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I am working on a multipole expansion in powers of h-bar....& listening to a LOT of Pere Ubu.

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@BonniePuns I can eat 50 eggs. @anamorphosix @SurfThrash @MayhemGhosts Just a gentle reminder that some of are actually afraid of ghosts. Ghosts 👻 & vacuum cleaners. @JLCauvin I suspect this might fly right by a lot of folks -- and maybe I missed the point entirely -- but this str… @JLCauvin This one is stunning. It takes patience but it's worth it. Part apologetics (explanatory), part critiqu… @Super70sSports Hold my beer...'ve had it with these mothafuckin' snakes, on this mothafuckin' plane! @BonniePuns You said, "Loaf". 🤣 @RadioFreeTom Oh. @17Kandles @alicecooper @LouReed @kiss I don’t *know* but I’d go with: probably not. @SteveMartinToGo Never at dusk. @SurfThrash Careful. That stuff will knock your f’ing head off. deaths from covid today equivalent to a baker’s dozen 737 planes crashing with all passengers killed. Lagniappe…
North Dakota Rt: COVID Reproduction Rate Rt: COVID Reproduction Rate @kaitlancollins @kpolantz @JohnJHarwood Oh? @jperiodmorrison As Nick’s character in “The Big Chill” said: “sometimes you just have to let art flow over you...”Butch & Sundance musing about getting vaccinated against Covid.... @ozuozge @allisonoconn 🙂
Retweeted by Z=X+iY...I'm-Listening-To-Pere-Ubu✅😷 @underwatermoonl @SurfThrash Lucky bastard. @mama_c2 Contour integrals.SPECTACULAR 🌹 @TonyBurnetti I think I've mentioned this before...the contrast btwn Fig "A" & "C" is really dramatic. Viewed in c… Jim Jones era“Are we there yet?” Maybe someday we’ll have it “commoditized” enough that it will sound like the split between ab… @sarahcpr I know. Is this a great country or what? @realDonaldTrump @RichardGrenell @AdamLaxalt @mschlapp @leewochner @ubuprojex @jperiodmorrison Indeed! @vinylsol @crumpetscalling Quokka!!! @SurfThrash @MayhemGhosts @LauraAllen55 @PunkRockClub @F1ckleS1ckle @BlackHatNanny Oh, kids these days with their C… @vinylsol Oh, NO PROBLEM...go right on ahead... @MayhemGhosts @LauraAllen55 @SurfThrash @PunkRockClub @F1ckleS1ckle @BlackHatNanny Yes. Tiggers like that for brea… @LauraAllen55 @MayhemGhosts @SurfThrash @PunkRockClub @F1ckleS1ckle @BlackHatNanny There are two kinds of people in… @MayhemGhosts @SurfThrash @LauraAllen55 @PunkRockClub @F1ckleS1ckle @BlackHatNanny Agree. I'll confess I've not he… @FlorDeLotoRock @MayhemGhosts @LauraAllen55 @SurfThrash Lotus Flower? @FlorDeLotoRock @MayhemGhosts @LauraAllen55 @SurfThrash 👇🍹🧋🧉💗💛💚💙🌹 is over-the-top good: @FlorDeLotoRock @MayhemGhosts @LauraAllen55 @SurfThrash Holy. $#^+. There's a bit of Prog influence in there, you… @MayhemGhosts @SurfThrash @LauraAllen55 @PunkRockClub @F1ckleS1ckle @BlackHatNanny Wonderful....except for the 2 se… @F1ckleS1ckle @MayhemGhosts @SurfThrash @LauraAllen55 @PunkRockClub @BlackHatNanny Another reminder to buy Alphabetland. A+ @MayhemGhosts @F1ckleS1ckle @SurfThrash @LauraAllen55 @PunkRockClub @BlackHatNanny Really glides along. Nice one. @17Kandles Dub is absolutely post-punk. Masterpiece. It’s actually a real toe-tapper. @17Kandles Pere Ubu? Never heard of ‘em .-) The Modern Dance really is a nice place to start but as a matter of f… @Ridge_Cook @underwatermoonl On the Interesting Scale of 1 to 10, this is pretty close to Eleven. At least so for me. @17Kandles Good point— ‘83. But that was the War Tour so, yes, it’s included .