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Drew Emery @InlawsOutlaws A cabin in the Cascades, WA

Writer, #storyteller, feminist, #LGBTQ activist, educator. #ClimateAction #BLM #Gunsense #Resist #WM #UVa alum. #Rome obsessed. #SPQR

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@Czarnopis @connor_friends @JackPosobiec @fuckbid41703646 Sending big gay love to you too. God Bless America! @Andiworld The critical mass of change IS COMING to Texas. It's just a matter of time...I really don't understand why/how Texas elected a talking carnival shrunken head as governor. Greg Abbott is jus… conspiracy charge against Edward Caldwell, a leader of the Oath Keepers. First one. Now we're getting som…
Retweeted by Drew Emery @Czarnopis @connor_friends @JackPosobiec @fuckbid41703646 MAGA updates their American drag to dirty diapers and con… @fuckbid41703646 @JackPosobiec Why would I be triggered? Biden won. He'll be POTUS in 21 hrs. And Trump will be flu… @Volkai @SecPompeo Actually, we'll be able to find @SecPompeo in the anals of history, where he belongs.On the eve of Trump’s last day in office and the avalanche of “WE SURVIVED” tweets, I’m once again thinking about t…
Retweeted by Drew Emery @Smeloniew1970 @laurenboebert Thank you. It's a struggle to keep the fury at bay. I suspect Boebert just feeds off… @CanisPundit They don't deserve something that clever! @InlawsOutlaws I’m thinking anyone who supported Trump should be called an Oaf Keeper.
Retweeted by Drew Emery @SecPompeo I can endure another 24 hrs of your utter awfulness @SecPompeo cuz, not only will you be remembered as t… could wake up to this every day. Thank you @RandyRainbow! @AnneHawley Very thothful of you.This is absolutely inspired; turning an empty mall into honoring those who cannot be here in person.
Retweeted by Drew Emery#GoodnightandGoodLuck Donald J. Trump Presidential Bookmobile is really going to be something. @GlitterYay @Pheramuse Use liberally. @connor_friends @JackPosobiec @fuckbid41703646 Here is the Georgia election manager – a conservative Republican – d… @connor_friends @JackPosobiec @fuckbid41703646 Golly, wow. I too have Excel and can make a spreadsheet with specula… @Pheramuse I decided we needed one of those endless German add-on words to describe a certain twice-impeached perso… @Pheramuse Excellentricities: these are the little quirks I have that used to cause me embarrassment until I embra… Inside Job: The Alarming Parallels Between Harvey Milk's Murder and Politicians Bringing Guns into Congress Carbon County had a whopping 5,012 Republican voters in the November election. Their GOP "central committee"… @JackPosobiec @fuckbid41703646 You're such a blatant liar, Jack. It's almost as if you are laughing at all the suck… @fuckbid41703646 @laurenboebert Naw, that low-rent, IQ-challenged collection of spray tanned chicken bones has no e… @fuckbid41703646 @laurenboebert Did Biden hurt yours? Enjoy his presidency! GOD BLESS!Mexico has 2 days to pay for the wall.
Retweeted by Drew EmeryJust when you think the Trump administration can't possibly shock you... they pull something like this 👇
@StacksTindal It is written: No amount of cheekbone can compensate for a hollow self. @laurenboebert Get Dr. King's words and name out of your filthy, seditious mouth, @LaurenBoebert. You just voted to…'s see... Classless and Rose Garden are trending... Just a reminder how much I'm looking forward to never givin… will The Trump Show's final act of attention-getting drama be? @tammdawg But I love a Russian Blue. @tammdawg Deeply disturbing! @oonazoyasherman @AnneHawley Man, so this is a thing. I'm going to have to say a little prayer against this.#MLKDay A 53-year old lesson on racial inequity from MLK that still applies in way too many ways. Inauguration worry drew jour: That there be enough time b/w the departure of the Superspreader-in-Chief and the… President-elect Harris bids farewell to her Senate seat today. But as she says, it’s not goodbye—it’s hello as…
Retweeted by Drew EmeryCurrent mood. @Stonekettle They're *fine* with cancel culture. Exhibit A: Colin Kaepernick
Retweeted by Drew EmerySo, #COVID19 on Capitol Hill shows a partisan split: #GOP - House, 36 cases, 16% of #Republicans - Senate, 8, 15.6…
Retweeted by Drew Emery @mtgreenee @Twitter I read the Mueller Report and you obviously did not, @mtgreenee. Trump's connections to Russia… connection between coordinated Fox lies and electoral politics has never been more clear or damning. @JustJoshinNH We did it before and the sky did not fall. Yes, slightly more innocent times. But I lived through the… reason to love El Paso #ResignTedCruz morning. Just 2 DAYS until 2020 finally, actually, truly ends. Finally, we will no longer have to spend our e… United States of America will not negotiate with terrorists.
