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I’m just trying not to screw up this dad thing. Words:

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Wear a mask 😷 @MutantMusings Werk. @CorvusAndronic1 @SpaceForceDoD What is the point of Space Force, exactly? @Millie__Weaver Seriously, Millie, I want you to tell me you approve of his behaviour. That you’d be okay with that. @Millie__Weaver He also sent child porn, are you a fan? @CorvusAndronic1 @SpaceForceDoD Honestly, the rationale you just provided makes them seem more dumb. @mcsweeneys I wonder how @Newsweek will react once they realize their op ed was plagiarized.Happy Thursday @josh_hammer @Newsweek It was, and you know it was. If you had a spine I’d tell you to resign. @NancyCooperNYC Resign. @benshapiro The self-own here is unreal. @SpaceForceDoD I can imagine telling your loved ones the story of the Space Force uniform being camouflage despite space not having trees. @THEHermanCain Poor taste to use a posthumous Twitter account like this.He’s so cute you could almost forgive his elbows and knees for jabbing into your rib cage. @mandabaxter You and my toddler. @JennaEllisEsq You sound like Maude Flanders. @DHGFMadson I’m so sorry for your lossThis community has a spoiler problem
Looking at my VISA bill like
If you has good turnip prices I’d like to visit your island.Do I stop following people? Do I mute people I’d otherwise be interested in?I’m getting frustrated seeing mutuals sharing spoilers for new comics every goddamn week.Wearing a mask is a pretty easy and thoughtful thing to do. @strictlyworse This is why I don’t use Discord anymore. @SpinelessOyster Billy I’m going to suprise intervention you if you don’t cut the crap with these sad boy tweets. You’re great, stop it.Turnip prices?When your brain cells will not ignite enough to tie two thoughts together.
People will criticize my highlights but it’s purely research.Dun dun duhhhh! disks coming with video game magazines delivered once a month. customers are getting sweatpants Trent whether they want him or not. @alanna_shaw4 I mean, technically they still are lol. @GregSilber Red Hood @marvel_mythos That’s my boy @alanna_shaw4 Yep. Since the civil war.This popped up again today and I still stand by it.
I’m really thankful today.Will any of you fine residents hit me up if your Turnip prices are good this week? Pls.Anyhoot
@GhosttGray ACTUALLY DIED @christieddleman Couple goalsWe love you @bouletbrothersKelsey and I have been rewatching Dragula and THAT is a show that is deserving of another season.
@btmorgan85 The internet can be the worst.death to hot-take culture
Retweeted by Trent, not TravisThere’s no irony in my enjoyment of poutine, maple syrup, or denim., Canada @ADHD_Alien My attention can sometimes be off based on mood, but normally I’m more inclined to hyper focus on stuff… @vielavie Most relatable tweet of 2020. @realDonaldTrump Now tweet the clip of you standing next to numbers that matter, like the current Coronavirus stats… @operaisma OMGIt was a really cool music video. have a hard time reading a lot of Claremont because I find his writing pedantic and overwrought. @GregPacknett @arthurstacy Ahhhh. This description is everything.
@coffeegamerguy What about thermal paste?When your wife buys you animal crossing to expand her own island empire. @WinterDisa Same. My disk drive recently stopped working as well. @djg678 That’s so frustrating. It’d be one thing if they were saying “hit up my DMs” or “join this discord,” but no.Please pressure me out of taking my PS4 Pro apart to try and clean it.Don’t do this. It’s Wednesday and the book was just released. Do not spoil things for everyone. It’s a one-way tr… is the most accurate synopsis for Man of Steel I’ve ever seen. “Is the most powerful being in existence gonna…
Retweeted by Trent, not Travis
@thewrightpage PEAK @thewrightpage Did you FEEL New Brunswick?*looks at clock* *sweats* @shenanigoon Not sure I would qualify SC2 console exclusives as a slap in the face for fans. @GameOverGreggy If you’re getting fired up over getting a new controller with your new system or not playing as one… @SarahAlyshia Ocean Eyes is a jam @jansportnyc I only just realized they green screened a girl.Interpreting continuity implications by the prism of real-world publishing is my fetish.Maybe he had some repressed PTS from losing his wings when he was time-displaced?This is your periodic reminder that the wings Angel lost, which drove him to become a Horseman of Apocalypse, were… is so awesome. Speedball is so cute!! @radicaldefect Thanks for letting me know!When I get Animal Crossing my island will be based on Twin Peaks. A little slice of surreal Americana I’m gonna name Triple Cliffs. Comicsgate. Okay Karen.
Retweeted by Trent, not Travis @ChuckMadrox @playcomicscast It’s a work in progress but thank you!! @playcomicscast Getting two new ones to fill gaps here shortly. @playcomicscast Couldn’t get a good angle so I took a video. @MojosWork Needs more Thuder CrackerProof that problematic people can make art which you can appreciate in a weird kind of way.Little trivia: Jim Steranko was behind the switch to the iconic 3D X-Men logo which has been gracing covers since… me controversial.Jim Steranko’s tweet about COVID is upsetting but literally all of his tweets read like something is wrong. @MojosWork What do you think of it? Gray and I have been watching this week. @thewrightpage YOU FINALLY SAW THEM!! How was it?
@arthurstacy SO GOOD.Grayson and I approve of the new Ducktails.Could it be the cheese? Trends can tell us a few interesting things about ComicsGate: - Dynamite and EVS are top terms - The “group… @thewrightpage I love thisThese are always cringe but this one is just something else.
The Emma/Scott confrontation in Cable #2? Killin it @GerryDuggan Legend of Dragoon joy @CrushingComics And also Gambit. @GhosttGray think about this old Paper Mario 64 magazine ad a lot.
Retweeted by Trent, not Travis @CrushingComics The retcons? Lol. Yes, they happened.