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Quitting twitter for awhile.... luv you all 💚💚💚 GirlfriEND There is not end to Mach Hommy
Retweeted by SS3 @suicokes @theadamnfan Oh aightY’all listen to this garbage? So bad. 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
Retweeted by SS3 @theadamnfan Love it family @theadamnfan Isn’t he an actual incel @HHTStruggle ? @BlankFaceLP_ Dub for Views second, might be Drake’s most mature album lyrically tbhdon’t remember the last time i checked fleets what a fucking horrible and useless feature
Retweeted by SS3Leave Views hate in 2020 its time we all collectively grow up
Retweeted by SS3drake stans logging on to call Views underrated for the 50th time today
Retweeted by SS3 @bitchiwas999 Fr? Why? @BlankFaceLP_ You not old, just wise 🤝Still can’t believe Wow got sussed @BlankFaceLP_ -
Shit was just blowing up for no reason in the Gangnam Style videoNav has returned
Retweeted by SS3RIP to a real one.
Retweeted by SS3 @thoughtfulbae WTF @YSLRayyan 💀💀💀 @Hoad28_ Troll @lifeofjuliann Wait wtf did you get sussed? @DoctorSushiii Brooooo I’m so jealous 😫 @coltofff Some guy with a mask idk @lifeofjuliann You not rockin with the Mach-Hommy vibe ⁉️ @quasihh W, I would switch Drake and WSG but same otherwiseI would rank them in the order shown but switch Drake and WSGRank da top 6 artists 😲⁉️ track and her flows are very infectious 💆🏾‍♀️
Retweeted by SS3 @Hoad28_ Great album @thatguyjamari 🤝🤝🤝I love both WSG and DOOM but they not cut out for singing lmaoStevie Mach boy 🖤
Retweeted by SS3Yooo Eminem actually spittin😳🔥
Retweeted by SS3 @xxxtentacion04 ??? @hipvault Perfect albumTeacher talking about racial discrimination and I’m listening to thaiboy
Retweeted by SS3Both NEW topster! @thatguyjamari Very fair tbh @jpegcarlossss Drake is on the album 😲 I would never leave OVO behindNew Topster y'all 😲😲😁 How we feeling about this one? @mumblecrapper I can't get enough of it lately, it's astonishingly good
Retweeted by SS3Kiss Land is better than After Hours. It took me awhile to get there, but I've seen the light @quasihh It actually might beWhat the fuck not my usual style but holy
Retweeted by SS3Kiss Land is an actual masterpiece holy shit @peteshin3 Oh fr???? @notKissingpink Need @ChonkyfireAQ @BlankFaceLP_ Probably quite a Trip to listen to as well I betBe Happy!
Retweeted by SS3 @BlankFaceLP_ No Young Thug.... #oldheadalert Great list though fr @chardaniels8288 Happily @chardaniels8288 Jk, I Knew You Were Trouble @chardaniels8288 Sky 😁 @herr__naphta @Personator13 @juuj69 No it’s not lol
Retweeted by SS3Max's top 15 songs of all time: THREAD As you could expect, coming up with just 10 FAVOURITE songs was beyond diff…
Retweeted by SS3 @zimzalabimbot @BlankFaceLP_ 😭😭😭 @BlankFaceLP_ 💀 @BlankFaceLP_ What happened? @BlankFaceLP_ Lord Have Mercy @PrettyMuchBlack MASSIVE W HOLY COWMeek Mill when he saw them kids in Atlanta selling drinks 😭
Retweeted by SS3 @take_sucks Welcome back King @urcromo Frfr 💀💀💀 @urcromo How you feeling dawg?? This shit must be exciting as fuckI’m proud of you fr 💚 @urcromoThere’s like 3 degrees of separation between me and fucking Playboi Carti... Sean made my pfp, one of Carti’s frien…, who made the art I use as my pfp, is now making art for someone to personally give to Playboi Carti... this shit insane dawgGoodnight @rapisntmusic 😂 @urcromo WHAT THE FUCKKKKKK OMGHE SAID ITS A GIFT TO CARTI OMFFFFFFGGGGGGGGG
Retweeted by SS3This Juice/Thug song is amazing @SerialAsshole WJust got the call... @lachlantula I’m not gonna eat for the next month @calvin_loomis @maestroo___ Isn’t he Big Boi’s backup singer? @maestroo___ That’s why Big Boi > @timoran1211 @maestroo___ 🐐🐐🐐 @maestroo___ Looks like a mumble crapper @maestroo___ Who is that @fuck_adan 🤝🤝🤝 @fuck_adan Mannequin ChallengeMy black fuckin nuts LOLZ youre a bigot
Retweeted by SS3$50k would literally change my life I think about how this masterpiece of CGI was released in 2006. That's insane... The CG, the integration…
Retweeted by SS3 @percbrain2 😂 @hipvault Appreciate it bro 💚 you mind if I borrow the private jet this weekend? @hipvault Vouch @flicker6dalinco and cool, has the best reaction images in the game by far @scritmusic_ After that first lick and you get hooked, turn ya to a fiend’ll eat your pussy🤫and then go eat dinner with your family and when your mom ask me do I like what she made, I’ll…
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