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@tenthmuse'm wondering if there's anything I hate quite so much as a website hijacking your browsing history and I'm thinkin… @luvmia__ Larry? Lohr-eye? LAOWerie? Laura? Lairy? all of these AND MORE @Kathy_Darling I got lost and forgot about the hungry part. TIGERY? 🐯 @hankchizljaw @AndreJaenisch @iamhirusi @Shunkashuu1 Aaahh, I can’t because it’s your thread! Sorry about that. No… @Kathy_Darling This doesn’t seem emotive enough. ANGIRED? @AndreJaenisch @iamhirusi @Shunkashuu1 @hankchizljaw Try reading pages on the internet, champ. You can google it on bing. @hankchizljaw Literally just had a colleague say this to me on Discord: “Oop! Better go, my lunch meeting is here..… @AndreJaenisch @iamhirusi @Shunkashuu1 @hankchizljaw okay cool I’ll assume you’ve got no interest in learning and j… @AndreJaenisch @iamhirusi @Shunkashuu1 @hankchizljaw I’m not here to do your homework for you. Educate yourself as… @AndreJaenisch @iamhirusi @Shunkashuu1 @hankchizljaw I literally don’t understand what you’ve written. Are you sayi… @AndreJaenisch @iamhirusi @Shunkashuu1 @hankchizljaw Questioning peoples’ fundamental right to exist and be who the… @AndreJaenisch @iamhirusi @Shunkashuu1 @hankchizljaw How would I feel? Like I should demonstrably make a change and… @hankchizljaw Code screenshots need to die, and people who post images without appropriate alt need to chase them into hell. @TingyS what the effing fuck
@Rarst @Kathy_Darling I’ve been using an API (for a service owned by ORACLE, of all things) that returns a 200 OK w… @johnshewill ... I CAN PLAY THE { e n d l e s s v o i d } @johnshewill WHAT CAN YOU PLAY-AY
@samkottler I’m waiting for the value of kettle leads to *skyrocket*, and then I’m going to be RICHER THAN MIDAS @tenthmuse 😍 @TheTiniestMeep ZOMG LOOK AT HIS WIDDLE FACE THO. He looks, in the most adorable way possible, like an actual muppet. @Kathy_Darling Malted chocolate cheesecake 😍 - only don’t bother with the white layer. Just… @TheTiniestMeep I’ll be honest: at first I struggled to identify exactly where his head was. But it was early and I was tired. @EriPDev dr. pug says @cassiecodes Oh it’s snug af in the winter. The kitchen, however, has a genuine slate floor and no underfloor heat… @cassiecodes The upstairs of my house - i.e. where literally all of my stuff is - is AT LEAST 5 degrees warmer than… @EliFitch I know virtually nothing about wheelmobiles and am purely into aesthetics; but your car looks sick af @TheTiniestMeep Jellybeeeeeeeeeans
@JuliaHB1 I have literally no idea who you are, but whenever your name pops up you’re just trolling some bigoted ga…! It only took 19,000 complaints, serious Twitter backlash and a member of BBC staff quitting his job!!! ....Bu…
Retweeted by Lawrie Golightly 🍥 @TatianaTMac @TwitterA11y @instagram I actually had no idea Instagram had alt text, which I thought it was severely… @Mandy_Kerr This is Muffin. I tell him every day that he is a good dog. @AndBrazen @MuellerSheWrote @chickilopiccolo I’ve seen SO MANY films, but these are the earliest cinema experiences… @TatianaTMac “I don’t know BIPOC but I use Rust, Python & GO in my stack all the time.” @MuellerSheWrote @AndBrazen @chickilopiccolo I don’t think this can be right, but it’s a toss-up between Care Bears…
@jh3yy @terabaud @greensock @CodePen All of them! But I use SCREAMING_SNAKE for constants because THEY_ARE_IMPORTAN… Bach, someone with zero medical training who set up an NGO in Uganda with an ICU before even *applying* for m…, I need HR to do fucking better.
