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We make healthy drinks and tweet about baking competitions. Please buy smoothies so we don't get fired.

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@nat___price this recipe, as tea and coffee are more acidic than our Almond drink and we've chosen not to use gelli… @nat___price Hello Natalie. We're really sorry to hear that's been happening. We added plant fibre to Almond as lot… use only the finest hand-foraged sweet chestnuts. VEGAN NEWS We've got a new dairy free recipe. Like our others, it’s got no added nonsense. But it’s not…
@jamestortise We'd take James Tortise over Tommy Turtle any day. @Cause_4_Effect Using blue spirulina makes it blue.Thomas: The task failed because of me. Riyonn: Who should I blame this failure on? Thomas: Me. It was my fault.… of Tommy the Talking Turtle were slow off the mark. Guess no one wanted out the cash. Sorry. #TheApprenticeHarsh feedback: The toy retailers Harsher feedback: Lord Sugar Harshest feedback: Those children #TheApprenticeCALLING. SOMETHING. A. VIRAL. VIDEO. DOES. NOT. MAKE. IT. VIRAL. #TheApprenticeToy retailer: "Can you explain Slime Kingdom?" Iasha: "It's a kingdom...made of slime." Toy retailer: "Ahhhhhhhhh… retailer: "Does it do anything other than give you positive messages?" Thomas: "Well, it lights up, g… to make Tommy the Talking Turtle a better toy: 1. Make it a teenager 2. Make it a mutant 3. Make it a ninja 4.… Scarlett's head: "The video isn't great but say something nice and reassuring" Out of Scarlett's mouth: "Well… team: [designs a flying purple unicorn, with rainbowwy fairy wings that dazzle with sparkles and stars] Lewis:… Henry left Bake Off, the only way this week's TV can get worse is if Lord Sugar fires Claude. #TheApprenticeLord Sugar is looking for a business genius. Someone who dreams of profit on a bed of Excel spread sheets. To prove… week: The girls made rubbish ice lollies and argued a lot. The boys made rubbish ice lollies and argued a lo… @Pip_Knight @innocentIreland @MrDuncanJames Well deserved, Pip. @047Joshua @mummy_joseph @lessboozeinme It's called 'bolt from the blue' Joshua, not 'bolt from the turquoise blue… @PeigSayers2 [wells up] @PeigSayers2 @LariWestSide Takes the absolute piece (of pie). @gmpsgarden @GiantVeg @RHSSchools @MalvernShows @SkinnyJeanGard @jamieoliver Smashed it. @sarahwood700 We know a drink that'll go nicely with that. @gemsnail [kicks ourselves for not thinking of that one] @gdimelow *with a huge smile on their face. @Cromerty That, and booking our next dentist appointment for two thirty. @tm_spencer Petite poisson bonjour le croissant. (That says 'well done' in French. We also winged it, not that you can tell) @JodieWill84 Spook-tacular work Jodie. @Shankera1975 Not long now Shankeraa. They'll be in the shops in November, so keep an eye out. @jaradsmethers If there's ever a vampire apocalypse, we know who to stick with. @CarrieSummer Hello there Carrie. We're doing a lot to change that, like working with the government to improve rec… @sjcNKOTB We'll get the kitchen goblins on it right away. @Ms_HelenG @CubeSocial @affinityfb @FestofMarketing Cheers Helen, thanks for putting up with our nonsense. Our bo…
Paul and Prue: "We want vertical pies. We want you to put multiple pies on top of one another" Henry: [puts pies o… showstoppers were essentially the Bake Off equivalent of The Red Wedding. #GBBORosie - pastry too thick Alice - pastry too dry David - pastry too dry Henry - pastry too thick Sorry bakers. Our… Paul, the rules of Bake Off clearly state: "If someone creates an entire nautical scene out of vertically stac… fear levels RISING. #GBBO"Don't say anything to jinx it" "Don't say anything to jinx it" "Don't say anything to jinx it" EVERYONE'S PIES AR… you're at work, trying to do your job, pretty stressed about your deadlines, very aware someone's getting s… bakers, This is it. This is your chance. Towers of pies. You know what you have to do. Please bakers. Please.