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Infamous @Inf4mousEnergy 🌴Cali, USA - AZ, USA🌵

19 🇦🇲 | Radiant Controller F/A IGL for @TeamVolted Creator of the #OdinGang Meta Business inquiries -

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We pick up a W against Valorant Demon Time in the @CommunityGaming Valorant Contenders Circuit Next up we play…
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@PapaC0le @Glorinsz @TeamVolted @MLGAnakin @CommunityGaming 👊 @ItzBoltzy I'm proud of you boltzy @Glorinsz @TeamVolted @MLGAnakin @CommunityGaming Demon dog @ToKacey Huge vouch! Kacey is a demon in the esports space 🔥 @ARIANARCHIST That is huge!!! Congrats Ari, well deserved 🔥🥳 @902Creed @GhostGaming Congrats brotha!!! Huge moves 🔥 @FrostyValorant Demon mode INC 👿 @TorseFPS @BENEEMUSIC (ง'̀-'́)งRunning it down on league while my coach @TorseFPS helps me live on TWITCH! Sorry i'm just bored :)… @morgeestreams Goodluck! Lock in 👊 @TorseFPS Ah damn :( sorry torse, I ran out for the month. @OkeanosQT Splendid @TorseFPS @JackIgoe @emijuju_ Getting a pumpkin spice late @OkeanosQT Morning oke, how was ur sleep @TorseFPS @JackIgoe @emijuju_ Straight , we know. Hence my message @JackIgoe @TorseFPS @emijuju_ Yo guys, idk if you heard…. But torse has a crush on me @mintaims Doesn't matter, it's riot. They'll eventually blackmail pro's into playing KEKW @mintaims Not even bankruptcy @mintaims Nothing will ever kill a riot games title. @Glorinsz @_Whiske @krnnguyen_ @srnzander yes
@HoellywoodFPS @crunchyyworld 1:50 for real people @AyeeTrain Fuck @AyeeTrain Are u on the second episode @HoellywoodFPS Oh… I honestly didn’t see the NOT in the message u sent me. @ProsperAims @AyeeTrain It is tho… idk why austin exposed you as our dealer but oh wellLate birthday present 🎁 but HUGE shoutout to @HoellywoodFPS for getting me the riot gun buddy. If any of y’all have… @AyeeTrain Okay we can @AyeeTrain @AyeeTrain @DnorValorant Dan… I ughh @cozyjozie I can't believe this is the last thing i see on twitter as i'm going to bed. @YoloVAL_ LMAOOOOOOOOOOOO, gn dawg @AyeeTrain @Glorinsz 😑 😠 😒 <--- Me @AyeeTrain @Glorinsz I don't either, i play just to have fun @AyeeTrain @Glorinsz LET'S DO IT, COME COME COME!!!!!!!!!! @AyeeTrain @Glorinsz I would believe you, but ur sleep schedule wouldn't allow u too @Glorinsz Understood, i'll run it down the jungle solo for now @Glorinsz Yo that's crazy mitch, do u wanna play league now? @hiyoval This too ^Didn't realize how thick my Cali accent was until someone pointed it out last month. I guess we valley people just…🚨PRE-DOWNLOAD UPDATE🚨 You can get yourself ready to #playnewworld by pre-downloading the launch client starting…
Retweeted by Infamous @Kahrbonqq hehe @HoellywoodFPS @cryptXVAL @SingularityCS Aqua control + (white) . It's honestly nuts @pkrFPS Actually tho @TorseFPS I will give you a 6 figure salary
@TorseFPS Wait I just realized I don't care.... @TorseFPS What's wrong? @Skrrtfps U told me u wouldn't tell anyone....Food is great 🤗 @quinnleaf :O bro... @_Whiske needs to take notes. @ChoicePlays 😳 @mintaims I can give u a fist bump! 👊 @HoellywoodFPS @TorseFPS 😳 hi friends / kids @cozyjozie Good morning Priya! @AyeeTrain Say lessssssssAlright, who’s ass am I slapping at #TwitchCon 2022, consensually of course 🙏🏻 @TorseFPS Alright let’s hear the jokesRunning it down on league with @SingularityCS now @alexxvalorant @Skrrtfps @PapaC0le 🔥 @ProsperAims @TorseFPS @TorseFPS @PapaC0le @Skrrtfps Da! @ProsperAims @TorseFPS let's do it @ProsperAims @TorseFPS If we start a podcast, we will break charts on apple no doubtNo face cam tonight, smurfing with the boys @PapaC0le @Skrrtfps @Skrrtfps @starlovesuu @PapaC0le Vouch @Strafesh0t_ @TeamSerenity @ValorNW Sounds good brotha @Strafesh0t_ @TeamSerenity @ValorNW Since servers were just dropped today, the "PVP Summit Cord" along with the mai… @Strafesh0t_ Strafe if you are interested , @TeamSerenity @ValorNW would love to have you join us on the MAIN PVP server come launch. @PingfuVAL It's uncomfortable the first time u wear it but then it feels good to have a compression sleeve on. Less… @PingfuVAL Wear sleeves, then wash it every month. @AyeeTrain Grandpa 👴 @ZenosVAL @aldensc_ @TeamVolted 😢 come back to the dark side @ZenosVAL @aldensc_ @TeamVolted He was :( The og zenos plays controllerBro..... @aldensc_ was this upset about not playing KAY/O. I don't blame him 😔 @TeamVolted
@AyeeTrain It was great, other then the fact i can't stand that specific actor LMAO @HoellywoodFPS Might have too, squid game looking nice too tho @HoellywoodFPS The time has come😶‍🌫️ @ProsperAims Bouta go MIA for two days to watch them all in a sitting LMAO @DsK_cs Speaking factsThink it might be another Harry Potter marathon time for me soon ⚡️I mean look, I control 2 devices at once, you controller players only have to use one. Obvious what’s superior.
Retweeted by Infamous @Eagl3 @GeorgeCGed All good - FNS. I rarely used that spam spot @HoellywoodFPS @pepper_games1 @TorseFPS @HoellyPriv Lol, ratio + ur cringe + old @chiwymiwy Happy birthday Jes 🥳🥳🥳 best wishes! @ChoicePlays I’m so sorry ❤️ may he rest easy 🙏🏻 @Apex_VL Vouch @VibesVAL Fax no 🖨 @Rano_ezpz If you ever go to a birria taco spot, try their barbacoa. It’s life changing @MrSkitFPS Chicken was great, it’s simple too. @MrSkitFPS It’s like a bitter sweet taste, and dry af. The stuff at cafe rio is 100 times betterChipotles Barbacoa is some straight dog water. Only sticking to chicken from them now. @PapaC0le @TorseFPS @HoellywoodFPS @starlovesuu We nominating people now? Can i tag in @Skrrtfps @TorseFPS @JackIgoe @aEvilcat Oh hahahah, u got me! @JackIgoe @TorseFPS @aEvilcat Please do elaborate @aEvilcat Sounds like someone i know.... *COUGH* @TorseFPS @JacenXD Never used one, way to small for my liking. I like desk mats :(
Aqua control plus (White) is nuts. Early judgment from one game 👍🏻🔥 @n1mE_ @NRGgg THAT'S HUGE EMIN!!! Congrats brother, wish the best in your journey with them 🔥🥳 @AyeeTrain @Glorinsz I hate you both but it’s all in love 😡 @AyeeTrain Let’s do it