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I am working on a multipole expansion in powers of h-bar....& listening to a LOT of Pere Ubu.

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@ChefTsonton @TonyBurnetti If you’re treating the reaction (consumption) as an absorbing boundary condition then you’re a brave soul. 🖤 @TonyBurnetti Apologies if not helpful (but definitely interesting)— Agmon–Hopfield kinetics in the slow diffusion… @TonyBurnetti I don’t know it helps or is relevant, but completely “blind” it might be worth looking at Agmon-Hopfi… @TonyBurnetti Serious question(s): is the problem formulating a model (e.g. phenomenological or compartment type)… @TonyBurnetti @dbweissman That’s actually a reaction-diffusion problem (?). So that’s what’s so problematic. I… @TonyBurnetti Because in most cases other than the simplest they’re nonlinear & in the worst case(s) you don’t know…❤️💚 @DaveMacLachlan1"Don't Run Down The Shot Clock" 🤦‍♂️ @AboveRebroach With a map (for the geographic) + space + cyber + functionals as "areas-of-responsibility". @MartinL51905741 @davidfrum @SuckerCarlson Cheese-makers. @StomperGouldie @InduPartha @ThatEricAlper @ultradamno Yeah…started the Friday night Ubu Bender. Going to push along all the way to “The Long Goodbye”, then crack open to bootlegs. @Tribe_XX @SkrticX @cavs @Cleveland_PL @thiswascle @EncyCle_ @KenCarman 🖤🔥 I get a picture of what it'll be like I… @SkrticX @cavs @Cleveland_PL @thiswascle @EncyCle_ @KenCarman Channel 43… @DodgerScot ABSOLUTELY. But I wish to emphasize that I’d be doing it Recreationally & not Medicinally. @MacFarlaneNews @MikePerryavatar They thought they were going to overturn the election, kill members of Congress, &… @Tribe_XX That was quick! @TrampusRex It was falling apart at the seams, had less parking than a Little League ball field, and was in (at tha… @PunkRockClub No, you’re on the money. Big changes on the way for Corktown. @ThatEricAlper The MC5:
@schlaker_steve That Universe is my basement (where I also keep the magnetic monopoles). @DEFendFURiously @DevitaDavison Whither now Burger Chef. @MonicaGandhi9 @TonyBurnetti No disrespect to you (or Chise)…but an irony to savor here is the CDC message about be… @BeechWesley @AdonisVanCampen 🖤🖤🖤 There’s gotta be a German word to exactly that! “ höredasViehsichbewegen!” @wc_ratcliff @TonyBurnetti You had us at “inspired by lichens…”. That’s a fully fresh & original concept and sen… @BeechWesley @AdonisVanCampen In fairness, venues probably realized that it was actually safer for the audience to… @BonniePuns @JawnD0e is happening in Cleveland, Ohio right now
Retweeted by Z=X+iY...I'm-Listening-To-Pere-Ubu“Brush your teeth in a rapid, vertical motion. That's up and down for all you rebels.” — Doc, Hamburger Hill @keithedwards @ProjectLincoln @FoxNews Comedy = Tragedy + Time @KapustaDiamond City Dump Lounge. Some teams just have all the luck.In hindsight (or mid-sight), this seems cute: @kgopinion @ubu507 "...terminal stasis..." @JimBelushi fröhlichen FreitagThe MC5 were just Different."The War has changed." @BonniePuns @LeonardRubin2 @MLevitt_NP2013 @UnityofAll They really didn’t pull any punches. 🖤 @amibarmon @LeonaLioness6 @UnityofAll @MattDerdaMusic I am sooooo embarrassed 🙈 😳. Missed that. +1 @MattDerdaMusic 2 Live Crew & Skynyrd. @WadeJoh29579952 @JawnD0e @WadeJoh29579952 @JawnD0e You might be unintentionally making his point right there, in one anecdotal example … @PangeaBG @KellDA And then just one (1) wafer-thin mint. @KellDA …& enchiladas w/ green chili or “Christmas” & sopapillas with honey & beef Pho & shrimp 🍤 with grits & Fren… @KellDA Oysters 🦪 and garlic toast and fresh spinach with nutmeg and scallops and Orange Roughy and steak frites an… @snaxodus We need to talk about this as little as possible. But the First Movement is just so disarming. Takes… @archernikov One of my favorite versions. of the Month. Possibly the decade. @Thalesdisciple @archernikov The binding and cover will be so important. So, so important. @archernikov It’s really about the sentences & paragraphs you choose NOT to write. But it’s probably a paper about Everything. .-) @MLevitt_NP2013 Because some things are deterministic & other things are stochastic (?). & a lot of our ‘intuition… @JKoutsogiannis @Super70sSports When you steal Kevin Sorbos thunder I want to buy you a beer 🍺 or seven.
2018? @Super70sSports VERY Kevin Sorbo. @TodaynotSomeday Pinball Wizard. @immortal_iman The problem is that they could pull in a bunch of GTA enthusiasts and they’ll just be grinding in t… @GhostHostJustin Yeah. He eats shit 666 different ways.