… bakers are having to make a vertical tower of pies. Pies that go up and up and up. In other words, they're maki… technical challenge is a bit like a French teacher making you sit a French exam when you haven't had any French… only thing we'd change about Bake Off is there should be a "puppy button" and when someone gets stressed, peopl… bakers are making Moroccan pies. If they were making a Moroccan egg filled tart, they'd be making a Marraquiche. #GBBOThe pastry week technical challenge should be eating a pasty without getting pastry flakes absolutely EVERYWHERE. #GBBOBasically what the bakers have made this week looks like a pizza, has a lot of the same ingredients as a pizza, pro… just said "It is what it is" and now we're not sure if we're watching Bake Off or Love Island. #GBBOUs - "There just won't be as much euphemism and innuendo without Michael" David, holding an aubergine - "Look at t…'s Pastry Week. What will they be baking? 1. Tarts 2. Pasties 3.14 Pies #GBBO @LisaSmales7 @MrDuncanJames Glad it's a hit, Lisa. @Darren_Philpott You clearly have excellent taste, Batman. @LordJolemai No pumpkin smoothie YET. @KeaneJohn69 [Screams] @MikeHarrod89 @lakerlaker24_ HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHAEL. HAPPY BIRTHDAY EVE GHOST OF LAKER PAST. @scarletwestend High praise from a pro. @LoisJAspinall Couldn't do it without these total heroes. @lessboozeinme We wholeheartedly support this. But then we would. @tinyredpandaa2 Sorry you couldn't find it, Charlotte. It's in most of the main supermarkets, so fingers crossed yo… @andy64storer @AgeUKLindsey We couldn't agree more, Andy. @fable_night Chuffed to see it's gone to such a good home. Keep your eyes peeled for more of those bobble dazzlers… @redliz @HeatherJNewman We often miss the mark to be fair, Liz. @JoelBsanders Wonderful bit of feedback, Joel. Thanks very much. @hrtcrshr @PaiviDiamonde Very glad to see you've put the wool cool to such good use, you lot.October 15th. Halfway through the month. It's time, everyone. Time to carve a pumpkin. Time to store sweets by you…
@FitFoodReview1 @obese_to_beast What a glowing review, thanks a lot for taking the time to send this over. DM us yo… @age_uk Hats off everyone. These look great. @bridgetzoe @LEGO_Group @JaguarRacing @FIAFormulaE Right here Bridget, and we're backing you up 100%. @TrainNutterYT Really gutted you missed us too. Sorry we don't have any plans to pop up anywhere else at the moment… @GiantVeg @ClythaPrimary What a beauty. @Pennypink8662 @AlfieDeyes Cheers Alfie, we owe you one. And if you could stop calling it green now that would be great. @Befuggled @DrAseemMalhotra Hello there, sorry to hear you've stopped drinking our drinks. Coke did invest in us a… @Bill_savery @KateBour @riseatseven @BorisJohnson But it IS blue Bill. Have you not been listening? @Rachael20504620 That's all that matters Rachel. P.S It's blue though. @RaquelGaspar28 We're honoured to be up there with Yorkshire pudding and tea. Cheers Raquel. @Ceb071967 Hello Ceb. Our drinks are made with fruit (with the odd botanical or vitamin boost) and as fruit contain… @Rosy_Jayne @StokesBakes @BBCOne [heads straight to our product developers] @lagunacarta @KateBour Oh stop it you. @BillyBlades__ Strong choice Billy. @PaiviDiamonde @WeAreWoolcool The phrase 'snug as a bug in a rug' has never been more appropriate. @rebecca_lloyd89 That's our week made. And it's only Monday. @HettyPullan @hollycrook89 @paddypower We promise you'll still get a kick, Hetty. @jones_leo You're not wrong Leo. @JeremyQuiche The (pie in the) sky's the limit, Jeremy.
@redliz If you pop us your address in the DMs, we’d live to send you a voucher to try another banana-free recipe on us. Cheers Liz. @redliz OH NO. So sorry to hear that Liz - are you feeling okay now? We tend to use loads of fruit in our recipes,… @wipeout360 Hello there, we're so sorry to see you've had an issue with your orange juice. If you email our team ov…
@TameenaHussain @curioushayles We’re pretty fond of you too, Tameena. @curioushayles Made up to hear it cheered you up, Hayles. Hope your weekend’s as nice as you are.
@shona_smith1 We’ll roll out the blue carpet for your visit Shona. @m2ggo Thanks Nick. Always knew you were a good egg. @affinityfb @FestofMarketing Clearly Tilly didn’t mention how blue it is in her talk. @BillyBlades__ Thanks Billy. Hope your weekend’s as nice as you are @dhooghkirk Nicely done Darrell. @GCHolla @TillyMackintosh @FestofMarketing [reads tweet proudly] GO ON TILLY. @nibztanner Certification or not, we work with every single supplier to make sure our farmers are paid fairly (and… @nibztanner To hold our hands up here for a minute, applicable isn't really the right word. Fairtrade just isn't us… @FrankfurterTyp A pleasure Alex. Have a cracking weekend. @digitalgaggle @OggaDoon @Kirsty_Hulse @mollymath Much to our sales team's frustration.