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@garagaraarga abby. @garagaraarga i hate her 😭 i really hate herLMAOOOOOOOOOOO @manusiareguler do you really think i’m capable of playing that? 😭 thank you @seriousllibelli brb @rafierijal i’m not having this conversation rn i never been this invested towards a game’s storyline before. i hat… @garagaraarga AS IF JOEL WOULD SAY THE SAME THING... RIP KING. too soon. what a great man @garagaraarga fuck abbywhat game should i play next lol#NewProfilePic wanna cry look at them 😭 @WVSHOUT LMAOthis > haikyuuπŸ˜” @urbbyblue_ @shittymfs hello twin @shittymfs kalah dari gabyok
2020 @ninaperry01 my humor omgAAAAAA
Retweeted by Fatia Alydr @ltsmext didn’t i hit the note @itshardday no it was the sword man’s voice 😭 @nescafuck beat blade 😭 @alhatruz @ninaperry01 stalk her, i dont even wanna explain it πŸ’” @ninaperry01 YOUR FAULT 😭 DON’T COME NEAR ME AGAIN @ninaperry01 BE RIGHT BACK 😭😭😭😭 @ninaperry01 THE FUCK IS YOU PLAYING 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @satuwiko MISOOO MANDIIII KAMU MAU DIGAMBARIN KAKA WIKO 😭😭 @satuwiko AHHHH 😭😭😭to : @innocentbatman πŸ₯°
Retweeted by Fatia Alydr @WVSHOUT :3 i’m fullguys, take a look at these. wow. @Alfinhdayat πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€ @Dr3po1 Bahahahaha just a thought 😭 @imzhra HAHAHAHA you’re very funnysitting in my mind should not be freei gotta clear the schedule to make it free then πŸ₯Ί @imzhra hold up it’s gabie, i’m very sorry WELL HI gabie @imzhra correction, gabbie not gabby, my bad- i apologize... </3 @Azfarovski u feel emo king? @imzhra @lgabyt generation? @imzhra @lgabyt and hello gaby πŸ‘‹πŸΌ @imzhra @lgabyt hellooo πŸ˜‚πŸ‘‹πŸΌ @WVSHOUT i take this very seriously don’t let us down @satuwiko kucingg @athayasafar @GordonRamsay i’d say 10/10 omg look at those beautiful nuggets @cooldicee @dennisyaaaa hello twin @lgabyt i love her lmaoo @athayasafar @GordonRamsay rate me @WVSHOUT my dad works in different city, this one time, i think 2 weeks ago, my dad got home, walked to my room, an… @WVSHOUT it’s the until you die part for me 😭 @seriousllibelli IM NOG SERIOUS EITHER LMAO IT’s just funne @WVSHOUT PUTSOMEMOREWE’RE LACKING @WVSHOUT post more of your arts you coward @seriousllibelli LMAOOOOO WELL gotta ask my singlish friends then ajahwjisjsmau bikin podcast indo seru kali ya. @GordonRamsay @mvzalifah i feel bad for him, what a tough guy 😭
@sizzlemyth UAAAAAA @tjapek you have the cutest cat yes i said what i said, don’t tell miso @nadeaaprl halo, udah ketemu πŸ₯Ί dia nyasar ke rumah orang, untung temen aku, 1 komplek tapi lumayan jauh juga. semog… @Pixiiglowtonic NIGHTMARE @seocumbin seulgi. @kharissakemala_ Iya keep it fashion 😭 @kharissakemala_ mukena @seriousllibelli omg @rainasafa ........ i feel bad and thank you for sharing- it’s a no no hold hold the thoughts for me @rainasafa WHAT HAPPENED aku baru mau try... @urbbyblue_ well i do too 😳😳😳❀️❀️ @seriousllibelli MINE TOO FUCKKKK IVE BEEN TELLING THE WORLD SASUKE > ZUKO @relentlessjes u seem very happy and i’m happy for u @seriousllibelli WHAT IS UP WITH YOU REWATCHING NARURO @urbbyblue_ MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL ^for the record, i wore different black tee god dang it @suItanhdyn NOO NOO IYA TAU 😭😭 i feel weird karna bukan bob hair @inggarekvn omg best comment, yes we do look perfect together @suItanhdyn ya i feel weird @calmeliza lmaooooo 3 months later see you in other part of the house (maybe) @rayhancoo 😟😟😟 @Relawan_Burung HAHAHAHAHHHA @tjapek UAH KAMU JUGAK @keuraeji musang king ❀️the oxygen must be so crispy @satepadong love u too bro @git_ting πŸ₯Ί SO ARE YOU @git_ting HAJIMAA @seriousllibelli HAJIMAmanual tiktok part II pre bath and not near the stove
@jelitaevrd angel on twitter @jelitaevrd is pretty @jelitaevrd catching fire is one of my favorite movies, belive n trust @fivecents_ omg this making me nervous @jelitaevrd WAIT WAIT I MESSED UP DONT BRING BLACKPINK INTO THIS, KEEP STREAMING, I'M SORRY, I LEARNED MY LESSON, WEGOINGDELETE @jelitaevrd it was supposed to be a joke but now i wanna fight this statement of mine till the end @akundarkwah what ❀️ @manusiareguler new era! @NewEraCap sponsor me