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sick of your shit, why bother with a bio, y'all don't pay attention anyways

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If aliens suddenly landed now we'd have to be like omg please excuse the mess
Retweeted by GYou can make excuses for never trying to chase your dreams... But you know what’s way cooler? Trying and failing at something you love.
Retweeted by G @TwoPucketts My mom's kittens Muffin and Oreo and my girl BelleBelle I've got a favor to ask --> More than anything in the world today, I would love to see your pets. I'll s…
Retweeted by GGo to Pinterest for crafting advice, but come to Twitter if you’re looking for tips and tricks.
Retweeted by GClit Eastwood
Retweeted by GFun fact: if you look up meal planning in the dictionary, it just says don't bother - your kids won't eat it.
Retweeted by GSo I got assaulted today. My patient kicked, punched and slapped me. He also pulled me down by my mask. Security di…
Retweeted by GOh, me? Yeah, I’m good, I’m doing great actually. *bites into ball of fondant like it’s an apple* Everything’s fine.
Retweeted by GIf you woke up this morning, you winnin'.
Retweeted by GBlue Slushie is now in stock🤙 DM to order, we ship to all 50 states🇺🇸
Retweeted by GJesus H. Christ people. Quit bitching about misspelling or poor grammar on this free social app! 🤣🤣 You really need…
Retweeted by GIt's only appropriate that today was our biggest post in history. Today we sent a record 138 meals and 5 grocery…
Retweeted by Gme trying to see where the fuck I asked for your opinion:
Retweeted by G @WetMascara I can't explain how much I wish this was a thing and how much I love it!!!😂😂😂❤❤ @dadmann_walking It was a sweet thought, but... FEMONISTS! I'M GOOD AT SEX. I KNOW WHERE THE CLINT IS AND SHE ALWAYS HAVE OGRASMS!
Retweeted by GDuring the lockdown, I hope the Red Hot Chili Peppers write a song that mentions California
Retweeted by G @LautnerCharles I'm just getting to the good parts so I'd like to stick around for a bit @JellyRoll615 Hope you have a great birthday weekend!❤❤❤ birthday vibes! Thank y’all for supporting me thank you for all of the birthday love I have received today I am…
Retweeted by GYou're always safe with me. Not always safe from me.
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I gave her a mirror so she could see the hero, warrior, and pillar of strength that she is.
Retweeted by G @brwcrw4lyfe I found used kleenex😒 @justamandy Because you are beautiful inside and out AND you cook delicious food!! Oh and of course for the makeup sex! 😂😂😂My last imgur post. Stop on by to say hello, or join us as we celebrate sending over $100,000 worth of food, and…
Retweeted by G @KaylaChowShow Eat up, this IS lunch! @justamandy #relationshipgoals right here!the toilet is my soulmate - it supports me, deals with my shit, and every time it sees my fine ass it puts a ring on it
Retweeted by GOh shit, well, I mean...if the most dishonest, untrustworthy, ill-intentioned people on the planet (politicians) ar…
Retweeted by GBing Crosby: 🎶 A child, a child shivers in the cold, let us bring him silver and gold 🎶 Me: “I think a coat would be more practical.”
Retweeted by G @itsPKav Just following for the answerGot into an argument with a friend about bear attacks in the arctic. I guess you could say we were polarized.
Retweeted by GI Was Going To, But Then I Fell Asleep - A #Parenting Memoir
Retweeted by GRed Cross email: A blood donation is the best gift you can give someone. *Christmas morning* Kids: [screaming while opening presents]
Retweeted by GCannabis products, shipped to all 50 states.
Retweeted by Gmy kid after home school graduation
Retweeted by GNext to Beethoven — Def Leppard is my favorite hearing-impaired musician
Retweeted by GRegular Yoda is just 3 baby Yodas stacked on top of each other in a robe
Retweeted by GTime always shows the truth...
Retweeted by GI got hearing aids today and almost immediately learned that my cropdusting probably hasn’t been as stealthy as I thought
Retweeted by G @perlhack Video please, this is the porn I'm here for😍Vacuuming and doing the laundry so your wife will want to sleep with you is sex work
Retweeted by GThis is Aubrey - one of my biggest fans & favourite reactors. I just surprised her with a FaceTime call as she he…
Retweeted by GHere’s our menu. Send us a message to place your order. Strains are always changing, so ask for current stock!
Retweeted by GIf she is important and matters to your mental state and happiness, fucking tell her.
