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Thank you all for making such a positive impact in my life. ❤️Sadge that's my 45 years old streamer Sadge @imSethDrums
Retweeted by SethDrums @Rawan_n96_ Are you kidding meClick here for basic content me for concept rights, I accept donations, gift subs, and twitter follows. this happened..👻 don’t think I’ll be getting a sponsorship from @meinlcymbals anytime soon 😬 @MiltonTPike1 think everyone deserves $750 each for having to endure that.. I’m going to go cry myself to sleep now 😪Here’s a cactus to sit on, which is less painful than watching this debate.. is like Among Us
My snare sounds better than St. Anger LIVE @Ninja Among Us? 👀
@jenntacles_ @DNPthree @Ninja @TPAIN @Kitboga @CB_Cowboy @MiltonTPike1 Might as well throw @actionjaxon on this👏👏👏 @DNPthree @Ninja @TPAIN @Kitboga @CB_Cowboy @MiltonTPike1 LETS GET ITCareful what you wish for @timthetatman I think I got it down @WyattStav got my Instagram back! 👏 I was disabled for “breaking ToS” 😳 the hackers used an exploit to get my account… @JessicaBlevins @Lilbunnyfuufu I really gotta do quarterly taxes. Sounds like a huge life savior @jayarrrr_ I would have pooped my pants if I were in this voice chat 😂 @DarkCometh 4 hits hard too.. but 3 still makes me sob like a babyToy Story 3 wrecks me more than any other movie I’ve seen 😭 😭Throwback to TC2019 when some of my mods convinced Starbucks my name was Steve 😪
@timthetatman yikes..Hope y’all are enjoying the weekend ❤️😪
This is how you get around DMCA strikes.. @TheStBlaine @WW_H3IS3NB3RG @DrLupo @timthetatman 🥚 @WW_H3IS3NB3RG @DrLupo @timthetatman LOLGoing through last years TC pics and for some reason I have a pic of @DrLupo talking to @timthetatman 😂😂 guess it actually worked 😂😂 budget is tax deductible, right @timthetatman?
I was planning on taking the day off.. but I just like streaming too much @CouRageJD that thumbnail of Tim tho. LOL @TPAIN LOL @CouRageJD @pokimanelol @dantdm @Valkyrae @Sykkuno @timthetatman @NoahJ456 @cloakzy @DisguisedToast
Today we hit a follower milestone that I never thought would be possible. Thank you for everything Thursday PogU @DNPthree @actionjaxon Do you just have to rub it in?😪 @Big_E #supportsmallstreamersDude? @actionjaxon’all continue to blow my mind every single day ❤️ I’m so glad I quit my job 2 years ago to be a full time streamer… @MiltonTPike1 Can you touch my butt too?
@actionjaxon context @imSethDrums
Retweeted by SethDrumsHey it me @JDdotST @timthetatman 2? @vure89 clipped the notification sound and put it on an alert.. smh my head Pain. Chatterino reset during stream and all my settings defaulted.. 😂🔥’s such a sweet heart ❤️ 🐶 @MiltonTPike1 And we are lucky to have you. Even tho you’re a poop face
@MiltonTPike1 @IntelGaming 2sday @theangel0fd34th @CouRageJD @timthetatman FactsWhy are some people on the internet so angry? is the video I followed. Step by step. 👏 absolutely love the customizations you can do with iOS14 @ONE_shot_GURL omg @JohnOwe16123053 @timthetatman Imagine thinking I’m serious @timthetatman I’ll get a follow back in a week and a half
So I wore my Apple Watch for the first time during stream today... and this was the Fitness results 😳 sore today but going to sit behind the drums and maybe play two songs.. which is pretty normal @vure89 @MrBeastYT This is actually big brain ideaThe best version of Blinding Lights you will ever hear. @FallGuysGame @timthetatman 😂😂😂I had a wonderful weekend! I’m so rejuvenated and ready for a full week of streams! See y’all tomorrow 👏👏
@MiltonTPike1 @timthetatman LETS GOOOOOOOO @timthetatman HOLY FRICK @timthetatman sorry about the Cowboys @TPAIN Will you check my MySpace page tho?I grew up here ☺️ @CB_Cowboy @TPAIN When we doing a record CBC? 😂My first tube experience ended well ☠️
I hope y’all are having a wonderful weekend! I went tubing for the first time and pretty sure my soul left my body…
@TPAIN @CB_Cowboy I have to cover this 💪 @ONE_shot_GURL Julie you’re so toxic 😂😂Hey friends, I'm taking the weekend off from streaming and social media! I haven't decompressed in a long time and… @Ninja Oof I’ve been there 😞
I am blessed to have such a wonderful community ❤️ @LisaMachine_ If I can get one LOL @MiltonTPike1 I need to hear this ❤️Last stream of the week Get in here 💪 this what PAIN feels like when someone makes fun of your dent? @timthetatman @TheKingMalikai I’m unfollowing you @TheKingMalikai I hate youSadge
Thank you all for continuing keeping us in your positive thoughts and your much needed prayersBaby Update: Today was the 2nd baby doctor visit. Wife is 12 weeks and both are healthy and feeling much better ❤️👶I have the worst luck 🥲 Marbles and Coffee Stream ☕️ might be the best Fall Guys player I know.. 👀 @actionjaxon Thanks brother @HeydoubleU You deserve the world 🌎 incredible talent ❤️ @AMexicanDelight Yeah.. that’s not my name