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We play baseball. #OurTribe

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Even though this season was anything but normal, we appreciated the cheers and support from afar. We can't wait un… IYB Tuesday Tip: It may seem obvious but a straight line to the bag and a straight slide into the bag is the…
Retweeted by Cleveland Indians @AtlantaFalcons You're bringing the beverages still, right? time meeting my baby! FINALLY 😍 I LOVE YOU WINSTON CHANG❤️
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Thanks to everyone for helping to make my day that more special!!
Retweeted by Cleveland IndiansHappy birthday to the man, the myth, the Cleveland legend, @rajai11davis. Hope it's a great one, Raj! @AmbusVHunter This is the worst thing we've ever read. So sorry that was something you had to endure, Ambus. @shannmclellan We're so sorry, Shannon. @SteveBenko Just your pain. We'll send over the agenda. @LiveWithRoman @thekapman The GIF was not necessary. @DavidPSamson David, David, David. You silly goose. We joined the club in 1920 and then the two World Series group… @Joe_Razza @warriors It's our turn actually. @daltonpoulos1 Come to the support group.The 3-1 support group meets on Tuesdays, Braves fans.
Enter our Tribe or Treat contest for a chance to win a virtual visit from @SliderTheMascot . To enter: share a pict…
Retweeted by Cleveland Indians @RobinKa72200383 You da best. @Submurry ❤️The🐐needs you to vote for him for the 2020 Hank Aaron Award. Here are 17 reasons why you s… information.
Retweeted by Cleveland IndiansAnnouncing this season's 2020 Bob Feller Act of Valor Award Recipients
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Forever our Comeback Player. ❤️, we stand with the rest of Major League Baseball against bullying. Bullying has never had a place in the way… month, Tribe outfielder @JoshNaylor44 had a chance to wish a very special happy birthday to a patient at…
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Indians 3B Jose Ramirez named finalist for 2020 Hank Aaron Award
Retweeted by Cleveland IndiansShow us your best Tribe-inspired Halloween costumes for a chance to win a virtual visit from ME👀to your classroom.…
Retweeted by Cleveland IndiansYou can still hit it out of Progessive Field for your child's #highereducation as the @Indians & @Ohio529Plan $10K…
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@10MinDQ AWESOME!!Don't miss your opportunity to take part in our first Tribe 5k and receive your very own goodie bag full of Tribe m… ask me ... “Hey Nick, what’s your cardio during the off season?” Jackson ... Jackson is my cardio 😅
Retweeted by Cleveland IndiansTodays IYB Tuesday Tip: Keep the ball in front of you and when you knock it down, don't panic and make the play!
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Get some rest, @TheRealJRSmith, and then come on home when you're ready. Cleveland's waiting for you. 🏆
@Rockies @WLITEwristen @gabbgoudy 👋👋👋 @Comebacksznnnn Miss you, buddy. @DogeMemeTwo2 Hello. @crtrflr Okay, we're on our way. @StanFinger Dear Stan ... @Boilermakers4er Yep. @jg052423 👋👋👋 @joejanke_5 Of course. @yan_nikK98 @gabbgoudy Open your eyes! @LeightyCory @gabbgoudy @dallascowboys Yep. Here you go: ❤️❤️❤️ @Michael4dadogs ❤️❤️❤️ @josh_gordon_ Happy Friday, Josh Gordon. @ItsAllTribe @gabbgoudy 👊 @FlameZWRLD @gabbgoudy Hi. @my3Dmind ❤️❤️❤️ @indiansnick @gabbgoudy Hey. @cavsfan_421 @gabbgoudy You know it. @gabbgoudy We'll be back before you know it! @MonteMacy @gabbgoudy You know it. @King0fCleveland @gabbgoudy Miss you, King of Cleveland.Students from @Stepstone_CLE had a great time listening to Cleveland Front Office staff read "When do Hippos Play"…
Retweeted by Cleveland IndiansRosey fired some questions at Zach. Zach answered them. Nothing more than that.
