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I do good politics and bad tweets. dm for telegram/signal. he/him.

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i’m sorry you can’t tell me she’s not a fed after this😭😭
Retweeted by Insert 🚩🦮 @danker_hank @uncledoomer It looks more like a luchadore (how to do u spell that) mask @danker_hank @uncledoomer Hell of a balaclava if so
@GeckosDaily1 The algorithm isn’t that smart ok @GeckosDaily1 It’s telling you to read the derg book @andraydomise You choosin the wrong anti-revisionist @NechaevsBassoon ive actually already seen some person who aligned with them using it last spring @GlassMyra1 Talking abt this as just “inheriting” them is just covering up his murder @GlassMyra1 He bombed Somalia more in one year than all of Obama and bush combined iircThese dumb motherfuckers gotta spend months in D.C. nowLmao’s p bad when a time period that’s preceded and followed by mass arrests, summary executions, and shooting at pro… that chapter was brutal @juwugoslavija It’s because the good communists all get abducted and have experiments done on them to make them opp… @TheAcherons Also do they think no anti-revisionists are in parties? @andraydomise make a poll btwn those 4 @renfairdethcamp Hooray happy birthday! @FLP_books I’m so stoked for the Thälman bookIn the same vein, consider America's nuclear test program as a one-sided nuclear war waged against indigenous people
Retweeted by Insert 🚩🦮The next chapter is titled “the terror” so Im guessing the good guys will win and overthrow Mengistu and it’ll be a… @notbenfish I think even in the next four years they’ll come to realise that the distinction they drew between trump and Biden was misguidedAnd were off to 1977 (I was wrong about how many chapters I’ve read I’ve actually only got 4 left so 2 more days).… @notbenfish Kinda a who cares thing for me if they’re off abt their lines on other countries so long as they keep f… @notbenfish Honestly this isn’t too surprising they were also p lib about Biden v trump @gaIactic_enter he uses AFL-CIA as just the way to spell it on this page now he’s citing Sakai is there a level of based this… @Proud_Shooter No the hedgehog won but it was incredibly close (and the hedgehog was *very* cute so I took it well)… @Proud_Shooter I don’t think I’m ever going to stop posting these pictures @Proud_Shooter @whitejsakai @aufhebenkultur Yeah that definitely matches up @whitejsakai @aufhebenkultur Fuck @whitejsakai @aufhebenkultur This is of course a much better name than mine but sadly we can’t change it bc as I sa… @aufhebenkultur I’ve dibsed it @aufhebenkultur It’s all the Greater Hawaiian Ocean actually @Proud_Shooter Like Ho Chi Minh! Like Che Guevara! By Ian Scott Horst, it’s a book about the Ethiopian revolution y… book is incredible lolThey did it to themselves by naming their paper Democracia but god it’s funny that this kind of shit was happening… @funnierhandle is why I know god is real and it’s the Christian one @screenclutter @JesusDeeSupaJew @whitejsakai That’s betterBig day for being dumb as fuck @JesusDeeSupaJew @screenclutter @whitejsakai That doesn’t seem right @screenclutter @whitejsakai am going to the Seattle Times @screenclutter @screenclutter I swear to god I thought that weird train guy was following me and liking my stuff bc of you @GeckosDaily1 @JesusDeeSupaJew Actually that’s fake unequal exchange is because more dudes work in the global south… @twinkmao Would simply not be a California church known for its anti-LGBTQ beliefs in this situation. @renfairdethcamp Trying to work out the math of when this means your birthday is relative to meI am going to the New York Times @JesusDeeSupaJew @GeckosDaily1 @GeckosDaily1 @JesusDeeSupaJew I’m p sure he is isn’t he? @JesusDeeSupaJew This singlehandedly made me want an aquarium again with one of these in it @persimbanya @screenclutter Also for making me think Carl beijer is the better part of whatever’s going on here @GeckosDaily1 Lmao @GeckosDaily1 I’d be genuinely worried on the other hand if that person could tell me who Carl Beijer was @GeckosDaily1 The other stuff is all dumb from every angle tbh but this is just such a stupid comment @GeckosDaily1 Imagine being an American and talking abt global sports popularity as if that means anything inside t… a wimpy baby too @as_a_worker I’ve got it saved now @postcyborg How evil @postcyborg This is a cunning ploy to make it so the oppositions fingers will get cold @as_a_worker This is the thing I was looking for
Retweeted by Insert 🚩🦮 @as_a_worker @warendenkform Turns out we could use some of that bureaucratic morass @as_a_worker Oh nice @warendenkform @as_a_worker Doesn’t mean much! But id prefer it @warendenkform @as_a_worker I’ll be honest I like it if they feel like they’ve got to do that much more than if the… @as_a_worker Was it actually successful? I saw that they negotiated down from what they were striking for and it ha…’s like nobody is sane anymore. If there’s a NATO funded movement with a nazi-tier leader then “long live putin”.…
Retweeted by Insert 🚩🦮 @earwulf @faustianalcohol Oh yeah that makes way more fuckin sense @faustianalcohol @earwulf Does the MLM in their @ stand for Marxist-Leninist-Maoist or is it smt else @Hezbolsonaro Doesn’t this guy tweet about navalny like once a day @calmnice3 This one ain’t bad either @yashalevine I agree that we shouldn’t draw comparisons but that’s because BLM are largely good (at least the prote… @classicide Gonna hit this guy with novichok (which isn’t a threat because despite being this super duper poison li… @calmnice3 It’s p great lol I’ve got some alternatives for journos tho such as actually do agree with not drawing comparisons now that I think about it this guy is just completely wrong about… @calmnice3 This one was funny in the earlier tweet bc the group that got banned in the UK were trots thoAlso unlike navalny they aren’t nazis and seem to have actual broad support in at least some respects. @calmnice3 *note @calmnice3 I made a not to DM or @ you when I put the pdf out so you wouldn’t miss it because I was thinking that i… people who organised BLM in Ferguson got assassinated and left in burned out carsFuck you’m very excited about this it has a lot of advice especially about the practical realities of clandestine organisi… finished! I still have an appendix to do (hopefully I’ll finish that up tonight) and then tomorrow I want to go t… @Proud_Shooter Amish kid who reads paperback books that are transcriptions of cumtown
@praisegodbarbon Uh actually China owning it is colonisation because thats indigenous British land @GeckosDaily1 Have you seen the time travel chess game @classicide @TheAcherons Execution machine go swish-kathunk @TheAcherons Damb this joke got too smart for me @TheAcherons Guy who thinks the problem is they let Napoleon become emperor instead of keeping him a general and fr… @TheAcherons “Maybe they would’ve won and Napoleon would’ve never happened if they were just nice” - genius @classicide MKULTRA movie where I make up all kinds of insane shit just to see what Langley says I have to censor,… @cozyunoist Learning lots'll be emailing folks this later, but if you're the kind of person who likes helping others not die and feel comfo…
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