-) @UnityofAll I fear that isn’t singular or unique. And Muzak filled the air...from Seneca to Cuyahoga Falls... @noxrock He’s seriously underrated and maybe got a bit typecast. As Sugarboy, he had about Zero lines and did all n… @ShannonSharpe Red Sox, ‘02. They bought him a Gillette Mach3 Turbo razor as an on-boarding gift. He was about 12. @noxrock That’s actually prescient. I met him (JEH) briefly in line for TSA airport security in San Antonio. Nic… @TheNYSocialist am completely alone in viewing U2 as Boy, October, & War? After that, DONE. @underwatermoonl Ain’t it strange? The Philadelphia Sound & Motown are distinct & different. @liztc2 And that is a Shanda! @realDonaldTrump rock reimagined as pulp fiction paperback covers
Retweeted by Z=X+iY...I'm-Listening-To-Pere-Ubu @gunclub_music If you look (& listen) closely....the MC5 is Proto-Punk. And very possibly GROUND ZERO for Proto.I want my MTV. @elizaorlins And people think nothing good happens in 2020. False. This was monumental & beautiful. @acnewsitics Yes. By not voting they will totally “own to Libs” as they are fond of saying. Pass it on. @Boxford19 @Boxford19 Anything is possible. Patti Smith Group? Warmed up for Seger — the infamous stage injury. @Boxford19 I hear ya’. I’d probably go ~$75, which would seem reasonable if he did 2 sets and longnecks and well drinks were fairly priced.Can anyone sell me a cottage — that’s what they’re called in Michigan, I gather— in Edison County? I think the cou…
@Boxford19 Do you have an opinion on Bob Seger? Let me ask another way: What would you pay TODAY to see Seger… @JLCauvin In all seriousness...what is your take on walking out and opening with, “So how’s everyone doing tonight?… @gtconway3d That seems like some pretty clear-headed insight. You owe yourself a few beers 🍺 on that one. At least. @JohnELTenney Do you want to go ahead and tell him or do we just wait? @JLCauvin Comedy = Tragedy + Time .-) True. One of the most interesting things is hearing comedians “unpack” come… @vinylsol REM Begin The Begin Misheard Lyrics: But the lander's tie, the murderer's shoe Original Lyrics: A phila… @xtc43 @ProjectLincoln @TheRickWilson Wait. The Lincoln Project wrote “No Such Thing”?!?!? That’s fascinating. T… @vinylsol “Here we are now, in containers...” — Nirvana @vinylsol Hold me closer, Tony Danza... @vinylsol Mondegreens. Bloody typo. @vinylsol Mondrgreens. And so begins what might be the most interesting several hours of 2020.... CCR “There’s a… @Tribe_XX “Oliver’s Army” was the best track from Armed Forces and nobody can convince me otherwise. The whole alb… @SurfThrash It’s strange that things like the spike & envelope proteins really are beautiful in their own right (pa… @SurfThrash @eliistender10 It seems analogous to *this*, except it’s in the ocean. 👇 Structure and drug binding of the SARS-CoV-2 envelope protein transmembrane domain in lipid bilayers Ven… held a persons hand as they died alone, without their family or loved ones by their side. Glad you enjoyed you…
Retweeted by Z=X+iY...I'm-Listening-To-Pere-Ubu @eekshecried @Sarah_Smarsh of the day: This is fantastic 👇✅😷 @eekshecried @Sarah_Smarsh B A N G!... @SurfThrash ❤️Bonnie Tyler. How can we not? @GrumpyOldRick Perhaps think in terms of “ballast” rather than weight? Climate change gets all the attention, but… @eliistender10 @SurfThrash I’m interested to know the approximate odds of being harvested into the food chain if th…👇😷✅🍺 Cats 🐈 love Pere Ubu. Dogs 🐕 love Pere Ubu. Birds 🐦...well, birds particularly love Pere Ubu. Gi… @leewochner @ReturnofR This seems like the CORRECT answer! Close the survey immediately, declare victory, and begin the Ubu Dance Party.