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Brandon Moore @indigo_15 City of Vilcabamba

He/Him. Author. Gryffindor. Thunderbird. INFJ. Raider of tombs. Lover of travel, dance, and awesome people. Assistant to @davidsbeenhere.

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Beginning, middle, and end of dragging out the question, ‘Do you....wanna the DOG PARK??’
Retweeted by Brandon MooreThe 'Callanish Stones', located near the village of Callanish on the Western Isles of Scotland is a neolithic site…
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @TheGregAlba Can't wait! He seems like a really great guy. @EatFellowHumans "Bring me Thanos!!" 🤣Who else remembers that Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz are traitors?
Retweeted by Brandon MooreStill processing my first run in with the police... I've been doing a lot of cicada interviews & with national new…
Retweeted by Brandon MooreThe lush forests of British Columbia 🌲
Retweeted by Brandon MooreThe Cliffs of Moher, Ireland.
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @KajEriksen That does not surprise me one bit.I worked with Rick Schroeder on a TV movie when I was a kid. He was an asshole back then too.
Retweeted by Brandon MooreNever forget that “Ricky” Schroder helped post bail for Kyle Rittenhouse — the 17-year-old who murdered two protest…
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @RealMichelleW Come on Gospel Medley!! @DanielNewman DANIEL. 🤣stop waiting for other people to tell you that you’re amazing. decide you’re amazing and wait for everybody else to catch up.
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @PorschaColeman One of the most insanely talented people on the planet! @jakemiller Looks like October 15 will be a fun night here in Chicago! @BrandonDavisBD Of course we'll be watching!Some people wait a lifetime....for a moment like this
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @JKgraphicss @PeterConnelly72 I'm in awe. 😍... and a little video of the cleopatra's palace with a great @PeterConnelly72 's soundtrack #Tombraider
Retweeted by Brandon MooreNormalize wearing masks when you have any sort of cold/flu symptoms. Forever. It's been nice to not have even a cold in over a year.
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @KirkWrites79 @ClassicJanvier Foxx is the supreme entertainer of our era, and it’s time to recognize him as such — The Undefeated
Retweeted by Brandon MooreIt’s Sunday, and that means Marco Rubio will be tweeting a Bible verse and then doing the exact opposite of what it says to do.
Retweeted by Brandon MooreMaybe we shouldn't keep retweeting the nonsensical rambling press releases of a vile, traitorous, outvoted monster—…
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @BrianPShea Tomb Raider II Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation Tomb Raider III @dreamfall71 I need a remake, or a remaster at the very least. The classic #TombRaider games would be stunning with modern graphics. @DutraWeather @dog_rates We love seeing a good boy! @logan_swish Yeah, I had a feeling that would happen when I saw your tweet. Gotta love the internet, right? I may n… @ActorJoshPrice You're welcome!!This one of my favorite jokes for a couple reasons. 1. You learn something about Jamie. 2. Hardly any other comic…
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @hollyrpeete Great show with a 🔥 theme song! @RaidercastPod Wow, that really worked out perfectly! @StephenSeanFord Man, that sucks. I'm so sorry. Is there anything you can do about it?Have you seen this boy? 12-year-old last seen in Hammond, Indiana still missing this morning and police want your h…
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @ActorJoshPrice Congrats, Josh! So happy to hear that! @IamPeterZ Sending some to you as well. The world needs more people like you in it, man.If you take donations from the NRA you shouldn't be on a Senate Intelligence committee tasked with investigating Ru…
Retweeted by Brandon MooreDo you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary @JRMilward @UnfoldGames Aww, you're welcome! @JKgraphicss @tombraider Just gorgeous! One of my favorite TR levels and you recreated it perfectly! 😍Here is the reimagined cleopatra's palace from TR4 😁 @tombraider #TR25 #TombRaider #LaraCroft #Egypt
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @StephenSeanFord You are a beast of a creator and a true inspiration, Stephen. Take all the time you need. You deserve the rest.Baby hummingbird drinking the juice of a raspberry
Retweeted by Brandon MooreSnowgum tree in Australia 🇦🇺
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @kbiegel I'm guessing it's not a comedy?I'm either a sorcerer without the Lush or a wizard without the fashion. 😉 @andrew_vinny You killed it on Weekend Update tonight! #Brink #SNL @ClaytonLinden Another of my favorites! @ClaytonLinden Yep. Andrew Dismukes did a whole bit about it during Weekend Update. #SNLBRINK! #SNL @ItsAwesomeJoey Aww man. Feel better soon, bud! @VanLathan I mean...he still needed to eat dinner that night, right?A mind-blowing size comparison for some cosmic perspective.
