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Harini Venkataraman @ImVHarini Madras, Nalla Madras

Loves Cricket and Badminton. Twitter Addict. Amateur Blogger. Not What You Would Expect.

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@Vijaynarain Why I never liked to eat dates and had to be forced. @_curses 😂😂😂😂 why not call me VK? Venkataraman's kuzhandai. Also someone else's initials🙊 @NagaValley @_curses Pei Kuzhandai, PK≈Me, according to @_curses. @NagaValley Nickname given my our genius Mr. @_curses @yamsivam @Karaboondi 😂😂😂😂😂😂 @yamsivam @Karaboondi Yes yes. Her chellakutty. I will be happy if Boult hits ton😂 @Karaboondi Sigh! Thitta kooda mudiyala. @_d33pi Same😂😂 so proud of all of us. @Karaboondi Hi Boondzzz. Got back very late and just woke up🙈
@Muneema Neengalum, unga poppies-um. @Muneema Can get drunk on those poppies itself 😍😍Onya J-Rod 😄 #T20WorldCup | #TeamIndia
Retweeted by Harini Venkataraman @Muneema Et tu, Muneems?? @Muneema Ooh. Is it me?😋😋Occasional reminder that there's an entire world out there.😂
Retweeted by Harini VenkataramanKryptonite 🤤🤤🤤 @WhiskeyOnCoffee Nah. But sometimes I also acknowledge the fact that they put visible efforts to ensure the gen gap… see your one hand six and I raise you to One Leg six #SirJadeja #CSK #Yellove
Retweeted by Harini Venkataraman @MeadowByTheSea @Muneema Muneems has linked song. Pliss to sekk reply🙊 @WhiskeyOnCoffee It was banned and then republished I think. But damn, hit home so hard. I was born after 6 years o… @WhiskeyOnCoffee I got them gifted🙈🙈 checked Amazon? @WhiskeyOnCoffee You gotta read the sequels. Perumal Murugan is the best thing to happen to me in 2020. @TapiocaChip Match made on pitch😍😍 @NameFieldmt @NameFieldmt The day I had food poisoning and had to book tickets for parents, I almost felt pukish out of the anxi… @psubatman @Blahktweets @subjudiced Nope 😕 next Holiday is March 25th for Ugadi. Nothing in between. @psubatman @Blahktweets @subjudiced But need to go to office no? Can't be napping whole day at the desk. @YeahItshuMe @Muneema @psubatman @Blahktweets @subjudiced Why you always attacking my boi? I woke up at 03.30, but unfortunately went bac… @NameFieldmt Yesss. And the song with subtitles. They are terrorized for life now😂😂 "Woh Kya Kar rahi Hain" "Uska… @NameFieldmt Paavam Mummy. Also also I made you all proud by introducing THE sivarathiri song to Amits. Reactions were EPIC. @aruink_ @saidai007 @Muneema This and all is proof I am innocent. @NameFieldmt Wow. But it's not leave under NI no? Coz my mummy rushed to aabice. @Muneema Oh. Very sarrry! Non-happening life here. I woke up for Kirket. @NameFieldmt Sivarathiri leave edhu hooiii? @Muneema 🥺🥺 @Muneema Wassa Sangeetha swarangal? @amabirdman @NameFieldmt He looks better now. But unfortunately no shirtless pics released. @Muneema Ya same Muneems🙈🙈 @amabirdman @NameFieldmt Slight delay. Just saw. Hmmppphhh😒😒😒 @saidai007 Pala naal aasai. They gave such judgy looks, it was so much fun to watch. @podidosai He needs to be thrown out. Along with a bunch of others. @saidai007 I showed this song to Amits yesterday and scandalized them like anything 😂😂 @podidosai Have to pity the co-commentators. They don't have mute option either. @podidosai 😂😂😂😂 that was so funny. @soundarya_b That was me in childhood 😂😂The drum beats at the stadium sound very namma ooru-ish. #NZvINDTook a kutty nap and drifted into sleep. What a mess of a score🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️ #NZvIND
