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Icelandic Valorant player for @DivizeGG

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🐷 celebration of joining Divize I will be giving out the new bundle. Just follow @in0X_fps and @DIVIZEGG and tag…
Retweeted by DIVIZE In0X 🇮🇸 @Apothval @DIVIZEGG lets have a good game!4-1 in #VCT made it to 2nd day #DivizeAndConquer
Retweeted by DIVIZE In0X 🇮🇸4-1 today. Really sloppy day from us, we'll have it tightened up for tomorrow. GG @D2Eesports
@real1witness My dms are legit always open, don't really understand why you even post this without hitting up at least one of us XDGG #electiq #Eclectiq we win the series 2-0 and move on to the round of 64! 💪 #DivizeAndConquer
Retweeted by DIVIZE In0X 🇮🇸Road to Berlin starts here! 💪🤞 We face #Eclectiq round1 (off stream) stay tuned for Live updates throughout the…
Retweeted by DIVIZE In0X 🇮🇸If things go smoothly, we’ll make this happen!
Retweeted by DIVIZE In0X 🇮🇸 @BSteinbekk Satt er thad, buinn ad vera long saga. Spjalla a eftir? @HarmonyyVAL @jspVAL DTE don’t have S2A anymore, they don’t stand a chance. @Yazzyxz 😂😂 @TrickAIM Likewise brotha <3. Happy to hear that you're moving, gonna be scary to play you on good pingVCT later today, good luck to everyone playing in it, I wanna see some upsets(but not against us) @Blizzy_w @DIVIZEGG No worries, I’ll make sure you to count you in! @blazeknife317 @DIVIZEGG No worries, I’ll make sure to tally you in! @Nighty10k I remember having 10 streams open at the same time even after they tweeted that having multiple streams open didn't matter.Every time I make a new account, I hear the Valorant music and just get instant flashbacks to the day I got the twitch drops on day one.Cracked gamer is live
Retweeted by DIVIZE In0X 🇮🇸100$ SENTINELS OF LIGHT BUNDLE GIVEAWAY, to celebrate our new VALORANT team! 🌟💰 - like + retweet ♻️ - follow…
Retweeted by DIVIZE In0X 🇮🇸
@TuckerDoubleYew shhhh XDDDWill be rolling the winner on the 30th of July!In celebration of joining Divize I will be giving out the new bundle. Just follow @in0X_fps and @DIVIZEGG and tag…'s been 5 months since we created this brand. Today we're excited that @1pwny @Tsuyaval @in0X_fps @jovahnii
Retweeted by DIVIZE In0X 🇮🇸 @VaporLX Appreciate it Vapor <3 @AyeStreak 😈😈Exclusive: Cosmic Divide, the free agent team that recently defeated Ghost in the NSG Open 12, have been signed.…
Retweeted by DIVIZE In0X 🇮🇸I've always had to start my own teams or have been a part of start ups. It just seemed fitting that my first opport…"No more"
Retweeted by DIVIZE In0X 🇮🇸 @theScoreesports @nerdstreet You better re upload and tag the player? @SammayTV @SoaRDusa It’s like paradise 🥴 @scoob_fps listened to the interview about @daps thoughts on Valorant this morning at the gym. And he said something really…
Retweeted by DIVIZE In0X 🇮🇸"No more" @Yazzyxz @GhostGaming Thanks Mr.Yazzy @FrostyValorant @GhostGaming Thanks fam, excited to see what's next up for you <3 @KP_fps @GhostGaming here is the interview.When you have 5 brains working instead of 1-2. Thankful to have a great group of guys with me, love you guys…'ve recently started relinquishing a lot of control, and focusing more on how my teammates can contribute and less… we have so many abilities, and since the game is so new, the better your players can be at adapting on the fl… listened to the interview about @daps thoughts on Valorant this morning at the gym. And he said something really… @Scrounge_ Good to hear bro, hope for a fast recovery!We’re already getting poached 😭 @lorrian_ @GhostGaming SHEEEEEEEESHH @1dianazzz @GhostGaming THANKS DIANA! @TeddyTran_ @jovahnii @Tsuyaval <3As first reported by @480Wrap , @CosmicDivideGG is being signed by @dignitas . This is a big roster upgrade for Dig…
Retweeted by DIVIZE In0X 🇮🇸 @jordan_196 @GhostGaming thanks <3 @koalanoob played really fucking well today, the guys over at Ghost are really lucky to have such a flexible player… to @CosmicDivideGG, the winners of our $2500 VALORANT Summer Champs Open #12! 🏆 @in0X_fps 🏆…
Retweeted by DIVIZE In0X 🇮🇸 @FlungVal @CosmicDivideGG @VanguardChamps @Jonaaa6_VAL @StealthyNP @JPARKJMC @ChurmZz what? @JaxsenFPS @GhostGaming I'm sorry ;.; @venture_fps @GhostGaming <3GG 2-0 @GhostGaming And we're your NSG Weekly winners! @MatthewCElmore WTF IS THAT GOOGLE TRANSLATE XDDDDD the stream against my old teammate @koalanoob for the finals. GLHF friend <3 @menace_val @realmocking The good VCS days where you guys just 5 man rushed2-0!! GG @realmocking and co. Might have been the most frustrating team I've played against since Phoenix1. You guys played well!
U better fucking follow him right now...'s @carpenoctem_gg We win 2-0, was a pretty rough series from me but a dub is a dub.I played dog, thats a 13-0 if I just don't troll. Dialing in for map 2 @Glorinsz lamb>After taking some time off, I’m ready to commit to a team again. LFT as a coach and or supporting member of one.…
Retweeted by DIVIZE In0X 🇮🇸Thanks for all the love yesterday. Crazy how great this community is ❤️ @ingogud Takk Pabbs ❤️It only took 15 months. Excited to get to work 😈
Retweeted by DIVIZE In0X 🇮🇸 @Jeremy9000CSGO Thanks Jeremy ❤️ @ChoicePlays Thanks Nathan, love you brotha 😄Couldn’t do it without her support ❤️ @magnuszzz Alls ekki, fullt at fólki í Ameriku sem fór frá esea till Valorant sidustu manudina. Version 1 var bara… @jovahnii Go to bed @boba_val Hope you’ve been good Boba ❤️ @Hiltonators Appreciate it Hilton ❤️🙈 @AustinIRL Appreciate it Austin ❤️ @StonkBear LETS GOOOOO @LouVLRT_ Thank you Lou ❤️ @KP_fps Love you so much fam ❤️ it was definitely a journey for the both of us. Definitely helped ranting to you ab… @dudeitsaduck ❤️❤️❤️❤️ love your Chris @venture_fps Thank you! You’ve been looking like a monster, happy for your recent success man ❤️ @theKingFPS_ Fuck... @realmocking 🤌🏻We go again!🤠
Retweeted by DIVIZE In0X 🇮🇸It only took 15 months. Excited to get to work 😈 @koalanoob @SammayTV 🤫👀GG @TealSeam we go onto day 2 25 push-ups due today from the amount of ecos lost.
@OkinFPS @1pwny yall weird for thisWE ARE READY FOR TODAY!!!!
Retweeted by DIVIZE In0X 🇮🇸 @OkinFPS GG fam <3Topped our group GG #Levitate and @YFPGamingLive we top our group, VCS practice paid of yesterday.WE ARE READY FOR TODAY!!!! hours of VCS, 3 hours of vod review. I’ll see everyone for NSG tomorrow 😴 @Scrounge_ @FrostyValorant Grats on your first VCS win XD
@VaporLX @ItsJLip @realPrainex Same ...