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i’m lone and i draw stuff ┊ 20 ┊ she/her ┊ drakenier/aitsf/vocaloid lover ┊ 💖@rice_deity💖

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#prsk_FA 過去絵のKAITOお兄ちゃんも
Retweeted by 星空★lone @pumpkinthing this is a lot to take in.
ふー・・・描いた描いた✍️🤤 #ゼノブレイド #XenobladeChronicles
Retweeted by 星空★lone @RubyPassage WHYS IT BEING SUNG @RubyPassage WHATS HAPPENING?and he's fundraising for the project!
Retweeted by 星空★loneCyberpunk 2077 got delayed (again) to December 10th obviously to avoid getting crushed by Yakuza 7's release, but n…
Retweeted by 星空★lone🎃
Retweeted by 星空★lone @naltrr @RubyPassage love how kind and supportive my friends are, it means so much @RubyPassage if hes diseased im diseased @RubyPassage woah... teehee... um........ this guys kinda.... [tucks my hair behind my ear] umm..... hehe....Can’t wait for all the people excited for nier replicant to start playing and realise this is the protagonists hair…
Retweeted by 星空★lonebrandon the homophobic kingwho let brandon be homophobic at my wedding tho
Retweeted by 星空★lonenow that i've gay married every woman in sosfomt i can finally claim that this game has permanently set the bar for…
Retweeted by 星空★loneToday on BBC News, healing the world from sports coverage.
Retweeted by 星空★lone @RubyPassage You have passed my trial @RubyPassage @RubyPassage Get your qrt off my idol post where there is an actual way to blame riamu unless youre stanning my idoli havent drawn nier in over 3 seconds and i keep watching icarly and i
Retweeted by 星空★lone youre sad because your fav’s ssr3 isnt exactly how you want??? cuz she didnt get enough lines in her 6th song?… morning, it’s been 1175 days since suzuho ueda has had a new song & 1549 days since she’s appeared in a deresu… @goggalor Not wuestionable decision... Good Decision[limmy voice] Check out Weki Meki’s new song "Tiki-Taka (99%)" if you get the chance. Sound of the summer💗The fires of hope will never die!💗 Happiest of birthdays to @Lemniscate_Aset / @a_set_on ! AI was such a wonderful…
Retweeted by 星空★lonei started listening to weki meki... these girls onto something @RubyPassage anyways not all the characters’ “reality” forms have been revealed yet, but this is what i mean when i… @RubyPassage none of the characters in sinoalice are actually the characters from the storybooks, theyre just real… @RubyPassage Or i should say “care abt stuff you’ll find out midway through the 3rd book or so” @RubyPassage Do u care abt spoilers
@VocaCircus Freshly peeled qingxian.... shes nakey gotta put the hood back on @VocaCircus DUDE DID YOU KNOW YOU CAN APPARENTLY TAKE THE PLUSHIES OUT OF THEIR LIL HOODIE THING.. A FOLLOWER ON WE…サーヴァントの本懐
Retweeted by 星空★lone🎶Even with the devils of time against you, never let the fire fade in you!🎶 Happy Birthday to our very own A-set, y…
Retweeted by 星空★lone @Tracker_TD NOOOOOOOO YOU RUINED MY LIFEHACK @Tracker_TD BAM lifehack - never close it#Lily #vocaloid 来点万圣节
Retweeted by 星空★lone📢 Splatfest reminder! Splatoween comes knocking this Friday at 23:00 CET. Let's see if Team Treat candy-feat Team…
Retweeted by 星空★lone @rice_acolyte how did i just see this now... look its me.e... @gahooglydonks okay, shion in meakashi, keep talking that talk @RubyPassage @rice_deity now u learn... a doujinshi (a self published comic) doesnt always have to be nsfw !! @_ODDEEO_ ;)....... @RubyPassage @rice_deity a doujin is a self published work. a doujin circle is like when multiple people are coming… adding thisflowers for m[A]chines
Retweeted by 星空★lonealso neither of us know how to do music. this group is me on art and rice on pv/editing. so once we make this group… me and lone made a doujin circle so we could be super bros like the cool vocaloid producers who get married to t…
Retweeted by 星空★lonethe full reason we are doing this is because we love each other and work good together but also because we were loo… name do you think has more sauce (me and rice are going to make a circle and we need a good name that embodies who we are)bio says they/them but i want to be they/theirs....
Retweeted by 星空★loneカフェの絵で〜す
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the three-eyed twins.
Retweeted by 星空★lone @_ODDEEO_ Shes a #GIRLBOSS babyyy @nondidd god i wish that were me (lvoe this[softly] shut up, Weiss just shut up #NieR
Retweeted by 星空★lonealso a pic i forgot to post hast obtained her lucky stage shoes @RubyPassage they fantastic. i like the long haired one more because shes more tortured @RubyPassage theyre twins, shion and mionin other news oh my god my brain is like completely gone from reading so muchafter re-consuming all higurashi content in the span of ~2 weeks after being hyped about the new anime i have now p… ULTIMATE PUZZLE CROSSOVER ! It’s time to create the ULTIMATE CHAIN TOGETHER! #Sketchmii #SuperMario
Retweeted by 星空★lone @nii_the_sourou BEAUTIFUL▲様コス
Retweeted by 星空★lonelet's all love papa nier! 😊
Retweeted by 星空★loneHAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE MOST IMPORTANT VOICED IDOL Birthday to Suzuho Ueda, the comedic costumer of the production! Fun fact: Suzuho is very close to her grand…
Retweeted by 星空★lone. . #현진 ⋆ #LOONACON
Retweeted by 星空★lone @Gunbusted WHEN DID THIS HAPPEN OMG??? On my way! TO READ RN @RubyPassage (U can hear patrick seitz use the same voice he uses for ladiva in the hit game Ai The Somnium Files w… @RubyPassage @naltrr Is it good @goggalor Post this winston @naltrr @RubyPassage Make this a third mom cuz i do what i must @RubyPassage Wait he said blokes forgot these were brits... ughh.... well i cant back down now @RubyPassage Am going to do [REDACTED] things to these older men @yoshigoround Uta1 is like ~30ish, same w uta2, uta3 is the longest like ~50ish maybe
Retweeted by 星空★lone @greatestjubilee :,)............... @RubyPassage god i wish i didnt know about haikyuu @greatestjubilee do you really mean it.... youd do that for lil ol me.......yall ARE right that this is just persona fans thoughokay i went to watch m*lan 2020 w the boys and this popped off and there are people thinking the op of this post wa… dont make posts like this anymore @GF202020 god i wishim gonna have two vocaloid companies in my inbox spitting on me for living in america and not giving me my damn prizes @dadnier AAUUUWWWWWW YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA BABYYYYAU
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Retweeted by 星空★lone[nier] @V_Perjury STOP!!! SJHUT UPyou would only think they have buildup/a palpable romance if youre a het i want it gone their story works great as just good ol friendscool thing about nier remakester is they can maybe take the time to iron out/take out the parts in the plot that ar… @V_Perjury Why did you make me watch this
Kaname Date (AI: The Somnium Files)
Retweeted by 星空★loneokay im bringing this back because i know the reaction im supposed to be gettig from this is “woahhhh mafuyu so ang… got a few questions yesterday about whether or not Shulk's Mom had an updated model for Definitive Edition. After…
Retweeted by 星空★loneJ i n k i e s ! 🧡💜
Retweeted by 星空★lone @The_EdgeKing I have no idea who that is but damn they really had to do some digging if they found thisIwaihime is out now! To have worked on the English localization as the localization director and translator has bee…
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