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@bencardew Amazing!
GLAD THE BIG WOMPH STILL STANDS tuning into the Ministry Weekender just to hear @indiajordan8 drop a bit of Kylie
Retweeted by IndiaLive until 4PM @indiajordan8 Watch The Ministry Weekender here:
Retweeted by IndiaRight then! I’m live for the next hour for @Ministry_Club’s Weekender, raising money for the WHO Solidarity fund. L… @Ministry_ClubDay 2 of the Ministry Weekender feat @KC_Lights @indiajordan8 @WazeOdyssey @DanceSystem @frankywahmusic
Retweeted by India @genofeves Hahahah yes it is wonderful
Now Playing India Jordan - I'm Waiting (Just 4 U) @indiajordan8
Retweeted by India @genofeves OMG this is so good hahahahaOmg @moloniski Ah thanks so much 😍🥰i wrote about the wonderfully fun, new record from @indiajordan8 for this week's bandcamp pick
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@FinnMcCorry Hahahahaha thank you for this reminderPlease do not share videos or stills of his murder, think of his family, his loved ones. You could sign & share thi…
Retweeted by IndiaI’ve been struggling to find words #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd
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@bencardew @codeinedrums Thank you Ben! @bencardew @codeinedrums ♥️😍😍 I am a big fan of @codeinedrums @megzywilson 😍 thanks so much @dj_sharda ♥️♥️♥️♥️
.@IndiaJordan8's For You is some of the year’s giddiest, most assured electronic music
Retweeted by IndiaNew @disclosure @Prospauk @ElkkaMusic @jossymitsu @TimmaTDJ @Filter_Dread @Coyote_Records @caribouband @FourTet
Retweeted by IndiaThis music feels like taking a trip to the aquarium on acid
Retweeted by India @deejaysamrai @codeinedrums 😭😭 hope that comes around sooooon @ShawnReynaldo Thanks for the lovely review Shawn! <3love this new @indiajordan8, and here's why you might too
Retweeted by India @jamzsupernova @pitchfork @gabrielszatan 😍😍 @bristolinstereo @rakkyripper @eurosanto_eu @_LOTIC @absrdst @DenaiMoore @DORIANELECTRA @phoebe_bridgers <3 <3 @ninalasvegas @gabrielszatan @pitchfork Thanks Nina! <3 xx @noahyoo ❤️one of my faves of the yr
Retweeted by India @danhancox @gabrielszatan <3 thank you!I've had this new @indiajordan8 EP on a loop for a month in the imaginary dancefloor in my head, so good - this…
Retweeted by India8 in @pitchfork 🤯🤯🤯 Thank you so much @gabrielszatan for this wonderful review. Context is so important behind th…
Thank you @codeinedrums for this great write up and lovely chat! 😍🥰 you're proper gutted about missing a Bank Holiday mashup, live vicariously through @indiajordan8's spectacular n…
Retweeted by IndiaRaised on emo, hardcore and the NME, it’s easier to list off the genres that @IndiaJordan8 doesn’t touch upon: and…
Retweeted by India @thomasjsmith__ @El_Hunt_ Thank yoouuuu! @El_Hunt_ @NME Thanks so much El! This write up is so lovelyReally enjoyed chatting with @El_Hunt_ about this EP, Doncaster and my obsession with German. Thank you @NME! Have…
.@indiajordan8 - Emotional Melodical [23:32]
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@FinnMcCorry And I wasn’t even there @FinnMcCorry What the fuck that has flown @FinnMcCorry What!!!! @anniemill_r Annie Miller chicken dinner xxxxx
@_real_lies Thank youuuu 🥰💞 @JSchofield_ Thanks v much! @jedhallam 🥰😍The best EPs, albums and comps released this week, all in one place 🚨 Featuring @indiajordan8, @lighghtmusic &…
Retweeted by India.@indiajordan8 interview and mix on @Naina_LDN’s Rep show — live now!
Retweeted by IndiaLiveeeeeeee emotional banger @ElkkaMusic Hahaha an awkward one at that! @FootworkMonitor 😍🥰OMG I just love the new @indiajordan8 record. It’s made me soooo happy! Westbourne Ave is an euphoric thing of utte…
Retweeted by IndiaTrack by Track on @AppleMusic - here’s some background and context on the EP, have a read! @SeanMixmag @AppleMusic Thank u Sean! ♥️🥰The new @indiajordan8 EP is so good! I chatted to India about it earlier this week for @AppleMusic
Retweeted by IndiaHello this is India Jordan in my kitchen🥰♥️ serious face (and my music) is the top of @amazonmusic’s Signals playlist! check it out below…
@DanceSystem ♥️♥️♥️ @Nesta_nelson Bbbbbzzzzzz ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😭😭😭♥️♥️♥️ boomkat bringing the most wonderful reviews as always <3 on @ReprezentRadio tomorrow afternoon #TripleThreat is new @harkajamie - Badman Bible (EP) via…
Retweeted by India @ItsDresden Thank yoouuuu Dresden!! ♥️this release is a work of art from @indiajordan8 <3
Retweeted by IndiaSo damn good @indiajordan8
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@SwingTing @localactionrec ♥️😍♥️India Jordan's "For You" EP radiates nostalgia and euphoria - @indiajordan8
Retweeted by India @hannnnahoshea Yesssss sick!! Lots of love to you Hannah!congrats on a brill record!! nan king will be soundtracking all queues for sainsburys and raves from this moment on…
Retweeted by IndiaNew @indiajordan8 EP finally out. And it’s sounding lovely ⚡️
Retweeted by India @rymiddy ♥️This thing is damn, damn good
Retweeted by IndiaLooooving this from @indiajordan8
Retweeted by India @katietweets26 @localactionrec ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️lying on my back staring at a cloudless blue sky, floating away with Westbourne Ave in my ears thank you…
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Retweeted by India @alexxaugustus Hahahahaha yes @kazabonbon ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️Love to see it!
Retweeted by India @eoin_murraye Thank you Eoin!! XxxxThis EP was made for days like this, albeit in wavy fields with big sound systems. But let's pretend ☀️…
Retweeted by IndiaThanks so much @andrewryce !! ♥️ @slackk_ Thanks so much mate! ♥️ @RivalDealer26 ♥️Get This, Press Play, Feel Euphoria, Title track is song of the year contender, Big love to India for this stuning…
Retweeted by India @FinnMcCorry Omg♥️😭 Finn!! today – @indiajordan8's ‘For You’ EP is full of utopian rave weapons and would-be festival anthems. Read the ⭐️…
Retweeted by IndiaNew EP from @indiajordan8 is mint, this is my fave x
Retweeted by India @ACertainAbbie @kexp Thanks so much Abbie! @_real_lies ♥️♥️this new @indiajordan8 record is sensazionale
Retweeted by IndiaEnjoying the new @indiajordan8 EP? Revisit their genre-spanning mix now.
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