Retweeted by G[during sex] Him: ugh, doggy style again? Me: *lifting McGruff mask* that’s not your line
Retweeted by G @MazeInChains @opiaticus @MazeInChains @opiaticus @MazeInChains @opiaticus I want to be Opiaticus @MazeInChains @opiaticus @MazeInChains @opiaticus ❤❤ @MazeInChains @opiaticus It me... am friend @MazeInChains @opiaticus*gets 3 orders of fries to-go. 1 for the spouse, 1 for me, and 1 to eat on the way home* *eats all 3*
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I’m going to try this again with more advance warning. I’d like to help some folks out on here during the Holiday.…
Retweeted by GMy 2nd Youtube video ever is live! Tomorrow is a bittersweet day as I make my last post ever on Imgur Here is the…
Retweeted by GI wanted to show you what my puppy does everytime he sees more than a single leaf on the ground It doesn't help ou…
Retweeted by Gher: aww... your cheeks are so rosy me: ok... one more spank and that's it
Retweeted by G @anjel2569 @opiaticus Yes!! Exactly what I'm saying, it just can't possibly be safeCancel earth.
Retweeted by GPeople say babies are expensive, but my baby has never, not even once, wanted a $50 pair of sweatpants.
Retweeted by GA guy, his girl & all of YOU did this...INDEPENDENT. A quarterback can throw a football as perfect & as far as he…
Retweeted by GI told my kids how dangerous it would be for Santa to go in every house and that he'd be a super spreader for Covid… to take a few orders. DM for our full menu. We ship to all 50 states!
Retweeted by Gfeeling very sexy as I slowly pull my shirt over my head and saunter over to the shower to scrub down a high chair
Retweeted by G @smartass_moms The State FairYou think you know your partner, then you find out they believe in aliens AND pineapple on pizza
Retweeted by G @sarabellab123 Ooops🤷‍♀️ Now you good for 2 weeks😂 she’s important and matters to you, fucking tell her every chance you get.
Retweeted by G @jdrichmond2020 @Diabeetus_Cat Just looks and feels all kinds of wrong in color!!I just noticed there's an abacus 🧮 emoji but not a guillotine emoji. What gives? What emoji would you want?
Retweeted by GYou deserve the kind of love that never hesitates to choose you first... every time
Retweeted by GIf 2020 was a cake, it would be a urinal cake
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If anyone is Christmas shopping for me, I wear a size 28 grams in weed
Retweeted by GThem: you know I worry about you? Me: how the fuck would I know that?
Retweeted by GRoll Up🔥
Retweeted by GLosing friendships can hurt a lot more than romantic breakups.
Retweeted by GChemdawg OG is one of my favorite strains, we have it from 250/Oz.
Retweeted by GNew @LivinANoyd track featuring me #Orangutan out now, go run those numbers up !! #ApeShit #EightyHD 🦧🕸 Watch/Str…
Retweeted by G @English_Channel @English_Channel I'll take a butt rub and a cuddle if you're just handing them out, 2020 just needs a butt rub and to be told it's pretty
Retweeted by GPorn distorts sex to guys the way romantic comedies distort relationships to girls.
Retweeted by G @justamandy You're definitely not the worst, absolutely the funniest and most factual! @smartass_moms I'd like to invest in your new venture! @mommameetsworld You are absolutely the sweetest ❤❤❤❤❤ Hope you have a wonderful day!! 🥰❤🥰❤World peace would be nice. No corona virus would be nice. But mostly, I hope my enemies can hear me yelling to go…
Retweeted by GMrs. Claus: you didn't get batteries Santa Claus: oh sorry Mrs. Claus: or eggnog or bagels Santa Claus: Mrs. C…
Retweeted by G @Countrifiedgent @dadmann_walking 🤣🤣🤣 it's hard! I'm so old I had to use the whiskey magnifying glass!! @dadmann_walking @Countrifiedgent i will wear them always because from you i know it's made with drunk love😂😂❤❤❤me: you know how some married couples make a ’hall pass’ list of people they can have sex with?... Weight Watchers…
Retweeted by GOnly 2 things in life are guaranteed: 1. Smoking weed 2. Smoking more weed
Retweeted by G @NugSalesman Can't wait to try these!!Santa: wanna check out my sack Me: I'm claustrophobic
Retweeted by GGood Morning Motherfuckers
Retweeted by GBiblical Karens follow the North Star to bring complaints to the manger
Retweeted by GDM for our full menu, we ship high quality marijuana to all 50 states!
Retweeted by GI gently slid her panties to the side... that I could fit the rest of her socks in the drawer.
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