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Sir MIKE ROTCH phd @inconceivabal Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Freelance Legislation Analyst, Ordained DayTrader, Philanthropist, Executive Producer, Weber Addict, Outspoken Critic, Paid Troll & Acclaimed Editor@Large ..

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@BitsDead @Girl15Gone Damn, I've got time; but no passport @BitsDead The beautiful red hair behind that smile is worth multi-dick pics (Sorry for them, you deal well tho)Perfect art & #podcast
@jenniferb_chs #MeToo @Kica333 Chip up mf & persevere! Crash here if needed & we'll always help Anyone who cares to ask Twitter Fam @Kica333 Close to Winston Churchhill's quote: "If you're going through hell; don't stop!"
Retweeted by Sir MIKE ROTCH phdI don’t know who needs to hear this but whatever you’re going through it will get better. Just keep going.
Retweeted by Sir MIKE ROTCH phd @just_lNcredibIe @BitsDead Tongue lost the charm & pressure/pleasure bro ? @BitsDead Lemon juice/water & elevate Not medical advice tho . Take care, seek care if un-wellDisclaimer: If you follow and/or retweet people that dare to express an opinion that isn’t for everyone, you might…
Retweeted by Sir MIKE ROTCH phd @Hammyinmiami Tech term is reboot @kushqueenO @AbleLikes Was I naked again? @senexy27 @AbleLikes Or the one you swore against; But had to echo @senexy27 @AbleLikes Everything was a go, But she didn't reply . @senexy27 @AbleLikes Ouch, been there . Gasp, ouchRetweet, not liked, she is odd still, just odd . (don't trust kind of odd .) @THErealDVORAK His *secret underwear* Are probably too tight @TimNaples @GettingCooked *Mmmmh* meem* @TimNaples @GettingCooked So tempting; I'll pass 350 times @TimNaples @GettingCooked Dude, does he have a sister? (Asking for carbon-ish friend) @GettingCooked @TimNaples Conformed; that is the cut-off, doubled if she's a politician tho @GettingCooked I'll join the hold-out for a bigger yachtAnd debts? @SFist *Under breath* wtf ? @FINALLEVEL I've known order followers & cowards There is No difference . @NalaWasHere I've known order followers & cowards . There is no difference @Chronic_FLKeys @pjschuster Child-parent psychotherapy? I agree an # opioid use disrderr will cause problems what is #cpp @MisraYashasvi My disabled BIL codes, jk he sits at home staring at a computer while high.. @Chronic_FLKeys @pjschuster Is this a bot/troll/government account? @pjschuster @politicalfarm @ahf77118198 @SassyWineMama You believe that .? You're already sick @ahf77118198 @SassyWineMama Clown mask? @SassyWineMama NOPE Nope nope @johnjoe @THErealDVORAK ? @johnjoe @THErealDVORAK His ideas are postponed release They do this to us, I've personally noticed 12-15hr delayWe're live now at with No Agenda episode 1250 #@pocketnoagenda
Retweeted by Sir MIKE ROTCH phd @CarBlanez33 How is that cast iron pan stuff going ? I've got tips 😉 @lennoxxreverb @hogstory #podcast Meh, old box in top of pantry I guess it'll do in the smoker Tonight #live
Whot da chooo, it'll be like an audio or geeh @THErealDVORAK Ozzy & others, I've actually known, have managed to "drink" chicken *blood* for centuries thohalf the people who read this total bullshit will believe it and pass it on. John Soup? Cripes.
Retweeted by Sir MIKE ROTCH phd @Modern_Drunkard If alcohol can clean our hands well enough, it should be cleaning insides of the bars plenty also!!
@JDManly18 @AJA_Cortes Check out Some more good resources @SexYSuccubus @MarciaMitchum @anne_cis @danwilk @MattWalshBlog Have you ever known METH users @kirstiealley
Retweeted by Sir MIKE ROTCH phd @SexYSuccubus @MarciaMitchum @anne_cis @danwilk @MattWalshBlog I distance myself from anyone; family members includ… @SexYSuccubus @anne_cis @danwilk @MattWalshBlog
Retweeted by Sir MIKE ROTCH phd @LuciferCEOHell @MattWalshBlog Saw this one earlier...
