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Fortnite for @optimalambition Business Inquires: @carterpulse Code Sticks @scufgaming

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@Avivv5 Nah it’s terribleFNCS OPENS WITH JERIAN AND JAYTH @itsminski @OptimalAmbition 😢 @MeroFN @NewAgeTNA Noice @jaythofficial @itsJerian LFT @BankTellerFN Stream with anonymous off @GLACESZN @gabefn_ 50 likes I snake @itsJerian right now @jaythofficial @itsJerian GAME DAY @TheSommerset @fnstrep Wow @L2Coop_ Great shot @Kn1pher Me you Jays grand Royale @Kn1pher I miss us. @zyfaFN I’ll outwork xas any day @Megga Happy birthday!The real reason Sticks has been working out so much 💪🏽
Retweeted by OA Sticks @OptimalAmbition @itsJerianI am proud of you @LifewPanda @magicallifewem Happy anniversary to you guys!we live tap in @ZitoFN_ Making me blush, about to go live @ZitoFN_ Thank you for these
Go like @notpandda Hahahha @notpandda No but like someone who isn’t really shy to girls @looterzx WOAHHH BRAR @KoolDad33 Golf it is ⛳️I want someone to travel and vlog withI think the 2nd dose is hitting @whofishy now for ending early feeling awful going to take a nap might be live later if I feel better @QueasyFN Same this 2nd dose sucks @La1em Keep trying to find people I found knipher and Jays like 12 hours before fncs and we did so wellwe live @Tkaylol I’ve had so many good ones, try and always reach out to people or joke around on Twitter a lot @SeemTV I agree this 2nd dose sucks though @DoodlebobGG YeahI feel like ass today @BankTellerFN Yea @tabnae Ily tabnae @Kehnys_ @ajo1x MF 18 sounds 42 with a wife 2 kids and a mortgage @BankTellerFN COVID teller @parrrrrot It’s a pretty good gig @yuz1x Earnings check @ajo1x This isn’t even beef he’s just the younger brother and they always are better @ryswtf Ily2 @rivurfn This is the most attention you’ll get on Twitter all year we good lil bro @zcoderr Yo sup duo @zcoderr @Nosngg 😂 it’s all trolls @Nosngg You’re at the peak of your skill @kburbs_ @kuzafn You both better hush @Bullywyd If I have you a handshake your wrist would snap @rivurfn I looked today 270. Look at your career💀💀 @NotVzone How long you been a FA for? @rivurfn Look at your fucking bio @Mikey_Brite You live in the shadows of being good at competitive @Bullywyd You need some of this @Mikey_Brite @ZakRLuce Following to followed ratio @SeemTV I would stomp youTL dry anyone want to start some beef @edwiin Imy downloading war zone rn @edwiin Actually so happy I met you, one of the homies and so fucking funny @AcornFN 👀👀👀👀No stream tonight will be live tomorrow morning
@whofishy New drip 👀Did you know there were deadside rotates in moving zones?? @ your igls to make sure they watch this video ♥️♻️…
Retweeted by OA Sticks @cexyRL @Ved_fn Damn you really got me bro @Ved_fn Go to class you’re going to be late @Sceptic 6,345 @LarsonFN_ MF you should be looking for your homework in your backpackFully vaccinated gamer ✅ @ZitoFN_ WowPro Viber pull up night vibing (trio fills with jerian)
Live after test event or if we qual for finals VID OUT NOW
Retweeted by OA Sticks @OhReckz We’re goodNeed new mods that can be active in the morning/run predictions/be there to time people out. If you wish to apply dm meWE LIVE ALL DAY @TijnDenH @itsJerian Yes daddy @notpandda I don’t know you @Kn1pher ill be on at 9am LOL going to bedshould we start hosting late night censtick TRIOSJERIAN'S DISH BABY
Retweeted by OA Sticks @jaythofficial @TwitchAv JERIANS DISH
@FaZeBizzle @notpandda WoahI miss it so much 😢 @Binskyy1TTV @looterzx Wears @excelvfx I miss youIn da sauna org excited….. @AussieAntics PreachCenStick Scrims of the morning @tncwFN YUPIf u got notis on and want a follow just ask @L2Coop_ Ratio