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We make healthy drinks and are currently working from home.

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@samantha_west11 Would you prefer it if we told you a joke instead? @ChantelBriggs5 We're always serious, Chantel. @rachel_hiscock Bless you. @RobbieNewton1 People look at us like that most days, Robbie. @auntienettie1 We tried quoting her too. We're on the naughty stair now. @Levicopter We'll pass your plea along to the people in charge of that stuff, Kate. Promise. @LeonardCheshire Thanks for taking care of the people who need them, you lot. Total heroes. @MarieCanova Hope it does the trick, Marie. @MissB_English_ Best news we've heard all week, Maddie. @NWC_Catering Bigger thank you for getting them to good homes, you lot. @blindseyeview Wouldn't be the first time we've been distracted by horse and dog photos. We'll take ourselves straight to the naughty stair. @redlemonhq We'll keep up with the days if you promise to cover the months. @MaxinePemberto1 We'll take the sneezes if we get to see our friends. @StaceyAplin We'll file that under "rave reviews", Stacey. @sophie1142 In fairness, it had her name on it. @readablelife Almost as happy as we are looking at that face. @blindseyeview WE CAN'T BELIEVE WE DIDN'T KNOW. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CHARLIE. Keep an eye on the doormat. @ISaveDolphins Glad it reached your doormat safely, Kieran. @ThatLetterDee She's a keeper, that one. @lizplane Hello Liz. We're afraid if there's no name on there, we don't know who sent it either. Time to don that m… @wild_carys We're really flattered to be included, Carys. @SketchARama @AnimatedAnt We have to agree with you there, Sarah. @llangariad @gingegsd Brightening your day is exactly what we were all hoping for. @iamkilotango That's what we'd call a top Tuesday, Katie. @ShaneGorta6 Gutted you're not a fan, Shane. We switched to Fair Trade coconuts, but it's really useful to know you… @RamblingRatz We didn't know it, but it turns out we absolutely needed this. @Zebrafishspoony You're getting the hang of it. We're really proud. @ChantelBriggs5 Please don't make us say it again. @mike3legs We're not sure we're qualified, Mike. @auntienettie1 What did we just say, Ants?Football season - postponed indefinitely Tennis season - postponed indefinitely Cricket season - postponed indefini… @chalametsgolden Incredibly, Dan. [wipes away a tear] @Trekkie_47_1701 Magic. (Just go with it). @Knittingqueenuk @xxbettykxx @MySquarePegLife Happy birthday Lauren's daughter and Sarah. Cheers for making this We… REMINDER OF WHAT DAY IT IS TODAY It’s a Wednesday. Just go along with it, alright?
@instruct Sorry you're not a fan of the new recipe. We switched to Fair Trade coconuts, but it's really useful to h… @satnav79 That's exactly what we hoped it would do. @skalovingeek Our pleasure, Stephanie. Hope it helped. @Sinead_od1 Can't wait to see the fruits (and veg) of your labour, Sinéad. @SeanDJOdell Our job here is done. Hold on, that's not our job... @GirlRunningLate Our favourite kind. @InsistentCamel Thanks for being a nice human, and brightening someone's day with a card. @BC_Hereford @age_uk Cheers for shouting about that, you lot. @PilgrimBrown @magsmclarty Total pleasure, you two. Hope you enjoy the hug. @AngelAd07825927 @HantsKentFlyer She's a good egg, that one. @torchdoc Not to worry, Steven - we'll have some vouchers on the way to you any day now, so you can sort yourself out with a few more on us. @d0nna1974 That's exactly what we hoped it would do, Donna. @AsdaServiceTeam Hello Ange. Sorry to hear that's happened. It looks like you're being well looked after by Steph,… @jojowiththeflow @Marc_Topaz @MaskOfFate @clientsfh Hate when we're asked to do that. @dragon_susan Raising