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James @InflightJames Surrey, England

Trying my best to share my opinions on the aviation world. All content my own, apart from retweets. Most, if not all pics #shotoniphone #AvGeek #Travel

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@leeshastravels As someone who will be in a similar situation to you in a matter of hours, I can only imagine how c… @leeshastravels Isn’t Branson a minority shareholder these days anyway? @murphtothesky Thursday. Although it’s more like a Friday for me as I have no work tomorrow. Then every day for the… @IAmOlimpia @SingaporeAir @AirbusintheUK Officially the hottest plane I’ve been on. Pretty sure the surface of the… 2/3rds of the British Airways fleet is now grounded. And just the one 747 still in service.…
A pair of cargo flights to JFK and the first A350 to LAX today. via @inflightjames @LadyMontyA350 Yeah, I’m not too bothered!Andorra isn’t in Spain? @LadyMontyA350 I was told that my employer “was unable to offer the kind of work that I was employed for going forw… @murphtothesky No, the building will still be open. It’s just those of us who aren’t directly involved in anything… @LindzzeB Somewhere over Australia back in June 2017 @nikrosser @British_Airways I can see both sides. There’s little point in offering a years extension if things do… of Monday, I’ll also be “parked up” awaiting my next mission. Much like most of the aircraft in the world. @tobytarrant Waiting for @Pipskin to reply ‘😒’ in 3.... 2...1... @DjsAviation Sod the pubs and the football, I want to go flying again! @DjsAviation Was hoping someone was going to come out and say coronavirus was a really elaborate April fools and ev… @FlySOPLANE @FlyLoganair Misread that as Barcelona. Was in the process of replying since when did Loganair fly there?![Comment] Grounded British Airways Aircraft: Master List
@SpaethFlies @endaburke81 @BoeingAirplanes Also wonder if the MD12 would have been a thing had this got off the gro… @BTUK @VirginAtlantic @HeathrowAirport Just LA and JFK today. Plus a 787 test flight and (presumably) a cargo flig… @inflightvideo I can’t believe you’re still flying. And uploading videos about it too! This will be the death of your channel. @NewcastleFlyer Even if everything was as normal at the moment, the chances are those flights wouldn’t be operated…[UPDATED] American is reported to be retiring their A330-300, E190 and a number of their older Boeing 737’s Airc… @FixwithRory Likely due to the Rolls Royce engine issues that the 787’s have been having @NewcastleFlyer Almost identical @LuxuryTravelled Just one of many failed attempts at short haul VS have made over the years...Seven years ago today, Virgin Atlantic launched Little Red using a fleet of 4 A320’s leased from Aer Lingus. They l… the two scheduled VS flights today. Although four aircraft in total made it into the sky. via @inflightjames @Planenews_777 That’s what I was assuming, given it had been sat around for so long. The T after the flight number… @LuxuryTravelled @RobertCourtneyX It’s great to arrive at. On a Schengen flight, I’ve made it from plane to curb-si… of Virgin Atlantic currently airborne for the first time since June 2019. One of only two VS flights curren… @LuxuryTravelled I’ve been there once. Admittedly, it wasn’t brilliant but at least there was one central security.… @McWhirterAlex It was only ANA that did this with the 787. Every other airline hyped it up, whilst having them in t… @McWhirterAlex JAL have got it spot on with their 787. Frustrating how the other airlines have ruined an otherwise… @paul_winginit Hardly call myself a key worker! A part of the company makes medical supplies, which warrants us sta… @paul_winginit Work. @McWhirterAlex Only flown NH the once - on a short hop between HND-ITM a few years back on their 787. Much the sam… @HannahVaughan91 Read his other book - debating whether to pick this one up too...First Flight: LTN-FAO, BY, 1986 Last Flight: VIE-LHR, OS, 2020 Shortest Flight: BOG-MDE,AV, 2015 Longest Flight: KU… 5x 747's were well known, but theres also been a couple of A321's and and A380 updated too. via @inflightjames @IAmOlimpia @britishairways @BoeingUK @HeathrowAirport But, but, but.... they celebrated their 100th last year!!!
