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The most ridiculous things on Letterboxd and movie tweets of all kinds. Movies suck. DM to submit. Listen to @ssfiendspodcast

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Submitted by @bugsybrodSpirited Away (2001)
@imStuffMan That’s exactly the kind of question someone who loves American Civil War porn would askSubmitted by @AustinJamesMinkAnother banger by AnniesBoobs88 put some Movies Suck stickers on redbubble if you want one whole lotta Stephen King ⚡️ Available here
Retweeted by LebbertoxdI miss her bro 😔 type of moviegoer are you?Submitted by @ghostofjoAmistad (1997) by @Andrew_KolsonGet Over It (2001) Twin Peaks inspired painting I finished up this week. And yes, I did use real coffee as paint.
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Submitted by @centeredfuturaSwallow (2019) to disagree (2019)
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Have a nice day list. Looking for suggestions. Tried to not just make the whole thing David Lynch movies. Let me know what you… @FoggyFeather I’m calling the FBI on you @letterboxd It’s your fault I keep watching them 🙄
@GregoryStitt All great choices @InsaneLetterbox
Retweeted by Lebbertoxd @RCNEM2 I don’t log 17 Again because it just plays on a constant loop through a giant projector on the front of my house 24 hours a dayHaven’t shamelessly plugged merch in a minute so here you go @Luke_Pajari Pro @Patrick20XX I’m praying for you @IanFrom5To7 I’m so sorry you were forced to watch Hellboy that many times (I can only assume it was against your will)Submitted by @UnwatcherBeen a good day for Hamilton content hate movies no... @InsaneLetterbox !!!
Retweeted by LebbertoxdName that movie by @chewish_Baby Driver (2017) by @mackleiderV for Vendetta (2005)
Submitted by @gavlnpetty22The Brady Bunch Movie (1995) @FiveStarWreck by @JoeLollo21Hoodwinked Too! Hood VS. Evil (2011) can also uhhhh follow me on letterboxd I have instagram too btw by @TysXIIIJurassic World (2015) by @littlewomenfiImAngels in the Outfield (1994) by @Dry_The_Radish by @VickyChamorro6Blades of Glory (2007)
Submitted by @ImpishMunchlaxReady Player One (2018) be like “I know a spot” and then take you here are only 3 good movies ever: 17 Again The Greatest Showman Elvira: Mistress of the Dark If you disagree, I… by @KiDKaMeNGodzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) by @NickTalksFilmLady Bird (2017) @fugazishirt about this be like “I know a spot” and it’s Spot from the movie See Spot Run starring David Arquette 😂
Retweeted by LebbertoxdSubmitted by @camericanmanMissing Link (2019) What do you wanna do tonight? Me: Let’s stay in and watch youtube videos. Her: Ok! Pull one up. Me, cryin…
Retweeted by Lebbertoxd @brudebri I thought it was obvious by @Hector_MalletDoctor Sleep (2019) don’t know if it’s funny or concerning how many people are realizing they have an iron deficiency from this tweetList by @KyleDodsonFunny @PrettyMuchIt I spent 49 minutes in tears laughing at this video
Me watching 17 Again vs me watching anything else by @mariananeri03El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie (2019) by @solharv tigers @pedromuriel The Lynch Fatherhood Trilogy [Criterion Boxset]Sent to me by @JaxelVesterPersonally, I think it’s on par with Eraserhead by @eggs_acidA Bigger Splash (2015) just feel like your timeline could use some Scully right now
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Slappy and the Stinkers (1998) @jarjarjacobs @SugarcaneRain *mountain dew @imStuffMan idk but the whole thing made me cringeSubmitted by @SkirksterThe Taking of Deborah Logan (2014) by @taxicab98Strongly agree with this list by @cowboylibbyFocus (2015)
Submitted by @MattyReviewsBack to the Future (1985)