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@itsbvg heyyyyy @roseuyrei rose @ashiibun heyyyy hehe @ignepiphanys hey😚 @stellariwnl IM NOT EVEN D2 @anowyd bro @kaiswrlds hate my life @resqwtf im sori :D @irittate we got similar names n everything we made 4 eachother @gotelolburner hes actually cutealright who want me @1kotaaa LMFAOOOOO @bbalenci_ BALENSHEEESH @urfavradiant U LOOK SO GOOD IN THAT COLOR @ignepiphanys DO NOT DELETE @l9vyy OMG LOL @tabplug yesssirrrr @cocoimao original is so much better this one feels rly rushed but its still decent
@m1zuree thats me @kyuaio TY SILLYCAT :DD @audestball gm!!! @Himacopter thank u logan. @jupiberi TY!! @_Cryptik tyy!! @playgirllashley TY ASHLEY😭😭😭 @crvingangvl LETS GOOOOOO @etn_val thank uuuu :D @getbusyiota tysm!! @Skylinedlol all good ur a d1 athlete !! @itsmarouS DUBSSSS @irittate THANK U BABY U GOT THIS @charris4422 scholar gangg!! les gooooim literally about to cry i thought it was guaranteed i ended apcs with a b but i think my teacher rounded it😭😭😭😭guys..i ended junior year with a 4.0 IM SO FUCKING HAPPY I DIDNT THINK I COULD DO IT🥲🥲🥲🥲 @prriz_ .. @kevsarcade oh wow @Chalebbob NOOOO @761caleb why are the 3’s so high bro @rmicIu ????????? Bro @kaiswrlds @travisscottsgf im so sorry @crvingangvl YAY @playgirllashley YES >.< @kaiswrlds oh wow hi @G0R3G3T0U I LUH U @G0R3G3T0U I JIST SAW THIS IM SO SORRY
@pohluhr @fIuffyzx @Evs2x @Chalebbob hi pola @audestball BREEZE MAP @Evs2x @Chalebbob @fIuffyzx he owns u @fIuffyzx i am so sorry @momo_4d well the other smoke usually always goes heaven or bench but the debate was primarily between those 2 smok… @incrimate @kevsarcade shut this down @audestball da headphonesss @porkswag sorry gang @bagelsq_ BAGELS WOW!!oh
Retweeted by inah @zefiyy uh @Teamwipe3 diamond😭 @ugliestpenguin i agree! i feel like backsite can be gained through different ways, not just going between the area… @Tuanturboy i can see ur point 100% and also agree blue is good for standard take, but i feel like smoking red afte… @infVAL_ definitely :p i feel like the blue smoke is just the default option for the standard short/shower take ont… @Asp3ctttt really good point :p blue smoke is really good for just the standard site taking, no faking at all!! but… @luvm1ku yup!! and i personally think that backsite control can even be gained through uhaul and the space between… @luvm1ku im like 90% sure u cant even see ct from shower unless theyre pushed up out of ct alrdy @zoubuo exactly :ppp like literally all people have to do is hold the smoke or molly it LOL @Evs2x Yup @lechugahair213 @docenlations reallll @seshiriaa_ im pretty sure its impossible to even SEE ct from either short or shower :p @Teamwipe3 100%, i feel like holding site as a defender from ct just provides zero value so whats the point of bein… @jacksonaliu yes exactly LOL @ssav1or agreed!! red is just so situational in ranked to the point where its kinda just considered trolling if u s…
@spoofzera i love ur mentality LOLOL @ajwdd either way i think that its impossible to take backsite first without taking front site, which is what the blue smoke does @ajwdd cant**** @ReDoFPS ya!!!! @jjasonl_ yes!!!!!!! yesyeyseysyes @itsmarouS yea yea yea! @resqwtf my thoughts EXACTLY @kromigf yea this is basically my thinking @ajwdd im pretty sure u can get peeked from ct through showers either the only time i would use red is when we have… @spoofzera if you're getting kept in short bc the person is peeking mid site/left of triple would u use the blue smoke in that case? @scrollval the standard take through short that u see in 99% of ranked games @Chalebbob red is just so extremely situational but never in my life would i smoke that when just doing the standar… @scrollval @wunjii he tilted in a diamond lobby and hasnt texted me at all after that😇 @wunjii @scrollval diamond ranked barely any comms and we kept getting peeked from left side triple/mid site (could barely get into site) @kayvalorant the standard take through short @wunjii god thank you so much @1nxsh THAT IS EXACTLY WHAT I SAID @wack_y kid claimed its because they can "sit in the blue smoke and then kill you"me: okay im gonna go and ask my 2k twitter followers in which a good majority of them are your so claimed immortal… @hyunfwo THATS WHAT IUM SAYING OH YM GPOD"if you watch any immortal/radiant games, youll see everyone doing the ct smoke. theyll just play inside the blue smoke so its bad"PERSONALLY I THINK THE BLUE SMOKE IS BETTER! @ashiibun my duo and i were arguing against this little kid bro i physicallyhey controller mains!! is the red or blue smoke better when executing A site? lmk!! @milkteaboards typical austin tweet @zoubuo 😻😻😻😻😻😻 @fIuffyzx ok @fIuffyzx ok drake
@ignepiphanys meeooowww @babagirl hiiii