Just the 5 Virgin Atlantic aircraft in service today. via @inflightjames @DjsAviation There was one not too far from me for a while. I think it closed though. Admittedly, I’d never heard… question. Why are light aircraft enthusiasts still allowed to poison our lives with their noise? Stay at home
Retweeted by James @DjsAviation Thanks to the Aussie guy I work with, I know all about Bunnings and their sausage sizzle on a Sunday. @petchmo 12 months from now, I wonder if we will be looking back on this tweet thinking “wow that’s a lot” or, “yea… @endaburke81 @jones_leo He appears on a YouTube channel discussing the things that took place in the series - look up ArthurTV @DMTaylor90 Coronavirus innit[Comment] Where Is Teruel Airport? @TeruelAirport @DjsAviation From what I’ve seen, it’s a common thing all over, no matter what your specialty. @murphtothesky @LindzzeB It’s what the cool kids do when a new airport opens. Just go and hang around. @murphtothesky @LindzzeB Don’t say that too loud, you’ll get all the kids round hanging out in there, taking pics a… @LindzzeB WRK 😔 @seat1ktraveller @paul_winginit Wiring / electro-mechanical workWhat’s the traffic like on the hallway between the living room and the kitchen? @paul_winginit Come get a job at my place... full-(ish) steam ahead here. Hence why I’m not noticing much of a diff… @DjsAviation Few days? More like the last couple of years! I did see something about YouTube creators only having… @champwebdotnet @markblundellf1 @lxznr I remember Mark saying to us after the race that he would rather retire afte… there were 5x 747’s heading to TEV this morning. Now this wont be happening. Thanks to @Planenews_777 for…
@murphtothesky IT IS NOT JUST AN AEROPLANE!!!!!!!!! GO AND STAND IN THE CORNER AND FACE THE WALL.This is @HeathrowAirport Terminal 4. In 2020. You'd be forgiven for thinking it was a normal day in 2007, but the…
Retweeted by James @LindzzeB Ok then, don’t. @Enrique77W @user47 @AirlineFlyer Add me to the club: @LindzzeB Get the hubby to do it... @LuxuryTravelled Jeeez just let them die already! @planemadblog Yes, mentioned that in the article! I suspect sooner or later the neo’s will be the only short haul in service.And not forgetting the Virgin Atlantic fleet: via @inflightjamesNo more A321's in service for British Airways via @inflightjames[News] Two Airlines Retire Their Boeing 747 Fleets Today @Planenews_777 Thanks. Had seen a rumour, but it was just that. @starflyergold 51
@seanbulldesign What if Honda never pulled out of F1 at the end of 2008. And as such, didn’t re-enter with McLaren in 2015. @Planenews_777 Ah ok - I started writing that a few days ago.[Comment] Where Are All The Virgin Atlantic Aircraft? update today. Now that the short haul fleet has been parked, the focus moves on to the long haul fleet.… @Airwaysfoodie I had tracked a load of prices for the Easter weekend in January.... slowly but surely they all disa… there goes the last flight I was tracking for the easter weekend… @starflyergold Or in the case of my employer: Self isolate for a few hours, because if we have to pay you, you’re g… @av84jr Wow, that’s mildly more annoying than the BA safety video.Can’t help but notice these major aviation disruptions are a once a decade thing. 2000’s: 9/11 2010’s: Icelandic a… @starflyergold And here’s my Lufthansa dinner service from a few weeks back.
@aston_adam Makes you wonder if we’re better off all going out, not washing our hands and getting as close as possi… @Tim_the_Pilot @MaxK_J @dlflightmuseum They sure do! @ljpmcloughlin @AirlineFlyer @AmericanAir @tulsaairports @NewsOn6 Bournemouth @AirlineFlyer @AmericanAir @tulsaairports @NewsOn6 And here’s their British counterparts (Credit to original phot… on YouTube: My first flight in BA World Traveller Plus since 2014. That trip seems like such a long time ago n… @nickf1234567 It was a medical diversion. It’s back on its way now. @yukicoxo Could write a song about that... @JamesYuenUK Heading out for another attempt now....Not much to report on today. via @inflightjames @JamesYuenUK Apparently BA have an exemption and it was a medical diversion. Guess we will see in half an hour or so. @JamesYuenUK Although they can try again at 13:15 if you believe did Kenya close their borders or is this something else? @kryan4 Same situation for me.Nothing new for #wingfriday this week, so went for something older. Probably the most recognisable wing out there,… @mikehughes1965 For some reason, I can’t stop watching this 😳ICYMI: @IAmOlimpia Can barely even see a plane there it’s so bland!
[News] BA Executive Club Reduces Status Tier Points Requirement @Planenews_777 @SamHorowitz ANU was served by the 747 from LGW so no restrictions there.