Four years ago, @kevinlove just wanted a ball. @CLERallyChicken THE CHICKEN CONFIRMS!How it started: How it ended:
I made a model of Cleveland Municipal Stadium completely out of paper. @Indians @Browns
Retweeted by Cleveland IndiansOur packages of back-to-school outfits (complete with masks!) + jerseys for foster girls returning to their classro…
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José Ramírez, quite literally, lit up the scoreboard this year. #JRaMVP's IYB Tuesday Tip: Becoming your pitcher's best friend---blocking balls in the dirt. Here are a few clips of…
Retweeted by Cleveland Indians @AshDay29 😥😥😥Jim "Sarge" Bagby came out on the short end of the game. If the Cy Young existed in 1920, Sarge would have easily c…
Retweeted by Cleveland Indians @ACTwoThree Us too.NEW TICKET OFFER! Introducing new Tribe Flex Voucher Plans. Choose from 20, 40 or 80 Flex Voucher Plans and choose… Wives’ Association is wonderful 😀 Check out the story:👇
Retweeted by Cleveland IndiansEarly in-person voting begins today in Ohio! We join the @cavs, @indians & @browns to remind you to #TurnUpToVote
Retweeted by Cleveland IndiansWe know it's early, but we're going to make these for dinner later, and there's no chance we stop thinking about th…
Retweeted by Cleveland IndiansJust posted a photo
Retweeted by Cleveland IndiansToday is the last day to register to vote in the state of Ohio for this November's election! Text TRIBE to 26797 o… is the final day to register to Vote in the state of Ohio! Make sure you are ready for Election Day by text…
Retweeted by Cleveland IndiansCongratulations to Shane Bieber of the @Indians who was unanimously voted the 2020 @BaseballDigest / @eBay MLB Pitc…
Retweeted by Cleveland IndiansHere is the 2020 Fall Instructional Camp roster, which begins today in Goodyear, AZ.
Retweeted by Cleveland IndiansToday is the anniversary of Game One of the 1920 World Series! If you'd like to learn more, check out Our Tribe His…
Retweeted by Cleveland IndiansToday is your last day to register to vote. Text ‘Tribe’ to 26797 to check your registration status.
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@TomScibelli Actually made us LOL. Well done. 😂 @TomScibelli It's hard to take anything a "Millennial Vaping Expert" says seriously. @TorresGIeyber @Yankees Yep. Tie game. Good tweet. @JakeAsman Rent's cheap in New York. @PaxtonSanchezzz @OldTakesExposed Never a doubt. @rjmets43 Nah, we'll own it. @PaxtonSanchezzz @OldTakesExposed Please don't. 😂 @TannerBurns_7 Love it!Pretty cool seeing pictures of me when I was a kid.... I always wanted to pitch for the @Indians
Retweeted by Cleveland Indians @Jomboy_ (That was the whole idea, yes.) @Jomboy_ Your content is great. Your fanbase consistently tweeting lame, uncreative insults is the exact energy we're matching. Satire. @Jomboy_ The easiest fan base to troll, Jomboy. Don't get hurt feelings, it's all in fun. @Keith_McPherson We didn’t know you yet, Keith. Next time! @MrsCarroll213 @Reflog_18 @Browns He's the first person to ever tweet that, you're right. @AndresLFCTR @Browns You have so much time on your hands in your parent's basement. 😂 @WhtvrHppnsHppns @Browns Ahhh shoot. We forgot about that! @ReturnofAlexMac And you've got the Lakers playing tonight! @joebrisson12 @Browns Ugh, so sorry. @Saquonjudge26 @Browns You're a Giants fan, and somehow that's worse. @Nick_D_Baseball That's almost worse. 😂Yankees fans are probably having a rough Sunday. Let's go, @Browns! you Cleveland💪🏽 just landed in Taiwan and starting my 14 days mandatory quarantine 😷 Everyone please stay sa…
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Ended before we wanted, but couldn’t have asked for a better group of players and staff to fight with. Excited for…
Retweeted by Cleveland IndiansToday is Papa P's birthday. Wish him one, please. a legend 🙏🏾🙏🏾😞
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