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Shelly🌸 @inki_drop Barcelona, Spain

It's cute! It's strange! It's inki-Drop! 🦑💖 Illustrator/Author/Toy Designer. She/her. 🏳️‍🌈+🇵🇷,36. @ragingspaniard is my partner. Obsessed w/#FE3H 💛🦌

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Body Chain🐢💙✨ #seatreasuremermay #mermay #mermay2021
Retweeted by Shelly🌸I love seeing the fits that come out of NYC every Eid 😩
Retweeted by Shelly🌸내가 만든 핑크 스퀘어케이크🍒
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@br1nk_ @jupy314 Not enough people are vaccinated to make this a good idea 😩 @jupy314 Exactly. You get it. Urgh 😖🐻🐰🐝🌻🌱
Retweeted by Shelly🌸Irresponsible. The pandemic is far from over. #eid to all who celebrate 🥰💖💖💖 @thiswillhaveto1 @dokool Ahahaha whoopsie @b0tsbby I have, but without the context I have now 😭Gotta replay after I get a few more endings in ReplicantThinking about Emil in Nier Automata...that was SICK of Taro literally SICK
Retweeted by Shelly🌸 @b0tsbby I finished my first playthrough of Replicant last night and I just feel so sad. Protect the boy!!!! 😭Dying because Rage Against the Machine posted a message in support of Palestine and people are telling them to stay…
Retweeted by Shelly🌸 @OhHeyDJ oooooooh :O yes!!How about women are naturally funny like anybody else but because they operate within a patriarchal system in Ameri…
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Cool now do it for all healthcare weeeeee!
Retweeted by Shelly🌸 @thistle_burr 🥲 urgh @Zambicandy @misspenart ORB CHILD
Succulents are not easy. Stop lying to people.
Retweeted by Shelly🌸 @brambleLore that re-organized tea shelfie is so satisfying 👌😤big mochi energy is a bish
Yes. That is a tiny tank top. He likes to show off his gunsI forgot it was mothers day. Anyway heres my son
@fayren I think stickers are the best solution, time consuming as they may be. Good on you for making the change, Sarah!He wants to hunt with me. Makes BIG GRR. Rathalos run away!!!
✨A copyright holder, such as an artist, is not obliged to warn you before submitting a DMCA notice. It's copyrighte…
Retweeted by Shelly🌸🍀BREAKING NEWS!🍀 Impa & Paya plushies are going to be shipped to me today! 🍡🌸 They should arrive at my home in arou…
Retweeted by Shelly🌸 @maridahdotcom Sweet boy!!
coffee time with mochi
Retweeted by Shelly🌸Hello! I’m not sure how many people will see this, but My name is Zahra. My father is Dr. Hasan Gokal, the man who…
Retweeted by Shelly🌸 @brambleLore Oh I hate that urghGuess what happened around 3PM today? That's right, U.S. says it supports vaccine intellectual property waivers. Ca…
Retweeted by Shelly🌸 @Rahul hahaha perf 👌 @Swiftor aw thanks man, hope you and the fam are well too <3 @thistle_burr "whipped cweam pwease" @RagingSpaniard he can do a sippy toocoffee time with mochi
The people who preached herd immunity in 2020 are now the reason we won't reach herd immunity in 2021.
