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Welkom bij de IND! De toelatingsorganisatie van Nederland | Ons webcareteam helpt je graag verder | ma-vr 9-17u | NL & EN | Vermeld geen persoonlijke gegevens

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@ZoekjaarGirl You're again welcome. A person is not allowed to stay one day illegal in the Netherlands after their… @ZoekjaarGirl But the government does expect a person to try to return when their right of residence expires. If th… @ZoekjaarGirl then the person has to leave the Netherlands, if possible. The Dutch government understands that it m… @ZoekjaarGirl Your welcome. If a person has no longer the right to stay in the Netherlands but cannot travel back t… @halhal0228 Hello, you can request for a residence permit for exchange through the working holiday program. The IND… @EttoreToma Hello, at the moment it is not yet possible to submit an application online or in writing. The IND is w… @ovoceana Graag gedaan en een fijne dag nog. ^BR @TravellingSouth Good luck! ^BR @MariaKordukova @anna55901761 Good morning! A D visa is an MVV. You can come to the Netherlands with a D visa. ^DS @dewogale Your welcome. Yes, if the Dutch embassy in Jakarta is open for this particular service. ^BR @KrunalSabnis Hello, no you cannot. The rules and regulations on this subject didn't change due to corona, except t… @_annisakey When the application was submitted by a recognised sponsor, then a completely submitted application is… @_annisakey Hey, yes if your contract is renewed they need to apply for an extension of your residence permit. Your… @ZoekjaarGirl Only a person in possession of a valid residence permit as a highly skilled migrant can stay up to t… @ZoekjaarGirl Good morning, one has to leave the Netherlands as soon as possible after their residence permit expir…
We are extending our services to customers. This way, the #IND hopes to be able to assist customers faster again. T… breiden onze dienstverlening aan klanten uit. Op die manier hoopt de #IND klanten weer sneller te kunnen helpen… @ovoceana Bedoel je deze regeling Ja, de regeling geldt onder bepaalde voorwaarden juist v… @samanth33324665 Ik hoop dat het niet meer lang duurt voordat je mijn collega aan de lijn krijgt. Dank je wel voor je geduld. 2/2 ^MM @samanth33324665 Erg vervelend dat je nog niemand aan de lijn hebt gekregen. Het is enorm druk aan de telefoon waar… @concrnd556763 Hello, No, I'm sorry only family members like spouse, partners and children are exempted from the en… @ifrik Hello, we also have an IND office at the Johan Huizingalaan 757 in Amsterdam. So this address is correct. ^DS @anna55901761 For all documents you have to show at the border you can visit 2/2 ^DS @anna55901761 Hello, you dont have to have proof with you that your partner is French. In the declaration which you… @dewogale Hello, yes, you can apply for a residence permit for the search year. You can contact the Dutch embassy… @Sandeep78425866 Unfortunately I cannot give you any guarantee that this will speed up the process, but you can still try. 3/3 ^DS @Sandeep78425866 For that you need to submit a letter to explain your situation and request for fast-track. You can… @Sandeep78425866 Hello, what is means is that family members of a highly skilled migrant who don’t need an MVV can… @sanabnaqvi Hello, Yes it’s possible to get an endorsement sticker in your passport. You can make an appointment by… @concrnd556763 Our apologies for the inconvenience. Can you please clarify what you mean with “family & friends are… @concrnd556763 If you can explain this, there will be no consequences for your residence permit. Please note that d… @concrnd556763 Good morning! If you are working on a HSM residence permit and you are working abroad the maximum pe…
@hkpmtweets I´ve just answered your queston via DM. ^MM @dewogale I need more information to answer your question. Are you in the Netherlands right now? Or did you go back… @DutchMFA @hkpmtweets However, I read in your other messages that you´ve read the info on our website about the urg… @DutchMFA @hkpmtweets I´m sorry you didn´t reach us by phone. It´s very busy so the waiting time can be a bit longe… @IssamAz8 Mocht je nog vragen hebben nadat je de informatie op onze website hebt gelezen, stel ze gerust. 3/3 ^MM @IssamAz8 Op onze website staan de verschillende verblijfsdoelen vermeld met daarbij ook informatie over de vereist… @IssamAz8 Om in Nederland te mogen werken of wonen en werken heeft je vriend een verblijfsvergunning nodig. Er moet… @MerjemLover Jazeker, ik heb je vraag zojuist beantwoord. ^MM @Belu_Cortez To be sure I advise you to contact the Royal Dutch Marechaussee as they are in… @Belu_Cortez Hi, did you already see the information about the exemption from the entry restriction… @eyupmuratkodak It can take longer before you can collect the mvv due to limited services of the Dutch embassy. For… @eyupmuratkodak Thanks for your clarification. Unfortunately I can´t help you to organize the process more early. I… @mutluerdr I´m sorry for the confusion, but due to the development of Corona measures things can change. I can only… @JortvO Mocht je vraag dossiergerelateerd zijn of heb je persoonlijk advies nodig, dan zul je ons helaas moeten bel… @JortvO Erg vervelend dat je niemand aan de lijn hebt gekregen. Het is erg druk aan de telefoon waardoor het wat la… @Royal_Awesome Ik hoop dat je snel één van mijn collega´s aan de lijn krijgt. 2/2 ^MM @Royal_Awesome Erg vervelend dat je niemand aan de lijn hebt gekregen. Het klopt dat het erg druk is aan de telefoo… @MarkieJiang If your residence card is ready you can cancel your biometrics appointment. However, just to be sure,… @Hugo_dek Helaas kan ik je niet helpen met je vraag. Dit kun je het beste navragen bij de Nederlandse ambassade die… @ImaanFaruqui If you have this sticker you can start working if you can´t wait for 3 weeks for your residence permi… @ImaanFaruqui In general, you can collect your residence permit within a week after your application has been handl… @ImaanFaruqui If you want to start working soon, it is recommended that you apply for the orientation year online.…