Retweeted by Lawrie Golightly 🍥 @tenthmuse Is it online? Can I see? 😍I'd like to propose a new term that's like, the opposite of 'cleans up well' and I'm calling it 'grimes up good'.…
Retweeted by Lawrie Golightly 🍥I just searched ‘askew’ and feel like I got rickrolled by google - just found out that @Indiegogo appear to be selling email addresses. Either that, or they've been hacked,… @cassiecodes Aaaahh I went looking at awwwards and couldn't find anything! Never thought of looking through collections 🙄 @cassiecodes Oof, this is *lovely*. And exactly the kind of thing I'm looking for. Thank you! @TheTiniestMeep @TheTiniestMeep (I totally cracked ur code 😎) @thebirdiehansen That was amazing. @TheTiniestMeep *west coast* gecko hours ☝🏻🦎 @hankchizljaw At one point, my MySpace *was* all Flash. With a working comment wall! 😅 But exactly this. I got int…
Hey #LazyWeb - remember when websites were full of textures and everything looked tactile? I’m looking for inspirat… was today years old when I learned you can hold down the 0 and get the degrees ° symbol 🤯
Retweeted by Lawrie Golightly 🍥 @jemjabella I prefer working slightly later for the exact same reason. I invariably get more work done in the last… it's so hot here time for a nice hot tea i think
Retweeted by Lawrie Golightly 🍥Still looking for a way to know/bind/extend/listen to when a customizer control has been rendered/is ready? JavaS…
Retweeted by Lawrie Golightly 🍥
@TheTiniestMeep Sitting around and doing nothing is sometimes neat. @terabaud @CodePen Oof 😍Scientists rushing to make a vaccine faster than any in the history of the world because Americans refuse to signif…
Retweeted by Lawrie Golightly 🍥 @TheTiniestMeep but it seems like these tasks are underrated. @hankchizljaw .just-regular-css { visibility: nothanks !important; } @TheTiniestMeep YEAH. Knew that Animal Crossing would eventually pay off. @S0phieH This is what I can here to suggest. BUT: have you considered shipping it with Comic Papyrus? @mlteal @Kathy_Darling For forms, I’ve generally just rolled my own honeypots and they’ve always been great for it,… @tenthmuse @Kathy_Darling “There’s a problem with the website” says the support ticket from the client with 11 websites. @thebirdiehansen Embrace it! Embrace the silver! @Kathy_Darling ACF for making blocks, and minimal JS when needed for my own stuff. And... just lucky, I guess? 🤷🏼‍♀️I will never npm install anything and you can’t make me do it
@LNplum @thomas_k_r uh actually my intern is a barely trained chinchilla fresh out of code camp and is already appl… @thomas_k_r uh actually it’s 95% and the other 5% is JS-in-CSS-in-JS @ibwatson If it is, I’m INTO IT. @Kathy_Darling I absolutely wouldn’t be surprised. You can be chicken in a can... @type__error aaaahhh and I've just seen the little buildings at the bottom 😍 @cassiecodes Agreed! @type__error Oof, this is *lovely* @Kathy_Darling @dawnelyarbrough I missed it! It looks like the tweet has been deleted in the meantime. I’m kind of…
I’ve just seen what’s happening in Lebanon. My heart goes out to everyone with friends & family there. 🇱🇧 🖤 @_leoniethomas @pearsoninsight I have found that, in almost all cases, I’ve had to explicitly ask for the feedback,… @jemjabella Yup! I had to renew their domains & hosting twice after I’d lost the contract, and was like “so, uh...… @jemjabella I had built & maintained a public sector website for YEARS. It was used as an example for other council… @alicej_t GOON DAHN MAZZAS 💃🏻 @seb_ly *gets an update on my most popular question on StackOverflow* nice. @TheTiniestMeep 😟 oh nooooooo @Kathy_Darling “...walk naturally through uneven terrain” uh.
@tootto0t @GRIFTSH0P I mean, no, not at all. This ‘lettering’ is an absolute shambles. But given the context, it was either BLUE or BLU|🇺🇸Right, where’s all those antiracism advocates & allies who posted in June? We need you. 🙏🏻 ▪️Sign our petition & g…
Retweeted by Lawrie Golightly 🍥 @GRIFTSH0P This is the third tim I’ve seen this image, from different angles every time, and like, I genuinely read… @EmmaBostian Oof 😍 @TheTiniestMeep 2020 is one long full moon. @alicej_t Stay home to eat out. Eat home stay alert. Go pub stay home. Eat pub home out. It’s pretty clear, to be honest. @jemjabella *logs into email by typing ‘yahoo mail’ into Alta Vista* @heydrhisham @absolute_phil @EmmaBostian So... not at all related then? I get that th specific thing you’re talking… @Lockedown_ I you say it 3 times in a mirror GoDaddy will appear and offer you an SSL upgrade for only $99.99 @EmilyCee My grandma just reached out across the astral plane and said: try looking where you left them. @vpieters @SaraSoueidan I was literally just about to look this up to make sure I was doing it right. Thank you @SaraSoueidan ! @TheTiniestMeep I am not camping people. We are not camping people. 🏕
@Kathy_Darling @tenthmuse Hahaha I literally just shared that one myself. Inspiration! 🐜 ☢️ @Kathy_Darling @tenthmuse It’s 2020! I should put money on this as a legitimate outcome. @tenthmuse Whittling is a great hobby though! Plus it’s a skill for when the radioactive vampires arrive in October. 🧛🏻‍♂️Who had radioactive cannibal ants on their 2020 bingo card?
Retweeted by Lawrie Golightly 🍥 @SaraSoueidan I haven’t gotten around to Grid yet! Still. Ugh. I’m so far behind. I have Rachel Andrew’s book, but…