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little women (2019) dir: greta gerwig

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@gos1ings yesthis is money marge. rt for a miracle of finances to come to you
Retweeted by hollieSAILEEN KISSED AND IT WAS SO SAD AND SO SWEET I'M GOING TO KMSit's 4 years since the most traumatic night of my life and I'm so happy with how far I've come since then. if I can… march sister do you think I'm most like?
funny how beethoven been real silent ever since the parasite score dropped
Retweeted by hollie @littIew0men imagine me and you, debs, the way he looks, professor marston and the wonder women, disobediencemy emotions are all over the place with this one. wonderful acting from both daniel kaluuya and jodie turner-smith,…"can I be your legacy?" "you already are." and slim (2020) dir: melina matsoukas, I brought a bunch of friends to see Parasite. After that, this came out of it.
Retweeted by holliei know that the academy hates horror movies but midsommar deserved to be nominated for at least best cinematography…
Retweeted by hollie🎨 #PortfolioDay 🎨 hello! i’m a queer digital artist located in sweden! i mainly draw things that include lgbtq+ re…
Retweeted by hollieits been years but the origin story for this image is finally here
Retweeted by holliei think we can all agree that robert pattinson
Retweeted by holliemany thoughts, head full
Retweeted by hollieH(alloween) O(cean's 8) L(a la land) L(ittle Women) I(t) E(clipse)
lewis capaldi, harry styles, ed sheeran, justin timberlake, the jonas brothers, justin bieber (I could go on) have…'AM me and drop your letterboxd links below!! omens is on tv tonight and you bet your ass I'm introducing my parents to it directed by women
Retweeted by hollieshe said he looks like he's made of marble mum has just seen michael b jordan for the first time and gasped so loudly...I agreeYes simple favour (2018) dir: paul feig la land (2016) dir: damien chazelle, jamal. you be trippin'.I'm so excited to see queen and slim tomorrow!! one of my fave films tbh but why they gotta ruin it with their shitty choice of soundtrack I'm bitter didn't I rewatch midsommar sooner? I'm loving it so much more this time around
midsommar (2019) dir: ari aster'S BACK looking forward to this
Retweeted by hollieplease unfollow this person!! they are a trump supporter, homophobic, and racist!!
Retweeted by holliedani going from telling christian how lucky she is to have him to letting him burn to death in a bear is the kind o… @littIew0men 👀've just been running to catch the bus and she's so lovely started playing on my playlist
@whittingham96 thank you for taking me, my dear friend 💜This is how I won tonight. So much love and time for the Safdie brothers. Shame they were utterly snubbed this awar…
Retweeted by hollierami malek won an oscar for bohemian rhapsody but taron egerton wasn't nominated for rocketman
Retweeted by hollieuncut gems (2019) dir: josh and benny safdie taxi driver is telling me how his window is like a nonstick pan so he doesn't need window wipers and he's so impressed @whittingham96 story (2019) dir: noah baumbach asking the right questions AWARD NOMINATED BABY
Retweeted by hollieLive look at me hearing Todd Phillips' name over Greta Gerwig. #OscarNoms
Retweeted by hollieso: - absolutely no one nominated from the farewell including golden globe winner awkwafina - no lupita - no femal…
Retweeted by hollieidk if I can be bothered with the irishman I don't have nearly 4 hours to spare @twelfhdoctor 😂😂 I mean I work at a cinema so I'm never not watching films hahaI've only got 3 left to watch yeet the academy stop snubbing horror films when lupita n'yongo deserves a nomination for us ffs #OscarNoms joon ho better fucking win as a fuck you to all these white menLITTLE WOMEN AND PARASITE CAN I GET A HELL YEAH GERWIG HAS BEEN SNUBBED FUCK THIS SHIT'm scared about my driving lesson cause it's raining heckthe way she will be introduced and put on posters and trailers as ‘academy award nominee florence pugh’
Retweeted by hollieOSCAR NOMINEE FLORENCE PUGH @whittingham96 @ParasiteMovie @neonrated an iconI'm not feeling this series of doctor who. Idk if it's just because I've been in work when it's been on tv but who knows.PARASITE #1 AND LITTLE WOMEN #3 OF THE HIGHEST RATED LETTERBOXD FILMS OF THE YEAR. BONG JOON HO AND GRETA GERWIG WA…
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"I like it when she puts her tongue inside me." time (2017) dir: josh and benny safdie jackson deserves better and by better I mean a netflix adaptation that stays true to the books… the strap think we all agree that jo march and laurie laurence
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WHAT THE FUCK @whittingham96 was so impressive I'm so upset I didn't like it BOYEGA DID NOT JUST POST THIS ON HIS INSTAGRAM
Retweeted by hollieI'm tired, drunk and smell of cigarettes rip1917 (2020) dir: sam mendes
will there ever come a day when I'm not tired as shit
Height : 5’3 Shoe Size : 3 Zodiac Sign : ♏ Tattoos : 1 and I've got loads more planned Pi… thread has me shook ones 15/25 Slytherin: 12/25 Ravenclaw: 15/25 Gryffindor: 13/25 Nyong’o not getting a BAFTA nomination for US is actually mad, when she easily gave us one of the best perfo…
Retweeted by hollieI really don't want to go to work again @whittingham96 @whittingham96 guess what cinema isn't showing it 👀
Oh my god I didn't stall once but my heart is poundingI've got my first driving lesson today and I'm terrified 🚗taika waititi is literally jewish and this film shows how fucking ridiculous the nazis were. an opening scene doesn…
I feel really sick and I'm just not in the mood for people todayit'd be nice to make it through without anyone I work with speaking to me like shiiiiiitback to hating work again yeetstaying in work all day was good in theory but now I really need a nap and just want to be anywhere but here @dutiesofcare err...don't you lump us all together with the southern lot thank youSharon @softsamcas I DON'T NEED THIS PORN ON MY TLI'm not gonna survive this entire day without falling asleep
just mercy (2020) dir: destin daniel cretton I missed this when I was watching the episode and I'm actually disgusted rn