@HamidZafart You can get a residence sticker in your passport. Please check our website for more info, see:… @HamidZafart Hi, I’m sorry you can’t reach us by phone and that you didn’t receive a response on your e-mail. Our a… @czarinastrijder @rivm Graag gedaan! ^MM @EmberWickArt Hello, you don't have to ask for an extension. You can check the online schedule regularly to see if… @ChantalRamzy I can only answer this question from the IND point of view, but I can´t think of any other organisati… @YParlemo If want to return to the Netherlands you can get a return visa. You can call our public information desk… @YParlemo Good morning! If your residence permit is not valid anymore you cannot travel to other Schengen countries… @UncleStanBoslom I can imgazine that you're frustrated! ^DS @cocopart1 I hope that it’s possible to make an appointment very soon! 2/2 ^DS @cocopart1 Good morning! You only can apply for verification against EU law at an IND desk. Due to the Corona virus… @mutluerdr Please note that due to the current situation, our lines are quite busy which means you have to wait a b… @mutluerdr You can apply for a return visa with the Dutch embassy or consulate in Turkey… @mutluerdr Good morning! If you have the Turkish nationality and you don’t have a valid residence permit you need a… @czarinastrijder Good morning! The LDR is a scheme which allows partners of Dutch and EU citizens to enter the Neth… @sarahjps_9 Goedemorgen! Ja, je mag ons altijd een DM sturen! Waarmee kan ik je helpen? ^DS @eyupmuratkodak You can find the conditions and how to apply for the mvv and the residence permit over here 3/3 ^MM @eyupmuratkodak However, I can help you with your question via Twitter. I assume it´s the first time that you will… @eyupmuratkodak Good morning, sorry you didn´t reach us by phone. It´s very busy so the waiting time can be longer…
@chezdon1997 Can you please clarify what your question is, because it’s unclear to me what your question is. I than… @safir_emma @AnnaLouiseWalt2 @ferdgrapperhaus @MinPres @NLintheUSA You can however apply for a residence permit for… @safir_emma @AnnaLouiseWalt2 @ferdgrapperhaus @MinPres @NLintheUSA Hello, No, only partners of Dutch and EU citizen… @Nick27545619 Helaas maakt de IND niet bekend hoeveel asielzaken we nog moet behandelen. Je kan meer info vinden ov… @deAZfan @geertwilderspvv @MinPres Hallo, wat vervelend dat het zo voelt! Misschien kan je een klacht indienen bij… @EmberWickArt Hello, Yes can only make an appointment for biometrics online via our online portal ^DS @JanBaars7 @notjustbikes @dr_jerry Hello, How can I help you? ^DS @edwintlam @notjustbikes You’re welcome and have a nice day! ^DS @JennyPh92233371 Hello, can you please clarify what your question is, because it’s unclear to me what your question…
@Karan81564501 Via Twitter we just show you where on the website you can find the information. In a previous tweet… @Karan81564501 Sorry, but via Twitter we only give general information. Not file related or personal information. I… @Karan81564501 Yes, if you would have travelled 4 months in a row, it would be a problem. But now you travelled les… @Ahmedal33002110 @maanil_ee For advice about finding a job you can contact @UWVnl. 3/3 ^HC @Ahmedal33002110 @maanil_ee After 6 months you are allowed to work for 24 out of 52 weeks if: -you are still waitin… @Ahmedal33002110 @maanil_ee Hello, during the first 6 months of your asylum procedure you are not allowed to work. 1/3 @imPuneetBabbar As mentioned via the link we send you the decision is usually taken within 2 weeks when the applica… @Karan81564501 That's possible, you are entitled to 6 months within a calendar year. ^HC @levviina Traveling to another Schengen country is only possible with a valid residence permit and a valid passport… @notjustbikes @dr_jerry Hello, I can't tell because I don't know. ^RH @BehnousBehnam @DutchMFA @247BZ @MINBZ @ministerBlok @DutchMFA @IRAN_in_NL You can try to contact the IND contactp… @BehnousBehnam @DutchMFA @247BZ @MINBZ @ministerBlok @DutchMFA @IRAN_in_NL Hello, I am sorry but via Twitter we can… @jhovanabasto The lines are very busy, so if you can't reach them, we can try to explain your situation more via Tw… @jhovanabasto Ah, two residence permits, great. Yes, if possible call our Public Information Centre, 0880 430430, t… @imPuneetBabbar An application for a HSM residence permit can take up to 60 days We aim to… @imPuneetBabbar Hello, How unfortunate you couldn’t reach us by phone. Our Public Information Center is quite busy… @IvoryBoom Hello, I understand. I will notify our Brexit-team about it and will ask them to adjust the list. Thank… @Karan81564501 Requirement is that you follow temporary education abroad in order to finish your study in the Nethe… @Karan81564501 Or 3 years in a row each calendar year for a maximum of 4 months in a row. If you have a residence p…