Retweeted by Drew Emery @Mel4Justice @NationB4Party @Lesdoggg Stand back. Heads exploding can be messy. @HopesMom12 My hair is in recovery. @AnneHawley @oonazoyasherman Who knows? I'm assuming the photographer grabbed it for a dumb grabby effect but the p…"Some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal.” – Albert Camus This is not a problem I have. I am, non… @herrick_a Agreed! @Mel4Justice @NationB4Party @Lesdoggg Well, I guess we'll just have to see if JFK Jr shows up.Rand Paul warns that if Senate Republicans convict Trump, a third of the party will break off. So be it. The GOP fa…
Retweeted by Drew Emery @IngrahamAngle @RandPaul Good. You dotards want a Civil War? Please have one among yourselves. @laurenboebert Poor Lauren. Were you not getting enough attention for your sedition so you had to come up with a whole new lie? Pathetic. @MarkFinchem Something I've noticed that all you RW nutcases all have in common: a COMPLETE LACK OF SELF-AWARENESS… @Mel4Justice @NationB4Party @Lesdoggg A key technique that I've witnessed having some success is not focus on count…**Must read** Among the Insurrectionists Astounding reporting from @NewYorker's Luke Mogelson. It's a long read…
Retweeted by Drew EmeryAbsolute mic drop. I’d love to hear someone answer this question.
Retweeted by Drew Emery**Must read** Among the Insurrectionists Astounding reporting from @NewYorker's Luke Mogelson. It's a long read…
It’s almost over folks. 3 days.
Retweeted by Drew EmeryPlease Mr. Secretary, can you interrupt your flood of tweets on the subject below to say a word of criticism about…
Retweeted by Drew EmeryInsane –> This Elaborately Armored Samurai Was Folded From A Single Sheet of Paper via @colossal @Kevindo87430678 @tonyschwartz Ding ding ding! He's trying to pass in a scrambled together final exam a week after it was due. @tonyschwartz Every one of Lindsey Graham's Last Act moves just reeks of a desperate attempt to make it up to whoev… @TheresaFiano1 He's a smart man but he fails to see how obvious it is that, however well meaning, it comes across a…, I know it's Raskin. Thumbs for fingers.Anyone still in need of moral clarity, I give you Rep. Jamie Rasking, father, scholar and patriot. So moving. @WonderKing82 Yep. Anyone who starts a thought with "Queen Latifah can't..." is a damn fool. I always enjoy how sh… Comey, last I checked, that statue of Justice was blindfolded... Could it be that political - even social - con… @Lesdoggg Yep, it's brilliant. No it won't work on Trumpers and may even reinforce their identity as victims of smo… McMaster saying "I don't support any politician" misses the entire point – one where apolitical defense & securi… @xjelliott Amen. Beautifully put, Joyce. @MastaOfMp3s @people4kam Not sure what you're trying to say here. @oonazoyasherman @cmclymer A little known fact is that a dachshund’s vocal cords extend directly from the esophagus to the anus. @Judson4Congress I'm all for eliminating the popular vote for the Senate... by eliminating the Senate, and thus, eliminating Ben Sasse. @cmclymer Dachshunds are 84% intestines.#GoodnightandGoodLuck your dumb man hands off Greta Gerwig, jealous cucks. @gdashmoney @ZekeJMiller Obama started no new wars. And 400,000 dead Americans from his completely FAILED pandemic… @chipfranklin Do you mean, can I forgive her mother? Maybe. But that’s about as far as it goes. @ZekeJMiller *civil war or insurrection not included, void where facts matter @_TeddyBrosevelt @Melannnial That's NOT a Biden election official. Saying so is a lie. Just another data point in… @Melannnial @lefefer @JDRucker Can you explain how, if the machines were rigged, then why did the GOP senators and…
@Dixiegal15 @ChocoHarveyMilk @FrankSowa1 I apologize if I seemed abrupt or disrespectful. Hard to be comprehensive… @Dixiegal15 @ChocoHarveyMilk @FrankSowa1 I'm not upset or twisted, thanks. I'm merely trying to determine if this i… @chris651ftw @nycjim The hypocrisy of #JennaRyan
Retweeted by Drew EmeryCaligula’s Garden of Delights, Unearthed and Restored @ende_don @Dixiegal15 @ChocoHarveyMilk @FrankSowa1 Nope. I wouldn't conclude that at all! I am indeed, very suspic… morning. And good luck.’m thinking of changing the name of my Wifi to ‘FBI surveillance’ to mess w my Trumper neighbors
Retweeted by Drew Emery“An artist is a sort of emotional or spiritual historian. His role is to make you realize the doom and glory of kno…
Retweeted by Drew Emery @SainttreyTrey @Tigerfan64 @MarshaBlackburn He's a time-waster. Probably intentionally so. Block and move on. Ain't… @Tigerfan64 @wavemgb @MarshaBlackburn Irrelevant. @Tigerfan64 @SainttreyTrey @MarshaBlackburn Who enjoys a majority of support from the GOP caucus in Congress... inc… @Tigerfan64 @MarshaBlackburn I don't see anyone owning any mistakes. I don't see anyone admitting they lied. They… @Tigerfan64 @RyallGerry @MarshaBlackburn Bullshit. The entire world has suffered because of the complete incompetence of Trump. @outseide This tirade was a capital idea! Yet, I fear it's taking a tol on you, Jill.