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Searching for sanity in a world gone mad.... not an easy task. You will know if you will benefit from following me or not, the choice is yours.

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Update on #tsunami waves recorded in #Hawaii:
Retweeted by Able ArcherUpdate: M5.4 #earthquake (#sismo) strikes 103 km SE of Sand Point (#Alaska) 9 min ago.
Retweeted by Able ArcherAstronomers caught a black hole slurping up a star like spaghetti
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Take the time to look at the veracity of not only the post but of the source 9 times out of 10 you will be able to… #Alaska #tsunami
Retweeted by Able ArcherThe #tsunami warning has been canceled in Alaska, but a tsunami advisory remains in place following the magnitude 7…
Retweeted by Able ArcherEspecially those that have DIED from it. (smh) The vaudeville hook is out, yank him off the stage.. another indicator that we do not have a POTUS that abides be the office's rules, he makes up his own despite w… when the Secret Service was charged with protecting the POTUS from any and all threats, what are they doin… just keep ignoring them. Putin's a saint ask Navalny. (smh) woolly mammoth emojis are now pretty darn cool 👍
Retweeted by Able ArcherNow we may get it...I have been waiting for a big quake along the West Coast but expected it to be further south."I look fine, don't I?" says @POTUS....and that's all that REALLY matters as far as he is concerned. foot tsunami observed in Sand Point, Alaska
Retweeted by Able ArcherA #tsunami wave 2 feet above tide level was reported at Sand Point, Alaska, according to @NWS_NTWC. Tsunami waves m…
Retweeted by Able ArcherUpdated #Alaska #tsunami warning map.
Retweeted by Able ArcherOur automatic system retweeted the original M7.5 quake from 40 minutes ago. This is not a new earthquake.
Retweeted by Able ArcherA #tsunami warning remains in effect for South Alaska and the Alaska Peninsula for a magnitude 7.5 #earthquake. No…
Retweeted by Able ArcherBig #earthquake in southern #Alaska this morning, M7.5 per USGS - here’s what my @raspishake “saw” cc…
Retweeted by Able ArcherTsunami sirens in Kodiak Alaska after 7.5 earthquake triggers Tsunami Warning in local area
Retweeted by Able ArcherArtist's Impression of the Pantheon -
Retweeted by Able ArcherVroom! Vroom! SSC Tuatara is the new world's fastest production car at 316 mph
Retweeted by Able ArcherLegendary NHL play-by-play announcer Mike "Doc" Emrick is retiring from the broadcast booth after 47 years
Retweeted by Able ArcherCollection: 10 Great Renaissance Artists #history #albrecht_durer #andrea_mantegna #donatello
Retweeted by Able ArcherSkimming the feed looks like another day to ignore the chaos... (smh)Hundreds of 1,100-year-old solid gold coins (most dated to the early Islamic period and the Abbasid dynasty), found…
Retweeted by Able ArcherIdiom: the apple of someone's eye = a person or thing that someone loves very much His daughter is the apple of…
Retweeted by Able ArcherThe danger with wild viruses that are around for a long period of time is that they have a greater chance of mutati… told the broadcaster. According to the official, the Norwegian health authorities concluded that after it b…
Retweeted by Able Archerlocal chief physician Tove Rosstad told the NRK public broadcaster on Monday. "We don't know where the virus came f…
Retweeted by Able Archer#BREAKING NEWS🚨🚨🚨🚨 #NORWAY #TRONDHEIM #CORONAVIRUS #MUTATION A new coronavirus mutation with a higher transmissio…
Retweeted by Able ArcherTHIS is the problem... reminder... Italy and Belgium toughen restrictions fearing a 'tsunami' of COVID-19 infections
Retweeted by Able ArcherI think a lot of people WERE planning on a big holiday spending spree IF COVID would have been under some kind of r… are museums whose sole purpose is to preserve history that otherwise would be lost to the ravages of war, ter… with ibexes, - found in #Syria, 323 - 31 BC. Source: #LouvreMuseum, #Paris.
Retweeted by Able ArcherA huge feline figure carved into an arid hillside over 2,000 years ago has been discovered in southern Peru, accord…
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Retweeted by Able ArcherAncient Egyptian silver snake ring, dated to the Roman period. Private Collection.
Retweeted by Able ArcherBellerophon Episode: 9 In his arrogance, Bellerophon decided that he could ride Pegasus to Mount Olympus and visit…
Retweeted by Able ArcherPegasus becomes Zeus' favorite animal. When the king of the gods needs a thunderbolt, it is Pegasus who brings him…
Retweeted by Able ArcherLearner's Word of the Day: herculean - very large, difficult, powerful, etc...
