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WARPER / Bulbasaur Shuffle - out nowwwww on @localactionrec Enquiries:

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@FinnMcCorry 🏄‍♂️You gotta love that from a political standpoint, literally no one in the UK feels likes they’ve been getting what t…
Retweeted by India @Moveltraxx 🥰😍 @radio_coco Yesssss ace 😤 @radio_coco 😍😍😍😍 tysm!! v glad you like it! Xx @itsFAUZIA Happy birthday! 💕 @hrhhootiewho Awful
happy friday, just updated the Favourites playlist full @simhutchins EP at the top, then new music from..…
Retweeted by India @WeAreInsert @NTSlive 😍😍😍A must listen to @NTSlive show from @indiajordan8 >>> 🖤
Retweeted by India @iamnightwave 😍👋Just got to Glasgow and enjoying some fine Scottish waterlove custardwho's ready for @yunganz_ b2b @indiajordan8 in the club for the first time?
Retweeted by India @hdt_hugh @VirginTrains 😤😤😤😤 @medlar_ 😩😩 truly horrible @aya_yco @VirginTrains @VirginTrains FfsWhen you walk into a virgin trains loo and there’s that piece of shit speaker telling you it’s a toilet and some ot…
102 is online and ready to stream. @indiajordan8 guestmix + interview. @eviethecool dropped into the studio to spin…
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@violetakaviolet They’re soooo good!!Omgggg thank you @DJmag 😍😍😍 Pick 💯 @jamzsupernova launches #ClubJamz, a monthly series ft. the hottest in global club, funky, bass, hous…
Retweeted by IndiaMy NTS show from Friday is up. New tracks, old tracks, unreleased tracks and just right good ones. Listen here…
@mariimals 💞💞💞it's part 2 of Astro Hours in libra season ⚖️ and libra @indiajordan8 brings @mariimals a mix dedicated to balance!…
Retweeted by IndiaThanks Trainline but I think I’m ok
@grahamdunning 😭😭 thank u!!Okay - the show is going out right now on @BBCR1 😬 🙏🏾 Would love to hear your thoughts if you’re locked in with me…
Retweeted by India🦑🦑🦑 AM SO EXCITED TO FIND OUT
@Yayyab Top tier unsound commentary this @hiimjq Tommy QuintetIndia & @MellaDee_ at the O2 Oxford tonight, let’s go 🔩
Retweeted by India @MellaDee_ 😍Tonight is a very rare occasion where you’ll see two people from Doncaster on the same line up. Honoured @MellaDee_ @JaguarWorldwide @huwstephens @bbcintroducing @BBCR1 @Prospauk @byfyn1 @_georgiauk @alfietempleman @tsha909🚨OKAY🚨This Sunday night, I’m in for @huwstephens - hosting @bbcintroducing on @BBCR1 🙀 There could be only one act…
Retweeted by India @docterre Oh god I had one more coffee than I needed earlier, peak anxiety pre show @boonthew EyyyLive now! @evadneyyyy @elsahewittx @suitmanjungle @The_Black_Acre Thanks so much for asking me! 🥰Very happy to have contributed to the @evadneyyyy Remixes release alongside @elsahewittx & @suitmanjungle. My remix… UP Back up on that big old @NTSlive ptoday Live from 3 & will be playing Good Music from Good People…
@aamin_exposed LoooooooolRemix release drops TOMORROW!!! @indiajordan8 @elsahewittx @suitmanjungle @The_Black_Acre
Retweeted by IndiaJQ is a QT
Retweeted by India @OTeknology @new_atlantis_ 27th Oct!Next @new_atlantis_ social is on the 27th Oct see ya there @PhilipSherburne There is, it’s called @new_atlantis_.@WeAreInsert's Integrate 002 is FINALLY here! Listen to our (slightly vintage but still relevant) interviews with…
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@laksauk @reni_ldn 💕
@juliebiche_ Yep!! So good @limitedmitch 😍😍 @limitedmitch Right!! Switching back to anything with a white screen is so jarring nowThese memojis are good but the real winner from the iOS update has gotta be dark mode. JUS FUCKIN LUV ITI [club] love this
🥵🥵🥵 @FinnMcCorry WHAT @Oli_XL @__BAY__ @1ngr4t3 @Lurka_UK @BFTTyco @E_TCH Lovely mix, this! Thanks for playing dnt stp 💞
@Borai_Music Thank uuuuu 💞 @wallermusic will send signed vinyl sleeve as a bonusHi! SELLING TECHNICS x NEEDLES x SERATO SL3. All good condition & working order, info below… woah, this Friday we’ve teamed up with Cure to Present you @MellaDee_ and @indiajordan8 at @O2AcademyOxford
Retweeted by India @ShaunFPhillips Loooool v understandable then tbh dustpans are v dangerous @ShaunFPhillips ahaha omg that’s amazing @yewandeadeniran @DJmag 😭😭Ahhhhhhh thanks so much @DJmag 😭💞 is the king of rabbits @ashleypancamo Lol I can dream! @ashleypancamo 😭😭😭😭 @ashleypancamo Same
@morgan_hislop @roohoneychild Sameee @roohoneychild Glad to hear it! Fuck those awful ppl xx @roohoneychild :( so horrible. hope you’re okay 💞 @EvieSpachis ENGLAND RECORD OUTSIDE WEMBLEYGOT OUR HATS AND FLEECES ONQUITE CLOSE TO THE AIR VENT FROM THE BURGER BAR THO GONNA SMELL LIKE DEEP FRIED OILGOING WELL SO FAR LOTS OF CHEERING @yewandeadeniran NO REF WTF U DOIN @wallermusic 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬 @wallermusic Women’s England v Brazil!Going to my first ever football match today might live tweet itI mean
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@alyaaaaaaal Hope you’re ok!people are putting out good music and we started updating this thing again. throw it on, subscribe even. ft.…
Retweeted by IndiaSTRONG @SubtleFm show today joined by @indiajordan8 @fredwave_ & @eviethecool lock in from 4pm…
Retweeted by India @itsfemmeculture @foundation_fm @WastedFates @localactionrec @octo_octa @T4TLUVNRG @iamkucka @LuckyMe @N_A_A_F_I @Naina_LDN 💞💞 xxx
@Naina_LDN Hope you’re ok m8! Get well soon 💞 xxxThanks for including me in this @residentadvisor ! <3 @yungnefz Protect Whitney Hard at all costs
@zwansound 🥰 big up yourself tooooooo 😍GOB Weekly A new playlist updated weekly Live now on Apple Music & Spotify
Retweeted by Indiayes Gargantuan Melting Face Floating Effortlessly Through The Stratosphere is the best song ever made @violetakaviolet 😍🥰😍 yayyyy 💞💞
@aamin_dj NEVErASTRO HOURS TONIGHT! Chatting about dat balance w/ @mariimals & @DJJordss 💞 Live from 9 on @foundation_fm back to @JubileeDJ on @triplej's mix up ft. tracks from @mcbuzzzzzzz @iamnightwave @indiajordan8
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