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @MatthwDayton @Mike_Haracz Hahaha! Fine, I'll indulge. But only because you gave me permission. @MatthwDayton @MatthwDayton @Mike_Haracz I am now thinking about ice cream because you brought it up 🤣 @UnfoldGames @JRMilward
@GrahamBunn Hahaha! You are too funny, my brother. I guess I should have said it's a great "turn-off-your-brain-and… @GrahamBunn Hahaha I said it was fun! 🤣 @drewseeley "Let It Go," "Beautiful," and "Into the Fire" are still some of my favorite songs of all time!INCOMING! 🦜 Photo by Robin Riggs #AOPlorikeets
Retweeted by Brandon MooreThis is simply beautiful! 💙
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @BrianPShea Thank you for sharing this. LIke you, I have felt this way for a long time and honestly didn't know where to start.If you, like me, have felt un- or undereducated about the atrocities happening to Palestinians, this is a terrific…
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @joshkeaton Britknee Spears. #BodyPartCelebrities @JeffDye One of the funniest people on the planet. Not up for debate. :)Think of a virus where 70% of kids are totally asymptomatic, less than 1% have severe symptoms, and less than 0.05%…
Retweeted by Brandon MooreWho wants to see a tiny little Vietnamese mossy frog?
Retweeted by Brandon MooreI am thrilled to know that the CDC now feels confident that fully vaccinated people are at low risk of transmitting…
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @BrandonDavisBD I just finished writing a 4300-word article after a week full of research and setbacks. Adding imag…’all ain’t listened to shit the CDC has said the last 14 months, but today all of a sudden you taking their word as law.
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @yashar @BrandonDavisBD It takes a lot for me to vote against Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Like, you have to have a… the mask mandates lift, just be mindful of the people around you. be considerate. wear one if you want to, or if…
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @TrevDon Yes, in a heartbeat! Not sure where I'd go, but I hear Oregon is nice. @DanielNewman Sending some love right back to you, man! Thank you for always being such a positive light in this world!#WandaVision director Matt Shakman is trying to get Cardi B on a remix of “Agatha All Along.” 👀👀…
Retweeted by Brandon MooreJust like you cannot see that I am immunocompromised, I cannot see that you are fully vaccinated. 10 million immuno…
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @Mike_Haracz You're an amazing human being, Chef Mike!
@RonenRubinstein Excited for you, man!EXCLUSIVE: When Matt Gaetz attended a 2019 GOP fundraiser in Orlando, his date that night was someone he knew well:…
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @DanellJLeyva Thank you!! If you're streaming at all this weekend, I'll try to stop by for a while :) @DanellJLeyva Have an awesome weekend, dude!! Hope you're well.🤣🤣🤣🤣 @MishaGreen So exciting!! Very excited to see what you have in store for us! #TombRaider @PhaseZeroCB a long journey to production. Title's not even approved. 🤫😜 But first draft finished!!! 🎉🥳🎊 #TombRaider
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @NickGroff_ Mine is going great, man! Just getting some work done. Glad you're out and exploring. Enjoy your weekend! @jordankahana Wow, that is a beautiful bike, man! Haha, and so many adorable pups! 😍 @travisatreo Thank you! @travisatreo Wise words. Happy Friday to you, man.If we don’t try nothing is gained. If we try and we fail, even in the failure we benefit so much. To not even try is the worst decision
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @matthewjdowd Not for a million dollars.Just a shot of Whiskey to kick off your Friday night.
Retweeted by Brandon Moore @ScottWarner18 You're welcome, man. People like you are rare on here! @paulkarmiryan I was just thinking that this morning. These weeks are flying by and I don't know where they went.I'd love to trust fellow adults except that we live in an insane country that attacked masks during a pandemic, has…
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