Retweeted by Able ArcherSend it all back, let THEM destroy it or have it plundered by their own people. I'm tired of saving antiquity for i… institutes a nationwide mask mandate and bans large public gatherings as the daily number of new corona…
Retweeted by Able Archer#BREAKING Wales announces two-week lockdown to stop virus surge
Retweeted by Able ArcherThe MATH was made for ONE purpose only, get people flying again. They don't care that they fabricated the data, the… single time he speaks I visualize using the old vaudeville hook and yanking his ass of the stage. (smh)WHAT?!!!..... (smh)
HAPPENING NOW - Man hanging on a rope at #TrumpTower in Chicago, demands to speak to the US President.
Retweeted by Able ArcherSituation at the Chicago Trump tower. Man dangling on rope off balcony. Unknown intentions. Police/Fire rescue on s…
Retweeted by Able ArcherA #Russian Sukhoi Su-27 #fighterjet approached an #Israir Airbus A320 mid flight and few alongside it for a short t…
Retweeted by Able Archer#Latin #Words
Retweeted by Able ArcherFire pushing over the ridge trying to move into Lyons CO. #calwoodfire #ColoradoFire #ColoradoFires
Retweeted by Able ArcherScary situation near Boulder, Colorado tonight as the massive #CalWoodFire is not far from the city
Retweeted by Able ArcherTime-lapse of the Cal Wood Fire just 10 miles NW of Boulder CO @RadarOmega_WX
Retweeted by Able ArcherKamakura is a coastal town located on Sagami Bay on Honshu Island, #Japan, which was the capital of the Kamakura Sh…
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BSCP...Bat Shit Crazy People. (smh) will be no influencing, no vote switching, the candidates & their policies are far too polar opposite for tha… There are NO undecided voters. There are those that are voting for Trump and those that are voting for B…"I ask you to refrain from any trip that is not really necessary, any celebration that is not really necessary." A…
Retweeted by Able ArcherSo I assume stomping on it, throwing it into a fire, and urinating on it would be frowned upon then. Ha you won't, because you didn't the FIRST time which is WHY there is a second wave now. The inability for many to… have gone from a proud participant to a reluctant voter to a mindful cynic and finally to anti-political. I see N… a wasted effort BOTH sides are doing that already... seems now that EVERY football related COVID positive case is immediately followed by a negative test. Maybe we s…, #Virginia: Explosion in a commercial business area in Miller Circle, #Harrisonburg
Retweeted by Able ArcherI hope these whiners and moaners realize THEY are the reason all this is being done AGAIN. Because THEY ignored the… Episode: 7 When the hero spotted the fire-breathing monster realized that he couldn't come close it. H…
Retweeted by Able ArcherLearner's Word of the Day: mandatory - required by a rule or by law
Retweeted by Able ArcherOdd...but cool.’s what you need to know about the 3 Local COVID Alert Levels in England - Medium, High and Very High. Use the…
Retweeted by Able ArcherOh that's not dangerous at all, I hope it's just a gimmick and not available for sale. Where do people read a lot?… in #history: Agrippina the Elder dies after being exiled to the island of Pandateria. (33 CE) #OnThisDay
Retweeted by Able ArcherHa, Reuters must not have seen the news today.... COVID goes away in protests. (smfh) least 80% of the transmission points in my area are bars and restaurants. The kind of willful ignorance this per… reminder.
Details from Laocoön & His Sons - #VaticanMuseums
Retweeted by Able ArcherA two storey residential building has been destroyed following an #Armenian missile attack on the city of Ganja,…
Retweeted by Able ArcherCOVID had a banner day today and that is NOT good news. Multiple states recorded record highs in both infections an… man. my
Retweeted by Able ArcherMy advice to avoid the news would be particularly good advice today.... wow.Reconstruction of the interior of the Baths of Diocletian. The Baths of Diocletian, the biggest ever built in Rome…
Retweeted by Able ArcherMap of Greek Mythology. Designer - Credit: Hazel Newlevant.
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Retweeted by Able ArcherToday we’re telling the story of this beautiful 17th-century thangka – a Tibetan painting which has been treated by…
Retweeted by Able ArcherThe Powder Blue Pink Toe Tarantula: (Avicularia azuraklaasi)
Retweeted by Able ArcherAlso good advice, in times like these it is critical to be self-aware.©Tadashi Onishi, born in 1952, he is a street photographer based in Tokyo, Japan. #contemporaryphotography
Retweeted by Able ArcherYes like this. Do something you really enjoy. is surging, winter is approaching, the Apocalypse is two weeks away & people are already losing their minds.… it a coincidence that this has has taken place since I started posting THIS. Twitter dances to the political po… days since my last RT or Like, tell me again that Twitter doesn't throttle and censor content.