO2ASIA'm giggling at the fact that the Chinese guys are basically shouting their names with the caps while the Mongolian… @Probosu HA
That's it! 👊 2-0 against ZIGMA WP guys. 🔥 #NGEsports #NGCSGO
Retweeted by Anthony ImpressioN LimJust bought my first house at age 14. Thank you twitter 🙏
Retweeted by Anthony ImpressioN LimBAD L vs @D13Esports played not like us, out of @FunsparkCSGO now Time for ZIGMA in 20 minutes tho @SerJaeger @DannyKimHD @gg_Nomad true @KaRathCS truly feelin lovedHey @Dexerto where is the SOURCE 2? 🙄
Retweeted by Anthony ImpressioN Lim @ImpressioNCSGO People thought South Korean cs was gone, turns out the just added all their skill together into one player
Retweeted by Anthony ImpressioN LimXign wtfFinally I have a famous friend @DannyKimHD
Retweeted by Anthony ImpressioN LimHalo CONDOM HEAD!!!!!!!!! are announcing PWL CS:GO S1 the RMR tournament for Asia. The tournament dates will be April 14 to May 3. Along w…
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TOMORROW IS THE DAY (☞゚ヮ゚)☞SUPHATTHANAPHALAPHON☜(゚ヮ゚☜)COUNTER-STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE @Professeur_CS @MnmzzzCS @artisan_esports @arTcsgo @MnmzzzCS @artisan_esports Furt is a Brazilian Japanese as well. Fun stuff @FunsparkCSGO Rain in FaZe ☔
@shirleyyyylmc @piethrouer Hey man @benafval Smgbenaf
HAHAHA just give every participant a participation award even if they FRO 😳👑 @ConkyOCE Wtf BONG chAWAH's up with twitter unfollowing people randomly, seriously @droelfJ living the life of a zenmasterCounter of The Ancient LegendRANTsI might sell this beauty. Currently listed for around 6k rmb on buff. cheapest 760 in wellworn without stickers is…
Retweeted by Anthony ImpressioN LimI look at my twit feed and see all the csgo skins and I feel poorer than ever before @Astrooobot How much's the sapphire? @hocwah Hahaha too lateThank GOD!! back2back? #ngikutpostdoang @ Jakarta, Indonesia
Retweeted by Anthony ImpressioN LimThere's like fucking 30 teams in VALORANT that can be the top team in SEA and honestly I am pretty envious of the competition 🤩
@conzeptalready Artisannnn @Probosu Hahaha IGL no more! @Probosu keep it going brahNot sure if @alluCSGO knows that his name in Hindi (National Language of India) means Potato. 🙄
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The amount of orgasm from @Tgwri1s rn is the pinnacle of every CSGO statistician @pprxteam just @ em @TeamSMGofficialSo... I'm officially joining @FaZeClan as their analyst 🔥 It's time to reunite with @karriganCSGO and help the guy…
Retweeted by Anthony ImpressioN LimThank you all lovely peeps ❤️😊My beautiful wife 😍❤️ journey of two begins today. Alhamduililah @shirleyyyylmc @Namicsgo Alhamduililah my brother
@DubstePlays Not the month you're looking for2000 RT for move to VALORANTHAHAHAHA WTF giveaway like + rt and follow 24 hour draw
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ESEA OPEN SEASON 36 ASIA PACIFIC PLAYOFFS 2021 NG vs The Black Company Giving out his 🪙 best support as the Capt…
Retweeted by Anthony ImpressioN Lim😎😎😎 @littlenob666 @HLTVorg Check my fleet :( @eugenequikz @lunarmetal @ysaera @SpeakEasyR6 @HysteRiXR6 @SPiritedr6 And now they banginKudos to @HLTVorg for covering the Asian games by posting it on a later date. Actually really cool to see Asian ga… you can keep an eye on this guy - a certain Mongolian teammate
Ni hao people, selling $1299 csgofloat balance for buff balance please
Retweeted by Anthony ImpressioN Limwtf @NAFFLY playin @DOTA2 shit @KomodoAU I'll hold you to it one day mate @KomodoAU Sick 86brah
Due to some schedule conflicts from the teams and after a negotiation from both teams, we have an adjustment for to…
Retweeted by Anthony ImpressioN LimYes pls @artisan_esports @officialescudo ImpressioN announcement when?
Retweeted by Anthony ImpressioN LimI AM CONFUSION
Retweeted by Anthony ImpressioN Limgood morning guys 😁 whoever reads this, I hope ur day will be veri gud
Retweeted by Anthony ImpressioN Lim @ShiKhelgayabc they opted out of funspark I thinkCS:GO University: Input Delay Through recent testing with @alienware 360hz monitor, using box the built in Reflex…
Retweeted by Anthony ImpressioN Lim @sadasiankidd0 @DERUFIIN FOLLOWED FOR SOME HENTAI ON THE TIMELINE!!!!!! GAME SOON you like playing Counter Strike Global Offensive? CSGO Players: yes yes yesyes yesyes yes…
NAFAMAS sad @artisan_esports @ballaaazxCSGO HLTV - "who?" 🤣🤣 Gl bois @FooMatthias @cbbkofficialgg Because hltv doesn't cover Asian matches a lot @FooMatthias @aizyesque Uhahaha cloud 9 memes @playboxerino It's probably a focus thing tbfFaZe Clan choked a 15-11 lead to {redacted} in the final map, Inferno, of the Major Final, giving {redacted} its fi…
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Give the beautiful wife 😍 A beautiful life 😘 ❤️ @thomaszhu2003 @cbbkofficialgg Hahaha we truly enjoy ourselves when playing. I'm working on a stream schedule soon… @cbbkofficialgg You treat me like covid omgg @JTcsgo floppyNeeded to fuking win something with him before he followed me back cibai @cbbkofficialgg @braderaqil HAHAHA
Congratulations to NG for winning the 5E Arena Open Southeast Asia. They took down HZ 2-1 in the Grand Final and wo…
Retweeted by Anthony ImpressioN Lim @moxieCSGO @5EArenacsgo @FunsparkCSGO @huatzai888 @cbbkofficialgg @erkaStCSGO @xccurateCSGO @OfficialXigN @MYM_CSGO @moxieCSGO @5EArenacsgo @FunsparkCSGO @huatzai888 @cbbkofficialgg @erkaStCSGO @xccurateCSGO @OfficialXigN @MYM_CSGO @ron_gora @5EArenacsgo @FunsparkCSGO @huatzai888 @cbbkofficialgg @erkaStCSGO @xccurateCSGO @OfficialXigN @MYM_CSGO @NG_EsportsGG ty brahShaky but #1 in SEA @5EArenacsgo @FunsparkCSGO ggwp to @huatzai888 sick stuff from the team @cbbkofficialgg lala finals @5EArenacsgo Open for @FunsparkCSGO now vs @huatzai888 Should be fun stuff.