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A corny dad whose mutant power is obsessive research. I write stuff:

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Amara 🔥 @zachrabiroff I don’t think Boom Boom was in the room at the time. @danthemcmahon I do too, DanThe internet loses some of its luster when you outgrow being outraged at everything. Now it’s just a place I visit for chicken recipes. @mizzhays RelatableMorning snugs @adameastment AgreeeeeeedOthers will dislike you. Others will disagree with you. Over time, if you are consistent in sticking to your values…
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@XavierFiles Gifted is not a good show.Refreshing @MutantMusings You are always that person, Jonathan @AlielynR @DaveShevlin88 I think he and Glob would kick it. @DaveShevlin88 That being said I can relate to the concept, just not the execution. Franklin’s life has been kind… @AlielynR @DaveShevlin88 I just want Rachel to get more attention in general. @DaveShevlin88 @AlielynR THIS THIS THIS @AlielynR @DaveShevlin88 I’m actually really excited for this, given the new mutant status quo. Franklin will defin… @DaveShevlin88 Ugh. The emo thing just isn’t for me. I *get* that he can’t create whole universes anymore but get o… @DaveShevlin88 Love the Ben/Alicia stuff. Anytime we see the unity of family powers too is great (one of the reason… @DaveShevlin88 I’m not sure where they’re going to go from here either. Now that Future Foundation is canceled do y… @DaveShevlin88 Agree to disagree. I’ve been craving cosmic FF for a long time and the Point of Origin story was hit… @ZacBeThompson I do and forever will! Hoping it comes back into the fold at some point. :)No joke — he walked up to his mom, booped his glasses with hers, and said “cheers!”Gray wanted to look like me so I popped the lenses out of an old pair of glasses for him. isn’t me suggesting that China is a hotbed for plague, rather that population density can be a scary thing in any age.A lot of people are comparing the spread of Coronavirus to SARS, which is fair, but DID YOU KNOW that the Black Dea…
I think we waste a lot of time on conditional happiness. “I’ll be happy when I... lose 15lbs. get this degree/be… @claymus @Dena_Natali It’s like a hostage situation.GET HYPE @KingOfGout @NoContextDSP “Hindsight’s 50/50” 😂Get ready for a BRAND NEW PACHINKO MACHINE! put a lot of heart into this one. Remember that if you back WMQ on Patreon, he’ll write you your own Bonus Rea…
Retweeted by Trent Seely @archivojoto Classic @thehausnews @Alaska5000I’m not the only one who finds Halsey obnoxious, right?
We bought Grayson a 3DS dinosaur game and he’s obsessed like a little me! case you’ve forgotten in 2020, you are unique and deserve every bit of happiness without reservation. @danthemcmahon It was a kinda douchy thing for the X-Men to do to NY and their cost of living skyrocketed for no good reason. @danthemcmahon They were there about as long as they were in Central Park. Both were equally bad ideas. @AskWheels Enjoy! I sure did. @danthemcmahon Oh, and that time they all lived in Limbo. @AskWheels My favourite right now is New Mutants but that’s a deep cut in the X-universe. The most newbie friendl… @danthemcmahon He’d probably jokingly compare it to New Tian, Utopia, Genosha, and Magneto’s weird octopus island. @magicalmatt42 He’s Professor S here though so he gots to look professional. @XavierFiles I suppose they could visit any one of the other Krakoan territories though want more Spidey x X-Men. What’s Krakoa’s stance on mutates? Could Deadpool pass through a gate?I think about this panel a lot
Retweeted by Trent Seely @ItsaMiri @MissByx It’s 3.2 degrees F where I am lol @SuperNintendad Sorry to hear that. I hope things improve, bud. @SarahAlyshia Why do you think I’m on here?Since Patti rarely comes on Twitter, I figured I'd quote her reactions to the new funkos: 1. "HIMBO RIGHTS"
Retweeted by Trent Seely @danielpgrote Isn’t #6 the last issue of FA?
My 10th read? Talk about comfort food.’s bad enough I’m conscious of whether other people are washing their hands.Why would anyone put hot food (without a cover) on a public washroom shared sink while they pee? That food should not be in this room. @thewrightpage Respect @TJSonley I already saw Glob turned into a Triceratops so I feel pretty satisfied on the Dino/x-men front.
“Hai-une-day” - My Dad, pronouncing Hyundai @Borderlands playable loaderbot when? @MutantMusings wasn’t so sure from the podcast — is Nextwave a recommended purchase? @RobertSecundus That’s obnoxiousThey amount of people who base their politics on NOT letting other people be themselves is baffling. @playcomicscast @LDtaxonomy @varmintspodcast Their inner-city populations are rising because of human trash. It’s kinda nuts.LET PEOPLE LIKE WHAT THEY LIKE @swedishsweets99 @DonotheRhino I’d be careful of the order in which you do that. @JoeAndertweet Finally, we can unironically say “Yass, Queen. Drag them.” @playcomicscast Did you know those are endangered? You probably couldn’t tell based on bird population per McDonald’s parking lot. @arthurstacy Hahaha autocorrect on my phone is the absolute worst. Seriously though, the snow was more inconvenient… @arthurstacy Not nearly as much as NFLD, which is under like two feet of snow. We got about a foot and a half but it’s mostly light stiff. @playcomicscast Geese are THE WORST. @playcomicscast Just geese and I know better than to approach those bastards.Woke up at 7am after a sleep broken up by Gray’s night terrors and reflux. Shovelled for a half hour and now I feel dead. AMA. @threatningauras @corgo @alanna_shaw4 @MapleCyrup_ Facebook is a wasteland of oversharing, being passive aggressive, and pretending to be influencers. No thanks. @MckKirk You cosplaying as your haters?
@MutantMusings @arthurstacy To be frank, I don’t know why he’s so obsessed with Atlantic Canada. It isn’t because of any fan base. @arthurstacy @MutantMusings Very uncool @adameastment me how much I care about Rotten Tomatoes scores. Go ahead. @arthurstacy @MutantMusings He moved to Nova Scotia to become a Canadian 😂 @MutantMusings @arthurstacy 💛💙Was interviewed by two dude bros who spent the whole time talking about all the work they delegated to other people… @arthurstacy It usually doesn’t happen up here. You Americans are super litigious. @the_hobbezilla I wish I could say I understand the internal logic to the way mutants have been deployed accross Kr… @the_hobbezilla Laura is a clone of Logan. Gabby is a clone of Laura. Warren technically isn’t even Warren. @csmith03 Yikes yikes yikes @csmith03 hope you’re staying inside today dude. Sounds like pretty intense conditions out your way.CAMOUFLAGE IN SPACE! 😂 @sometimessouls Is he precog? This is the first I’ve heard if so. @MarvelMan616 Age of X-ManSo are THE FIVE just not going to bring Evan (Genesis) back from the dead? @arthurstacy They look great!I don’t even have a caption for this
Retweeted by Trent SeelyWhatever Vita is selling I’m buying. @amadcartoonist Are you saying he bottoms?