a smile was our absolute highest hope, Susan. We're so glad we could help you stay connected with them. Hang in there. @SwindonSparkle Consider it firmly in consideration. In the meantime, feel free to test run a few of your own. We'd… @LibbyEntwisle @JaneEntwistle Always knew Jane was a 10/10 human. @ISS_Education We'll keep an eye out for this masterpiece in a gallery when things are back to normal. @DrPaulDWilliams It's really useful to hear you preferred how it tasted before, Paul, and we promise your comments… @karendenty Chuffed it reached him safely, Karen. @Sophie_28 Happy birthday, Sophie. That's a lovely crown. @DrPaulDWilliams @Farhanna_x @CameliaELK Promise we weren't ignoring you, Paul. We were just having a bit of a brea… @H_Heimisdottir thing, and we're just sorry we missed the mark for you. When you have a moment, would you mind popp… @H_Heimisdottir Gutted we've disappointed you, Habba. We used to use a few coconut varieties, but we’re now using j… @CarriganimaNs @giyireland @innocentIreland @GreenSchoolsIre We wish we were this organised, you lot. Incredible pro-cress. @Liane_M_S You have excellent taste, Liane. @HBAHoddesdon This furry accountant has the right idea. @EMPSingleton We're dying to know what you got, Elaine. @Jenny_wd Living dangerously, Jen. @LivviyCooper Hello Olivia. When you have a mo, just let us know which recipes you mean in particular, and we'll le… @TheGamerCherry Glad you got the message at last, Cherry. @pattinson_nicky Well that'll be a day later than us, Nicky. @Lou__ize Definitely not sleeping. @idinasparrillaa Not jealous at all. @ageukleics Heroes, the lot of them. @mweis100 We would come up with some if we weren't so busy sulking. @richwade Happy belated birthday, Ben. Give us a shout if you figure out what this 'grown up' business is all about. @mr_arse No one's ever too old for green fingered wizardry like this. @GirlRunningLate If we saw it, we'd treasure it forever. Thanks very much for joining in, you. @ramareddy_t It's working for us, Rama. @MitchyMoo86 Chuffed to see they've gone to such a good home. @healthyilinks We'll pass that right along to our products team. They're pretty partial to an avocado. @skalovingeek Glad we could brighten the day a bit, Stephanie. Cheers for everything you're doing. @ysrmahmood Almost as much as we're looking forward to seeing the results. @torchdoc Never mind Netflix, Steven. This is fast becoming our favourite series. @MD_Class3 @giyireland Looks like they've been busy during lockdown. @MD_Class3 @giyireland Can't wait to see them getting ripe, you lot. @fenjerisms Thanks for everything you're doing, Jen. Hope you enjoyed your tea. @nixweb Blooming brilliant job. @a1i5onwa15h QUICK, HIDE SOME. Chuffed they reached you safely. @kookiethekat Glad they've gone to a great home. @Calopumi Hang in there, Karen. That day will come. @Carys01484184 No. No, it isn't. [sobs] @HeatherMAitken @ChemCharley All we know is that our blue drink is blue. Does that help? @floozyblue This is as confusing as a hot Christmas. @j33tk Of course taste's a really subjective thing, so we're gutted we've missed the mark for you. If you fancy a d… @j33tk We're really sorry you're not a fan of the new recipe, Jeet, especially as you've been drinking the stuff fo… @OlRusher @charlotte1604 You say 'job'. Our boss says 'complete waste of time'. @DrHorrell We'll save you a spot on our innovation team, Sam. @hesterfunnel We can't wait to see it hung behind a red rope, Karan. @KeaneJohn69 We haven't had a single grown up meeting since, John. @UnicornReality He's a masterpiece. @noacfreya As much as we'd love to, Freya, we're afraid we'd go out of business pretty quickly if we said yes to ev… @wle312 @age_uk Nailed it, Christine. @poveylo Total pleasure, Lois. Hope you've got a couple left.