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Harini Venkataraman @ImVHarini Madras, Nalla Madras

Loves Cricket and Badminton. Twitter Addict. Amateur Blogger. Not What You Would Expect.

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@jaggenius @Raaga_Suresh @Raaga_Suresh @jaggenius Anushka Anni kandukka maatanga 😌 @KarthikKeramalu I hate ketchup. No thanks. @jaggenius Hello, spring in bat laan enga baby pannamaataar. @_curses There, there. @hariniraghavann Omg. Same. Is this a Harini thing? :Dmr. darcy when elizabeth tells him he’s the last man in the world she could ever be prevailed upon to marry
Retweeted by Harini Venkataraman @_curses Responsibilities vera. Yes yes. Y00th Bois can't be president. Only experienced folks can be. @_curses whether this is your alt? @KarthikKeramalu You eat what with what the what? @accidentlwriter @NameFieldmt @Ungaayaa Piravi* only. Autocorrect seiyyum sadhi. @sahazinator @WhiskeyNotFound Are these even real places or map of Westeros? Maybe he's a mythical creature Saz. Ju… @_curses @NameFieldmt @Ungaayaa @NameFieldmt @Ungaayaa Orey puravi no.4 or no.5? @WhiskeyNotFound @sahazinator I wonder if his cook graamam can be found even on Google maps. Will throw chappal at… @sahazinator Smithy no? Should throw chappal from here to his cook graamam. @chilluvandu Me to any non-human living beings in my space: @wolfiehere5 @subjudiced Who who? What what? @subjudiced Indha karmathukku dhaan nethiki outage ah @NameFieldmt Na poi vela continue panaren🤧🤧 @NameFieldmt So you also don't have leave today and doing velai? Please tell yes and give me company. @NameFieldmt @subjudiced @saidai007 This is worse damage than calling him showoffer😂😂😂 @ajaw_ Work, you mean? Aabice work only. @jiljilramamani Illaingo. They don't care about yesunaadhar.Me: *seriously working* Mindvoice: outbreak in India: April 9: 6,000 cases April 7: 5,000 cases April 5: 4,000 cases April 3: 3,000 c…
Retweeted by Harini Venkataraman @Ajumplakdibampa @KarthikKeramalu update, India: - Maharashtra: 1,364 cases - Tamil Nadu: 834 cases - Delhi: 720 cases - Telengana: 471…
Retweeted by Harini Venkataraman @Blahktweets @saidai007 Right-u! @saidai007 Rather now than April 14th 08.00 p.m.I recommend you read all the books Joe Stiglitz recommends.
Retweeted by Harini Venkataraman#DoYouHaveAMinuteSeries #dyhams . Kannodu Kaanbathellaam . #RajheshVaidhya @UAudio
Retweeted by Harini VenkataramanHere's a Spotify Playlist for those feels on a rainy day when you're craving for some @arrahman tunes. A selection…
Retweeted by Harini VenkataramanIndia receives 170,000 PPEs donated by China
Retweeted by Harini Venkataraman @miks_mix93 Or they are gonna send us first. @miks_mix93 Oh when I said this yesterday to a bunch of folks, all I got in reply was I should be grateful I am not… @shrinivassg Oh okay. Mone keeps fluctuating one kg here and there. If I lose anymore only voice can be heard. I would have vanished. @shrinivassg Intentional weight-loss or adhuva nadakkudhu? @VaniArun18 😂😂😂This unique shot of a Kane Williamson team-talk by @barbour_scott was shortlisted in the Wisden-MCC Cricket Photo o…
Retweeted by Harini VenkataramanNEW: Number of recovered coronavirus patients in the U.S. has reached 25,000.
Retweeted by Harini Venkataraman @Bultaulta Hahahaha. That picture is a tell tale of how intelligently dumb they think their audience is. Vaanga set… @Bultaulta The media just presents what they see. And that's just numbers and not the story behind. I still stick t… @Bultaulta Developed nations are busy appointing Joshua Carltons so that developing nations also go behind markets like crazed men.Particularly bad day. Highest new cases in a day (809) Highest deaths in a day (46) No of recoveries sharply dow…
Retweeted by Harini VenkataramanCould this be the case in India as well at least for salaried employees? A lot of fringe expenses have been cut and… Zealand, always the good guys, right? Come to think of it...
