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@snackbox66 ew that's so gross 😭😭😭 felt @bbychungus PEOPLE SAY THAT LMAP I'm just good at taking photos of myself + I wear tall shoes @EnrichMondo @katystoll SHRINE
mouse car @froggyve I will fight whoever I have to for ur hand should u allow it .Hi
Retweeted by ♡ 瑞洋 ♡ (they/them) ♡ @shuboxs saying unreclaimable slurs is SO diff than a suicidal person tweeting they want to off themselves???? WHAT?????? @777xant Spou @minbin_07 I love touch deprived butches (please hit me up) @sojeuce Show omg @Albino_Pankake I'm ewon musk n i no suppowt democwat bc democwat mean 🥺A's on college exams feel so much more gratifying tbh @Jollztv No wait wtf these bang so fucking hard ok gonna go figure out viper themed nails bc wtf this is so sickkkk @bunnygirlkash @uninporrigibleevery time I see any kind of bread I am bowled over with the desire to acquire and eat it @flexinja u look kinda like a NPC. but a nice one. like one u can get a unique recipe from @oatmealcat_ good that u recognize that it's unrelated also im still going to avoid weirdly avid anime fans thank… @kpop_bully it's evolution @minbin_07 no not u. it's a general you "U will get used to it" "Do u [get used to it]" @minbin_07 do u @Jollztv that's a lot of reyna @GeorgeCGed stop @GeorgeCGed OMLLL CONGEATS OML @CRUELBASSETT SJBXKSKSKAKAcheers to me getting aired by mutuals in public comment sections !! i am very hurt by this !! i will keep replying though !! @Fixitfe11xx brain damage @coolshirtz is the model single @Mushmum1 @JACKLEE_OW HA @saruwuv it's a disease tbh @grrristle @MEASURED_HEAD girlbos @jt888101 It's a flowering plant, but we usually think of its roots bc that's the part we use @dougthetwin @team_parallel that's so cool omfg @Rhazelgelion LFNSJAJAJ THANKS @moshitay omg same height !! @neby_nebs I felt that :(( @pastaonflights It is pain @ikeysito cat pressure @kittelux Low-key @yunabunaa Ty>:))) @momocalpico THEY WERE SO GOOD I LOVE BAGELS @pastaonflights u don't even have to ask @egirldungeon ILYYY @snackbox66 one I got in Taiwan, the other online! I forgot where I got them bc they were a gift :< @oatmealcat_ no @BlastForCat I have 3 more lined up for tmmr @Bagel1k Ur nextI ate 3 bagels, gn everyone @ezurrah @ZYip_X that's what I'm sayin smh @s0nnnie STOP @Fixitfe11xx @webbslie no @s0nnnie I HAVE PLATFORMS OK IM BASICALLY 5'5 @Fixitfe11xx @webbslie webbslie poll never wrong, gl w that eboy xx @ZYip_X baddie in a "they r cool way" 😭 like ekko 😭 PLS @Fixitfe11xx @webbslie Nah @ZYip_X idk who this is but they a baddie @yunabunaa Only in my ears LMAOheight: 156 / 5'1" shoe size: 5 zodiac: aries tattoos: 0! piercings: 4 favorite drink: iced hazelnut oat latte (!… @lolmochiii ur the cutest !! @neby_nebs it depends. there's no one trick solution for anything, but sometimes it can take a lot of time and thin… @milkteaboards stop this madnessI don't think people realize that being part of a group reclaiming a slur doesn't mean you can't still perpetuate harm with it. @MistaBluntz I agree. I always say things more like the latter but it hasn't cleared it up for everyone :// @srrirachha My baby!!! U LOOK SO GOOS @hobsha1 I think it's a great medium but a lot of anime fans have 0 ability to critically examine it and just go "o… @lessthan____3 YEAHHHH BAGEL @bbychungus JDNSJSJSJS it is so wild 💀JUZT GOT MY FREE BREAD (6 BAGELS BUT I ATE ONE AND A BAGUETTE) @momocalpico I still support u eating it too @momocalpico A GOOD COURSE OF ACTION!! @yunabunaa He comes back when u get 5k steps the next day @BlastForCat it makes me sad when the kitty runs away @Eirichin I think that everyone has different boundaries in friendships, and we need to reframe a lot of how we int… @momocalpico for what? he might not even WANT it @momocalpico EAT JT @yvlvyln ...taking notes... man language.... @Eirichin while I agree that media + society at large plays a major role in the way women are viewed, i.e. as sexua… @momocalpico Eat it @momocalpico As u should @Eirichin I know that and I'm sad about it @kittelux Tbh you're right @yvlvyln but it's so deeply integrated into my vocabulary - @yvlvyln I SAY THAT ? TO THE ONES I DO WANT TO HIT ON ? AM I ? PROBLEM ? @moshitay no bc I'm so distraught I wanfed to tell him his glasses were so cute bc they were and I didn't want to seem forward or weird @athennessy it even has the fingers... @ghoul171 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 @elfboy87 just take businessI want to compliment men but I do not want them to think I'm hitting on themmy motivation for walking rn is that if I don't get 10k steps the Fitbit cat runs away (walking feeds him) @c0ochy Nowbat the fuck why r you so fucking beautiful and gorgeous and I hate using this word but ethereal ACTUALLY describes this broim back baes 😮‍💨☝️
Retweeted by ♡ 瑞洋 ♡ (they/them) ♡ @evelyie some people have that spare income and can feel satisfied w that Internet interaction ig I don't understa… @BlastForCat they absolutely are @evelyie @yurasweb degradation kink has been a thing forever, this is just a different form of it @s0nnnie frfr @Eirichin partially suspicious @hobsha1 tbh I give plausible deniability to Asian people bc we do lack representation in western media @erdbeermilcher also w pfp @erdbeermilcher or Asia.if ur asian, do yourself a favor and avoid weirdly avid white anime fans @Federation2169 @Akira87447054 @Surena59924686 @anxhyn u literally tried to imply I was homophobic bro we r in a ve…