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Icelandic Valorant player and IGL for @

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The 11 million paying off XDPerkz thinks he’s still playing for EU @khanartistval @MaestroMJ3 put it in the budget @khanartistval just buy one
Only NFT I would ever consider buying is Mekaverse. Its like owning a $5000 bionicle.Gotta love these up and coming esports historians. @Xeph0r ;(
@KingFPS__ @menace_val It’s true, he was the water boy @qtpanini That is insane, so happy for you guys! @EMUHLEET @FlippyBitsGG @Hiko Esports arena at Santa Ana was always a good time thoughnot again...
Hard vouch @rxprive Imma need it @venture_fps Appreciate you dude, glad to see you popping off. @902Creed Can’t do anything but roll with the punches. We’ve got a squad here, we’ll be alright. @GoldenPhilly Appreciate the words man ❤️ @ChoicePlays Appreciate you Choice, glad to see things working out for you, and excited to meet up in December ❤️Regarding today Read: @ScrewFaceVAL @FrostyValorant @CosmicDivideGG Ayo chill @DsK_cs @CosmicDivideGG That’s kinda fireHelp @GeorgeCGed Feel better brother, take care of yourself <3
@madafps Thanks Mada! @480wrap @witnessqq Yep, I will say. We have always been paid, payments were never late. That's why i tried to emph… @GeorgeCGed Appreciate you George @Glorinsz Appreciate you Glorinz ❤️grind is far from over. we will be sticking together as a team LFO but also open to individual offers as free agents
Retweeted by In0X 🇮🇸With that being said. We’re all planning on sticking together, and we will be actively looking for a new home. We’r… my time with them, they never missed a payment. Just some unfortunate events :/ @KOLER1337 You guys going to this? @KOLER1337 Dude, I went for a run this morning. It felt amazing to actually run with a wind breaker on.I've gone through my contract negotiations pretty much solo so far and it's opened my eyes to the benefits of an ag… @koalanoob Dude, I spit out my redbull when I saw that shit...c9 at worlds.
GG’s to @Immortals always fun playing them. Pretty sure 9 of my 11 kills were only sherrifs... vs @Immortals right now
Retweeted by In0X 🇮🇸Im about to mute the word covid/vaccine/ and passport. Some moronic takes out there, and it’s everywhere.Kinda crazy that i have 6200 rounds recorded on the spike 0.08 teams remain for #KnightsGauntlet: Dance of the Skulls! 💀 @KnightsGG 💀 @PioneersGG 💀 @TheMafiaVAL 💀 @Complexity
Retweeted by In0X 🇮🇸 @texerino Yo @BlackHeartVAL Brand new team brotha, gotta get comfortable. You’ve come a long way and you’re insane. Next tourney… @NotReduxx Nutter*** @NotReduxx All good butter, anyone that’s anyone knows how good you are. Don’t worry about the nobodies @NotReduxx Who's the dumbass telling you otherwise? You're fucking insaneShall we test your immortality again @Immortals? See ya tomorrow
Retweeted by In0X 🇮🇸Yo coaches who used to be players, which do you think is more stressful, playing or coaching? Feel like I'm gonna h…
Retweeted by In0X 🇮🇸Wow lots of close games today. My teams mental is indomitable. ggs to all the teams we played today. Ro16 vs…
Retweeted by In0X 🇮🇸We kept some insane composure today. 2 insane comebacks on Icebox, just gotta tighten up a little. GG @TeamSerenity
GG @akrewhq Almost tossed the 10-2 lead. They're a tough fucking team. Playing @TeamSerenity in top 16 @C0Mtweets @DIVIZEGG GG's man, ya'll made us fucking sweatWe love making it hard for ourselves 2-1 and we make it out of groups. 4-10 comeback on last map ~.~Who complains the most about fps and lag on your team? And why is it the Jett player?
Retweeted by In0X 🇮🇸 @venture_fps sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh @koalanoob Let me grab my glasses real quickWho complains the most about fps and lag on your team? And why is it the Jett player?
@Lear_VAL LETS GOOOO @Apex_VL nah, put the Raze away
@DsK_cs @zecK_VAL bet @DsK_cs @zecK_VAL we getting food? @zecK_VAL @DsK_cs what i would do to give Dane a fat smoooooch @shoukrrrr Congrats big dog @Nurfed I mean we thrive in this groups formatAssuming this was done since it’s on a weekday so people that have work/school don’t have to stay up until 1-2 am.… personally was a much bigger fan of the GSL format with bo1 upper, bo1 first round lower and bo3 decided match to…
i found xceed
Retweeted by In0X 🇮🇸 @Unholykid3 Ohhh did they? What’s changed then from the norm? @cozyjozie Look forward to it, good luck! @cozyjozie You casting? @WedidOfficial @jovahnii are starting to click. Excited for knights on Saturday, even though it’s gonna be tough with the format.Corey told me to retweet this
@JonjiJlc Let em know @StealthyNP u got me on linkWhat alt coins we holding? Currently holding Ada and Link, thinking about Dot as well but open to suggestions @khanartist9 They’d be the bestIf only my ranked teammates tried as hard in ranked as they do in DM’s
Retweeted by In0X 🇮🇸If only my ranked teammates tried as hard in ranked as they do in DM’s @Drenit_tv Shiiiii, 5 dollar coin flip? Fuck itYo, what’s app came back up a few hours ago, why she not text me back? @snirott I’ve been waiting 4 months for mine @snirott Aight so you give me half for not playing with me 2 weeks ago? Shit would've been free
Ask him for his Twitter and this dude gonna get real silent... @TrickAIM I'm pretty sure It got moved to Berlin due to CovidKind of incredible that Iceland gets to host 2 huge international tournaments in 1 year. @frostyZK Wish I wasn't halfway across the world from family ;.; @ChoicePlays ^.^ @snirott @Valkyrae What have you done @snirott @Valkyrae ayo?Welcoming the next 4 invited teams for the #KnightsGauntlet Dance of the Skulls! 💃💀 💀 @DIVIZEGG 💀 @RadianceGG 💀…
Retweeted by In0X 🇮🇸Vouch for a fellow 7 time vcs champ @ChoicePlays @VanguardChamps U better @ChurmZz @1pwny @VanguardChamps @GameArenaCBUS 180 for the flight??? Sheeesh i'm excited @1pwny @ChurmZz @VanguardChamps @GameArenaCBUS wait hello? can i go?
@rxprive happy birthday big guy
@issfanfan Gratz Tina!
We will be keeping an eye on this one 🧐
Retweeted by In0X 🇮🇸
@_Bewd @playnewworld make a group of 5 @XSET @ARIANARCHIST @starriebun @LynnieNoquez @marynah_1 @ellietwitches @NotDuckyD Congrats @ARIANARCHISTThe time has come... 😈🔥 We're extremely excited to introduce to you our newest Valorant team. Welcome to XSET! 🥳…
Retweeted by In0X 🇮🇸 @ChurmZz @BlackHeartVAL I did ask you bozo, you initially said you didn't know it