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i would let mistao beat the shit out of me and spit on me. @vesleepynap @1EDEN_ what. @hypocrtt i'd say " thank you for your time" and just leave. i do not have the mental strength to stay. @vesleepynap @1EDEN_ media. @1EDEN_ it's so beautiful. @hypocrtt that's when i leave. @zwombie_ i @zwombie_ wanna see my cats. @hypocrtt other way applies too.{(>_<)} @zwombie_ what's the matter with you.she liked my story AGAIN, yo she wants me so bad lol. @okwhatido will do, all i needed was the signal. @zwombie_ im sorry. @zwombie_ shawty trifling she must be from dirty docks πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ€£. @ihywilly good morning willy. @zwombie_ so real. @zwombie_ you good? @ShinyBMO my shit go no taste. hella bland. black white and grey 😭. @atsupocky wait what? @skr_u_ yoooooo. @1nxsh good. @justjungi i don't love myself. @1andrwcn you're a better man than me. @1andrwcn put on keshi and live life man. @1andrwcn luh beamer.i can't do this anymore. up and cry.she's playing you.she wants the guy she actually likes.she thinks you're a loser. @bumzuu what. @bumzuu good. glad you're aware.she ain't thinking about you.she don't want you.while you scrolling twitter and thinking about her rn, she getting FUCKED. @hitaFPS gpro x @Kezyyz @nieonval i go night night. @hypocrtt :( ). @Kezyyz @nieonval ironic. @Wuntahps_ you jus ruined my night. @hypocrtt i worry about you aiden. @solurxo uh, sure man. @nieonval lowest of the low. @babagirl all yours man. @nieonval you're joking right? @cherrwr for you bro. @cherrwr got you, coming bro. @cheopstickies im 6'2. @cherrwr want some korean bbq.ello WTF. korean bbq rn y'all want some ? @azelyuh @bumzuu @solurxo why you always lying.i love lychee. @bumzuu @solurxo ironic. elo thrower. @hypocrtt you're that guy. @solurxo nah im actually ass ngl. @bumzuu that's tmmr. @bumzuu you get buffs from your other bitches getting blocked. horrible. @upscaIes yah i realizedhit plat againπŸ™. @oohIiIy this is crazy. @haesarchive that ain't me.i forgot willy got my notis on and we playing rn LMFAOO.crush- omg i want a baby so bad i have baby fever 😭😭 me- @oohIiIy huh. @haesarchive find god. @bumzuu you getting blocked im tired of your shit. @bumzuu shut up. @ihywilly bet. @n0t3lena what'd ya eat. @solurxo you monster.does anyone want to play, i am gold 3 n horrible πŸ«ΆπŸ™. jus play unrated for the night.i jus woke up, do i q and lose all my elo ?need a summer bf
Retweeted by d @suhniiee ellohi twitter :)
Retweeted by d @sesamech1cken @BE0M67U my bad. @yanslug @okwhatido who. @youngerIord shuffle *
@sesamech1cken @BE0M67U freelo=free elo. @itachiproperty slay응응
Retweeted by dpiss yonky mean when im sippin drank an ion wanna piss out tha drank high so it be gettin me yonky.whoever came up with the saying " the worst she could say is no" is a liar. fuck you. @itachiproperty @bumzuu like this tweet to disagree. @itachiproperty @Skylinedlol draw a heart.imagine she ask you to draw a heart with the tip but your phone is cracked.What the Heckles
Retweeted by d @LaroFPS mmm @Skylinedlol @bumzuu i don't even know this girl. she tripping.