Retweeted by Sir MIKE ROTCH phd @MattWalshBlog @SacredGeoInt They locked us down, virus spread anyway. Just like any other virus. Can’t stop it. I…
Retweeted by Sir MIKE ROTCH phd @MattWalshBlog *I heard Mr. Floyd also had CV...*Do we know ANYTHING about this "virus"??? It's some straight bullshit
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@adamcurry Oh & if you #podcast fans are into reading check out & RT some good concepts/stories writers are planning #PitMadI'll be enjoying this #PODCAST tonight #ThursdayThoughts and making sense of all the #crazy news stories of late… @L2Hawk @adamcurry *And they had him killed* #BVM @adamcurry #BVMLooking forward to this #PODCAST Upload yr old Emmalena’s life-long dream is to be onstage, but her first steps into the lights cause a deep dark stage…
Retweeted by Sir MIKE ROTCH phdWe're live now at with No Agenda episode 1248 #@pocketnoagenda
Retweeted by Sir MIKE ROTCH phd @HogStory #kinky #podcast#WednesdayWisdom #StayHome #podcast #karen #forgot
@terescavs @terescavs You jackknifed the wrong turnip truck, ya diesel-pumpin' pony-soldier
Retweeted by Sir MIKE ROTCH phdI am officially approving, recommending and endorsing @VerminSupreme for president 2020. #verminsupreme2020
Retweeted by Sir MIKE ROTCH phd @espinosamontero Eat it @Coolhtowngirl Contract your Mortgage company & request a deferment They'll let you skip, or pay smaller installme… What virus? Is anyone else feeling the same right now??? Did we just lose 2.5 months to end up watching t…
Retweeted by Sir MIKE ROTCH phdHard decision, easy decision doesn't matter if you make the wrong decision.
Retweeted by Sir MIKE ROTCH phdMoe Factz 39 - "Hard Pass" -- Adam and Moe get to the crux of nature vs nurture
Retweeted by Sir MIKE ROTCH phdI'm totally NOT political But this it's funny sh!t @JoeBiden You look creepy afWhat's your 4th favorite gif and grow the fuck up.
Retweeted by Sir MIKE ROTCH phd @Whiskeytagofox I would, except I re-lace them to inform other spies (its code) So, posting an image would blow my… @GettingCooked Become a #podcaster @kali_thKitty #OVERQUALIFIEDSome of you look better with masks anyways
Retweeted by Sir MIKE ROTCH phdI love listening to these #podcasts #friends #fun #comedy #Canada !! @HogStory I missed the #84 what a walrus ? Maps w/ mat @helimat #4 convo (Live) but I so much enjoy the recording &… @Sophie2078 And I have never slept
@GettingCooked Assemble the VC & marketers This could be your big break!😃
Retweeted by Sir MIKE ROTCH phd @THErealDVORAK But law enforcement & abiding citizens...
Hey check this out @lennoxxreverb Punk ska / ska punk #punk #fun #punkrock #ska Play it on the Stream ? (Unless th… @Treephort Link? Helps it propagate/promote Among lazy listeners #fun #ska #punk #punkrock #loveI honestly hope some old stuff gets replayed soon too #TYFYC @Treephort So glad you're active here.. Take care! & hope you're doing well @DreadLichSierra @Buffalojilll #copypaste @KylePlantEmoji You mock you #Cuck #done @KylePlantEmoji Proof, you are competing, well @DreadLichSierra @Buffalojilll #copypaste #failure @Angry__Birb @Buffalojilll You proved yourself, princess @Angry__Birb @Buffalojilll I typed it slowly; I can't stop & read it to you . . @DreadLichSierra @Buffalojilll You saved that for me? Thanks #failure is a failure @Angry__Birb @Buffalojilll Thrice, mofo @Angry__Birb @Buffalojilll Why are you angry (said to the 4th grade reader) @Buffalojilll But I don't . ? @iSnortArsenic @Buffalojilll Reported* @Buffalojilll @DreadLichSierra Thank you for the x follows @DreadLichSierra @Buffalojilll Beautiful Fail (you're welcome for the NPC storm) @iSnortArsenic @Buffalojilll How? You guys gang rape a contrarian 's comments ? @Dracosfire7 @Buffalojilll So you're a troll *definition & failure*