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Imran Khan @imranzomg San Francisco, CA

Ex-senior editor at Game Informer, now cohosting at Kinda Funny and freelance writing. Bylines everywhere. He/Him. Business: imran.ahm.khan at gmail dot com.

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@SadBoyBarrett Sounds suitable for a game that's better than God of War @JuansProfile The low-res is a little bothersome but it runs consistently well. I think the only slowdown I noticed has been intentional. @Anxsighetyy @paulkelly1980 It’s not. You can’t invert an analog stick through the button mapping, you can only exc… @AutomaticZen All the faces are where I get my punsThis person seems trustworthy. #NintendoSwitch @Kahjahkins Congrats! Fanbyte is a hell of a good site to work with. @GageCline I didn’t say it was #1, just that it is climbing upHades is quickly climbing my GOTY list.Botan 4 colors. 💙🧹🧙‍♀️✨ #pixelart #yuyuhakusho #ドット絵 #vacaroxa #vacadaily
Retweeted by Imran Khan @bbcgarcia @Kinowolf @youssefmaguid Bolin is a himbo Chun-Li @cosmosPixelado Avengers' upgrade is free @mattdowse They haven't said shit and unless it's a free upgrade, they should be criticized for the lack of communi… @adamconover I'd place mole guys over the horned lizard but it's a tight raceSpider-Man PS4 sold well enough that they shouldn't need to lock the next-gen version of it behind a $20 paywall as… the wake of that new (impressive) Harry Potter universe game being announced, people seem to be doing a lot of e…
Retweeted by Imran Khan @T1mCurrey Hades
@iamdadriver HadesAnd yes that’s me throwing a shield around Captain America styleHoly shit, the FIRST BOSS of this game was some of the most fun I've had with a boss fight this year. at 18: Oh the villain power establishment fight. Boring. Wait what the fuck @KieranDonnachie That’s where I’m playing it, yeah.Boy, Hades just *feels* real good to play. It’s smooth as butter.I remember Nintendo changed the NSMBU controls for the Switch but there was a hidden code to fix it so I’m holding…'m on this team I'd rather lose a draft 1/1000 times than constantly be moving back and forth through different w… who play inverted: I wish the developers would change a value in the programming to play. People who don't… like What is the deal with this Are people who don't play inverted so in need of a culture war that this is wh… @AutomaticZen @patrickklepek It's surprisingly passable. And probably has my favorite version of the Moonlight Greatsword. @duckvalentine Webp is the perfect file extension when you never want your file to work on anythingI don't know why I bother tweeting is from @VOOK64's video. @caiokendx The original game was inverted, what are you talking about @scarymoblins For a game they're removing from sale in a few months, I'd doubt it.I straight up can't do non-inverted aiming. I try. I really do. But it's like writing with my non-dominant hand. T…, they uninverted the controls in Sunshine and there's no option to change it back? What Why would they do th… about Tatsunoko vs. Capcom reminds me of that one live action Casshern movie and its inexplicably fantasti… @BlessingJr The original game's intro was so good. I've completed another run of Hades today and the framerate is WAY better after the update.
