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Imran Khan @imrankhan Hackney, London

not that one. professional nerd. head of public engagement at @wellcometrust, trustee at @nesta_uk.

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@FunSizeSuze Yep - read em and weep :/ was a really confusing pair of tweets to have in my timeline
This is America; don’t catch you slippin’ up updated our coronavirus deaths tracker with a new chart — with epidemics, rate of change often matters more than…
Retweeted by Imran Khan @Steven_Swinford is this a new policy?Er, @guardian, at a time when people are upset and distraught can you try not to promote dangerous misinformation a… @TheOxfordDom cc @martinaustwickThe @houseparty app keeps telling me that my friends are 'in the house'. I know they're in the house. We're all in… for a run this morning but @TowerHamletsNow have closed @VickyParkLondon due to people flouting the social dis… @IvvetM @BritSciAssoc I think Valia wins this round
@grvlx001 Hi Jamie - can I dm you about something? @JamieBGall yep! @ZaichenLu will be there :) @mjrobbins Tried Splitwise?Her: "Yes, he was very good-looking" Me: "I mean, not quite what I asked... but I'll pass it on..." (2/2)Spoke to my mum (73, self-isolating) last night. Her: "Oh, and I think I saw your boss on the news yesterday" Me:… you're in Hackney and want to volunteer to help @hackneycouncil look after our borough's most vulnerable during…
The planet is healing 💓
Retweeted by Imran KhanFascinating and smart move by New Zealand Parliament: they’ve suspended their legislative programme and almost all…
Retweeted by Imran Khanmood @munkeatlooi is it? 🤔 doesn't look that out of proportionOk so obvious health warning that this is unscientific, and representative only of the people that chose to take pa… times do not call for untested technologies. An open letter calling on @MattHancock @matthewsgould @NHSX to…
Retweeted by Imran Khandoes nature not have whatsapp @munkeatlooi cheers mate, gonna listen later this weekLatest fear; getting too used to this and when it's all over, I won't actually -want- to see other people again. @munkeatlooi
@alicebell No idea but trying this tomorrow @JamieBGall @Tom_saunders @NCCPE @lesleyapaterson I've got a clash on Friday but will see if anyone from the team can joinanyone else getting lots of "sorry, our event is cancelled/postponed due to covid-19"... but for events you never s… anyone know if there is list anywhere of freelancers who can provide public engagement training remotely, and…
Retweeted by Imran KhanOnly reasonable Exit Strategy-Science,Research, Development,Distributed Manufacturing & ensure equitable affordable…
Retweeted by Imran KhanUnexpected problem of home-working; I no longer have any excuse for why my plants keep dying. @rianna_walcott @ShomariLW @ExploreWellcome look forward to reading! @chimenesuleyman yeah - I guess for me it's the knowledge that there's nothing to be "missing out" on that helps? stay strong! x @chimenesuleyman I’ve got the opposite. First time in years I feel like I’ve been able to just sit back and play vi… I should have said 'white' and 'non-white', given people might be answering in other countries tooThe replies have got me thinking. Have you had weird pseudo-science whatsapp chain messages from your family? Unscientific poll 👇🏾 @ladyhaja @jamesrbuk afaik dolphins have no shame @ladyhaja @jamesrbuk please tell me this wasn't the same dolphin
@TweeterReynolds @soozaphone 😂Nothing reminds me of how bad I am at my job more than WhatsApp messages from my family 🤦🏽‍♂️ @DrHannahT Most of them are group ones - which isn’t impossible, I guess... but I feel like we’re doing video calls… @WanderingGaia @DrEmilyGrossman Agreed. Even if this *is* true, which is dubious - knowing people, they'll neck a f… struggling with my eyes 👀 Didn't appreciate that one benefit of having face-to-face meetings is that it for… now, grandad 🤦🏾‍♂️ I think I need to put twitter down.Keep your hands. Stay at distance. Wash your home.