Retweeted by Shelly🌸 @mang0kitty Dimi blorb shall consume all other dimis
@barachan yay!!A beautiful pink sea slug! 💞 Learn more about nudibranchs like this one:
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@brambleLore 🥰🥰🥰past me put all my doll carriers away... and current me has no idea WHERE. last time I needed them was October 2019…
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@Zambicandy Yup to all Then we can go get food truck snacks
@sousourocket oh no Caspar nooo
@damn_anime_ That is a very big help!! Thanks so much, you’re a star! 🤩✨ @damn_anime_ Wow haha, I wouldn’t have thought of searching in that way. Thanks Damn! Friend said it was fruity an… @coughdrops This pic was from tripadvisor. 🙃 Hence the dilemma haha 😣🥲😭
@shiroiusagi_ THEY WERE INDEED A SMIDGE TOO BIG LOL but so tasty 🥺🤤 @FinniChang So tasty 😭 @milkbun I feed to u @eugelng blorpy!!! going right to my thighs 😂🤤I can’t express this strongly enough: DO NOT SKIP YOUR SECOND DOSE BECAUSE YOU ARE WORRIED ABOUT SIDE EFFECTS. Yes,…
Retweeted by Shelly🌸When you see employers complaining they can’t find people willing to work for them ⬇️
Retweeted by Shelly🌸It’s Tuesday innint? That means an update for my comic. An RT or a comment means the wor…
Retweeted by Shelly🌸The sakura flavored one was not cloying at all which was a nice surprise. 😌🌸Xavi & I finally tried this place over the weekend. They were fluffy cream style instead of ice cream style and I a…
If you’re outside india & watching people in India extend themselves to provide support because their govt has fail…
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Stop naming IPAs after nice sweet things. Flower Power, Juice Bomb, Guava Squad, all that shit has got to STOP. I b…
Retweeted by Shelly🌸 @mayakern 😍😍😍 @steppiepeppie @mayakern show us da pups!!Last night I found an unhinged wordpad doc on my desktop from about a month ago. I'm feeling more at peace now, so…
Retweeted by Shelly🌸 @24bandouro @AmakusaAC Yes! It was in an Odakyu hotel. I figure the things they use are either mass market (like th… is very random, but: If you live or have lived in Japan, do you recognize the brand of tea in the red and silv…
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ATTENTION: I am ALWAYS looking for voice over folks. YOU DO NOT NEED TO BE A PROFESSIONAL. Just have to have a dec…
Retweeted by Shelly🌸At the end of the day, if you want to enjoy tea or coffee or another nice food-related thing to make your life a li… figure its pretty mass market as it was in an Odakyu brand hotel--but they don't tout any brands on their English… is very random, but: If you live or have lived in Japan, do you recognize the brand of tea in the red and silv…
@matchaartist Such a yummy collection! 😍 Thanks for including me!!Wanted to show off one of my favorite itas I own. It's the Medication #itabag from @kitycrylics ! I've loved it eve…
Retweeted by Shelly🌸 @RagingSpaniard "FIIIIRE! FIIIIRE!" @MidoriGator iPad pro becomes mini lololI quit my job today after 20 years. They didn’t care. For anyone that needs to hear it: If you don’t feel like the…
Retweeted by Shelly🌸 @MidoriGator Same. I want an ipad on an easel. A fucking CANVAS SIZED SCREENI ALREADY HAVE A PROBLEM, WHY ARE YOU ENABLING ME @misspenart she's completely out of touch and needs to retire @mandimappy they're literally scammers 😂 @mandimappy "You can save your miles by paying us an expensive credit card fee! NEAT!"To reduce the murder of George Floyd & the trauma his family had to suffer as "a sacrifice" and his name "synonymou… justice!!! America: how can we ruin this 🤔 Taylor, I’m so sorry the justice system failed to bring the cops who killed you to account. 💔
Retweeted by Shelly🌸can you imagine if the new mac doubled as a GIANT IPAD🤩 imo it'd be a cintiq killer--I love drawing on ipad the mo…
@RhandiDandy Babe :( Its ok. I’ve felt that before also. @LaydiexSkull happy for you!! NOT ABOUT THE UNDEREYES LOL but that thrill of projects and art college is so goodHeadlines I wish I woke up to: “Black billionaires across the world team up to found Wakanda.”
Retweeted by Shelly🌸bro give her space she just found out the hot anime guy in a piece of fanart she saw was drawn to be sexier than he…
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"Are U Kidding Me"
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Retweeted by Shelly🌸 @Zambicandy Oh my GOD @thousand_skies Play pose sheeb is extra cute!!!
@prettycritical Diabetes fast track 🥲
@SidereaCaelum Thank you!! :D They're my funky little beans @jupy314 Thanks for the artshare, Jupy! 🥰 I’m Shelly, and I create cute characters & turn them into plush, pins &…🌸ARTIST SHARE🌸 So I’m sure many smaller artists feel invalidated today but I’m here to say that you ARE talented. I…
Retweeted by Shelly🌸 @milkbun Fat Veggie party!!
@Zambicandy COME GETS the name was so cute and funny we HAD to order to see what it was all about heheWe ordered takeout from a place called "Fat Veggies" for dinner a few nights ago... I keep thinking about it.... wh…
@panterona868 Incredible 😍😍😍 @doodlefrog absolutely!!