Retweeted by Imran Khan @bravefencerpoe I'm operating on the theory that the remaster is going to end with the idea that Nier is happening… @BrianPShea The BC version is quite good. @BrianPShea I don't know! I wish someone else would steal the Thousand Years of Dreams idea. thought Onion was a satire site mean, make the choice you're gonna make, but let's not pretend she's not benefitting from it because we need absolution or something
Retweeted by Imran Khanawful lot of headlines to the effect of "don't worry everyone, the transphobic author wasn't directly involved in t…
Retweeted by Imran Khangod I wish @BlondeNerd he really is Everywhere @JeffGrubb wow it's almost like this is super easy to just put out in text @Rinderblock @BlessingJr Sure? Literally no one is disputing that high-level things need to also be tackled. You're… @Rinderblock @BlessingJr And I'm replying to this tweet on a platform that protects Nazis. What's your point? @Rinderblock @thatmattbowers @BlessingJr I find "None of it matters so just consume whatever you want and don't fee… @BlessingJr No, I get that. But for me it's like Oculus and the Facebook. A Quest 2 is going to do well regardless… @HiggyChef253 @BlessingJr But there was straight up discourse about the last two Lovecraftian games about wrestling… @HiggyChef253 @BlessingJr I don't think society is beholden to the standards of all the dead people that came befor… @thatmattbowers @BlessingJr You could probably make that argument for anything objectionable though. It's all about… @GaySupremacy69 @BlessingJr Sure but in the question of Hogwart's Legacy, it doesn't matter how "yours" Harry Potte… @BlessingJr I dunno. I feel like that argument kind of gives way when she directly makes money from something and a… @Arctiq_ Yes. I'm saying that just because it's different from the original does not make it worse.Said video: this Demon's Souls comparison and the game definitely looks a little floatier but also, like...I'm okay wi… I've never seen a game back down like this. @mistermegative RE Engine already ran on Switch at Capcom's request since, like, launch. They tried porting VII nat… Rise confirmed to be running on the RE Engine. @NWRDonald Sure but why would they decide specifically March 26 in September?To be clear, this is not a hint at anything. I just find the date suspicious, is all.Everyone who is mentioning the end of fiscal 2021: yes I know, I’m not an idiot. But deciding the exact date six… @dippyy47 MH4 and Majora’s Mask 3D launched the new 3DS togetherBetween there being no announced MH Rise Switch bundle and Balan Wonderland also coming out the same day as MH, I’m… that went south fast. Hades and Spelunky 2 I am living in rogue-lite heaven. @LawofTD @TheRealAndyMc I still get USPS "Sorry you weren't home" tags on my mailbox as if I could be literally anywhere else than homeI am I N C A N D E S C E N T with rage
Retweeted by Imran KhanRemember that feeling as a kid when like. Pokémon would be on the cover of Time Magazine and you could show it to y…
Retweeted by Imran KhanPUT BUGSNAX IN MONSTER HUNTER RISEThe way that Monster Hunter direct was filmed makes me think it was standalone at one point. @mexitakitos Development is going at the normal pace @ran_num It only really became a thing in World to that extent.MH Rise seems to support different monster skeleton types again, which bodes well for the future of the series. Wor… OrationFuck yeah Monster Hunter Stories which I don't really care aboutthis tweet has been sitting in drafts for 24 hoursfuck yeah Monster Hunter @ColdmanHot okay apologiesAre y’all ready for some VIDEO GAMESThere’s only two ways to preorder a console: - Be a bot - Just stare at Wario64’s twitter all day @tamoorh More cushion for the physical media @NickRegnier It's not a PS4 game but this Demon's Souls comparison was neat. 2 better take advantage of that SSD because I am not sitting through those load times againNo more Canadians are allowed to reply to this @firstadopter right what I'm saying is that would be $70Nintendo: Here's Xenoblade X for Switch, for siiiiiii-- Fans: Yyyyyes? Nintendo: Sssseeeeee-- Fans: No no no one… no one tell Nintendo that people are buying $70 games now @BogdonoffJake I mean, unless Wario64 made it up, then some people haveJoey was the first customer in the world to own a PS4. You'd figure he'd get a special email. @duckvalentine @AStraww! Garlic noodles with shrimp. mean, beyond the horror of this statement, it's also like...not true, right? Florida is a swing state and it's te…
Let me get this straight. In your wildest fantasy, the world has ended, zombies are everywhere and women STILL hav…
Retweeted by Imran Khan @franmirabella @GameStop I did but they paid me severance for it @duckvalentine Guide: What is a Chuckster @denvergaming303 A lack of advanced notice helps scalper bots unless the people setting up the bots were literally…