Don’t know who needs to hear this (probably me) but it turns out you can just not go on twitter for half a day and… is too real
Retweeted by Imran KhanConsider it done*Martin Luther look to camera*
Retweeted by Imran KhanAll of this makes me think that my twitter feed, or twitter in general, is (unsurprisingly) *massively* unrepresent… @munkeatlooi
@sunny_hundal This is still definitely going to hit the poorest hardest. Super rich may lose money in the stock mar… Please don't do this. Walked past @Broadway_Mkt today too and there were tons of stalls & shoppers. morning for a run around east London ♥️ @Stephen_Curry Hope they’re doing ok, Stephen @martinrsmith Glad to hear you’re better - and hope the smell comes back!
Did you know that this is how bats wee? I don’t know what else I expected and yet I’m still surprised @lewisiwu wrote about the new coronavirus itself--where it came from, why it's behaving in the way it's behaving, how it in…
Retweeted by Imran Khan @sarahditum irony; the argument was won, but not by themOn top of everything else, now we know who the UK's first non-white PM is going to be. What a week.Great point, we should demand the virus give us a firm end date.
Retweeted by Imran KhanAt a time when there is a terrifying amount of misinformation here is a Twitter list (compiled by @wellcometrust) o…
Retweeted by Imran KhanFull info here: of more and less strict social distancing measures could plausibly be effective [...] These would need to be in… government has published the scientific advice they're basing their #Covid19 response on. This *advice* on soc… RECOMMENDATIONS PLEASE! I'm building a reading list of non-fiction #books for people who want to understand…
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Coronavirus info for @wellcometrust research grant holders/applicants 1. Costed extensions if you are ill, self-is…
Retweeted by Imran KhanProb going to be lost in the news cycle, but this is a shocking paper: "Risk of suicide increased by 13% after the…
Retweeted by Imran KhanImagine going back in time to meet yourself from 3 months ago and trying explain what life is like nowWe won't beat the #COVID19 pandemic without vaccines and treatments. Here's how we can fill the $8bn funding gap to…
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Here we have it: #COVID19 snake oil AI. (1) why is this AI? (2) If cameras could detect the virus, why would we nee…
Retweeted by Imran Khan @CEMatterson And learned how to write?! This is the last thing we need right now...Wellcome grantholders can find more information about the policies that we have put in place to support grantholder…
Retweeted by Imran KhanAny advice, team @Tesco ? Even some assurance that you've escalated this? I see you're tweeting about mother's day, which is a start! @vishalgulati_ supermarket, literally across the road: "Welcome! We have preserved lemons from Morocco, fresh lentils fro… question - do Turkish shops have a supply chain that operates in some kind of parallel reality? Mainstream… @soozaphone @Jasmine_Grace_ Social distancing @anjahuja Obviously she's being a martyr and saying she's planning to at least go in until next week 🤦🏾‍♂️ managed… from home tip; buy whole milk. You deserve it. @welprich The interest will still build up; you could invest the money you would have used for payments, I guess, b…
Hi @tesco! I know your priority right now is figuring out how to keep the nation fed... ... but my mum is over 70… up now @NHM_London and it’s surreal (and heart breaking) - not happened since the Second World War. We wil…
Retweeted by Imran Khan @ankrishn1 I've not! Will take a lookOk - I've got an idea which actually might work. Force yourself to brush your teeth after any meals or daytime sna… you're retweeting things like this, stop now: they're not true. The insurance firms have said that even if the g…
Retweeted by Imran Khan @StarkeyStardust I'm open plan :/Any tips on how to stop yourself snacking incessantly throughout the day, when you're working from home?
"We emphasise that is not at all certain that suppression will succeed long term; no public health intervention wit…[... we estimate that for a national GB policy, social distancing would need to be in force for at least 2/3 of the…"To avoid a rebound in transmission, these policies will need to be maintained until large stocks of vaccine are av… with an eventual peak in critical care bed demand that is over 30 times greater than the max supply" "The more… Imperial paper reads like a bad dream. A really bad dream. "For an uncontrolled epi… @munkeatlooi ... but... that won’t work. We won’t be able to lock the entire country down for -a year and a half-I have to confess I don’t follow... So the actual policy solution is we’re just in lockdown for 18 months now?