Wow. Wish I was proven wrong. Wow. Every single nightmare is back now. #NZvIND @_curses 😢😢 manichoo. I am sorry. @AdobePaavi And consistently and persistently bowled well😢😢This Jamieson is gonna tormet us as badly as James Anderson no? Noooooooo. #NZvIND @ChiniZyaada @Karaboondi Just thought I can rely on Pujara to take a kutty nap. Head barely hit the pillow. @Granger_Gab Your instinct 😭😭😭 @_curses Iyaam very sorry. At least you have match for company today. @Karaboondi @ChiniZyaada In the end, kirket is the real winner. @_curses Still Hort broken. I was aathifying tea in aal illadha tea kadai. Also does this mean you generally wake up at 05.00 a.m?😳😳 @_curses I think my Hort break could have been heard all the way to Luru. @Karaboondi @ChiniZyaada Kinda surprised that. With all the drizzle too. It looks so normal. Or have our players been that good?🙊 @ChiniZyaada @Karaboondi sollunga sollunga. @ChiniZyaada Boondz, yaaru indha we? @ChiniZyaada But the ball isn't taking off from the pitch as much as the green shows. Carry is normal-ish only. @AdobePaavi @ChiniZyaada Just trying to exorcize the ghosts of the past. @ChiniZyaada Double digits Chini. Next wicket after we reach triple digits only. Don't worry. @jambukes 20 years old meanski kid only.Beautiful ball though. Squared him up completely. Uff. #NZvIND @_curses Hello! Good morning. @jambukes At least double digits before 1st wicket.Shaw misses the line completely. Not a bad start at all. Good job kid. #NZvIND @Granger_Gab So unfair on Saha. Pant still has aeons ahead of him. @Granger_Gab Kohli likes to grab headlines with his bizzare selections. No other rational explanation.v @sidvee Find it a little harsh on Saha. Hope it doesn't come to a point where Kohli calls this selection a brain fade.Welcome back Boultie❤️❤️ #NZvIND self plug🙈🙈 But Happy Test Match Day TL!! #NZvIND💥 + ⚡️Waking up to a picture of Boom and Boult 💙 What’s our new bowling pair talking about? 😉 #OneFamily
Retweeted by Harini Venkataraman @CricCrazyJohns Oh woah! But we are playing them after 6 years.Ooh andddd Trent Boult finally finally back😍😍😍 #NZvINDPant gets the box ahead of Saha. Shaw is in too. Umesh Yadav, sad to miss him out but our pace attack is that great… win the toss and we are batting first. All the best boys💙💙💙 #NZvIND @_ajayv @pepsiwithastraw Oh noes. Now I can't come up with any counters. You have won this round. @saidai007 Andha kaapi?🧐🧐 @pepsiwithastraw @Neelaambarii Cha. Poll addressed to wrong audience 🙊🙊 @_ajayv @pepsiwithastraw Then Sri Lanka has all qualifications to be Chennai. Apdiye slightly travel west, oh wow,… @visheshunni @NameFieldmt I never said this is city. I am outskirts already. As I travel to airport, I apdiye reach Luru. @_ajayv @pepsiwithastraw 😂😂😂😂😂 this is precisely why I think in some days, Sri Lanka will be greater Chennai. @podidosai Amazing 😍😍Stuck in head whole day #podzkillzsongs #vidyasagarveriyans
Retweeted by Harini Venkataraman @pepsiwithastraw @ayshwer_ram Anna Nagar is more city than Adambakkam or tambaram 🙊 @harishsankar7 @hsegoYAS I used to think Ramapuram is outskirts. So..... @SoundTrackIndia @amabirdman @_curses @_viju Please touch heart and tell. Is this kuzhandai anywhere scary like tha… @pepsiwithastraw Very very sorry Pepsi. That city people itself is me. This poll is because I was arguing with my o… @debasmitabasu Ma'am, it still 'feels' outside the city. Like soooo far away. And they are suburbs. Still not THE city. @amabirdman Then gonna tweak criteria. 15 km from station 🤭 @_d33pi My brother called it Hades' underworld. @sathya1405 @amabirdman Apdiye station ku podunga paakalaam. @amabirdman Whaaaaaat? Kandipa will be at more distance from station. @aruink_ @MokkaCheenu Biriyani? Even better la? @amabirdman How even? We should keep some criteria. Within 20 km from both airport and station should only be considered. @aruink_ @MokkaCheenu Apa solradha mattum seinga. Put no.