Retweeted by Harini VenkataramanNEW: India reports 809 new cases of coronavirus and 46 new deaths. A total of 6,725 cases and 227 deaths.
Retweeted by Harini Venkataraman @Karaboondi @yamsivam He was the mostest amazing test all-rounder when I started watching the game in 2011. @Karaboondi @yamsivam A Stuart Broad compilation? No? No. @yamsivam Starc literally has one of the smoothest actions 😲😲JUST IN: IMF says it anticipates the world economy will have the 'worst economic fallout since the Great Depression'
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@anantha It's just palli. Paavam. It's not hurting you. You don't hurt it. @SunOfGan @localteaparty All of you write Sri ramajeyam. @subjudiced Celeb!!!BREAKING: Italy reports 4,204 new cases of coronavirus and 610 new deaths. Total of 143,626 cases and 18,279 deaths.
Retweeted by Harini Venkataraman @subjudiced I had to literally tell someone the same. We are gonna back and screw the world twice of what we were d… testing 1... 2... 1... 2... @Eml_a Hi hi🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ @MokkaCheenu @podidosai Noooooooooo😢😢😢 Twitter, ezhundhuru. Ezhundhuru Twitter, ezhundhuru. @podidosai @MokkaCheenu Same to same. Mic testing 1..2..1..2.. @isarans Looks like partially down. TL is not refreshing. @isarans Adhu irukattum, is Twitter going down?100 doctors have now died in Italy due to coronavirus infection - Italian Association of Doctors
Retweeted by Harini Venkataraman @PuneerSoda 😂😂😂 mine was better. Indha madhiri laan no saabam.Mahishmati has not reported a single case of Covid19. This is what real leadership looks like.
Retweeted by Harini Venkataraman @NaanumEngineer Pch. Tweet pota rasikanum, verukannum. Araaya koodadhu. @PuneerSoda Pliss. you first join sararah. Fans thollai thangalai. @PuneerSoda @darrenrovell So a tennis tournament was better prepared for a pandemic than the US government?
Retweeted by Harini Venkataraman @YeahItshuMe Ayyo enna aachu man? @ChiniZyaada Woif made this cake also
Retweeted by Harini Venkataraman @yamsivam If teleportation was real, I knew where I should be right now. @flipbitigibbit Haha hi hi!Whattttt a shot that is!?
Retweeted by Harini VenkataramanJustIN: 96 new corona cases in TN today. Total goes up to 834. #covid19tamilnadu
Retweeted by Harini Venkataraman @sahazinator You are best fraand sazzz @sowmya08 😂😂😂😂 double reference win. @YeahItshuMe Spelling mukkiyam illa bigileeyy @anantha @pad_thaai I still didn't get why haun about oorgai🤔🤔 @Ajumplakdibampa We always fraands!Panch kalyani. If you get this reference, we are best fraands. @pad_thaai @_curses I respect elders🥺🥺 @pad_thaai @_curses P, don't join him. Na paavam🥺 @_curses @pad_thaai I saw uncle there and decided epdi irundhalum can't take photo as good as him and can suttufy from him. @_curses @pad_thaai 😂😂 ya right. @_curses @pad_thaai Naangalum scene poduvom. only lucky enough to get a copy of this capture by @omdop uncle. @_curses @pad_thaai Waitees. I will post fancy photo. @_curses @pad_thaai Only micham socham I got @pad_thaai Hey P, which disai la?Rainbow! 😍
Retweeted by Harini Venkataraman @sinamocha_ No time @_d33pi Vellakaar doesn't care about karthar. @_d33pi @MokkaCheenu Current poi one hour mela aachu. @Ajumplakdibampa @Blahktweets @Ajumplakdibampa @poeticgooner Ipdilaan usipethi🤧🤧 @anantha That's true.